Gone are the best

network Users around the world are sounding the alarm over the memorial faced a real threat disappearance from the Internet. The reason for that new amendments to the copyright act, which actively endorse the European legislators. “the Tape.ru” understood, what threatens innovation, and can save favorite pictures from extinction.

Talking about 13th Directive EU copyright which first spoke the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in 2016. He describes the new initiative as a “modern copyright rules appropriate for the digital age” — the first major reform in copyright legislation in the EU since 2001.

In theory, the bill of Juncker needs to protect the intellectual property rights of users who download their content to the network. The author of the initiative intends to encourage owners of large Internet sites to take steps to ensure that agreements concluded with the rightholders in relation to the use of their works, worked and was safe.

in simple terms, the administrations of all the social networks, functioning on the territory of the EU, will have to look very carefully at the materials that are published on their sites, not to pay huge fines for copyright infringement of users. Since we are talking about huge volumes of data, it is proposed to use “efficient technology for content recognition”. “Service providers provide copyright owners with adequate information on the functioning and application of measures and, in some cases, adequate reporting on the recognition and use of works and other materials”, — is spoken in the document.

the bill instantly found a huge number of enemies who have accused parliamentarians and the authors of the document all mortal sins. Critics believe that the new Directive could destroy the Internet in the form in which the users are accustomed to seeing it today. Be precise — start a global censorship, due to the rigid methods of content filtering.

to carry out the plans of the European Union, a major Internet sites have to constantly filter all published user — generated content millions of posts, photos, videos and music tracks a day. To do it manually is simply impossible, because to hire hundreds of thousands of moderators will not be able to even the most successful companies. Therefore, social networks and other platforms will need to use automatic algorithms — artificial intelligence that is able to track absolutely everything the user of the publication. We are talking about texts, photographs, videos, music, movies — any content that is subject to copyright.

it is Obvious that the Directive is directly contrary to all norms of freedom of speech. As stated by the Executive Director of the non-profit organization for the protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual in the digital world Open Rights Jim Killock (Jimm Killock), auto check material for copyright will necessarily violate the rights of citizens. “Article 13 create mode Robo-copyright where computers will allocate all identificeret as copyright infringement, despite the legal prohibition on laws that require General monitoring of users to protect their privacy,” the said Killock in an interview with “Bi-bi-si”.

However, the restriction of freedom of speech is not the only problem that users may face after the adoption of the controversial bill. Critics believe that the measures of Internet sites for the protection of copyright would kill the experience for users on the network.

the fact that even the most advanced AI can’t determine where published copyrighted photo, and the usual meme made based on it. Suffice it to recall a recent photo with the wrong guy who stares at a passing girl, momentarily forgetting about his own friend. This image was made by a Spanish photographer who in 2015 uploaded their work in the photo Bank. After some time the picture drew the attention of the users of the network and wrote of her popular meme, “bad guy” was actively spread on social networks for several months. However, after the entry into force of the new bill, such an outcome would be possible: most likely, filtering just deleted would first variation of the meme of social networks in a second after it was loaded.

the same applies to humorous movies, coubs and even a parody of a musical piece, regardless of the original are separate creative works. The algorithm will compare the images and sounds will find some similarities and block all controversial materials to a social network or other site has not received a serious penalty. A similar system already operates on YouTube and it works pretty bad. The authors of the daily broadcasts complaining that their channels be removed monetization or even block the videos, if they are present at least a glimpse of fragments of copyrighted material.

Criticism of the document also noted that it did not specify the legal status of memes and other variations associated with the original materials under copyright. Due to legal uncertainties defenders called the initiative “inappropriate interference”, which represents “a dangerous precedent in European law”.

the Europeans are very concerned about the upcoming meeting of Parliament, which must decide the fate of the controversial bill. To affect its outcome, various non-profit organizations and groups send open letter with proposals on the contentious paragraphs of the document.

for Example, a non-profit organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (electronic frontier Foundation) has collected more than 70 signatures of defenders and sent an open letter to the European legislators. “Article 13 of the Directive on copyright in the digital single market includes the obligations of the Internet companies that it would be impossible to observe without imposing excessive restrictions of fundamental rights of the citizens… because of the article 13 arises legal uncertainty that online services will have no choice but to monitor, filter and block messages to EU citizens, if they want to stay in business,” said in an open letter.

