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Announced winners of “Oscar”

In Los Angeles hosted a ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”. Broadcast event is available at “IMDb”.

the ceremony for the second time in a row was the comedian Jimmy Kimmel. He started the ceremony with a joke about the embarrassment that occurred last year — when the actors, who announced the award winners for “Best film”, confused envelopes.

In the main nomination — “Best film” won film “water”. The best Director was Guillermo del Toro for this feed.

the award for the best female role of the second plan got Allison Janney for the film “Tony against all”. The prize in the category “Best supporting actor” took Sam Rockwell for the part in the picture “Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri.”

the Award for best adapted screenplay went to James ivory (“Call me her name”), original — Jordan Saw (“Off”).

Best actress was Frances McDormand for his work in the film “Three of the Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri.” In the nomination “Best actor” win Gary Oldman for his role in the film “the Dark times”.

“Oscar” as the best documentary received American project Icarus dedicated to the doping scandal in Russia.

In the category “Best foreign language film” “Oscar” inherited the film “a Fantastic woman” Sebastian Lelio (Chile). In this category, the award nominated Russian film “Dislike” of Director Andrey Zvyagintsev.

More than a dozen “Leaders of Russia” received responsible positions

the 14 participants of the contest of managers “Leaders of Russia” from different regions received a new appointment to senior positions in large public and private corporations, government bodies. About it “” has informed a press-service project on Monday, March 5.

“the New appointments cover the most important sectors of the Russian economy and social sphere: the processing of uranium and oil production, the modernization of railway transport and operation of airports, the expansion of communications infrastructure and support of small business, development of public institutions and educational projects, increase of efficiency of state management of the regions and improving the quality of local self-government”, — stated in the message.

the Contestants were employed in such campaigns as the “Russian Railways”, “Rosatom”, “Gazprom Neft”, “Rostelecom”, “Renova”. In particular, the winner of the competition of Alex D. he became Deputy head of administration of Novy Urengoy in Economics, finalist Sergey Tugushev of the Queen occupied the post of Deputy head of the Public chamber of the Moscow region.

on March 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that many of the participants of the contest “Leaders of Russia” are ready to invite to work in government, regional institutions and large companies. The head of state also added that it was important to create not politized and transparent system of social mobility for the formation of personnel reserve.

Porsche offered to carry people through the air

German carmaker Porsche is considering the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles for transporting people, reports Automobilwoche.

the work On the project air taxi told the Director of sales Detlev von platen. “Us is the theme of the third dimension. I can imagine that Porsche can go this way,” he said. According to him, the air taxi can become drones: “a Porsche owner can manage itself. Same with the drone: it is not necessary to obtain a pilot’s license — many of their functions the device performs automatically,” said von platen.

Sketches of new unmanned aerial vehicles, according to the representative of the concern may be submitted in the near future.

In February 2018, it became known that Porsche plans to double investment in the development of electric drive systems for plug-in hybrid and all-electric cars.

Germany has decided to send Afghanistan more troops

the Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen plans to significantly increase the number of Bundeswehr contingent participating in a NATO operation Resolute support in Afghanistan. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

currently, the mission of the Alliance on training and advising local forces involved 963 soldiers of Germany. In the future their number is planned to reach 1.3 thousand people.

it is Noted that the Minister of defence is going to go to such measures due to the strengthening of the Taliban (banned in Russia) and the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in Afghanistan.

currently, the mandate of the Bundestag allows to use not more than 980 soldiers and officers.

in Addition to Germany, to increase the strength of the NATO mission in Afghanistan agreed the U.S. and other countries. This was announced in November of 2017, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. It is expected that its membership will increase from 13 to 16 thousand people.

Initially, Ursula von der Leyen spoke out against sending more soldiers of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan. However, later it became known that the Minister of defence, together with the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel still support this idea.

Subscriber will not touch

Barcelona ended one of the major annual events in the telecommunications industry — the mobile world Congress. For several years, the event brings together leading players in the global communications market, using his visit to the Catalan capital in order to demonstrate know-how, exchange experiences, and to understand any emerging trends. Forum of 2018 is no exception.

I Must say, the Russian participants of the summit did not stay aside and also took part of the discussion. In particular, mobile operator Tele2 has launched two platforms — a round table “Technology of the big city” and panel discussion “the Rubicon. Digital transformation of business”.

the Main message emanating from almost every speaker, was to ensure that the industry of mobile telecommunications, despite its relative youth, stared at the ceiling. First and foremost, its main segment — voice communication. The main problem here is the consumer, and more precisely, in its relation to this service. Virtually the entire world perceives mobile communications as a matter of course. Moreover, from the point of view of the average consumer, it should always be, not only voice communication but also high speed Internet. Telecommunications companies are forced all the time to improve the quality of services, but to keep prices at a low level, which is dictated by the market, and agree to the ARPU (revenue per customer — ed. “Of the”), which is now in many is much lower compared to what the figure was when it was just beginning. Although, of course, and the subscriber base became simply incomparable. But to put up with a situation nobody wants.

