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The star of “Game of thrones” wanted to skip the casting in the series for the pig

British actress Maisie Williams talked about how he almost missed the audition for the role of Arya stark in the TV series “Game of thrones”. An interview with her published in InStyle.

According to Williams, the day of the audition she was going on a trip to a pig farm. Details she said.

the Actress received one of the main roles in the project before she turned 14 years old. To take part in listening to Williams persuaded the agent who noticed her at the talent show in Bristol. Prior to that, she was going to be a ballerina.

The creators of “strange Affairs” apologized for insulting women

the creators of the series “a Very strange case,” brothers Matt and Ross Duffer issued a statement in which he apologized for insults to the participants of the crew project. About it reports The Guardian.

“We are deeply upset with the news that someone could feel uncomfortable on our site. The stressful atmosphere of TV production sometimes increases the degree of emotion on the set, and for that we apologize,” said Caffery, adding that while on the set of “strange Affairs” there is equality and no discrimination based on gender nor skin color.

Previously worked as an assistant operator on both seasons of “strange Affairs” Peyton brown published in his Instagram post, which stated that Caffery revealing rough with women on the site. According to her, the Directors repeatedly yelled at subordinates women, threatened them and forced some of them to quit due to an unhealthy atmosphere on the set.

brown accompanied his post with the slogan Time Is Up, which in Hollywood is a campaign against gender discrimination. She later deleted the post.

which Produces a “Very strange things” streaming service Netflix also issued a statement on the matter. “We have studied the accusations against the brothers Duffer, but our internal investigation did not confirm them. For us, as for Gaffarov, it is extremely important a healthy, productive atmosphere”, — is spoken in the message.

Previously worked on the series “Pine” Matt and Ross Caffery became known after the release of the first season of “strange matters” on Netflix in the summer of 2016. The project quickly gained popularity and has received three nominations for the award “Emmy”. His second season saw the light in autumn 2017, and the third is expected in 2019.

Michael Caine vowed not to work with woody Allen

Actor Michael Caine won an Oscar for her role in the woody Allen film “Hannah and her sisters” vowed not to cooperate with the Director because of allegations of pedophilia against him. About the same time Kane said in an interview with The Guardian.

“Pedophilia is unacceptable — I say this as a Trustee of the British National society for the prevention of cruelty to children. These accusations do not fit in my head, because I loved the woody and had a great time on set. I introduced him to MIA Farrow. I do not regret that then we have worked together, but again it will not go,” — shared his feelings Kane.

In 2010, Kane in an interview with The Daily Telegraph declared his hatred of pedophiles, among other things, noting that I would not be against the application of the death penalty and willing to give such sentences.

woody Allen, accused sexual abuse adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow. She claims that the Director molested her when she was a child. Allen in January issued a statement in which he indicated that the investigation into these allegations was conducted in 1992, when they nominated ex-wife of the Director, the actress MIA Farrow. Then the civil court found Allen not guilty.

Informed about the refusal to work with Allen, comedian and Director, known for, among other things, for the films “Manhattan”, “Annie Hall,” “Love and death” “Match point,” “Bullets over Broadway” and “Jasmine,” he managed to say dozens of American and British actors. This, for example, Greta Gerwig, Mira Sorvino, Timothy Salama, Colin Firth and Rebecca Hall — they all appeared in the paintings of the Director. In support of it was made by Alec Baldwin and Diane Keaton.

Michael Caine — a Knight of the British Empire, and the only one along with Jack Nicholson the actor, who was nominated for an Oscar every decade from the 1960s to the 2000s. He won the award twice: in addition to “Hannah and her sisters” also for “the cider house Rules”.

