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In Russia at the animation festival there will arrive the Director of “red turtle”

At the XXIII Open Russian festival of animated film (Suzdalfest) will come to the Dutch Director Michael Dudok de wit. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru” on Tuesday, March 6.

“For his long-awaited visit to Russia Michael Dudok prepared a master class, which offers our festival audience to not just look into the creative lab of the successful artist and see the fragments of his films, but see his serious views on life and art”, — stated in the message.

Michael Dudek, the Director of such films as “the monk and the fish”, “Father and daughter” and “Red turtle”. He is the winner of the award “Oscar” in the category “Best animated short film”.

“Oscar-2018” interested in a record low number of viewers

the Ceremony of delivery of film awards “Oscar” in 2018, has seen a record low number of viewers in history. This writes The Hollywood Reporter.

compared to the previous year, the number of hits decreased by 19 percent (26.5 million people). In this case, “the Oscar-2017” has also shown the worst results — the 34.3 million people, which was the lowest figure since 2008.

the Ceremony of “Oscar” took place in Los Angeles on Monday night. In the main nomination — “Best film” won film “water”. The best Director was Guillermo del Toro for this feed.

a Film by Bryan Fogel “Icarus” about the doping scandal in Russia won award in the category “best documentary film”.

Pomochivshimsya the crowd the actress was asked to give the “Oscar”

Group Lonely Island released a video for the song Why Not Me? (“Why not me?”) in which presented the stars of blockbusters that also want to get the Oscar, but not even nominated. The video posted on YouTube-channel group.

“We were asked to write a song for the ceremony “Oscar-2018″… sorry, didn’t pick her because she was “financially and technically impossible”, so we decided to show you her draft”, — stated in the beginning of the clip.

the video appear, in particular, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Wonder woman (Gal gadot) and clown Pennywise (bill Skarsgard), who criticize the films nominated for “Oscar” in 2018. “I wrote, hanging from a bungee. Meryl Streep never did that!” — outraged character actress Tiffany Haddish from the movie “Cool girls.”

Emma Watson announced the search editor for her tattoos

British actress Emma Watson responded to the media hype that arose because of the grammatical errors in her temporary tattoo. The actress announced in Twitter on Tuesday, March 6, looking for someone to post the tattoo editor.

“the Experience of handling apostrophes mandatory,” joked Watson.

the Star of a series of films about Harry Potter appeared at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” tattoo movement Time’s Up in support of victims of sexual harassment. However, the word Time’s on the arm, Watson was missing the apostrophe before the letter s.