According to partner of E&Y Anton Ustimenko, many users are willing to pay not only for themselves telecommunication services, but also for related services. In particular, for banking services and activities, or decisions in the security sphere. According to him, now customers have a vague idea of how they use their paid traffic. That is, in 70 percent of cases, people do not choose the prepaid limit, that is not very clearly match their needs with the possibilities. For example, according to Ustimenko, the phenomenon of “unlimited” is actually nothing more than a psychologically comfortable for the subscriber the amount of telecommunications services that it receives in the required quantity and thus remains ready to pay extra for roaming, the speed of delivery of data or other services.

Such subscribers, according to E&Y, now more than half — 40 percent pay more than 800 rubles a month for services of mobile operators, and 20 percent — more than 1 thousand rubles, which is quite a decent level. For comparison, the average monthly ARPU of Chinese operator China Mobile, according to the head of the representative office are companies in Russia, Lou Jing, is only 10 dollars or about 600 rubles (coverage of the company’s 900 million subscribers). While, the average revenue per user of mobile operators in the U.S. is about $ 40. In other words, there is room for improvement.

Despite the fact that the user does not refuse to pay for communication services, to ensure the margins of business for many operators is becoming increasingly difficult. In particular, the stagnation of the sector was noted and CEO of Tele2 Sergey Emdin. Therefore, according to him, market players are very active looking for new opportunities to ensure the necessary for the further development of the level of revenue. For example, Emdin identified three main vector of business growth: development of the operator as a marketplace, implementation of BIG DATA projects and the creation of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). “We set ourselves the task to make Tele2 factory MVNO, now the total number of MVNO subscribers in the Tele2 network already exceeds 1 million people”, — said the head of Tele2.

the Best minds in the industry agree with him and produce at the same time one important aspect for healthy living don’t need to fill up the subscriber with an infinite number of services. The figurative expression of one of the participants, the subscriber “should be turned into service” (this refers to the use of data about the user to integrate it into a B2B business). The clients themselves facilitate their use as building blocks for the so-called BIG DATA. Moreover, many of, for example, the most dynamic group of “early adapters” (age 15 to 26 years), that is, those who always ready for something new, and who in the future will determine what should be the market expected, according to the Vice-President on interaction with public authorities of the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia of Ericsson Aydin Amanbekova, even more advanced technology. For example, 66 percent of them are waiting for 3D smartphones. This means that, over time, will appear and will demand new devices, which will need more traffic.

service providers, having a lot of data, you can monetize them in cooperation with partners from other industries or government agencies. As, for example, according to the Director of macroregion Moscow Tele2 Igor Jijikine, is going to act unit entrusted to him. In particular, cooperating with the city authorities. “When we went on the Moscow market, everyone said we’d be in trouble because of the lack of 2G, but it turned out to be our advantage, since 3G and 4G networks allow us to deal mainly with the owners of smartphones — obviously an advanced audience”, — said the head of the Moscow Tele2. Therefore, according to him, the company has proposed the use of BIG DATA for development of urban infrastructure.

use jijikin demonstrated on the example of analysis data of inhabitants of Butovo. “Internet users are able to understand how people move around the area, where they go, what transportation to use, what their daily activity,” he said. “By analyzing these data, the city has the opportunity to organize the urban environment so that it was convenient for its inhabitants”, — concluded the Director of Moscow macro-region Tele2. For example, he continued his thought, to properly equip the routes of public transport, or lay in the plans for the development of the construction of social infrastructure.

According to Jijikine, this approach changes the quality of mobile companies. “We are not just operators, but integrators — owners of the information that is important for different kinds of consumers,” he concluded. The participants also agreed that in the future the commercialization of BIG DATA can be a very promising direction for the industry. In particular, a similar opinion was expressed by Deputy head of the CIO of the city of Moscow Alexander Gorbatko.

the introduction of the new standard 5G will only strengthen the ability of operators in this direction. As noted, in this connection, Sergey Emdin, “in the last year 5G was something from the category theory, but we are discussing more or less specific things — how to build a network, how to develop them”.

Another important opportunity that operators will necessarily try to use it in the future, the panelists called the “Internet of things”. In particular, the company’s interest in this area told the audience and the CEO of Tele2 Sergey Emdin.

In turn, Anton Ustimenko told the audience that now exist for this background. For example, in the automotive industry. Since about 40 per cent of modern cars are already equipped with a data transmission system, and 12 percent — not even one.

Next on the line — the increased use of mobile communication security systems, smart homes, surveillance systems and so on. The more will be improved artificial intelligence system, the more they will be required to “communicate” with other things. And this will inevitably affect the consumption of data services. As noted by some forum participants, to control communication between machines can help the technology of the blockchain.