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Pamela Anderson accused the Americans of Russophobia

Actress Pamela Anderson he said that US citizens have been programmed to fear the Russians, which in America is not true. Her words reports the Daily Beast.

“We in America are programmed to think that if something goes wrong, and then blame Russia. This is our thing. And they have turned into a tired joke — when I visit [Russia], I asked: “Well, what have we done this time?”” — told Anderson.

the Actress noted that he had met with government officials and talked with them about animal cruelty, particularly on the illegal fishing of dolphins and whales, which are then sold to China. “When I was told this, that some of them have tears in my eyes were welling up. People think that Russians are very frightening and courageous, but they can also be very emotional, empathetic, and willing to do good things,” she said.

Stars “what men talk About” and I vowed not to go to the Crimea

the Artists of the theater “Quartet” is not going to serve in the Crimea because of problems that could arise from the Ukraine. About it radio station “Moscow speaking” on Tuesday, July 17, said one of the founders of the group, actor and screenwriter Rostislav Hait.

similar problems have faced one of the participants “the Quartet And” Nonna Grishaeva reminded Chait. “As far as I know, Nonna is not officially banned entry to Ukraine, but called and said “don’t come, it will be bad”. Nona — people actively supporting the current government in Russia. And if she was in the Crimea, in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation if she went in not through the territory of Ukraine, she broke the law,” he explained.

“We are from Crimea didn’t call even once, and if called, we would not go because of this situation. Because until it cleared up. With all due respect to the inhabitants of the Crimea, they are not to blame, but we also think about yourself. My mother, father and older brother in Odessa, what I’m not going to go there?” — said the actor.

Earlier in July, the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” announced enemy of Ukraine actor and Director keira Knightley during a visit to the Crimea. The actor visited the Peninsula for the festival “Scarlet sails” in the camp “Artek”.

in the Summer of 2017 in Odessa canceled play Grishaeva, who visited the Crimea in 2016.

Rostislav Hait — one of the founders of the theater “Quartet And”. He also acted as a screenwriter and actor in the franchise “About what speak men” and movies like “radio Day” and “election Day”. Together with Hait in “Quartet” are the other stars of “what men talk About” — Leonid Baratz, Kamil Larin and Alexander Demidov.

Named the highest paid actor on the planet

Hollywood actor George Clooney became the highest-paid actor in the world, earning over the last year 239 million dollars. It is reported by the American magazine Forbes published a list of hundreds of financially successful celebrities.

it is Noted that Clooney made a profit thanks to the sale of the company’s tequila company Casamigos in 2013 he became one of its founders.

Clooney should Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed the Rock with 124 million dollars. Compared with 2017 the profit of the artist has grown almost twice. Third among the actors was Robert Downey Jr. with 81 million dollars.

In the music industry leaders are members of the band U2, who earned last year $ 118 million. Second place was taken by the band Coldplay (115,5 million), third — ed Sheeran (110 million).

The best films of Kubrick will show in three cities of Russia

the Company “Inoekino” organizes in three cinemas retrospective Stanley Kubrick the 90th anniversary of the birth of the Director. About it reported in a press release received by the editors “the”.

“Viewers will be able to watch seven movies a paradoxical, contradictory and, of course, the great American-British filmmaker. Self-taught, intellectual, and perfectionist, whose movies are often repulsive to the viewer its contents, is filmed so beautifully, masterly and fascinating that became a real brand in the world of “auteur” cinema”, — said the organizers of the event.

Sessions will be held from 26 July to 4 August in St. Petersburg (Aurora cinema), Moscow (“KARO 11 Oktyabr”) and Novosibirsk (“Victory”). The spectators will see the films “Paths of Glory”, “Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb”, “a Clockwork orange” “Barry Lyndon” “the Shining”, “full Metal obolchka” and “eyes wide shut”.