“It is huge and pink, and I don’t know what to do”

Avalanche of sex scandals in Hollywood has led to the fact that the American trade Union of actors prepared guide to shooting sex scenes, which aims to eradicate harassment in the movie industry. Under the new regulations, Directors are prohibited to demand from the actors to disrobe during the audition and asked to simulate sex. Recommendations may indeed save beginners Actresses of trauma and humiliation, as many celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and keira Knightley, talked about unpleasant situations on the filming of the sex scenes or auditions for movies with erotic scenes. However, there were also those who remembers it with burning eyes, for example, Emilia Clarke and Kate Winslet. “” collected revelations of stars on the Hollywood filming sex.

Actress Molly Ringwald, best known for the films “the Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen candles”, in the Wake of Hollywood sex scandals told about humiliations that suffered at the auditions for being a minor. According to her, during one audition, she was forced to wear a dog collar while in the scenario of the question. “Most likely, in someone else’s box now is slowly degraded old VHS cassette tape of me in a dog collar trying to remember your lines, standing in front of the young man were once in love with”, she said.

Similar emotions had test and Jennifer Lawrence at the beginning of her career. “One of the female producers forced me to strip naked and stand in a row with five other girls who were way skinnier than me. We stood naked, and only the adhesive tape was covering our genitals,” said the actress. After that, the producer advised the girl to use your Nude photos as incentive to lose weight. Lawrence complained about the incident to another producer who was indignant and said he did not understand why everyone thinks she’s fat. The man said he believes the young actress “travelnow”.

In 2014, Jennifer became a victim of hackers who leaked Internet photos of her very explicit content. Because of the incident, the girl started mental problems and the perception of their body, and shooting erotic scenes were given to it with great difficulty. For example, Lawrence played the lead role of a Russian prostitute-spy in the Thriller “Red Sparrow,” and in one episode she had to strip completely in front of a group of adults in the lecture hall.

“My character is supposed to undress in front of the whole class and I had to undress in front of the entire crew. I am very much worked up about it,” said the artist. Jennifer claimed to have conquered the fear by convincing himself in love to his body.

On the set of “Passengers” Lawrence felt already due to the fact that she had to kiss married Chris Pratt. Therefore, according to the actress confessed before work on the erotic scene, she decided roll: “I’m very drunk. But when I returned home from filming, anxiety intensified: what have I done? The first time I kissed a married man, and a terrible feeling of guilt was given abdominal pain. I knew it was just my job, but I could not explain it to his stomach. So helpless and vulnerable I have never felt before”.

Pratt watched love scenes with Lawrence as well — the actor claimed that while working on the “Passengers” felt a responsibility for the comfort of his colleagues. “With all the tension that you feel before filming such scenes, when everything begins, you realize that this really is nothing sexual. Are you just really awkward. But it’s part of the job, and you do what you can to minimize the discomfort that can test your partner,” said Pratt.

When the 2010 Thriller by Darren Aronofsky “Black Swan” was released, the media wrote about him as “the drama about the ballerina scene of lesbian sex”. And the stars tapes, Natalie Portman and Mila kunis, had to talk in detail about the episode to reporters, whose interest was fueled by the fact that in the life of Natalie and Mila were friends.

“It was crazy, because Mila and I are close friends,” said Portman. According to the actress, after reading the script for her come to understand that you have to imitate sex with his girlfriend: “It was very strange. I felt that it would be easier to shoot the scene with someone I don’t know. But still it was good to be there with a friend, with whom you can laugh and joke about it.”

kunis said that shooting any sex scenes — the hard work, whoever your partner. “You are never comfortable. Whether it be lesbian sex or sex with a man is always a tension,” she argued. Sources from the crew noted that the actress drank before work tequila, to relieve stress, but kunis denies such unprofessional behavior.

And here is keira Knightley, in turn, admitted that was gathering strength for shooting sex scenes in the movie “a Dangerous method” by David Cronenberg with vodka: “I had a few shots before work and a few glasses of champagne after the shooting, noting the good news that I don’t have to participate in it”.

In the film, Michael Fassbender in the role of Carl Jung smacks his patient with sadomasochistic tendencies. Knightley was so afraid that the actor will hurt her, which led to the shooting of bodyguard. “I told Michael before one of the scenes: “I stands guard outside. Touch me — he’ll break your legs”. And he said to me, “keira, you’re tied to the bed. You’re in no position to threaten me””.

