The actor from “Transformers” was suspected of assaulting a woman

American actor Anthony Anderson is under investigation on suspicion of assault. It is reported ABC News.

“we Have information about a crime in which the actor is a suspect,” — said the representative of the law enforcement, adding that currently under investigation.

a Statement regarding 47-year-old Anderson was filed by the woman who claims actor assaulted her over a year ago. According to her, the incident occurred during a business meeting.

the representative of the actor told the TV station that his client denies all charges. He added. what the authorities did not communicate with the suspect or any of his representatives. “Unfortunately, anyone can apply regardless of how much it the truth,” he said.

Anthony Anderson played about 80 roles in TV shows and films, including “me, myself and Irene”, “transformers” and “scary movie 3”. In 2015, he won the prize of “Image Awards” in the category “Best actor in a Comedy series” (“Blackish”). In 2015 and 2016 he was nominated for the award “Emmy” in 2017 — for the award “Golden globe”.

He is married since 1995 and has two children.

The Syrian authorities reported committed by the coalition of the US slaughter

Aircraft of the US-led coalition staged a massacre, inflicting air strikes on civilians near the Syrian city of al-Bukamal in the province of Deir ez-Zor. According to the state news Agency SANA.

Specifies that the bombers attacked civilians fleeing the town of al-Sousa, who is under the control of militants “Islamic state” (ISIS, banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), as well as about the shelling of the coalition. According to sources, the Agency, the result of the RAID many casualties and a large number wounded.

the news Agency said that al-Souza left a lot of families, and the reason for this were the bombers of the coalition, a few days bombarding their house.

on 13 July, the representative of the coalition said that combined forces “may have carried out air strikes on Syria,” adding that it has no information.

on July 21 reported that the Russian and Syrian military preparing a large-scale joint operation in the Northern province of Latakia. The command has taken such a step in response to the attack of the Russian air base Hamim July 16.

Not the end

given the recent release of Dark Souls: Remastered and the announcement of a new game Studio From Software called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice there are more willing to try the legendary series Dark Souls. These three games, and gameplay like Bloodborne they had incredible success in Japan and abroad. But in Russia and countries of the former USSR Dark Souls not overgrown with so much fanbase. However, the popularity of such games is gradually increasing, and here — as in the power generated by the fans of the content, and due to the fact that not everyone’s taste the fact that games have become too easy. Read more about the legendary series — in the material “the”.

the History of Souls is rooted in February 2009, when as an exclusive for the PlayStation 3 is Demon’s Souls — the first game of the series. Like most new projects of the Japanese studios, it was done without extensive advertising, and was released only on the local market. The start was weak: critics skeptical of Demon’s Souls, and it sold approximately 20 thousand copies.

a month Later, the situation has changed. This was influenced by both the players and game journalists, who were able to fully appreciate the hardcore component of the game and continued to play despite the numerous deaths. The growing popularity of Demon’s Souls in Japan led to the release in the West. The game was appreciated and there, noting unusual online component, and dark setting.


after two and a half years was born the first Dark Souls. Subsequently, it has become the most popular among fans. This is largely due to Bandai Namco Entertainment, which was awarded the rights to the series. Unlike Demon’s Souls, the game’s release in Japan and the West occurred with a minimum gap, and by March 2012 in the U.S. and Europe, Dark Souls sold 1.2 million copies.

On the wave of popularity the decision was made to create a port of Dark Souls for the PC. It turned out terrible and suffered from a whole spectrum of bugs and bad optimization. Even the most powerful computers of that time were given about 10 frames per second when the player got to the location “Plague city” (Blighttown). All of these problems, the developers explained the tight schedule.

in Addition, the PC version of the game included the DLC Artorias of the Abyss, which was later released for consoles. The situation with the horrible port later fixed fans, released a patch DSfix, which was fixed technical bugs and made the PC version relatively playable.

the First Dark Souls has gained popularity largely due to the fact that came out exclusively on PlayStation. An important role was played by the fact that the developers had time to Polish the gameplay mechanics, which started in Demon’s Souls. In the new game with the move stood out revised combat system, which included more attacks with different weapons, a revised system of parry and hits from ranged weapons. An important component has become a solid Arsenal of different weapons and magic, as well as improved multiplayer, played finally in full force.

