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Four rings added premium

Four Audi models will get a special Premium version, which said “the” representatives of the German company, combines advanced equipment package with attractive price.

So all models will receive Premium multi-function steering wheel and most spectacular led optics. For upholstery vehicles new special series can be used with leather upholstery and artificial leather, and in the cabin are used inlays of different materials. For example, the interior of the Audi A6 Premium feature decorative inserts, birch gray, and in the cabin of the Audi Q3 S is Premium glossy Piano Black finish.

Every car from the Audi Premium is available in several versions. All four of them: Premium (A3, A4, Q3, A6), Premium Plus (A3, Q3, A6), Premium S (A4, Q3, A6), Premium Business (A6). Cars Audi series Premium available for order from official dealers of the brand from April 2018.

Muscovite traded million rubles on tickets “Bank of tricks” instead of Euro

the Scammer traded the Muscovite million rubles on tickets “Bank of tricks” instead of euros. On Wednesday, April 11, according to the Agency “Moscow”.

According to the source Agency, the 52-year-old unemployed woman turned in operating cash on Tverskoy Boulevard. The woman wanted to exchange to Euro of their savings — one million rubles. She was approached by a man who identified himself as head of the exchange office and offered to help.

Muscovite gave a stranger money and passport, he counted the bills, put them in a tray for the exchange and left. The woman took the bills and documents, put it in a bag and left the office, and only after some time decided to count all the amount she returned. Taking money out of her purse, she saw that instead of the Euro in the pack are the tickets “Bank of tricks”.

Moscow police opened a criminal case of fraud, a search for the offender.

The number of victims of the crash of Il-76, Algeria

In the crash of a military aircraft in Algeria killed 257 people, according to Al-Jazeera, citing state television of the country.

the Agency quoted a representative of the Ministry of defence of Algeria that among the dead 247 passengers and 10 crew members. Most of them were military, said the Agency.

Transport aircraft Il-76 fell on the morning of Wednesday, April 11, in the area of the base of Boufarik near the capital Algiers. According to TV channel 24 Algerie plane was heading to the town of Biskra on the West of the country. In your Twitter the TV channel published a photo from the scene.

In the area of the crash rescue work. About possible causes of the crash have not yet been reported.

Kiev admired the rhetoric of three of Russia

Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin supported the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump, which called on Russia to prepare to shoot down American missiles in the skies over Syria. His message to the diplomat left in Twitter.

“As a rule, I don’t retweets, but then I couldn’t resist. It is in this language and have to speak with Russia”, — wrote he, adding to his tweet a message to trump.

“Russia has threatened to shoot down any missiles over Syria. Let the ready, because they will. Do not you cooperate with the animal that kills the gas its citizens and enjoys it,” wrote the American President in his Twitter on April 11. Before that, the Russian Ambassador in Lebanon said that Moscow reserves the right to strike at the sources of fire and shoot down the missiles if the U.S. would use force against Syria. But who had authorised the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in the country to make such statements, was not specified.

an hour later, the President of the United States left in a tweet microblog more peaceful content. “Our relations with Russia are now unprecedentedly bad, even worse than during the cold war. It should not be. Russia needs our help for its economy. We can easily do it, we all need to work together. Stop the arms race?” — stated in the message.

the Evening of April 6, Syrian troops launched an operation to release of militants Duma — the last uncontrolled forces of President Bashar Assad village in Eastern ghouta.

Historical series “Versailles” failed due to the abundance of sex

the French TV channel Canal+ refused to work on the continuation of the historical series “Versailles” of the French king Louis XIV due to low ratings. One of the reasons for the failure of the show could be the abundance of sex scenes, boring the audience, writes The Sun citing a source on Wednesday, April 11.

it is Noted that the ratings of the show fell in the UK, where “Versailles” show channel BBC2. “Company “Bi-bi-si” made a bold move by buying Canal+ Versailles with all its detailed nudity. At first the audience did not oppose all pornographic scenes, but in “bi-Bi-si” has seen ratings drop to just million viewers, and in France there is a similar situation. They are convinced that the series is completely phased out after the third season,” — said the source publication.

“They decided that the fourth season will not” — said the source. This information was confirmed by one of the producers of the show Fabrice de La Batelier, who told reporters that the third part of “Versailles”, which is scheduled for release summer, will be the last.