And blood and love

last week officially finished shooting the last of the eighth season of “Game of thrones”. The final part of the fantasy Saga will be released in April 2019. The finale, promises artists, will be the most bloody and brutal in the history of the series. To protect fans from spoilers, showrunners have even used self-destruct scenario, but from the leaks of the plot network is still not saved. “the” gathered all the information about what awaits the viewers in the eighth season, has found the most interesting fan-made theory and remembered the forgotten characters that may appear in the final.

daario naharis

Restless Lieutenant of the second sons and Daenerys lover was not yet in the sixth season, after which it was not hear anything at all — the Queen leaves him in the liberated city of Meereen to maintain order, and she departs to fight in Westeros. However, knowing the rebellious character of Daario, it’s hard to believe that he is in the eighth season will be to sit in the security, skipping the most interesting. In Westeros there were two things that the mercenary loves most in the world, war and Daenerys Targaryen.

Sorcerers of Qarth

The mysterious enemies that Khaleesi managed to amass during the time of wandering in Essos, the last time reminded of itself only in the beginning of the third season when the sorcerer pretends to be a little girl gives Daenerys a ball with a deadly Manticore. The assassination attempt on the Queen fails due to the former Lord commander of the Kingsguard Selmy Barristan, but it sinagua the girl escapes unharmed. Thanks burned alive the magician Piatu Prey we know that Eastern wizards become more powerful in the presence of dragons. Khaleesi also takes her magical beasts in Westeros — and then the wizards will have to follow her, so as not to lose their power. Yes, and revenge for the death of one of their own has not been canceled.


“the Red woman” leaves Westeros in the seventh season after Jon snow meets Daenerys Targaryen. Melisandre says that her work on the continent has ended: “I brought together fire and ice”. The eunuch Varys tells her not to come back. She, however, says he must return to meet his end: “I must die in this strange country. As you do.” In previous seasons Melisandre not stated as a reliable prophet (all her promises Stannis Baratheon was a dummy and did not save him from a slit throat), but this grim prophecy has all chances for implementation. Moreover, after the death of the drunkard thoros from the Brotherhood without banners Westeros remained without a priest of the Lord of Light, and these religious fanatics to prevent such can not.

jaqen h’ghar

the Assassin from the secret society of Faceless remained in Braavos with nothing — Arya, which he coached, ran to his family, despatched before that, his assistant. It is unlikely that jaqen h’ghar will come back to Westeros, where in the last journey, he was put in a cage and was almost exiled to the Night’s watch, driven by a thirst for revenge, his relationship with Arya is seen that Impersonal to the last felt for the girl or the respect, or sympathy. But it is possible that in war-torn Westeros, someone will decide to hire the services of a professional killer — and in this case, jaqen h’ghar is simply obliged to meet Arya again.

Ellariya sand

Lover of Oberyn Martell, Dorne possession after a coup d’etat, by the end of the seventh season defeated the forces of Queen Cersei. Her two daughters killed by Euron Greyjoy in a naval battle, and she Ellariya together with her daughter Tienou imprisoned in the dungeon of red castle. Cersei doesn’t kill Ellaria, wanting to make fun of the captive Queen by kissing the Tien poisoning with a poison called “the long goodbye” and leaves women alone in the dungeon chained opposite each other. Ellaria destined to watch her last daughter dies, and then decomposes its body. Death Teeny in the seventh season is not shown, but hardly waiting for her miraculous escape — the antidote to “long goodbyes” that were stored in her amulet, she, unfortunately, gave the mercenary Bron. But the chances are very high Ellaria — a fierce and passionate southerner simply must try to take revenge on Cersei in the series finale.


Of the six direwolf pups that the stark family sheltered in Winterfell, the only survivor of the Ghost of John snow and Nymeria, Arya brought up. The latter only appears once in the seventh season: wild and lead the pack of wolves the beast meets with the mistress and even recognizes her, but goes away. Nymeria runs through the Northern forests of Westeros, where there will be key events of the eighth season, so its sudden appearance is only a matter of time.


a Follower of His Barabasheva Anella — the woman who was with bell for stripped naked by Cersei through king’s landing and shouted “Shame!” She died together with the other religious zealots in the time of the explosion in the great Sept Baylor, and became a prisoner of the Queen, as Ellariya. Cersei promised Jonelle long suffering and left alone with Gregor Clegane nicknamed the Mountain. And Ellariya, and Junella literally living under a house with your worst enemy — it would be strange if a vengeful Cersei did not remember about his captive in the eighth season.

the captain’s Daughter

the girl appeared in the second season of “Game of thrones” less than two minutes she humoured Theon Greyjoy on the ship during his journey to the Iron Islands. However, the fans are predicting her important role. To the final fantasy Saga the case of house Greyjoy, to put it mildly, does not add up: power of Islands captured Euron, who captured the sister of Theon, who, in turn, thanks to the sadistic Ramsay Bolton was left without a penis and, consequently, without the ability to continue the Greyjoy line. Fans felt that the heir to Theon may still appear- thanks to the daughter of captain, with which he did things before he “took away your favorite toy.”

