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The FBI tried to find agents of the Kremlin among the organizers of the “Immortal regiment”

a week on the announcement of the closure of the Russian Consulate in Seattle, the FBI came to talk to the local public organization “Russian-American initiative on cooperation” in the implementation of the action “Immortal regiment”. This is with reference to the head of the organization Sergey Gladysh misleading RIA Novosti.

“came To them and asked, “what is this guys? Like, we see you are familiar with them? And they get assignments from Moscow?” These are the questions”, — told Gladysh.

According to him, the backbone of the organization approximately 15 people. The FBI came not only to him but to the ordinary participants of the events for compatriots.

“We’re confident in our innocence. And we talk about it. We from anybody do not hide anything, we openly say that we are against U.S. foreign policy, but we have that right,” — said Gladysh.

the head of the organization said that this year the Russian Embassy in the United States first decided to allocate funds for the action “Immortal regiment”. The American laws do not prohibit public organisations to get money from the Embassy.

on March 26, U.S. authorities announced that send from the country of 48 Embassy staff and 12 employees mission to the UN. Also decided to close the Consulate in Seattle. In response, Moscow said on the expulsion from Russia of 60 American diplomats.

Zebic among the Papuans

My friend Sasha, Dzebisashvili — great traveler. Actually, and without irony. I had a chance to walk with him sailing on different seas, from Sweden to Kamchatka. Zebic, as it is called by close friends, completely unable to sit still. From may the evening come home from work to find a tent and go to a forest near Moscow — to sit at the campfire. Or to take it out on the weekend in the Crimea on a motorcycle. Once we phoned and went in Konakovo, walk around the reservoir on a kayak. It was in Christmas. The next day was colder and we were frozen into the ice as “FRAM” in the polar sea.

And yet Zebic can fix any device, from an optical telescope to the printing machine and from the washing machine to electric. That’s just the electric guitar I needed to fix it. Call my friend — he’s out of range. And then suddenly received from him the following letter.

December 20, Jakarta, Java island

Pete, Hello! I’m in Indonesia, Jakarta. Frankly, he didn’t expect that. Go on a catamaran (I have not seen) to the Islands off the West coast of Papua (New Guinea). We are here until three. Denis you know, the guy from Irkutsk, we went to Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka.

Captain, we will have Stas. He was a Muscovite, and his catamaran. Denis met him through the Internet. Called me and said that there is a man who is looking for companions for a hike on the island of Waigeo (Indonesia, West Papua). Stas is an experienced outdoorsman, in the last seven years, he long travels in Southeast Asia, learned to speak Indonesian and learned about their customs. Stas may long, very interesting and very quietly tell about his adventures — a soul mate.

of course, You ask me, what the hell am I to Indonesia flooded. You know, I sat there counting on his fingers how many times I’ve been on the White, Barents, Okhotsk, sea of Japan… Fingers quickly ended, and I realized that in this warm sea I was never. Something.

do Not be sad, will you all write.

December 21, Jakarta, Java island

Pete, Hello! I write in a hurry, still have Internet. Going on a bus full of Indonesians. Terrible tightness, the heat and no air conditioning. On the road of continuous congestion. Two hours after departure from the bus station was only a 15 minute walk away.

Settlements along the road stretch almost continuously, but of the slums in India, I’m here not yet seen. Sometimes passing a modern office or hotel complexes. On roads with mostly modern “Japanese” and a lot of mopeds, mostly quite fresh, from the “Honda” Yes “Yamaha”. In Moscow, if you see not a Chinese moped, he is 20 years old.

traffic is very dense. In standing in the traffic jam the bus go local aunts and sells frozen water which is applied to passengers heads. 400 miles on the route Jakarta — Semarang — Jepara managed to do it in 15 hours.

December 23, Jepara, Java island

In Caparo we arrived to pick up the inflatable tubes from the rafting boat and motor (Yamaha — 2 l/s). A year ago, Stas had left them in storage from a friend of the owner of the restaurant.

