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Roma Zver received an award at the Cannes festival for the film about Tsoy

Roman Bilyk (Roma Zver) from the group “the Animals” received an award at the Cannes film festival for the soundtrack to the film Kirill Serebrennikov. The musician announced on his page on Instagram.

“Victory!” he wrote.

#cannessoundtrack #cannes
#freekirillserebrennikov #zveri #hvv

a Photo posted by @romanbilyk

Roma Zver played Mike Naumenko, the frontman of the rock band “Zoo”. For a musician this was his debut in feature films. The plot is based on the history of relations Mike Naumenko, his wife Natalya and Viktor Tsoi.

Buzova asked to Eurovision

Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova volunteered to participate in the next Eurovision. She expressed confidence that they will be able to reach the final of the competition, misleading “”.

“I think Julia Samoylova was a weak contestant for such a big event as Eurovision. She should gain experience and confidence… But if Russia in the future year of 2019 really wants to reach the final, let me do it”, she said.

the”Eurovision-2019″ will take Israel, whose representative Netta defeated in the contest this year. Julia Samoylova, representing Russia, failed to qualify from the semifinals.

Leps went to the hospital with broken ribs

Honored artist of Russia Shelby Lynne hospitalized. On Friday, may 18, according to Telegramchannel “112”.

it is Noted that the pop singer fell and received a fracture of several ribs. The details of the incident were not disclosed.

a Spokeswoman for the Leps Natalia Mostakova confirmed REN TV that the musician is in the hospital, but did not mention the reason for hospitalization. She assured that the contractor will soon be discharged from the medical institution.

according to the Agency “Moscow” with reference to Mostakova Leps undergoing tests in the capital’s Botkin hospital. His condition was not serious, said a spokeswoman for the musician.

may 16, became known that Leps refused entry to Israel. The singer was going to visit the country in the framework of a concert tour. In 2016, the artist without explanation refused to issue a UK visa.

Samoilov has discovered the true nature of her nomination for the “Eurovision”

Singer Julia Samoylova, who represented Russia at the “Eurovision-2018,” admitted that none of her team had not considered the possibility of victory in the music competition. She stated in an interview published on the YouTube channel “The People.”

“Based on my observations of some of the phrases heard in our team — it was said more than once that we’re not going to win. It was annoying to hear that when I knew that we were going, in fact, just to check in. For the record,” said Samoylova.

the Singer said that she still hoped to be able on their own to “pull room”. She added that in 2017 she was chosen as a participant of “Eurovision” Ukraine “not just”. “They needed a character with certain qualities — or flaws, do not know how to say,” she said.

the Actress tied his nomination to the scandal on the program “Minute of fame” in March 2017, when the members of the jury journalist Vladimir Pozner and actress Renata Litvinova criticized the performance of the one-legged dancer. “Most likely, it was necessary to smooth the gravity of the situation. I personally seemed at the time. Maybe I’m wrong,” said Samoylova.

“Leningrad” and the Glucose is released a video about a disgruntled Russian

the Group “Leningrad” and the singer Glucose released an animated video for the song “Ju-Ju” dedicated to the eternally dissatisfied people. The video posted on YouTubechannel “Leningrad”.

“Olya dissatisfied “Mercedes”Kohl dissatisfied with excess weightHe and his “Mazda” dissatisfied “Mercedes” it b arranged Olin” — sung in song.

In the chorus of the Glucose said, “But I will say this — I here go by “Peugeot” and not ***** [Noah]”.

the clip was Directed by the Creator of the film “Hardcore” Ilya Naishuller. The animated clip is filmed in the style of Japanese cartoons fantastic — the characters-the androids similar to Sergei Shnurov, Glucose and rapper ST (Alexander Stepanov), who also took part in recording a song, organize a brutal firefight with each other.