For the rejection of the new Directive was issued by the group an independent European economists, lawyers and scientists from leading research centers of Europe. In his letter to the parliamentarians, they noted that the bill actively lobbied by large corporations who want to censor the Internet. “The law does not fulfill the stated objectives of the Directive… in fact responds to the agenda of powerful corporate interests,” — said scientists.

Serious concerns have been expressed and a large group of European academic, educational, research and other communities, including the Association of European universities and the International Federation of library associations and institutions. “We are concerned that these provisions would create onerous and harmful restrictions on access to scientific research and data, as well as basic rights to freedom of information”, said the researchers, calling the upcoming amendments a serious threat to an informed and literate community.

left aside Human Rights Watch — “reporters without borders” and other non-profit organizations dealing with human rights issues. “This law will lead to excessive filtering and deleting content, restricting freedom of dissemination of information on the one hand and freedom of information — on the other” — wrote human rights activists in an open letter.

Despite the panic among users and human rights defenders, the presidents of the European Union is not in a hurry to abandon discussion of the new amendments. The representative of the political Association in an interview with SkyNews said that the Directive will help authors of original content to get a good income. “The idea of our copyright law is that people should have the opportunity to earn a living by their creative ideas,” — said in the EU.

in addition, the representative of the European Union has denied concerns about potential violations of freedom of speech. “Proposals for the modernization of provisions on copyright in the EU will not damage the freedom of expression on the Internet”, — the politician noted. He also added that the new amendments take into account technological developments that have already implemented some of the major players. Apparently, we are talking about algorithms to filter content. However, from the concrete representative of the European Union abstained.

most Likely, the final verdict parliamentarians, the EU will have to be carried out at the end of the year. 20 June, members of the legal Committee of the EP has voted in favour of the law. Its decision must give the parliamentarians at the plenary meeting, the exact date of which is still unknown: either beginning of July or mid-September of 2018. After that will be assigned to the closed trilateral negotiations between the Parliament, Commission and EU Council, and then there will be a final vote for approval of the results of the negotiations. Users can only pray for politicians to leave memes alone.

U.S. Secretary of state joked about the assassination of Kim Jong-UN

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during a meeting with the leader of North Korea Kim Jong UN joked about his murder. It is reported by Vanity Fair, referring to the former assistant foreign Minister.

Kim Jong-UN, he said, Pompeo reminded that he was once called to change the political regime in North Korea.

“Pompeo did not flinch. The Director of CIA (Secretary of state previously headed the Agency — ed. “the Tape.ru”) joked that he’s still trying to kill him, and both laughed,” — said the assistant.

In one bottle

Russian language was translated based on a true story novel, Goncourt laureate, 2016 Leila Slimani about how the nanny killed two entrusted her to the care of the children. Swede Fredrik Backman has written a new book about what people who are all talking shit, can be nice and cute. Writer and broadcaster Alexander Arkhangelsky released novel about the price of confidence and the need to live with your mind in any era. Books in varying degrees, affect the theme of obsession, read Explorer “the Tape.ru” Natalia Kochetkova.

Leila Slimani “the Perfect nanny” (translated by Alexandra Finogenova, Izd-vo “Sinbad”)

Two years ago the Moscow metro station “the October Field” was arrested the nurse, who carried in his hands the severed head of the child, with whom she had a chance to sit. Now imagine that a certain writer (not necessarily Russian) put the story in the novel. Approximately so did the Frenchwoman of Moroccan descent Laila Slimani. Her novel “the Perfect nanny” is a free reinterpretation of a very specific criminal history. This spring in new York by the jury was life sentenced for the murder of two children nanny Yoselyn Ortega. The tragedy occurred in 2012. Slimani moved the action of the book in France and in 2016 received for his book, the Prix Goncourt, the highest French literary award.

so, in the novel “the Perfect nanny” young parents of two small children, Miriam — magribi, brilliantly graduated from the faculty of law, and her husband Paul, a music producer, seek and find a babysitter for his two kids — girl and boy. They were lucky: their babysitter Louise is French. She not only has problems with registrations and can go with the child to the clinic, she entrusted to raise her babies as raise her: tells them tales Charles Perrault, playing with them in games who have played several generations of French. When this washes and cleans the apartment, cooks divinely, repairing children’s clothing, children adore her, and she embodied Mary Poppins, about which Paul and Miriam did not get tired it to repeat, but I admit that she doesn’t quite understand the compliment.