Is a coastal town, relatively quiet and clean. There is a small port. The beach is partially cleared from the unbearable sea of garbage. The campus of the faculty of fisheries and marine science Diponegoro University. Start on the edge of rice fields.

Jepara — city carvers. Whole streets are countless shops selling carved furniture or logs for its production. Mainly exhibited semi — neskorenyi and unpainted, from teak wood. I then came across two types of wood — soft or teak, or ironwood, which is impossible to drive a nail.

December 25, Jepara, Java island

Pete, Hello! It’s warm and palm trees along the roadside grow bananas. Yesterday dashed off to rent a scooter 200 kilometers. Wanted Stas to climb to the top of mount Muria, got to climb on the scooter. But confused about the roads on the mountainside and got to the cemetery, where, caught in a crowd of Muslims have been drawn into their sanctuary and a half hours stood in a queue to get out of there. It’s good that unlike the gloomy Chechens, Indonesians are very friendly. And they love to be photographed against a white person.

To the right trail and mineral springs reached only by four o’clock. Mineralization of water in the source is weak, the water is slightly sour. To the top it was another two hours go, and at six o’clock it’s getting dark here. Half an hour hurriedly clambered over the roots, stones, and clay, hoping somewhere to find the light between the canopy of huge trees, but in vain. On the way back, lost each other and they came back separately.

at four In the morning wakes the roar installed on the mosques of megaphones. Roar covers the city like a Banshee. But in many supermarkets, railway station and other places are safely dressed for the Christmas tree.

December 27, Surabaya, Java island

From Japery got on the bus to Surabaya is another 300 kilometrov. In Surabaya, we have to get on a boat and go by sea 2500 kilometers to the port of Sorong in West Papua. Planes are excluded because of the ban on the carriage of motors in Indonesia.

Surabaya is a large port city. Mostly low-rise. Individual high-rise buildings stick out from the clutter of the private sector. Despite 700 years of history of the city, old man in the eye is not evident. To get where to get need long to go on the bus. I went to the zoo — it is necessary to get acquainted with the local animals, which we then can meet. Especially impressed with the huge selenology crocodile. They say they are abundant on Waigeo where we, in fact, met.

December 29, Makassar (Sulawesi island)

Yesterday at four o’clock we left the port of Surabaya. The ship is called Km. Dobonsolo company Pelni. A fairly large cargo ship of the German construction 1993, with a displacement of 3.5 thousand tons, 145 feet in length, designed for two thousand souls. Rusty and dirty. We bought economy class tickets (class 4).

Looks like the fourth class as a large room full of single beds. There is a TV, outlets, and herds of cockroaches and mice. When you look at the wall or ceiling, like a screensaver on a computer screen — all the time something is moved.

Feed a Breakfast and a lunch of rice and small pieces of unskinned chicken or fish. Give water in sealed plastic cups. Is boiling water. There is a grocery kiosk and pushy hawkers of any food. Well, very expensive!

air Conditioning system or not, whether they are not working. But do not suffer from the heat. In recent days, was sick for a runny nose and throat and now I hope to get better. Yesterday was overcast, and occasionally raining. Today partly cloudy, +30. Lying on the upper deck in the shade.

Today I first saw flying fishes. They flocks and one by one jumped out from under the bow. Sometimes the fish are small, like a multicolored butterfly, and sometimes the size of a pigeon. Sometimes they fly over the water for ten seconds, periodically dispersing themselves tail on the water at low level flight. And sometimes, jumping out of the water, the fish immediately cuts into the next wave with a strong surge.

In Makassar mooring the ship were two hours, and I had to run into town. The town is not much different from the previous one. Less storied, wealthy, port, roads, concrete, lots of neat houses, a beautiful port building and a mosque nearby. Dirtier than our towns. Saw stored the details of several giant wind turbines — fragments of pillars and 40-metre blades. But to consider it once, afraid to miss the boat and back ran like a moose.

it was Dark, on the masts lit multi-colored lights. Yet the containers loaded at the stern — mount, the height of the bridge.