three years Later came the second part of the series — the game Dark Souls II. Fans reacted to her with hostility, because the Creator of the previous Souls, Japanese gamesaver Hidetaka Miyazaki, almost did not participate in its development (at that time he was busy working on Bloodborne), although he was the author of the game world and Creator of many game mechanics that have become the hallmark of the series.

the Hostility among gamers was caused by the simplicity of the game. Dark Souls really became much easier, although this is corrected by entry into a separate Covenant. In addition to estus, the game could be treated with the gems and the opponents after a certain number of deaths are not reborn. Hostility was perceived and change the setting became much lighter and less depressed compared to the original Dark Souls. Indeed, the landscapes Dranglika did not go to any comparison with the dark lands Larkana.

Subsequently, the developers were forced to follow the tastes of gamers and release a reissue of increased complexity, which is called Scholar of the First Sin.

Finally, in March 2016, was released the third and final part of the series. Thanks to her, many have decided to try Dark Souls. To develop back again Miyazaki, who gave all the strength and soul and do not disappoint. Many called the game too easy, but took back his words when he discovered a secret location with one of the toughest bosses in the entire series.

the Enthusiasm among gamers has caused and the fact that the game is happening again in Lagrane — even many years later, let the Kingdom and changed the name to Lotrec. This is evidenced by the numerous references to the previous parts and even whole locations. Moreover, one of the bosses turned out to be slug, slowly devouring one of the characters in the first part, which was there an optional boss. You can also stumble upon the petrified corpse of the witch from the first part, which taught the player Pyromania.

very dissatisfied ease Dark Souls III players, the developers have tested two supplements, in which the game was introduced challenging bosses, cause not one broken controller.

Why the Dark Souls series is so attractive for players, despite the high barrier to entry, it is extremely vague training and constant punishment of the player even for the slightest mistake? The answer may sound trite, but everyone finds games From Software something.

Dark Souls is not an RPG in the classic sense, nor is the JRPG. There are no quests in the traditional sense do not exist and dialogues, and character silently listen to other people’s cues, occasionally answering “Yes” or “No”. And this makes it closer to doomguy and Gordon Freeman, rather than to Nerevarine or Chosen from the Arroyo.

In Dark Souls there is an advanced character development system, which fits into the game. And in it, like a classic RPG, you can make a variety of builds. Weapons can be improved and hardened with the help of different coals, and the game has magic. All this gives great scope to create a unique character.

However, it is more logical to call the game a slasher with RPG elements. Many, the phrase “Japanese slasher” will immediately scare you off, but Dark Souls is not one of those games where you have to memorize an incredible number of furious combinations. The combat system is simple and concise: there is a classic quick and weak attacks and their opposite — strong, but slow. There are also attack run, attack jump and attack after dodging.

If you get the hang of it, you can learn more and fend off enemy attacks, and sometimes try to quietly approach the enemy and strike him a cowardly blow in the back that will remove the solid part of his health. This set of techniques can seem scarce, but remember that each weapon has its own unique attacks. And if you bother to look for trouble, you can always use magic, ranged or thrown weapons. First and foremost, the combat system is welcomed by hardcore gamers, but for newbies to the genre leaves a few loopholes.

Despite the simple structure of the combat system, the game does not forgive mistakes. However, the difficulty is what many gamers love this series. In Dark Souls you can’t just run at enemies and kill them — except that you will return to the starting location of the flashed character in good armor and strong weapons.

In the battles you have to think, to lure enemies out and sometimes around them. In addition to this, the game has a wide variety of traps in the form of lever plates, rolling stones, fall through the floor and the like.

the Main cause of broken controllers and hardened stools are the bosses. On the background of other misfortunes pale in comparison. Each of the bosses is unique in terms of design and attacks, and battle with them sometimes take hours and even days, especially if you do not pay enough attention to the tactics and battle strategies.

the game has the ability to call phantoms (NPCs or other players) who can be drafted into the battle as reinforcements. However, this practice is not encouraged by the community. This is because players lose test — extracted blood and sweat of victory. That victory brings a huge part of the fun, the feeling of triumph after many failed attempts that add to the player gray hair.

in addition, the boss fights will definitely be remembered thanks to the excellent soundtrack. After the tenth attempt, this music will start playing in your head. Due to constant deaths of your best friends will be bonfires and flasks with the healing drink of estus. After each death the player will respawn near the campfire, leaving the death of lost souls. They can pick up, but only if you have time to get to them without dying. But before each of the bosses still need to get: the fires are located near them, but will have to fight with several opponents.

