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The court overturned the conviction of the nationalist Tesak

court overturned the conviction of the nationalist and the leader of the banned in Russia organization “Restrukt” Maxim Marcinkiewicz (Cleaver), his case sent to the court of first instance for retrial. On Monday, may 21, reported “the” in a press-service of the court.

according to the report, the court sent for retrial material in relation to the press-Secretary of movement “Restrukt” Evdokim Knyazev. He also reduced the sentence of the three defendants in the case: Dmitry Sildeshow — up to 5 years 10 months colony, Roman Maximov — up to 4 years and 10 months, Alexander Shankin — up to 5 years and 10 months. Against the other defendants in the sentence remained unchanged and in force.

the Verdict Slicer was made June 27, 2017. Martsinkevich was sentenced to ten years, other participants in the “Restrukt” — for periods ranging from three to ten years.

According to investigators, the Cleaver and his associates, using the stun guns, pepper sprays and metal batons, beat citizens in Moscow, took away their belongings, and publicly doused them with paint and other substances. Everything happened in 2012-2014 in the framework of an organized movement “Occupy-Narkotikai” associated with the fight against sellers of Smoking mixes.

investigators believe Marcinkiewicz and his accomplices involved in the attacks on eight people, one of which from the got injuries died.

The Swedes prepared for war

for the First time in 57 years, the Swedish authorities sent more than 4.8 million booklets entitled “If war comes”, which will be able to better prepare citizens for military situation, the impact of information. On Monday, may 21, said the Director-General of Department of protection of the civilian population Dan Eliasson at the presentation of this publication, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

According to him, “In Sweden is safer than in many countries, but there are threats.” Eliasson explained that the main threats are currently considered climate change, dependence on the Internet and the situation in the field of security, said TASS.

for the First time such materials were distributed during the Second world war, but in the 1980s it was decided to cease their production. In the new edition we are talking about what to do in case of terrorist attacks, natural disasters or war, and in the case of fake news.

Meghan Markle has offered to replace the heels on the Slippers

Meghan Markle took care of the comfort which came to the Royal wedding guests and gave them Slippers, reports the Daily Mail.

Sunday, may 20, American actress, Troian, Bellisario published stories in his Instagram account a video in which she together with other women takes off her shoes with high heels and change shoes in white Slippers.

“How wonderful it is to remove those shoes! They have prepared Slippers for us”, — says the 32-year-old Bellisario.

The network has surprised strange kiss Elton John and David Beckham

Internet users made fun of the kiss musician Elton John former football player David Beckham at the wedding of the British Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle. A video of the ceremony published in Twitter.

the network has drawn attention to the fact that John began to lick my lips after the kiss.

Some users laugh the journalist, who commented on the events and stammered while kissing. Greeting celebrities also called the hottest kiss at the wedding.

the ceremony was held on may 19 at Windsor castle.

Kudrin declassified state secrets about removed posts 40 generals

Former head of Finance, head of the Center for strategic research Alexei Kudrin believes that the presence of acquaintances and connections in business and government agencies will prevent him from impartially to supervise the conduct of audits the accounts chamber. The corresponding statement he made at a meeting of the Duma Committee on rules Monday, may 21, reports TASS.

“movies. You have to be quite strict in the implementation of its requirements”, — Kudrin said in response to the question of deputies, whether he can perform his duties in his new post if the test will affect, for example, Deputy Prime Ministers.

In proof of his words, Kudrin recalled the time at the head of the control Directorate of the President of Russia, the head of which he was in 1996-1997.

“Then we had check-UPS interior Ministry and Ministry of defence. Then the results of these tests were kept secret and had the character of state secrets on a number of issues, but now time has passed and I can say that as a result of check in the interior 40 of the generals was dismissed or demoted,” said he.

the question of the appointment of Kudrin the Chairman of the accounts chamber state Duma will consider at the meeting on 22 may. Earlier his candidature for appointment made by the President Vladimir Putin.