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Latvia launched its “New wave” with the orchestra and Vaikule

In the Latvian Jurmala music festival began “lime. Rendezvous. Jurmala — 2018”, which is to replace the Russian “New wave” moved to Sochi after political scandal. It is reported by the local branch of Sputnik.

New contest is also international. His main ideologist, singer Laima Vaikule. The festival was attended by 186 artists from Latvia, Russia, CIS countries and others. Among the invited guests Philip, Andrei Makarevich, Michael Jackson, Shelby Lynne, Verka Serduchka, Ani Lorak, the artist, Nino Katamadze, Lolita, Tamara Gverdtsiteli.

according to the publication, the contestants perform to the accompaniment of a classical orchestra.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa forbade men to bite bananas

straight men should not eat bananas in public, considers dark-skinned rapper Wiz Khalifa. They should divide the fruits into small pieces, said the artist in an interview with The Independent.

“If you decided to eat a banana in someone’s presence, just break it into pieces,” he explained. The usual nibble of the fruit, thought the rapper might cause you to suspect to sexual orientation.

Users of Twitter made fun of Wiz Khalifa, found on his page photo with a huge mustached banana.

“I want to know what changed the attitude of Wiz Khalifa to bananas after this photo was taken,” the wrote journalist Roisin O’connor.

Zemfira spoke about the action of Pussy Riot in the world Cup, gays and hostility to Meetoct

the Singer Zemfira published on the page at Vkontakte answers to the questions of the fans. The artist has commented, in particular, the possibility of joint performances with rapper Face and explained his words about the poor voice of Monetki.

“Why was tried and Buckwheat Minutochku in appearance? Is it important in music?” — said Zemfira.

“not at all. You saw only the evaluation of the appearance? I appreciated the music, lyrics, voice and image is a natural reaction to something new. You appreciate the same,” she said.

the Singer explained that he decided to speak out about the young performers, because around them there was a “lot of noise”. She said she didn’t want to record Monotachi track together, adding that in her estimation there is nothing personal. “I didn’t say anything about her human qualities. I just didn’t like the vocals, I do few female voices like,” explained Zemfira.

the question as it relates to promotions Pussy Riot at the world Cup, the singer said: “Not really.” The actress also said several times about the attitude towards the LGBT community. First, she said, “Strange question. We are all human”. The next question is about gays Zemfira ignored, and the third wrote: “what is going on with LGBT??”

the Singer put in difficulty the question: “When fit with the face?” (joint appearance with rapper Ivan by Graminum known as Face — ed. “the”). “It’s slang?” she asked. The next question is about sharing the song with hip-hop performer she replied emphatically “no way.” Zemfira said that is not like rap, when asked to choose between musicians Occimiano and Purulent.

Zemfira has refused to apologize for the terrible appearance of the Buckwheat and responded harshly to the Dude

the Post Zemfira about the vocal abilities of the singer Moniecki (20-year-old Elizabeth of Gardanova) and appearance of the singer of Buckwheat (18-year-old Anastasia Ivanova) caused a scandal in Facebook. The actress refused to apologize for his words, noting that I listened to the young singers again and did not change his opinion.

“I have nothing to apologize for. One ugly, the second is meaningful, but “pfft”. Talk to you again in a couple of years,” she said.

In the next post. announced that is ready to answer fans ‘ questions, but he would not give an interview to the great Yuri Dude who has repeatedly offered it to her. “Dude — I don’t give interviews. At all. I don’t need it, and the process drives me terrible stress. Gets worse,” she wrote.