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Putin saved the veteran from the Rangers in the Victory Parade

President of Russia Vladimir Putin saw his guards pushed coming from his side of the veteran, stopped and approached him myself. The episode was in YouTubebroadcast of the First channel with the parade on red square.

the footage shows how the head of state, accompanied by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu moved towards the Alexander garden, to lay flowers at the tomb of the Unknown soldier. At this point the guards began to push the veteran of the great Patriotic war, who tried to approach the President, to the side. Putin noticed this, took them aside, he shook hands with the soldier and invited him to go to the monument.

according “Russia 24”, the veteran wanted to come to Vladimir Putin and to “pay homage”, and the head of state “strongly liked” the protection — the laying of flowers they came for the four of us.

Theresa may wants to expel from the Board of honor of Oxford

the Leadership of the University of Oxford has removed a portrait of Prime Minister Theresa may from the wall where you placed the outstanding graduates of the faculty of geography. This is stated in the Twitter educational institutions.

“the Portrait was hung sticky notes with different messages, so it was removed,” — said in a tweet. It is noted that the portrait will appear again.

the University newspaper Cherwell notes that shortly before the disappearance of the image of the head of the British government, a group of activists organized in the microblogging movement NotAllGeographers (“Not all geographers”), reports RIA Novosti. Its representatives were going to direct the leadership of the University a petition to remove the portrait of the Prime Minister.

According to activists, the school administration did not consult with students about whether or not to include Mei in the list of outstanding graduates. In addition, the presence of a portrait of the current Prime Minister can be taken as an expression of support for its policy.

Lieutenant Colonel of the Baltic fleet suspected of stealing tires and 12 tons of equipment

the Military counter-intelligence discovered a large embezzlement in parts of the coast guards of the Baltic fleet, writes “Kommersant”.

the UK has opened 15 criminal cases, including the commander of a repair battalion Roman Kovalenko. The Colonel suspected that in 2017 he stole from a part of the 12 tons of units and military equipment, including 11 side gearboxes, 26 torsion bars for T-72 tanks, and 2.6 thousand tires for cars “Ural”, KrAZ, ZIL and KAMAZ.

According to investigators, the property Ministry of defence subject to implementation as released, but Kovalenko, sold it, pocketed the money.

Russia accused of embezzling the victory over fascism

Deputy Verkhovna Rada Ivan Vinnik the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said that Russia wants to usurp the victory over fascism.

According to him, the Ukrainians participated in major combat actions that occurred in the current territory of Ukraine, Kursk, Belgorod and Stalingrad. Winnick believes that the Ukrainian side has the right to celebrate the victory of soldiers, and memorial Day eighth of may, and Victory Day, which was established by the Soviet Union.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a speech at the rally “the First minute of peace” told the difference of the celebration of Victory Day in Kiev and Moscow.

Kirkorov explained for the image of a young alcoholic in the video for “mood Color blue”

video YouTube there was a short documentary movie about making of the video for the song Philip Kirkorov “the mood Color blue.” In it, the artist explained that acting in a manner that does not leave with alcohol young men persuaded his “great and terrible” TV presenter Ivan Urgant.

Singer Olga Buzova starring in a music video as a cashier in a supermarket, called the new song Kirkorov “national hit with humor.” “I’m always for any experiments, especially in the scenes with Philip, you can be anything” — was the comment of her outfit.

“the Idea of involving superstars was mine. But everything else is already invented these crazy creatives” — said Kirkorov.

In the short video also said that the dancer in the clip is actually transgender. “Only she knows how to do these certain movements, but the coolest — what is transgender. And nobody knows about it”, — said one of the authors of the script music video Alexander Gudkov.