And then suddenly something breaks. The nanny jealous of children to parents, it does not always remain the gentle and attentive to the last leaves on the kitchen table demonstrative chicken skeleton, and then attempts to kill both babies, and then themselves. In fact, the crime reports have the first Chapter of the novel — all subsequent parts just stating the background of the lives of employers Louise and herself.

“the Perfect nanny” is a good solid Thriller. It with all the details in its place. And yet it is the visual embodiment of the formula “the road spoon for dinner” and other erased, but working in the life of Maxim. Leila Slimani normal, but not outstanding from a literary point of view the novel not only received the Prix Goncourt, but he was appointed Ambassador, President of Macron for the promotion of the French language. For the beauty (leïla Slimani really dramatic)? For feminism? For having raised relevant in today’s society the topic of working parents forced to send their children to the care of strangers? For Moroccan origin? Not for talent, but for timeliness? On set of merits? It’s hard to say.

What is certain — is that the novel gets into the nerve of young parents, baruchim offspring to grandparents and babysitters and the rare literary critics who wonder what certain books receive prestigious awards. Surprise last I am ready to share in person.

Fredrik Backman “there was Britt-Marie” (translation of Teplyashina, Izd-vo “Sinbad”)

a Swedish journalist and writer Fredrik Backman found his literary horse: he writes multipage cute tales about what misanthropes really cute and nice people of wide soul. And each time it rolls. The novel “the Second life of Uwe” tells the story of a widower, who only looks harmful and callous, while the inside is white and fluffy. And a hungry cat to feed, and awkward pregnant migrant to learn to Park the car, and along with the wits, is all to him. Another book — “Grandma told me to bow down and say sorry” — the grandmother who raised her granddaughter, was brought up, and then went and died. But this fact went in favor of the granddaughter and her growing up. And that’s just what came Roman “Here was Britt-Marie.”

Britt-Marie is married to an entrepreneur. A very successful businessman, how not tired to repeat the woman, it even works with the Germans. Her slightly over 60. They have been together for 40 years. For both it is the second marriage. Professional career Britt-Marie did not happen. In her youth, she worked briefly as a waitress, but a lot of time spent on caring for her sick mother. Then I married Kent and raised him twins, then took care of his parents. And then it turned out that she had aged and her work seems to be useless. And then she found out that Kent is cheating on her, and left the house.

Bachman — master original artistic language. He makes the reader see the world through the eyes of his character and gradually change along with the character. In this sense, the novel “there was Britt-Marie” is no exception. Britt-Marie, it is time to admit honestly, antisocial, neurotic elderly woman, turned to familiarity, routine, lists, cleanliness, baking soda and liquid for washing Windows. She washes them every day to “see the world”. It used to not to have their views and habits, to be on the sidelines, in the shade of the first mother, and then her husband. This stance she took as a child, after the death of sister.

And now for the first time, Britt-Marie, leaving everything behind, moving out of the house in some godforsaken village near the road where no one has money, where all the drink and kill each other to become the coach of a local children’s football team (despite the fact that she hates football), but at the same time a model of dignified behavior. There it is three weeks repairing the evolutionary path that takes the average person several decades, and finds an enchanted admirer. And soon the repentant husband will come to accept.

the ending of the novel is not happily-sugar, as you would think, but not bad. The man, who all his life denied himself to something to want, finally realizes his wish. And no, it is not to choose between husband and lover.

Alexander Arkhangelsky “Office test” (“Redaction of Elena Shubina”)

1980-th year, the sweltering Moscow summer, post-graduate student of the philosophical faculty MSU Alexei Nogovitsyn hastily returned to the capital from the construction team because she received a mysterious telegram, which not could tell no supervisor (although he is in the status of the teacher of life) nor his girlfriend Musa where you intend to marry.

the Action of the novel lasts only nine days, but during this short period of time the reader will have time to learn all about growing Nogovitsyn, his voluntary coming to faith, the desire to be baptized, as this belief goes against the way of life of the Soviet people and relationships, with a practical bride from a diplomatic family. But the churching of calm will not bring, because the boy will feel like a stranger among alcoholic fathers, and the harsh Church ladies.

a novel about 1980, Alexander Arkhangelsky, who is known to many as the host of the television program “in the meantime” on the channel “Culture”, could be read as nostalgic — it bytopisatelskie many signs of the era: the concerts of “time Machine”, the performances of the Taganka theatre, the death of Vladimir Vysotsky, the Olympics, furnished apartments poor intellectuals and rich items, watching banned films, interrogations in the KGB, and so on. But this is misleading. The author is very good at her writing — recreates the spirit, the details of the era about which he writes.

it really is brand modern, relevant novel about temptation and shifting responsibility for their lives onto others. Hero Alexei Nogovitsyn enter into some correspondence with the spiritual face, which does not promise him anything except more trouble. But if you look at the situation sensibly, then in the aftermath, he can only blame himself. Because I trusted a man. Because you succumbed to the temptation and the temptation to live beyond your mind. Because I cityval into the wrong phrase what I hoped to see there.