Managed to take a shower and sit on the deck in a wet tank top.

December 30, Bao Bao

the Ascent to the ship with the sunrise (in the morning) — includes speakers call mullahs prayer.

at 10: 30 local (UTS +8, Java UTS+7) entered the port of Bao Bao. – Toss: who in the city will go, and who to look after the bags left. As soon as the gangway touched the side of the ship run, like pirates on Board the ship, sweeping away the passengers, rushed the crowd of porters in bright uniforms (each port has its own color). After 30 seconds they filled everything and everywhere, like ants swarming around the ship, offering their services.

Bao-Bao I got a total of five minutes Jogging on the pier. The guys broke out of the hunger for fruit, and they are stuck on the market, having spent my time. I bought a jackfruit and pineapples. Parking, however, was shorter than stated.

Sun, Cumulus clouds, hot — I think at least +35. The town is small, scattered on the slopes of a low Goroshek. Tall buildings are not visible, five floors high. There are several large buildings, like the administration, hotel, mosque or school (school differs only by the presence of sports grounds).

After the departure be held for a total check of tickets: total cabins locked, locked, transitions between the decks and the ship security looking for birds.

ready to Go. The wind drove the waves with lambs. Prior to that, the wind varied from calm to weak. However, the wind is fair, and he was pitching.

December 31, the Java sea

Pete, Hello! Congratulations to you and your girls a happy New year!

We go now to the sea Seram, and before that there was the Java sea, the Flores sea and Banda sea.

There are many Indonesians go in medical masks. In the polluted city that’s understandable, but they wear masks and in parks and even on the open deck of the ship. And fingers the natives wear huge rings made of painted aluminum.

a lot of smokers, Smoking in public, enclosed spaces, Smoking children.

Flying fish is more similar to dragonflies — long herring body and translucent wings shimmering pale colors. Near the side saw dolphins.

there was a heavy rain with a small thunderstorm. After the heat of the day very nice. Sitting on a bench, sheltered from the fresh wind over the container. Stas talks with native. He called himself an anthropologist.

Dennis and trying to figure out the necessary supply of water, food and gasoline. The cargo turns out on a ton. Combining this with the size of the catamaran (cylinders d 0,6 to 5 meters), just shrug our shoulders. Stas goes completely relaxed.

Next stop in the port of Ambon on the island, and until next year when we will not.

January 4, Sorong, West Papua (New Guinea)

Pete, Hello! Suddenly got the Internet. I mail program is used as a notebook — write everything.

Past sea Seram and January 1 at 10: 30 (UTC +9) entered the port of Sorong. From Ambon we almost all time went in mind of the Islands. The Islands are mountainous, some peaks reach up to Cumulus clouds. The slopes are densely wooded. In the sea and on the shore rocks are seen. The beaches, the less noticeable low cliffs, similar to clay or from Sandstone. The banks are often populated. In a sea of many boats. Cellular communication is caught from the upper deck almost everywhere.

In Ambon, I was able to run into town. Usual seaside town along the coast of the low houses, a pair of main streets, shops, hostels, offices, several Christian churches and mosques, schools, police, kindergarten. Dust and dirt not more than in our towns. People are friendly — the-counter greet you with a smile: “Hello, mister!” — like all other Indonesians, with whom we had a chance to chat.

In Ambon the ship took a solid batch of passengers. Many of them clearly papazovska appearance. They sprawled on all decks, stairways, passages, etc. Dennis is also located on the deck, because the cabin smoke constantly. Here we met the new 2018 by drinking about it from the coconut.

At the approach to the Sorong slight rocking of the ocean swell with the nose.

Sorong met by heat, from which the perspiration immediately streams flowed throughout the body. Sorong looks more provincial, although the city is rather big. The RAID is two dozen large ships, saw three gateline schooner and pantry boat-yacht. Scurry on sea fishing boats. They are long and narrow, with two outriggers made from plastic sewer pipes or logs 20 inches in diameter.

looks Like there is not easy. Saw police cars with bars from the rocks on the glass and the water cannons and machine for production of barbed wire.