“Game of thrones” quickly won the fame of the series, is generous with scenes of rape, incest and just nudity. However, too colorful episodes caused a wave of criticism among the audience, why the creators of the project promised review the approach to the depiction of sexual violence. Actor Ivan Reon, who played in the TV series villain Ramsay Bolton, told about their experiences during the filming of one of the most violent scenes of rape in “Game of thrones” — wedding night his character Sansa stark in the sixth episode of the fifth season.

“It was terrible. The night before I couldn’t sleep even for a second, although usually I manage well to move away from the image of Ramsey. And Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, is such a beautiful young girl… On the set there were obvious feeling that nobody would like to be there and to do something like that. But I had to throw that away and just work, and Sophie did well,” said Reon.

However, not all actors suffer from the filming of the rape and love scenes. For example, Emilia Clarke admitted that he wants “to return to the series all the handsome boys, to pull down their pants and remove their penises close up.”

“I love when we get to obscene scenes,” commented Emilia sex Jon snow and Daenerys Targaryen. The actress also spoke enthusiastically about the bed scene with Michiel Hazmanim, who played the role of Daario Naharis. In her confession, she even thanked the showrunners of the series because she was given the opportunity to command in an erotic episode. “This is exactly the scene I was waiting for! Because I poured a bunch of crap for other scenes of sex and nudity,” said she.

“I don’t mind to erase the memory and return to the time when we were shooting sex with Michiel. It all started with the phrase “take off your clothes” and then we saw his amazing body,” noted actress.

Clark said that starred in the erotic scenes without doublers and proud of it. It replaced only in the fourth and fifth seasons. “In the sixth part I still am — proud and strong. I am sincerely happy that she agreed to it. No doublers”, — explained the girl. It was the enemy “meaningless sex”, and that’s why we saw her starring in the BDSM-romance series “Fifty shades”: “I thought that risk just to get stuck on this image and then you will not be able to get rid of it”.

“I can’t stand when sex just throw me in the face. I always thought that the suggestion of intimacy more exciting than the sexual act itself,” the stressed Clark.

During the filming of the rape scene Daenerys Khal Drogo actor Jason Momoa put on penis not an ordinary package, and pink fluffy socks — man saw Emilia was nervous before starting work and decided to defuse the situation, but instead shocked the actress. “It is huge and pink, and I don’t know what to do” — with a laugh remembered Emilia in one interview.

About the so-called packages of the penis, which the actors use in the sex scenes, and told Jamie Dornan, the star of “Fifty shades”. He admitted that one day wearing on the penis, the package, which has already been used by someone else. “There were a few bags of different sizes, I chose the one that suited me the most. I was expecting it to be completely new, and then opened it and saw the entry “Prisoner number three”,” said he.

While most actors are trying to portray in bed human emotions, others, on the contrary, it is necessary to demonstrate the inhuman sex — the task stood in front of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in “Twilight”. “We were required to make the most epic sex scene of all time. She had to be supernatural, otherworldly, inhuman, like the best sex you can imagine. And we thought: ***** [Hell], how we gonna handle this?” he told Stewart. She called love scene with Pattinson “agony” and admitted that he regrets doing what she did.

the Actress also criticized those who are shy to undress in front of the camera: “When I see more or less famous artist, which finally shows in this film her Boobs, which carefully concealed, and now revealed them because in this film she is fit, then say, “God, thank you for showing the world your jewels!””

Stewart and Pattinson got together, got acquainted at “Twilight.” And, in recognition of the actor, sex scenes with the beloved person was for him a huge test. “The more you get used to each other, the harder it is for you to portray a very intense love scene. You think: “I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of his partner,” and “I know what is she thinking””. Sex in the movies is given to Pattinson working and due to the fact that the site he “sweats like crazy.” So he described erotic episode with Julianne Moore at the “Star map”: “I literally tried to catch the drops of sweat falling down on her back. In the end, she asked me: “you Have that panic attack?””