Particularly strong joy and satisfaction brings victory over those who had thoroughly tickle your nerves. You can make a huge number of visits to the hated boss, already ceasing to believe, corny making all the actions of inertia and the principle of “once more — and just everything.” And then a miracle happens (maybe not a miracle, and your skills show themselves) — and weary smiles, and the room announces triumphant cry.

Dark Souls multiplayer, which is radically different from the usual gameplay. The first step is to divide its two main components: PVP-location and special regimes — known signs of the call and invasion.

In the first case we are talking about special items or locations, which allow you to join a certain session in Deathmatch mode, with its varieties, is characterized by the presence of teams and number of players.

of Most interest is the second section of the multiplayer. It works on the same principle as the signs of the call of the phantoms, with the difference that the call can not only ally, but the enemy for a duel. But if the player uses the signs of the call, it is possible to take the opportunity to invade his world.

With the help of a certain subject gets you into an alien world where you must face his master and kill him. For the victory is given to the specific resource that differs from the Covenant, as well as a universal resource. The latter include humanity (Dark Souls), the human figure (Dark Souls II) and charcoal (Dark Souls III). They have many functions, but the main — the return of the hero of the human form. It allows you to invade other people’s worlds and use the signs of the call. Can turn your world the other players will only if you have enabled Internet and restored humanity.

the Covenant is in-order, which gives the player a variety of items and bonuses. All bonuses fall for offering items to covenants, which often can get in the multiplayer or bipartite with opponents. Covenants differ: some help with bosses, invade others, others protect certain characters and kill those who killed them in your world. In addition to the third part of the game there is a Covenant, the members of which are bosses — that is, boss are a few real players, which you have to defeat.

Despite the interesting idea, the multiplayer has a huge problem that can drive you crazy. It is about the system of connection Peer-to-Peer: there are no dedicated servers, as the server itself acts as the host, be it another intruder or the person who left the sign of the call.

due to the fact that your world can be invaded by people from another end of the world, the connection is very often impossible to establish. But if it happened, then you can expect horrible lag and strasheela delay. So, you can approach the enemy, which on your screen just stands and does nothing, will start to beat him and strike fifteen, but the damage is not counted, but then the enemy materializes behind you and put three shots in the back, that will kill you. This connection system can pretty spoil the nerves, and similar lags occur in three cases out of ten, which is quite a lot for a game of this scale.

the game features and different integration of the online mode. Dark Souls available in a variety of clues that leave the other players with a special item. But their can be only one of a certain set of words and phrases that are given in the game, so their understanding of the need to get used to the local jargon. Sometimes the clues are designed to confuse and even kill the player, but got on them, people will set a plus.

around the world of Dark Souls scattered bloody spots that capture final moments of other players. After reviewing these records, you can seriously make your life easier or just to see with other people’s nonsense. In addition, the game has required to advance the plot action, for example — to hit the bell. When other players will beat him, you too will hear the bell ringing when connected to the network.

Plot in each of the Dark Souls is quite simple: the player just saying what needs to be done. The world has a rich history that you can learn from the screenplay, parts of the environment and descriptions of various items.

the Great and terrible Miyazaki said that the open history of the world and a free interpretation of the plot and in-game stories — his idea. These things the designer was fond of as a child, and he wanted the players themselves to think out the details of the plot and meaning of certain objects and characters.

Time has shown that the idea was a success, and YouTube is literally littered with commercials that tell different theories players regarding certain details of the history of the world and plot. Thousands of people continue to break the spear on the discussion forums.

the Quests are built around the few friendly characters that are the same as the main character, have their goals and regularly meet during the game. And the actions of the protagonist determine the outcome of a particular story. As the game progresses you can learn more about those with whom we are fighting, whether it be bosses or ordinary enemies. And then the game is a series of Souls following the example of a good Thriller. The enemy bad not just because I have to, but because he has the motivation can fight for something or defend someone. So we learn the story of Seth and Arteries, distorted abyss of the inhabitants of Alutila, king of Vendria and many others.

do Not forget that the game is made in the setting of Dark Fantasy. In the case of the Souls series feature is hopeless mood of the game, which only gets darker, and it’s not in lighting. The further the player goes through the story, the more friendly characters are disappointed in yourself, in your way. Most often it ends by their death or even more terrifying madness.