While we were guarding things, Stas found a cheap hotel (300 rupees — 1500 rubles) for three and we moved to a stuffy room with a fan in the annexe above the stinking river.

Soon drew our fourth companion, a Japanese man with a guitar named Ken. He rides a Bicycle around the world and joined us only for a while. Hello, Ken put the bike in, lay on the floor and fell asleep. I liked him immediately.

morning arrived and our fifth companion Ivan. Ivan is about 30 years, the education entomologist. Having fallen in love in the eternal summer, he settled in Indonesia, learned Indonesian, and now earns a living working as a guide. A lot.

the next day we found a wonderful refuge at the time of Assembly of the catamaran and moved there. For this we must thank Denis. He literally pushed the Stas to talk to the owners, and everything worked out. Generally, in our fairly relaxed staff Denis is the most energetic and all customize.

owners — the family of the Papuans, very friendly. Weekly charged us 1 million rupees (5 thousand rubles), the food is still the same.

Located in an empty room of 15 by 15 meters — seems there used to be a shop. On the walls posters with horrible pictures of blackened and covered with sores of people and is any medications. Posters geckos running around saying, “well, well, well”.

On a tiled floor we set up the tents (mosquito) and organized the slipway. In the courtyard of manicured lawn. The hosts prepare food for us. Amenities — water bath, a toilet and a bucket. Want to wash, want to wash… Water for food separately.


Schwarzenegger had an urgent operation on heart

American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent emergency heart surgery. On Friday, March 30, reports TMZ, citing sources close to the artist.

According to the source, the 70-year-old actor appeared in medical center Cedars-Sinai Thursday to replace a valve in the catheter. In surgery there were complications, then the doctor made a quick decision to operate Schwarzenegger open heart.

the Operation lasted several hours. Currently, the state of the actor is stable.

The Ambassador spoke about the attempts to make the traitors expelled diplomats

American intelligence officials were trying to recruit from the United States expelled Russian diplomats. This was announced by Russian Ambassador to America, Anatoly Antonov, write RIA Novosti.

“We are aware of the approaches of U.S. intelligence, which, if to speak diplomatically, try to establish informal relations with our diplomats, and in fact to force them to betray their country,” said Antonov.

According to Antonov, trying to recruit recorded repeatedly, and the Ambassador decided to report to Moscow.on March 26, the US authorities announced persona non grata 60 Russian diplomats and announced the closure of the Russian Consulate in Seattle. In response, Moscow has decided to send 60 American diplomats.

Diplomatic scandal broke out in connection with allegations in the UK about the Russian involvement in the poisoning of the Salisbury ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. They were found in an unconscious state on March 4. Moscow denies all the accusations.

Big bonus

National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) can not break the deadlock in the investigation of the case of the head of the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov, who is suspected of stealing 800 million dollars budget. After a year, the investigation has not progressed beyond statements of what… will be investigated. In the end, the court ordered the NAB to conduct an audit. “” to understand the background of this case, find out who among the Ukrainian politicians were involved and whether it will have any consequences for the defendants and the Ukrainian authorities.

March 14, 2018 a former Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin Ukraine has published the decision of Solomensky court, which binds to the NAB to reopen the case of the involvement of Oleksandr Turchynov and his friends to plunder of budgetary funds.

the Impetus for the investigation was statement Kuzmina, which he filed in the Bureau March 1, 2017. In this ex-Prosecutor accuses Turchynov, Ruslan Lukyanchuk and Oleksandr Shepelev is that they brought in offshore more than $ 800 million.

a week Later appeared video message one of the defendants in the case — former MP Oleksandr Shepelev, in which he not only pleads guilty but also convicts accomplices.