Russian actress Love Aksenov in an interview with Yuri Dude told about how to cope with the awkward erotic scenes. “At the time of filming sex scenes it seems to me that both you and your partner turn into asexual beings, because if you start to worry that someone touched something or something they saw, it will be much to distract from what is happening. The viewer will not understand what is happening,” she explained.

According to Aksenova, the main factors in this work — the humor and respect: “the Essence of these scenes is to forget everything. And humor helps me a lot on the court. The main thing — to joke and laugh about it. Once you relax, once there’s some sensuality, you can afford more, think of something in the process.”

the Actress recalled about the movie Michael Segal “Stories” in which he starred with Konstantin Yushkevich: “In the “Stories” really helped me that the partner I was always covered. He was very protected. Of course, when he starred in “Stories”, I was not so experienced in this respect, and I was sure that the Director and cameraman made a deal with me, drew me a storyboard: here floor, here you lie, here’s your ass, but — Constantine.”

Director Egor Konchalovsky have admitted “the” that the shooting of the love scene in the pool in the movie “the recluse” with Alexander Baluev and Amalia Mordvinova gave dancers the alcohol. “The water was very cold. We decided to give them a glass of vodka, they drank, jumped in the pool, and the worst happened — they were completely different reaction to the combination of vodka with cold water. Amalia became blue, and the ball is red. I was sitting behind the monitor and watched as the huge red guy touches skinny blue woman is sexy or not? I still have not answered the question,” he said.

Humour can help the actors in embarrassing situations, but sometimes very serious sex in a movie turns into a Comedy. For example, rapper Gucci Maine admitted that asleep during the filming of this episode for the film “spring breakers” harmony Korin. “The last scene with me was in bed, and by the time I was already exhausted. The site was a bunch of fake marijuana, and from her smell, I had a headache, so I decided to smoke a real one. It was four in the morning, and even the fact that next to two naked bitches one on me, the other licks my feet, helped keep my eyes open. I passed out and started snoring,” said Gucci Mane.

Kate Winslet is one of the few Actresses who talk about work on the sex scenes with naked love. That’s what she said about a romantic episode with Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic”: “the Character in me, rose, was very in love with Jack, Leonardo DiCaprio. And although I didn’t feel the same towards Leo, still it was nice to feel it during filming. It was quite beautiful. I remember when the camera stopped rolling and he got up and left, I lay there and thought: “what a pity that it ended””.

“Included in the black list of neo-Nazis and proud of it”

In the Russian hire, you can still watch a movie of a leading German Director Fatih akin “To the limit” — chilling story about organized neo-Nazis attack and revenge of a woman (Diane Kruger), who lost in this explosion family. “” has published an interview with Acinom taken by Marina Toropygina at the Cannes film festival, where Kruger received the award for best actress (later “At the limit” won the award “Golden globe”).

“”: Let’s start with the end “At the limit”. Have you considered other options for the final? Maybe they should have stopped at the moment when the heroine comes into the trailer?

Fatih akin: the film has its own logic. I can’t do such a radical subject and to afford to make a sluggish, uncertain ending. The decision is taken by my character, and I follow it to the end.

how do you personally feel about her decision?

When you write a script, you’re driven by instinct, and you know that what you write is a clash, drama. Don’t know how I would have acted myself. Even if we imagine the situation in which the heroine can survive the nightmare. The film for me is the possibility of a dialogue with his own nightmares. I can understand my character, but the audience must decide for themselves, they accept her decision or not. I know a lot of women, mothers, quite politically correct in their beliefs. They watched the movie and liked the ending. The question of the right of my character or not, I am ready to discuss with my kids, but the audience will see such a finale.

now How serious you think the threat of neo-Nazism in Germany?

