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Ukraine was the main supplier of TV shows in Russia

the Ukrainian Company Star Media entrepreneur Vladislav Rashina was the main provider of movies and TV shows in Russia by the end of 2017. On Thursday, March 15, according to RBC with reference to the research company KVG Research.

Star Media has become the producer of such shows as “Mata Hari” and “Anna German”, which aired the First channel. The company also supplied the content for the “Russia 1”, NTV, “channel five” TV channel “Home”. In total, the production of Star Media was 84.

In second place among the manufacturers content for Russian TV Ukrainian company According to the newspaper, she has worked on 35 projects.

Fans of Harry Potter found a massive goof in the “Fantastic creatures”

fans of the series of movies and books about the wizard Harry Potter said about kenolaba in the trailer another spin-off of the franchise “Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald”. About it writes The Independent.

Fans found that in the video, the Minister of magic and his staff transgression (teleported) to the school of witchcraft and wizardry Hogwarts. However, the author of Harry Potter J. K. Rowling has repeatedly stated that Hogwarts is impossible to transgressional almost anyone — making it can only the headmaster Albus Dumbledore. The writer emphasized that such a limitation is designed to protect students of the institution from the villains, has always existed and never was filmed.

“The crucified boy” from the Donbass appeared in the TV series “homeland”

In the American TV series “homeland” there was a mention of “the crucified boy” from Slavyansk. Excerpt from the TV show published in Twitter Wednesday, March 14.

the characters of the show discuss the reports in Russian media about a child allegedly crucified in 2014, the Ukrainian military on the square in Slavyansk, Donetsk region. The episode included in the fifth series of the seventh season, which was released on March 12.

Saul Berenson performed by Mandy Patinkin claims that this news is fake, and nothing of the sort actually occurred.

a Television program about the “crucified boy” has received wide publicity in the Russian media in July 2014. Later a number of publications, including “Russian service bi-Bi-si”, drew attention to the fact that the information in the story is not true.

Disclosed the size of the inheritance Tabakov

Reporters found the size of the inheritance, which the actor Oleg Tabakov has left after death. The value of the property of a deceased artist is more than 600 million rubles, writes with reference to the realtors.

tobacco, according to the information portal, owned three apartments in Moscow, the cost of which exceeds 200 million rubles, and a country house with land area of two hectares for 400 million. The portal also found out that the posts of Director and artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theater actor earned almost a million rubles a month. Along with other jobs monthly income Tabakov was about two million rubles.

the Funeral of actor pass on March 15 at the Novodevichy cemetery. Tobacco died the 83-year life on March 12. Before he died, he for several months was in the hospital. In January Tabakov hooked up to a ventilator.

Died the film “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”

Honored artist of Russia, film Director Leonid Kvinikhidze died at the age of 80 years. This was reported on the website of the Union of cinematographers of Russia on Wednesday, 14 March.

the Cause of death of the filmmaker has not yet been disclosed.

Kvinikhidze was born in December 1937 in Leningrad in the family of the Director Alexander Fajncimmer (“Tanker “Derbent””, “For those who in the sea”, “Tavern on Pyatnitskaya”, “gadfly”). Graduated from VGIK in 1962.