According to Shepeleva, when Oleksandr Turchynov was the first Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine in Yulia Tymoshenko’s government, they, along with the Deputy from Party of regions Vladimir Prodivus organized the theft of $ 75 million from Rodovid Bank. Without collateral and proper registration, the Bank gave a loan to the company “Mostobud”, which is owned by Vladimir Prodivus. To repay the loan no planning, and Rodovid Bank a few months later, after carrying out the above operations were nationalized.

interestingly, Shepelev said that has helped to steal the credit at the request of Turchynov and one of the leaders of the Party of regions Boris Kolesnikov. According to Shepeleva, 45 million had to go to the group Turchinov, Kolesnikov, allegedly planned to spend its $ 30 million on the presidential campaign of Viktor Yanukovych.

on the one hand, this version looks strange and even incredible. On the eve of presidential elections, the main candidates which were Viktor Yanukovych and Yulia Tymoshenko, their colleagues from the two opposing political camps do joint manipulation. On the other hand, a Ukrainian politician known for his unpredictability and steep turns.

In any case, after such statements the NEB was supposed to investigate this matter, especially that Shepelev was not limited to the fact that Turchynov accused in the theft of 75 million. According to the former Deputy, the total damage from corrupt activities Turchynov has exceeded $ 800 million. Supposedly Turchinov and his staff organized a system of requisitions from state enterprises and ministries, forcing them to cut budgets.

the money came in Shepelevo controlled by the European Bank of the rational financing, which, through the Baltic and British companies them laundered (in particular, called the company “forteks”, registered in the UK). Part of the money was deposited in foreign accounts of offshore companies, part Turchynov spent on the purchase of real estate, for example, in Belogorodka, Kiev region.

a Key figure in the Turchinov — his former colleague Alexander Shepelev. To say that a person challenging destiny — not to say anything. When, in February of this year he was detained near Kiev, a result he rolled out a Laundry list of charges: Bank fraud during the Premiership of Yulia Tymoshenko; the organization of the assassination of the former owner of Rodovid Bank (the one where Shepelev and Turchynov allegedly stole money); the murder of Colonel OCD, which was investigating the clandestine conversion centers and so on.

to complement this vivid biography, recall that in 2006 Shepelev became the people’s Deputy from the party of Yulia Tymoshenko, and after the victory of Viktor Yanukovych in the 2010 presidential elections went to the Party of regions. In 2012, he failed to be reelected to the Parliament and, having by that time a decent set of charges has left the territory of Ukraine.

In 2013 discovered in Hungary, where he lived with forged documents, and in 2014 were deported to Ukraine. But a month later he is using the guard ran and hid, according to the SBU, on the territory of Russia. In 2016, the Ukrainian authorities have Shepelev accused of state treason in the form of cooperation with the FSB, but the evidence was not very convincing.

Why, after all this Shepelev returned to the Ukraine — we can only guess. It is possible that he decided to exchange the dirt on the Ukrainian politicians — from the ruling bloc and opposition to personal integrity. Among the potential victims shepelevsky revelations can be Petro Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, Oleksandr Turchynov and others. Probably was a process of bargaining, but failed to agree and the seven dwarfs with traces of “negotiations” on the face and body behind bars.

Alexander Turchinov Response to allegations of corruption is quite characteristic: it was so modern Ukrainian politicians to answer uncomfortable questions. “Now Shepelev and Kuzmin fulfill their right to shelter in Russia from the Ukrainian justice, therefore, readily comply with the instructions of the Russian special services, voicing any absurd nonsense” — said in a special statement, the national security Council.

in Fairness, Turchinov also urged NABOO to investigate the accusations against him. However, after the statement that all these accusations are the machinations of foreign intelligence services, about any fair investigation, apparently, the speech was not.

And indeed, a year has passed in complete inaction, and now the court is forced to push the NAB to investigate the case Turchinov, because the Desk this seems to be not interested.

