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The Director of the new “Avengers” explained the controversial scene with Thor

Director Joe Russo explained the actions of Thor in “Avengers: infinity War”, which caused confusion among many fans of the franchise. His words conveys the portal Comicbook.

the following are spoilers from “the Avengers: infinity War”

the Audience criticized the scene in which Thor (Chris Hemsworth) when he has a chance to stop the main antagonist of the film is Thanos, throws it the hammer, but is not aiming for the head and chest. Fans of “the Avengers” felt that it would be logical to beat the villain in the head — wrong punch allowed Thanos to snap your fingers and destroy half the Universe.

According to Rousseau, the act of Torah due to the nature of obstinate character, he wanted to show that took revenge on the antagonist. “If he killed him, the click would not exist. This is a character who feels deep pain, and I hope that the audience learns to empathize with these characters,” explained the filmmaker.

Died Director of “the Tree of wooden clogs,” Ermanno Olmi

In Asiago died Italian Director Ermanno Olmi. On Monday, may 7, according to Ansa.

the Filmmaker was 86 years old. He died surrounded by his wife and two sons in the hospital, where he was hospitalized three days ago because of the worsening of the disease.

the Director will be Buried in a closed ceremony.

“Ermanno Olmi we lost the master of cinema and the greatest example of culture and life, his enchanted sight made us understand the roots of our country,” reacted to the death of the Director of the Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni.

The actor from “Game of thrones” is recognized as the most powerful man in the world

the Icelander Hafthor Julius Björnsson, best known for the role of Gregor Clegane nicknamed the Mountain in the TV series “Game of thrones” received the title of the strongest men in the world. On Monday, may 7, according to Fox News.

Björnsson took part in the tournament World’s Strongest Man 2018 in the Philippines. The fight for the title consisted of 16 events, including lifting logs, dragging rocks and towing vehicles.

Want to thank all of my family, friends and fans for supporting me along the way.
Special thanks to my coach @australianstrengthcoach and my nutritionist @stanefferding .

Also want to thank my sponsors, @kjotkompani @sbdapparel @roguefitness .
Congratulations to @kieliszkowskimateusz and @shawstrength for their second and third finishes!

a Photo posted by @thorbjornsson

Second place in the tournament went to the pole Mateus Kilichowski, the third — American Brian Shaw. 29-year-old Björnsson told about the victory in Instagram, expressing gratitude for the support fans, friends and family, as well as their nutritionist.

A casting Director taught the actress from “Children” to arouse men’s lust

American actress Chloe sevigny spoke about the “shocking” advice I received from women involved in the casting for one of the films. Her words reports The Guardian.

“the Casting Director female said to me in the room where was full of people: “You must arouse in men the desire ******* [fuck] you, and women — to be you,” recalled sevigny.

the 43-year-old actress said that this Council was a far more powerful blow than all the cases of sexual harassment from men that she had to endure. “I started thinking, do I really want to be? And then tried to figure out how to be. The casting Director said that the only way I’ll get a job, and it affected my sense of self like I’m the goods,” she explained.

“It was much more devastating to me than the guy who asked what do I do after [the casting], or advised me to start going naked. Shockingly,” — said sevigny.

Director Yuri Tomoshevsky died in Germany

Director and actor Yuri Tomoshevsky, created the theatre “Shelter comedians” in Saint Petersburg, died in the accident. He died during a trip to Germany at the age of 61, said “Fontanka” art historian Isaac Kushnir, citing family theatrical figure.

Tomoshevsky opened a “Shelter comedian” in 1987 with the support of George Tovstonogov. For many years he was its artistic Director.

Since 2006, Tomoshevsky was the main Director of the state Philharmonic society of St. Petersburg for children and youth.

the Director has directed more than 50 plays, played many roles in theater and film. He played a small role in the Comedy “Kiss!” and made the film “St. Vladimir”.