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Died the winner of “Eurovision” Liz Assia

In the hospital the Swiss Zurich on 95-m to year of life has died the winner of the first Eurovision song contest Liz Assia. This publication reports the Metro.

the pop singer brought victory at the Eurovision song contest 1956, where she performed with the song Refrain. Then Assia represented Switzerland in 1957 and 1958.

the Singer was born in 1924 and was the youngest of 12 children in the family. Her career began as a dancer, and first sang from the stage in 1940.

In the last years of his life Liz Assia participated in various events dedicated to the “Eurovision”. In particular, was the guest of honor at the contest in Baku in 2012.

African-American village Merilina Manson face

Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson has released a music video for the song Tattooed In Reverse. Video posted on YouTube-the artist channel.

In the clip, the group of doctors will carry out the experiments over a black woman, and she begins to behave aggressively. Subjects then starts to harass confined to a hospital bed Manson and sits on his face. The video also starred the singer Courtney Love. She played the nurse that shock-rocker licked her face.

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya was removed from the plane for brawl

the Singer Love assumption was removed from the flight Moscow — Omsk due to arranged her scandal on Board the aircraft. She started the altercation with the crew, because the flight attendant wouldn’t let her take the dog with them, according to “Federal news Agency”.

flight attendants indicated to the artist that the animal must be to carry. Assumption ignored it and pushed away the stewardess. The crew had to call police, who did not allow the singer to fly.

according to the publication, later assumption still left Moscow on another flight.

Lyubov Uspenskaya revealed the details of the brawl in the plane

the Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya told his version of what happened on Board the aircraft from which it was removed for brawl. Her words television channel REN TV on Friday, March 23.

“the flight Attendant blocked the road, said the dog should be put in a handbag. We had a handbag on hand, only had to open it, and she didn’t,” she complained.

the Artist said that the flight attendant complained to her pilot, stating that she was insulted and pushed.

“In the end, I asked another flight attendant, because she acted very insensitive and rude for a business class for artists that the flight attendant served us. And she too went to the commander and said that she was insulted, pushed, and a few minutes later she comes out and says that the commander refused, so we were on the plane,” — said the assumption.

According to the singer, she left the plane when the police arrived.

Died singer Andrei Klimuk

the Russian singer Andrei Klimuk died at the age of 53 years. This was reported on his page in Vkontakte.

the Artist was born in Krasnoyarsk region in 1964. Later his family moved to Novosibirsk. Klimuk did military service in Afghanistan and had military awards. Many of his releases on the war and the Armed forces of Russia. The musician also released the book “My Afghanistan — Notes trench officer” and poetry collection “blind…”.

Only the discography of the singer more than 30 albums. The last album called “Slut”, was released in January 2018. One of the most famous songs KLINIKA song “April” from the debut album “volyushka”, released in 1999.