This novel is about responsibility to oneself. About “think with your head.” About “do not make yourself an idol.” And then you’ll have nobody to thank for your successes and blame their failures. Very reasonable and timely book.

Trump took pity on separated migrant families

U.S. President Donald trump Wednesday, may 20, signed a decree under which the practice of separation on the border of migrant families is prohibited. This was told CNN.

“[the Decree] will make sure that family stayed together, but at the same time it will allow for strong borders and border security, which would be the same if not more rigid, than before,” said trump during the broadcast with the signing of the decree in the White house.

the decision stated that migrant families will be kept together, except in those cases where there are concerns about the welfare of a child. He added that he does not like to see as part of the children and parents of migrants on the border with the USA, nevertheless it will continue a policy of “zero tolerance” and will be subjected to criminal prosecution those who illegally crosses the border.

on Monday, June 18, the U.S. President’s wife Melania trump criticized his immigration policy. “Ms. trump can’t stand to see children separated from their families”, — said the representative of the first lady of the United States Stephanie Grisham.

Wonder cement

If you think that Stonehenge is in England, and the Eiffel tower is in France, you are only partly right. Because these world-famous monuments are located not only in England and France. “the Tape.ru” find out who, where and what creates replicas of famous landmarks.

it would Seem that the Eiffel tower is one of the symbols of Paris and France, each year attracting to the city hundred of thousands of tourists, including from distant countries. They have to obtain a Schengen visa, to withstand the long flight, suffer from jetlag, eat unusual food and explain in a foreign language with a PhraseBook. In the end, the trip to Paris from Chicago, Yekaterinburg or Harbin worth a lot.

Just imagine how great it would be if every key market housed its own Eiffel tower. No long-haul flights, foreign languages, visas and jet lag! Nonsense? It seems that anymore. Today, there are at least 30 copies of the Eiffel tower, much of which is in China. The largest is in Las Vegas: its height is half the original.

the Europeans the idea of copying other people’s sites seems strange, because for a fake there is no story, and the absolute originality of the question. But the unassuming tourists from the US and China happy and such. In the state of Virginia for many years, there is a copy of Stonehenge, its own version of the monument has recently appeared in the Chinese province of Anhui. China is the leader in copying other people’s cultural heritage. In China there is a replica of the great pyramid, the Great Sphinx, the castle of Maisons-Laffitte, Versailles Palace, arc de Triomphe and the tower bridge.

Chinese people do not stop at the copying of individual monuments, they work on the area. In Luoyang built a copy of the Austrian Hallstatt, and between Beijing and Tianjin port is located Florentia Village — luxury retail-Park, where intricately woven main business card of Florence and Venice. And let all these fake attractions are not distinguished by quality and accuracy of copy, their appearance causes a very emotional response from owners of the original.

So, Egypt several years fighting with the Chinese copy of the Great Sphinx in full size and seemed to have won: the monument was prohibited. But two years later re-emerged in all its splendor at the theme Park, the city of Shijiazhuang.

the Authorities of the African country said that the Chinese Sphinx deals damage to the cultural heritage of Egypt and violates intellectual property rights. The Egyptians appealed to the UNESCO with the requirement to destroy the Sphinx in Shijiazhuang. To succeed it will not be easy, because of direct copying of the question: the Chinese did the Sphinx bright makeup and painted headdress. With Chinese Great Sphinx is not adjacent to the pyramid of Cheops (its Chinese version is located in the southern city of Changsha on the other end of the country), and a statue of Iron man. Well, not to waste time on trifles.

Fake sights in China often set in parks or in residential areas — thus, the developers draw attention to built their new areas. Amazing passion for Chinese low-quality copy of the attractions easily explained: they are much more tolerant to fake. In the market of China sold a few smartphones on the Android operating system, which in one degree or another copy the appearance and interface of the iPhone. Quite a popular car companies Zotye and Landwind, which are almost indistinguishable from Porsche, Audi and Land Rover.

If the Chinese are willing to call a fake iPhone and drive “almost true,” the Macan, and not too accurately copied the Sphinx looks happy. All of this allows marketers to talk about the potential in China’s tourism replica or fake tourism where the main purpose of travel are not real sites, but copies of them. Another driver of growth in the number of replicas is the desire of the Chinese billionaires to amuse the vanity. They build the fake palaces and castles, competing in the vanity, and the ordinary Chinese are only too happy to look at possession of the best people in the country.

it would Seem that we are down to trends in the national tourism market, but the Chinese are playing an increasing role in the world tourist flow. According to the forecast of the world tourism organization, by 2030 their share will reach quarters. The largest travel markets in the world will somehow have to adapt, because the flow of Chinese travellers will grow at the expense of the people of the province — the province that likes to create fake sites. Waiting for the appearance of the Roman Colosseum in Paris and the Eiffel tower in Rome?

In fact, fake attractions were built in the West long before they fell in love with the Chinese. In 1897 in Nashville opened the Parthenon — an exact full-scale replica of the Athenian temple. American Parthenon was built for the international exhibition, which was dedicated to the centennial of tn occurrences in the United States. Originally the temple was built of wood, but in the 1920s it was rebuilt in concrete. In 1991, inside the Parthenon there was a statue of the goddess Athena, the ancient and original which has not survived and is known only by copies.

the Secret of the appearance of such an unusual monument — the fact that Nashville in the USA is often called the “Athens of the South”. As the Chinese fake sites, American Parthenon is a somewhat improved version of the temple of the goddess of wisdom, because the original Athenian temple was destroyed in 1687. Then during the siege of the Acropolis by the Venetians, the Parthenon was fired from a cannon, which detonated the gunpowder which the Turks had stored in the temple. American temple recreates the original condition of the building.

So now the only opportunity to see the Parthenon in all its glory is to visit Nashville. And let the American Church is much smaller than the original Greek, he already is a separate object of cultural heritage. The Nashville Parthenon is listed on the national register of historic places.

Independent, associated with USA attractions steel replica of the Eiffel tower and Venetian canals in Las Vegas. There are examples of successful replicas and in Russia. Small analog Eiffel tower in the village of Paris in Chelyabinsk region, has made this small town the object of tourist interest.

Sometimes the exact replica of the famous structures are created and in the countries-owners of the original attractions. Most often this is done to preserve the original structure. For example, in 2013, Egypt was opened reconstructed with a precision of a tenth of a millimeter copy of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

It is located just a kilometer away from the original graves. The Egyptian authorities do not hide that the breath of hundreds of thousands of tourists causes the crypt of colossal damage, and the replica will reduce the load on the original. At the moment are open for viewing both the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Even earlier, to similar measures were forced the French authorities. One of the main monuments of the Paleolithic cave of Lascaux, which is often called the “Sistine chapel of prehistoric art” — was opened in 1940, and since 1948 it has been visited by many tourists. They breathe out carbon dioxide, high humidity and artificial lighting has led to a range of problems: on the cave walls there were colonies of fungi and bacteria.

In the end, the cave is closed for visits in 1963, but the climate her was forever broken. Now in the cave set in the climate system, and specialists in protective suits every two weeks and clean the walls. Tourists still retained the opportunity to get acquainted with the painting of the ancients, in 1983, was opened by a reproduction of the cave, called Lascaux II.

Concrete structure recreates some parts of the original cave, along with frescoes. The bitter experience of the cave of Lascaux has taught French archaeologists. Discovered in 1994, Chauvet cave was never opened to visitors, and its replica opened its doors in 2015. But there are opposite examples, when replicas are created instead of destroyed the original.

for Example, in Beijing in 2008, was destroyed entire neighborhoods of the historic low-rise buildings. A few years ago, one of the historical districts were restored — for the sake of attracting tourists. Known similar examples to us: first destroyed, and then recreated the temple Christ the Saviour, the hotel “Moscow” and the Bolshoi theatre. Visually they exactly replicate the original building, but built using modern technologies and markedly different from the original interiors.

outside China fake sights are less massive. With the development of digital technologies and the emergence of the ability to make virtual tours to the most famous places and museums of the world, the desire to create pseudoplastic culture will almost certainly come to naught.