The death poisoned by thallium worker refused to consider a crime

Investigative Committee did not bring a case into the death of poisoned with thallium locksmith Taganrog aviation scientific-technical complex named after Beriev (TANTK) Maxim Tereshchenko. This “Mediazone” said the lawyer of the international human rights group “Agora” Alexander Popkov, representing the five victims.

According to the mother of the deceased Svetlana Sakevich, in December 2017, her 23-year-old son has headaches, his health deteriorated. December 29, the young man returned home from the night shift, lost consciousness, fell into a coma and the next day died of a cerebral edema. Sakevich, said that doctors diagnosed Tereshchenko vasospasm of cerebral vessels, presumably caused by heavy metal poisoning.

Investigators did not initiate the case and to exhume the corpse for examination. In addition, in March seven of the injured employees demanded that the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin to conduct a thorough investigation, but he refused to consider this statement and sent it to the city UVD. In the end it was a case of causing of harm to health of average gravity (article 112 of the criminal code).

Accused passes 37-the summer inhabitant of Taganrog Vladislav Shulga, who worked at the plant engineer. According to investigators, long time he put toxic thallium in drinking water at the plant, injuring at least 37 people. Presumably, he did it out of personal animosity to one of the workers. Shulga admitted his guilt.

Canadian put horns

Russ Fox (Russ Foxx) from Vancouver, Canada, he conducted hundreds of modifications to their body to move “in step with the times.” Reported by the Daily Mail.

For 36 years the man had inserted in the head silicone horns and covered it with ultraviolet tattoos, cut in half, I made a lot of piercings and implanted under the skin of silicon 3D scarab.

According to Fox, extreme body modification has fascinated him since childhood, when he made the first holes in my ears. In 18 years on his face was more than 50 punctures. “My body is the only thing that truly belongs to me. For me, modification is an art, body — canvas. I consider myself a transhumanist, develop together with technologies and keep up with the times. I constantly updated and move to a new level,” said the canadian.

Cyborg Profile: Trevor Goodman Trevor Goodman is an 'old school cyberpunk,' and brings a combination of giddy fandom bodyhacking, and a general background in community building, performance, psychology, philosophy and religion, and over a decade in event management to bear as the Director of @bdyhax. Specifically, they're interested in how our brains interact with the rest of our body and with how we as individuals engage with our greater human social environment. As a cyborg and bodyhacker, they're most interested in yoga, nootropics, aesthetic body modification, and sensory augmentation. Trevor also uses a smartphone to enhance their memory and communication abilities. #RussFoxx #TrevorGoodman #Bdyhax #bdyhax2018 #bodyhackingcon #transhumanism #transhuman #cyborg #bodyhacking #technology #tech #jointhefuture #bodyhack #futurism #biohacking #biotechnology #bodyart #enhancement #hacker #cyberpunk #nootropics #yoga #bodymodification #sensoryaugmentation

Publication of Russ Foxx (@russfoxx) 9 Feb 2018 2:08 PST

Most of the modifications, including scarification, Fox conducted independently.

Serving time for taking bribes the former mayor of Rybinsk condemned Russia

European court of human rights ordered Russia to pay a large compensation to the former mayor of the city of Rybinsk (Yaroslavl oblast) Yuri Lastochkin, who is currently serving an eight-year term for bribery and embezzlement. On Wednesday, April 25, announced RIA Novosti his lawyer Ruben Markaryan.

“the Swallow was in jail almost two years, the period of detention, he “same type” extended by various courts, including the Basmanny court of Moscow and court… the ECHR, satisfying the complaint, filed by the defence swallow in January 2015, decided, because Russian courts violated article 5 paragraph 3 of the European Convention on human rights, which referred to the excessive length of pre-trial detention, Russia is obliged to pay to Yury Lastochkin amount of money in the amount of 2100 euros for three months,” — said the lawyer.

At the moment a Swallow, according to the defender, is a medium security detention in a strict regime colony of the town of Bezhetsk.

September 23, 2015, Rybinsk city court of the Yaroslavl region sentenced removed from office by the mayor of the city Yuri Lastochkin to 8.5 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony. He was found guilty of taking bribes and embezzlement. The court also fined him 140 million rubles and ordered to return to the state millions of rubles, received as a bribe.

The United States refused to believe in getting their “Tomahawk” in Russia

the United States did not believe the statements of Moscow about two American missiles delivered to Russia from Syria. This was stated by the representative of the Pentagon Eric Pachon (Eric Pahon), reports CNBC.

In his opinion, it “another example of the Russian campaign of disinformation” and “propaganda smokescreen” aimed at diverting attention from the “moral involvement” of Moscow to the actions of Syrian President Bashar Assad and the death of civilians.

“the Allegations concerning our chosen purposes, is absurd,” he said. Pachon added that the American side had not seen any evidence that a cruise missile “Tomahawk” has not reached the target and was handed over to the Russians.

Earlier, on April 25 at a press briefing defense Ministry was shown the warhead “Tomahawk”. It was reported that Moscow has received from Syria, two rockets fired during an American airstrike and not achieved goals. Now they are examined by experts and used for improvement of the Russian weapons. The defense Ministry also pointed out that if the objects that was bombed by USA and their allies were agents, we would have died, tens of thousands of innocent Syrians.

Mikhalkov lent to a businessman 30 million and went bankrupt

Director Nikita Mikhalkov has filed a lawsuit against a friend of the businessman, who lent several million rubles. On Wednesday, April 25, according

“the plaintiff Mikhalkov asks to collect the debt from the defendant under two contracts of loan, interest for the use of funds, penalties for a total amount of 30 million rubles”, — said the press-Secretary of the Izmailovsky district court of Moscow Darya Kryzhanovskaya.

According to the newspaper, Mikhalkov loaned the businessman money in the summer of 2016. He promised to return the entire amount with interest, but didn’t. The deal was made official.