I Must admit that the former Prosecutor Kuzmin and former MP Shepelev is quite obvious motives for denigrating representative of the current government. However, there are other facts, indirectly confirming their accusations against the Secretary of the NSDC.

the Last 20 years, Turchynov held in the system of public administration. In the 1990s he was Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, and since 1998 is regularly held in the Verkhovna Rada according to lists of parties of Yulia Tymoshenko.

in Addition, Turchynov headed the security Service of Ukraine, was Deputy head of the national security Council from 2007 to 2010 held the position of first Deputy Prime Minister. After the removal of Viktor Yanukovych from February to June 2014 acting President. From December 2014 to this day is the Secretary of the national security Council.

the Whole life of Alexander Turchinov connected with the civil service, and it is not surprising that in his tax Declaration there was a place the apartment in the center of Kiev with an area of 382 square meters. The apartment was purchased in 2009, when Turchinov served as first Deputy Prime Minister. Its annual salary in this position could not exceed 78 thousand hryvnia (about 10 thousand dollars).

This apartment on the basis of the average cost of housing in Kyiv in 2009, was worth no less than 750 thousand dollars — that is, Turchinov would have to save for it for at least ten years, indulging in almost everything. But it is not denied, because in addition to the apartment in the Declaration were also 810 thousand dollars in a Bank account and 735 thousand dollars in cash, a collection of paintings and old books.

In January 2017, the program “Investigation.Info” (Public television) has published investigation dedicated to the property of the family of Oleksandr Turchynov. By law, adult relatives of officials who do not live with them, are not obliged to declare their assets than some civil servants use to conceal illegal income.

According to the investigation, in 2016, the firm, the ultimate beneficiary of which is the mother-in-law Oleksandr Turchynov, 73-year-old Tamara Belibov, purchased the estate in Kiev near Kiev — the house with the area more than thousand square meters and nearly two hectares of land. This is the most Kiev, where, according to the statement of Oleksandr Shepelev, Turchynov acquired property. However, the explanations of the mother-in-law sounded quite convincing: she worked 25 years at the plant, and honest work has earned its well-being. How else!

Ms. Belibov worked so well in the factory and so ably managed the finances, in 2016, the same firm acquired the six thousand square meters of commercial real estate in Kiev and three of office space on the 200 square meters in the center of the Ukrainian capital.

the 23-year-old son Oleksandr Turchynov also doing well. In 2016, the grandmother is true, the other gave him a house with an area of 172 square meters on a plot of 35 acres.

After the victory of the Maidan, new Ukrainian government is saying that the fight against corruption. It would seem that Turchinov obvious attempts to hide assets, investigative journalism, and statements Kuzmin and Shepeleva in the NAB — all of this was to cause an adequate response of the competent authorities and the same office. However, his leadership obviously delays the investigation.

This despite the fact that NABOO was created as a new organization designed professionally to fight corruption in the higher echelons of power. The Bureau uses are quite obvious support United States.

At the end of 2017, the Office brought several high-profile cases against people from the entourage of President Petro Poroshenko and interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Some even called this is the start of the campaign Director of the Bureau of Artem Sytnik. However, as in the case Turchinov, the investigations stalled. What’s the matter?

the Ukrainian political establishment argued that the US which have a significant impact on the activities of the NEB, deliberately slow down the investigation against Oleksandr Turchynov and the other members of the popular front.

the Reason lies in the fact that Turchynov headed by the party “people’s front” is considered the mouthpiece of the political views of the Ukrainian “hawks” and extremely unpopular in society. According to the latest opinion polls, the election would vote for him only 1.5 percent of Ukrainians.

the corruption investigation, if it ends a sentence, simply kill the ratings of individual politicians and the party as a whole. In Washington obviously can’t make that sacrifice. Given the complicated relations with Moscow in Ukraine, it is advantageous to have a party and politicians that are configured on a protracted conflict with Russia and the continuation of hostilities in the Donbass until the end. Therefore, in the short term, no investigations and criminal cases against Alexander turchinova and his associates at the “popular front” should be expected.