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In the movie Edward Norton Bruce Willis killed a firefighter

new York fireman Michael Davidson died in the hospital due to injuries received during the filming of the movie Edward Norton “Orphan Brooklyn” with Bruce Willis in the lead role. It is reported Reuters on Friday, March 23.

it is Noted that the fire at the shooting injured five people, including two firefighters. The last condition is estimated as heavy.

the Fire occurred at the bar St. Nick’s Jazz Pub. As noted by the New York Post, Norton said that from the basement of the place is the smoke, when going to shoot the scene near the pub. According to eyewitnesses, concerned about the actor remained at the scene while firefighters work.

Davidson was 37 years old. He worked in the fire Department of new York for 15 years. His colleagues said that during extinguishing the fire inside the bar he got separated from group, later found him unconscious on the floor.

in Addition to the Willis, in “Orphan Brooklyn” removed Willem Dafoe and Alec Baldwin. Norton also played one of the roles in the film.

Vincent Gallo called himself a victim of Weinstein and denounced raped Actresses

Actor and Director Vincent Gallo was accused of hypocrisy Actresses Asia Argento and rose McGowan, who identified themselves as victims of rape by producer Harvey Weinstein. The actor wrote in an open letter in the magazine Another Man that he himself became the real victim of the Hollywood businessman.

According to Gallo, he was in a relationship with Argento when she had a conflict with the producer. “I remember how threatened Harvey Weinstein for the fact that, according to Asia, he did,” he said.

the Actor said that because of this, Weinstein began to hurt him “wherever possible”, making him persona non grata in Hollywood. “My conflict with him cost me dearly. And, of course, I felt terrible when Asia did not support me, retracted his words and continued to work with him, to maintain personal relations,” said Gallo.

He added that rose McGowan could have prevented many subsequent sex scandals with producer, if not got 100 thousand dollars for his silence. “Weinstein is a disgusting pig, but I would really like to make the society not praised these two girls for what they’ve said it now,” said Gallo.

the Weinstein told the New York Post that the producer never had a conflict with Gallo and that he believes the work of the artist is very talented.

the Star of “Charmed” rose McGowan became one of the first Actresses who told about the rape Weinstein, which led to a series of sex scandals associated with Hollywood producers, Directors and actors. Argento argued that Weinstein had raped her when she was 21.

Jon snow from “Game of thrones” found drunk on the road in Paris

Reporters found British actor kit Harington walking on the roadway in Paris. The artist was very drunk, reports The Sun.

it is Noted that Harrington spent a few hours at the bar, then went out of school with a friend. While he tried to call a taxi, I was walking on the road. In the end, the men took the driver from Uber.

In January, the Harrington staged a riot in one of the bars of new York. The actor argued with other visitors banging on a billiard table and enough other people’s cues, not allowing people to play. Security bar used physical force to put him out.

Dobronravov had a stroke and surgery

Actor Fyodor Dobronravov suffered a stroke. In Moscow, he had an operation, and write the artist out of the hospital is not planned, the newspaper “Izvestia” on Friday, March 23.

it is Noted that the artist with the signs of a stroke was taken to a suburban hospital on March 17. Night his condition improved, but the next day he again felt worse. The actor went to the Moscow hospital where he had surgery.

on the Eve of the Moscow theater of satire, which Dobronravov since 2003, told what the status of the artist is assessed as consistently good, he undergoes a full medical examination. Earlier in March, the artistic Director of theatre Alexander Shirvindt said that I “had some kind of little stroke vascular properties”, when he was in Sergiev Posad. Shirvindt said TASS, April 1, the actor will once again be able to go on stage.

In the theatre told about the state Fyodor Dobronravov

Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov undergoes a full medical examination. His condition is assessed as stable and good, said RIA Novosti the head of the troupe of the Moscow theater of satire Bronislaw Chunikhin.

“Now he feels good, everything comes back to normal,” he assured her.

the Artistic Director of theatre Alexander Shirvindt March 19 told that I “had some kind of little stroke vascular properties”, when he was in Sergiev Posad. The actor has brought to Moscow for examination.

On the hospitalization of artist March 18, announced the actor Irina Soykina.