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Celine Dion has canceled shows due to problems with hearing and infuriated fans

Singer Celine Dion has canceled all their concerts for months due to problems with hearing. This was reported on the page of the actress in Facebook.

the singer explained that the problems Dion hearing began about six years ago. According to them, due to illness it is very difficult to sing, and if she helped a variety of ear drops, and now the actress will need surgery.

“I apologize to all who planned to go to Las Vegas on my show. I know you’re upset, and I’m sorry,” said Dion.

the Authors promised to return the money for tickets. Following the speech Dionne, according to them, will be held in late may.

Shooting Vitas tied with a wax figure in China and the hubbub of birds

the Lawyer Vitas Sergei Zhorin and the producer of the singer Sergey Pudovkin commented on the shots in his front yard. Their words are quoted by the television channel REN TV on Thursday, March 22.

Zhorin expressed doubt that the artist was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. According to him, Vitas was minding my own business, but he was interrupted “Haldensee birds”. “He’s not happy, he decided to scare them away. Once, as far as I know, one shot from a sonic gun. After that, someone from the neighbors called the police. Vitas himself opened”, — said the lawyer.

Pudovkin said that no shooting was not. “There were fireworks, there were fireworks to celebrate the opening of the waxworks [Vitas] in the territory of the people’s Republic of China. This is a good occasion, but, apparently, the wrong format has been selected and, most importantly, a time of celebration,” — said the producer.

the Man expressed the hope that a bad story will end well, and that “in addition to the joy of such a good event that happened in the wax museums of the people’s Republic of China, nothing else will remain.”

Vitas confessed to shooting at crows and again went to the police

the Singer Vitas (real name-Vitaly Grachev) revealed the details of the shooting incident, which landed in the police Department. His words reports “the Fifth channel”.

the Actor admitted that people were shooting at crows from the starting gun (produces blank shots used in sports). He added that to him a second time came the police. “Say, you have to go in branch to sign something now,” said Vitas.

according to the TV station, according to unconfirmed reports, Grachev was again taken to the police station.

on the night of March 22 reported that the singer in a drunken state arranged on the street shooting. The neighbors called the police. Vitas did not want to reveal to law enforcement the door. It was opened, and the singer was brought to the police station where he refused the examination. Musician released, amounted to administrative Protocol.

Drunk Vitas made a fire and had a fight with the police

the Singer Vitas (real name-Vitaly Grachev) being drunk staged on the street shooting. It is reported by telegram-channel 112.

“the Neighbors heard shooting, very was frightened and called the police. Very drunk owner of the shrill voice, the door the cops did not open. Broke. After the star was transported to the Department where the Vitas once again showed his rebellious character and refused the examination. Making the administrative record, the police let the singer continue the party”, — stated in the message.

In February it was reported that Instagram launched global flash mob. Social network users wearing tin foil hats and began to open his mouth the song of Vitas.

Vitas known as a songwriter and performer falsetto. Released over a dozen music albums.

Oblivskaya colored Dildo it complained about censorship

Black it CupcakKe said that the administration YouTube has removed two of its music video. She wrote about this in Twitter.

According to hip-hop singer, disappeared from the site she was on the tracks Duck Duck Goose and Deepthroat. She demanded that representatives of YouTube immediately restore the clips.

In the clip, the singer sucks Deepthroat a banana. In the video for the song Duck Duck Goose she slaps his face colored Dildo.

according to NME, while trying to watch a video users report that they were removed for violation of site policy regarding scenes with sexual content. At the time of this writing, the clip Duck Duck Goose was absent on the channel CupcakKe, but was available via a Google search (in the video have age restriction). Video Deepthroat attended the channel of the singer with the age limit.

Earlier in March, Esquire magazine acknowledged the song CupcakKe called Cartoons one of the best rap songs the beginning of 2018.