This is more serious than many people think. And that’s the problem, from my point of view, I say not often enough. We know that people are being killed, but we don’t always report the actual number of casualties and the causes of their death. Ten years, the German police believed that the murders of Turks and Kurds is their personal beef that they sell drugs, do illegal business. The real scandal is that in these stories dragged and the German intelligence agencies.

You too, that’s the neo-Nazis?

Yeah, and frankly, I need to be proud of it: so, I was able to piss them off. If I’m a bother to these people — so I must have done something right.

When you have an idea to remove the “At the limit”?

the Idea is to deal with the subject of Nazism came to me in the 90-ies, but then I didn’t know what it will be history. I wouldn’t remove just a movie on a politically relevant topic — political film nobody will watch. I needed a story. When the story appeared, it all went very quickly. This is probably the movie that I did faster than any other of his paintings.

And funding found quickly?

Yes, although some investors refused to participate — probably for the same reasons that not everyone agrees with the final film.

Tell us how you worked on the script.

I was going to make a film about neo-Nazism, but in the end a film about her mother, about her feelings. It is usually talking about the terrorists, their motives and reasons, and the victims of misleading numbers only. And it was important for me to show exactly what is happening with the victims of terrorism and their families. You can tell this is a family film.

This is a political film, “family”, as you say, film, but also partly a Thriller about revenge: at a press conference during the Cannes film festival, you said that you asked for a film composer to make music “like Hitchcock,” especially in the scene car chase.

When we’re talking about movies where the hero is driven by a sense of revenge, I immediately think of Korean genre cinema. There motivation is revenge, occurs in a single moment, one click. To me it was important to show real emotions, to show the development of character. It’s a drama that moves the character is a love story — mother, who took everything.

How is it that you have invited the lead role of Diane Kruger?

I met her in Cannes in 2012 when I was here with my short film, Polluting Paradise, we accidentally met at a party. I noted then that she was still fluent in German, without an accent. And when I decided that the main character in my film will not be a man and a woman, I remembered her. I needed a German Aryan type — the blonde with blue eyes.

She’s already participated in the fight against the Nazis — from Tarantino.

Yes, and now continues to fight — but with the neo-Nazis.

how do you work with a Hollywood star?

I always try to create its actors a space in which they will be comfortable, and is always open to their suggestions. Diana is a very intelligent actress, she’s smart and emotionally at the same time rational, smart as a mathematician. It was very interesting to work with her and I always listened to her advice. And they should — in nine cases out of ten.

Can you give a specific example of that in the film brought it?

Rather, there were many scenes that I threw it out because she said they are not needed. Now I realize that was right after listening to it. I’m generally a good listener.

And the audience?

Too. I watch a lot of movies, at least one per day. Everything — so I can’t say that I was influenced by anyone in particular. Is the amount of visual information with which I work as a DJ, mixing genres.

do you review your movies?

Very rarely but when it happens suddenly to reconsider is always worried, want to change something, realize that I would have done differently. Perhaps that’s why the last film for me is the best and my favorite.

Why are you dealing with the problem of neo-Nazism in this film, showing not German, and the Greek neo-Nazi party “Golden dawn”?

I do close to Greece, my grandparents are originally from Crete, my closest friends are Greeks. And when I started to study the materials, including the neo-Nazis, blogs like NSU Watch, I noticed people with logos of the organization.

May be another matter, and that you had to take the third part from the cold of Germany and the court in a warm country by the sea? What is the role of the sea in your film?

My father is a fisherman, one day I was with him in a small fishing village and understand what it means to the sea for these people, for women and children who are waiting on the shore for their husbands. It is no coincidence that the sea is such an important motif in literature and painting. For me it is poetic, which carries with it consolation metaphor of death.

is There, in your opinion, the possibility of addressing the problems of globalization and cultural differences?

Although my film is quite evil, I am an optimist. We live in a time of globalization, and I am also a child of globalization. My wife is half Mexican and half German. We all face problems of cultural differences. In the end, I think we will come to the chance to live together in peace, but while there is a rather painful process. It’s not going as fast as I would like.

“At the limit” is in the Russian hire