We learn more about those who are struggling. Each story ends tragically, in the world of Souls there is no one who is prepared for a bright fate. Whether God Gwendolin, devoured alive by a huge slug of Agricom, or good-natured knight by the name of Soler, who will never find “his own sun”. The game constantly reminds us that even if our actions are not meaningless, they can hurt.

Another important aspect of the Souls series is the level design. From one fire you can get in a lot of different locations. Although initially to come will be not all, as you progress through the game you’ll find new passages, reset the ladder, activate the elevators, down the bridges and open a variety of doors. All this allows to shorten the path from the fire to the main target in the face the next boss or even open the course to new, previously inaccessible location.

Sophisticated level design is embodied and the location of objects. You can pass the game for the tenth time and still find something new, because the items are very well hidden. Something you can get by climbing a ladder, which you may not notice that something may be hidden behind the illusory wall, which is more difficult, and to some locations with the items you need to skillfully jump, but it is impossible to do. Sometimes, exploring the world, you can stumble upon a secret location that is hard to find without hints is almost impossible.

Although the series Souls, can not boast of good graphics, it is possible to witness the incredible work of artists and designers. Going out on some mountain ledge or climbing on the tower, you should not run headlong on toward the goal. Enough to turn the camera sideways and look at the backdrops of the game. Where in most games you can see the poorly drawn mountains or low polygon trees, the Souls series boasts stunning scenery, part of which is the locations, in which you can get.

the game features a variety of architecture. In one location you can see the Gothic cathedrals, the other with ruins, reminiscent of the Inca temples, medieval castles and crumbling wooden shacks. And yet there is a wild forest, swamps, dark dungeons catacombs and snowy mountain peaks.


Although Russian fanbase Souls undeservedly small, many join her to watch a variety of content on YouTube and Twitch. Especially popular different challenges: for example, the passing game with bare fists, a Guitar Hero controller instead of the gamepad, classic speedrun and damage-challenges.

a Separate category of people takes pleasure in watching other players (including famous bloggers) suffer, and suffer from another “Smoke and Ornstein” (the toughest boss in the whole series, according to most players). Quite popular and videos that reveal lore and plot of the game. There is one humorous content, including a various local community memes.

anyone who has not had time to play Dark Souls, need to do it. If you get used to increased complexity and other difficulties, will open a completely new experience, and with it a variety of emotions. And maybe you don’t hate the game for the difficulty, will find in it something of their own and even like it.

The first suspect in the torture of a prisoner in Yaroslavl noticed in handcuffs

In the Yaroslavl region detained the employee penal colony No. 1 suspect in the torture of a prisoner. About this on his page in Facebook announced the Fund “Public verdict”.

“We are told that the arrests of the defendants in the torture video from the penal colony №1 of Yaroslavl. Maxim Yablokov was released from prison in handcuffs”, — stated in the message. Also the Fund’s representatives attached a list of colleagues of a detainee, “if the UK does not recognize other members of the colony of the video.”

In the “Public verdict” is not presented source of information about detention to verify it is currently not possible.

20 July appeared a video in which employees of the penal colony №1 of the Yaroslavl region staged a brutal torture for one of the prisoners. In the video, more than ten people in the form of a long and methodically hit the legs lying on the table in the middle of the room a man, handcuffed, sprinkled his head with water from a bucket.

According to “Novaya Gazeta”, this happened last summer, and the prisoner’s name is James Monroe. The alleged reason for the torture was disrespectful to the officer by the victim.

the same day Investigative Committee sued about the abuse of power.

In the UK surprised to the news about the arrest of a suspect in the torture jailer

Investigative Committee not confirmed the information about detention of the first suspect on the case of torture in the penal colony №1 of the Yaroslavl region. About it the correspondent “”.

“as of 23:00 MSK detainees in this case no investigations are continuing in the framework of the excited July 20, the criminal case about excess of powers of office by persons from the staff of FPS in Yaroslavl region”, — said the Agency.

on the night of July 22, the human rights Fund “Public verdict” announced that began the arrests in the case of torture of a prisoner. In particular, one of the suspects was noticed coming from the prison in handcuffs. The organization has not submitted a source of information.