In anticipation of the final season, fans of “Game of thrones” push sometimes completely wild theory, how to develop the plot of the series. Assumptions are based on the smallest details that are difficult to notice while watching the series, the creators of “Game of thrones” more than once repeated the trick when carelessly thrown phrase turned out to be prophetic, and the second scene in the beginning of the season acquired a huge impact on the plot in the final episodes. So committed to the fans zasmatrivayas series to the holes, and then share their guesses on Reddit and the forum site Watchers on the Wall.

One of the major theories associated with the main antagonist of the series — King of the Night. It saw a visual resemblance to bran stark in his visions the latter move just like westerosi frosty bag of bones, the characters are the same hooked noses and even clothes are somewhat similar. Moreover, by the end of the seventh season of bran who has learned to look into the past, turns into a sociopath and no longer feels a strong attachment to family members and house stark and is not interested in anything that is not related to King of the Night. The theory is that bran is stuck in the past and turned to the leader of the white walkers. Fans speculated that he is responsible for all the important events in the world of “Game of thrones”. The role of bran Isaac Hempstead-Wright, however, these guesses are not confirmed. “I think they are not so much the same character, but by two ancient beings of Westeros. The three-eyed Raven has been living for God knows how long about the white walkers also know since the beginning of time. As we have seen, they were created by the Children of the forest, so ancient is nowhere”, — said the artist, when journalists asked him to comment on the theory.

In books George Martin, which filmed TV series, the characters never appear “all good” or “complete wicked.” Therefore, another fan of the show said that the King of the Night not really eager to destroy humanity. According to him, if the theory about Bran and the main antagonist is correct, then perhaps the Nights King leads his army to the human world in order to destroy myself and be done with hanging on it a curse. And for that he supposedly needed to kill the bran. To confirm this theory, the episode with Sam Tarly, who was faced with the white walkers: the monsters did not attack him because he did not prevent them to go for their goals. Moreover, the army of the dead changes its course every time when he finds out about the whereabouts of bran.

Another fan theory describes the solution to the complex relationships of family and lovers Cersei and Jaime Lannister. The latter, according to fans of the show, needs to kill her — the hint of it is their strained relationship at the end of the seventh season. For the role of Jaime Nikolaj Coster-Waldau even told reporters that this theory makes sense: “He killed the Mad King (Ayres II Targaryen), and now kill the Mad Queen. It would be like a second “Red wedding.” It would be terrible. I hope that this will not happen.” The actor also admitted that Cersei is not really pregnant but faking it to manipulate Tyrion and Jaime.

who Played Sansa stark actress Sophie Turner promised that the final season of “Game of thrones” will be the most bloody, brutal and emotional in the history of the series, but to expect anything else and should not have. The showrunners are keeping the plot a closely guarded secret — on the set of the authors even used self-destruct scenario. But leaks to avoid still failed, and the crew to burn a huge castle Winterfell that no one noticed? It is known that the final battle was filmed 55 nights. The battle will take place in three different locations, one of which is likely to become a burning Winterfell.

Noting the completion of filming of the eighth season, stars of “Game of thrones” began to spread in social networks farewell posts. Fans found the spoilers even in them — for example, when Turner published in Instagram a tattoo of the emblem of the Starks with a quote from the TV series “the Pack survives”, many thought it was a hint that the stark family might not lose any more members. After Turner from “Game of thrones” goodbye Maisie Williams, who played Arya stark. To his post, she added the hashtag #lastwomanstanding — “last surviving female”. Fans took this as another hint, but opposite to the previous, saying that Arya will be the only survivors of all the characters. However, it is possible that the girls just talked and made fun of subscribers — Turner and Williams were close friends, Macy, as it turned out, even act as bridesmaids at the wedding of Sophie and Sophie and all expressed their willingness to withdraw from Macy’s in “incestuous lesbian scene.”