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Latvia launched its “New wave” with the orchestra and Vaikule

In the Latvian Jurmala music festival began “lime. Rendezvous. Jurmala — 2018”, which is to replace the Russian “New wave” moved to Sochi after political scandal. It is reported by the local branch of Sputnik.

New contest is also international. His main ideologist, singer Laima Vaikule. The festival was attended by 186 artists from Latvia, Russia, CIS countries and others. Among the invited guests Philip, Andrei Makarevich, Michael Jackson, Shelby Lynne, Verka Serduchka, Ani Lorak, the artist, Nino Katamadze, Lolita, Tamara Gverdtsiteli.

according to the publication, the contestants perform to the accompaniment of a classical orchestra.

The arrest of the suspect in the espionage Butinai associated with summit Putin and trump

Robert Neil Driscoll, a lawyer of the arrested in USA Russian women’s Butinai, said that her arrest before the meeting of the American and the Russian President was no accident, reports TASS.

“Not sure what explained these terms, but I know that the reasons that they [the prosecutors USA] presented to the court, have no sense,” he explained.

he added that He has no information about how political the case whether Butynol, however, believes her innocent. “I can only say that the case against Maria Butunoi, from what I can see, is extremely precarious,” added Driscoll.

the Lawyer denies that her arrest by the US secret services was due to the investigation into alleged Russian intervention in the American elections in 2016, which holds spectacular Robert Mueller.

Earlier, on 20 July, become famous details of the career of Butynol. She studied at the American University in Washington and from may to August 2017 passed training in the company of APTLD (Asia Pacific top level domain).

About the arrest of a 29-year-old Russian woman was known on July 16. Her accused “in the conspiracy with the purpose of acting in favor of a foreign state on the territory of the United States,” as well as in business activities without being registered at Ministry of justice as an agent of a foreign state.

American sailors looked at women and wanted to wear a beard

men in the naval forces of the United States, asked to allow them to wear beards. Reported by the New York Post.

According to the publication, previously serving in the ranks of the naval forces, women were allowed to wear a hairstyle “ponytail” and the tresses, despite the fact that for a long time the Charter was forbidden to dissolve the hair.

Immediately after that the male soldiers in social networks asked the leadership to allow them to grow a beard. The hashtag #WeWantBeards in Facebook reposted thousands of times. Beards in the U.S. Navy banned since 1984 for security reasons: they can interfere with the right to wear breathing apparatus and protective mask during a fire.

the leadership of the naval forces notes that these norms are still valid and will not change, since their observation is important for the safety and maintenance of professional appearance.

As noted by officer Travis rider, permission to wear a beard will increase the morale of the men, just as it happened with a pony-tail and women. He noted that the beard and the shoes are of higher quality — those are the things that can make men soldiers happier.

Now the sailors are allowed to wear beards for religious reasons or assuming that the skin condition does not allow them to shave.

The captain of the boat talked to wear vests and killed 17 people

the Captain of the pleasure boat, the collapse of which in lake, Missouri, claimed the lives of 17 people, persuaded passengers to not wear life jackets. About it Fox News told by the survivors of the incident the woman.

TIA Coleman, who lost in an accident nine family members, said the ship’s captain insisted that life jackets to passengers is not useful, because the trip will take place without any emergency situations.

“I think many could be saved, [if they put on a vest],” said the woman. However, she said, when the situation became critical, to wear them it was too late.

it is Reported that the age of victims from 1 to 70 years, but their identities were not disclosed. According to Fox News, the captain of the boat, most likely, killed.

Putin made the summer Olympics games in Russia

Russia may bid to host the summer Olympics, the President said Vladimir Putin in the course of communication with volunteers for the 2018 world Cup in Kaliningrad. It quotes TASS on Friday, July 20.

“possible,” the President said in response to the question of whether Russia is to host the summer Games.

He said that while the Russian side has not filed the appropriate application, and stressed that it is important to talk not only about the conduct of the country of certain large-scale events, but also about how to use the infrastructure for sports development in the country.

on Friday, the President visited built for the world Cup stadium in Kaliningrad and watched the training of young players.

In 2014 Sochi winter Olympics took place. The Russian team won 13 gold, 11 silver and 9 bronze medals. However, due to the doping scandal, the international Olympic Committee to cancel many of the results of Russian athletes. To return a place in the top three of Russia succeeded only in February after the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport.