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The Director of “Guardians of the Galaxy” was forbidden to shoot the third part for dirty jokes

Walt Disney Studios fired the Director of the first two parts of a fantastic epic “Guardians of the Galaxy” by James Gunn. The Director will not work on the third tape, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Such a decision the company management has made because of the provocative posts Gunn on Twitter, which he published around 2008 to 2011. In these, the Director joked on themes of pedophilia, rape and AIDS.

“Offensive views and statements found in Twitter, defy any explanation and is not compatible with the values of our Studio. We have severed our business relationship with him [Gunn],” said Disney Chairman Alan horn.

Gunn was justified in Twitter for these jokes. According to him, he has changed a lot over the few years and regrets that he hurt people with his words.

“A lot of people watching my career, you know how I started. I thought I was the provocateur, made films and published jokes that would be called outrageous and impermissible. I have repeatedly said that I have grown as a person, it refers to my work and humor too,” said the Director.

The most outrageous film of the year

fiction Thriller “Logan” Hugh Jackman starring in 2017, received the greatest number of complaints from British film fans. This is evidenced by the research published on website the British Board of film classification.

the film has received 20 officially registered complaints. Most of the viewers did not like that “Logan” with scenes of violence and cruelty received an age rating of “15 and over”. The British Council said that the film focused more on action scenes rather than sadism.

it is Noted that in previous years the leaders among the most outrageous films were those that scored between 40 and 50 negative cases. In 2017 the number of complaints fell to 262, compared with 371 complaints in the previous year.

On the second line — the film “Kong: skull Island” with six complaints. Third place was shared by the films “Alien: Covenant”, “Ghost in the shell” and “It”, which received five complaints.

Named the main film villain of all time

The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of 25 main anti-heroes and antagonists of the films according to representatives of the Hollywood film industry. The survey was attended by thousands of filmmakers.

the leader of the rating became Darth Vader from the fantastic Saga George Lucas “Star wars.” It is noted that Vader had called his favorite representatives of the most different age, social groups and professions in Hollywood. The villain in “Star wars” played David Prowse, voiced James Earl Jones.

second place — Hannibal Lecter performed Anthony Hopkins (“the silence of the lambs”, “Hannibal”, “Red dragon”). Third place went to the Wicked witch of the West, the main antagonist of the 1939 film “the Wizard of Oz”. The role of the witch was played by Margaret Hamilton.

fourth place was the Joker from “the Dark knight” played by Heath Ledger. Followed by nurse Mildred Ratched (Louise Fletcher) from the film adaptation of “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest” Jack Nicholson. The top 10 also included Miranda priestly (Meryl Streep) from “the Devil wears Prada”, Norman Bates Anthony (Perkins) from “Psycho,” Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) from misery, Colonel SS Hans Landa (Christoph waltz) from “inglorious bastards” and Anton chigur (Javier Bardem) of the “Old men here not a place”.

The new enemy of James bond for the first time in 20 years will be Russian

an Antagonist in the new movie about James bond, the release of which is scheduled for 2019, will be a Russian villain. The last time such an enemy of agent 007 appeared in the ribbon 1999 “world is not enough”, the newspaper writes Daily Mail.

Reporters found that the producers of the next part of James bond looking for the actor from 30 to 60 years “from Russia or c of the Balkan Peninsula”. The artist will be required to play a “charismatic, domineering, inventive, cold and vengeful” character.

in Addition, sources told the newspaper that the new “bond girl” could be Russian — for the role are looking for bright actress with martial arts skills for the role of “smart, brave, funny, fierce and charming” character.

the Last Russian enemy agent was a former KGB agent Renard, who became a terrorist.

Director of the new part of James bond will be made by the Creator of the picture “Trainspotting” Danny Boyle. The role of bond will perform Daniel Craig, have played a special agent in the film “007: Spectrum”, “007: Coordinates “Skayfoll””, “quantum of solace” and “Casino Royale”.

Kevin and his boys

Turns out that not all of the films cut on charges of rape of young people Kevin spacey: in theaters based on true events crime drama “the billionaires Club” with his participation. Also: indie-horror with the cult and the castration and sci-Fi-romance with sex robots.

1983. In the lobby of one of Los Angeles hotels meet by chance two classmates at the Harvard preparatory school — both that it chestlet: Joe hunt (Ansel Elgort) captivates potential customers of his brokerage talents, and Dean Carney (Taron Egerton) tries to sell another, much more secure than both of them, a former classmate Corvette. A short dialogue, a joint session of humiliation at the party of the rich peers, random article in Time about the success of the Steve jobs (the only slightly older than the two protagonists) — and Joe Dean and I decide to take destiny into their own hands and as soon as possible to put together your own capital. Why collect in one room all of his rich friends, as the selection represents a rich California family, and don’t use financial confidence of parents, and presenting their big idea — the BBC (read as Billionaire Boys Club, that is “the boys Club of billionaires”), both investment Fund and elite club, with fabulous profits from investments and reputational dividends from unprecedented in Los Angeles of the 1980s, of Flex. The solidity of their idea adds support and capital of the investor-playboy Ron Levin (Kevin spacey) is the only one in this club pontorezov who know: the BBC is nothing like a pyramid scheme.

In the world of HYIP, Flex and bling that we live in 2018, it is not surprising that Hollywood re-unearthed the real story of young adventurers, whose race for the American dream in the early 1980s, first impressed the whole of Los Angeles (the party girls and mountains of cocaine in the frame, be sure to get not once, not twice), and then turned bloodshed, loud court and a life sentence. A few more striking here is the presence in the frame — and even in the movie with the same name, which in Russian localization prudently disappeared the word “boys” — Kevin spacey: well, all the same cut disgraced artist of all games played before the scandal with the rape of roles would be too, perhaps, expensive. Especially that spacey is only one (albeit, perhaps, the most as an actor is bright) of the colour that Director James Cox suggests this material heighten the flavor. Alas, it was the color, a bold exotic world of big money and big waste of beautiful girls and smuggled BMW, selfless nekoogar and not cheap show-off and remains the main “Club of billionaires” — this film confidently glides over the surface of the history of the hunt and Carney, visibly slipping into clichéd shaking the air, even when the story transformirovalsya in tragedy. For the paintings allegedly criticizing the pernicious temptations of capitalism approach, to put it mildly, hypocritical.

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“Remember the good we had shared meals in the commune?” — Aron (Aaron Moorhead) his brother Justin (Justin Benson), Recalling his childhood and youth spent in an isolated community in southern California. Justin remembers and adds: “And you yourself, brother, remember that actually all the men in the commune had to undergo ritual castration? I remember how I miraculously pulled out?” True, however, that both brother since fleeing from the mysterious sect of California are pretty miserable, dull life, and, therefore, not long thinking over the idea to return to where it grew, especially because they just came in a videotape that shows members of the cult proclaim the imminent Ascent.

In the place of Aaron and Justin are waiting for, of course, not all stoned all the varieties of psychedelics and stimulants hippies-alarmists — but something terrible. Here flocks of birds persistently put in the sky circles. Now long out of service cordless phones suddenly start to broadcast threatening messages. Here rises from the dead hanged man from the sect. Here, it seems, did begin to break the fabric of reality itself. The less you know about the plot of “Paranormal” — the better.

But the paradoxical fact that does not the story is the main value of this film. Not having a large budget, Benson and Moorhead give a full-fledged master-class technical direction — using only camera movements, the nervous Symphony of the soundtrack, an inventive mounting turning crazy plot twists in convincing. Behind genre horror tricks “Paranormal” and really scary, almost existential morality — the idea that in search of a place that you can call home, some, why, many people visit not only full of madmen and junkies sect, but on the other side of existence.

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the Future is now — but people still suffer from the unhappy, unrequited, lost, troubled (and the list goes on) love. Among those who labor in the field of assistance to all victims of romantic agony, there is a startup from Toronto called the Relationist. Its main audience he is attracting the algorithm calculates the compatibility of lovers, but will bring to market some new developments of his chief engineer Cole (Ewan McGregor in horn-rimmed glasses).

First — the substance for a short time, simulating the effect of love euphoria. The second invention is even more interesting is indistinguishable from humans robots-synthetics created with a single purpose: to be the most faithful lovers, are not able to squander programmed in a sense to the buyers. “I’m not leaving you ever,” explains to dull the presentation of a synthetic prototype ash (Theo James), of which Cole was programmed in whatever was the love of my nearest companion at startup Zoe (Lea seydoux). Zoe, however, stubbornly leering at the Cole’s and starts something to suspect about their own, is not as straightforward as it seems, one has only to glance at the vital silhouette Lea seydoux, nature.

What love is — and what awaits it beyond the cutting feeling in the world of the future? Drake Doremus does not get tired to develop this subject here already three films (“Zoe” is a more or less complete, at least on the level of style, trilogy with the previous sci-Fi-melodrama of Doremus “Equal” and “Novelty”) — and now three movies of his noble, no doubt, the ambitions of the collapse of a failed implementation. Doremus spends a lot of time — and imagination — to create on the screen remotely interesting vision of the future, but he is not interested in the depths of the human soul, preferring to slip complex issues, simple answers, to avoid genuine autopsy of love-like feelings for sliding the camera on the romantic lit of the acting persons.

no matter How profound ideas about the vicissitudes of creating artificial intelligence can cover up Zoe, it’s impossible not to wonder, not whether repeatedly voiced in the frame of thought about the feelings of both people androids rudimentary disguise — beneath which lies a centuries-old false platitude that eternal happiness destroyed, failed relationships were separated by only one variable. That, however, require a film that manages to put a brake on the emergence of Christina Aguilera role fucking a sex robot? Sounds like his script was written and he signposted conveyor with a synthetic.

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