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In Moscow will pass festival “Usadba Jazz”

In the Moscow region will host the 15th festival “Usadba Jazz”, the largest Russian open-air devoted to jazz, funk, indie and electronic music. The event will take place on 2 and 3 June at the state Museum-estate “Arkhangelsk”, according to a press release received by “the”.

According to the organizers, the guests of the festival a special musical program on six stages. Participation in the event will be singer Tree and Peruquois, group AYWA and “Magical”, the soloist of Duo 5’Nizza and SunSay singer Manizha. One of the headliners of the “Manor Jazz” will be the group “Auktyon”. The event for the first time band The New Power Generation, since 1990, accompanied the concerts of American musician Prince.

“”Usadba Jazz” is a family festival, including the very young, which created a special music space — the stage of “Usadba Jazz Kids”, young guests where you will enjoy a fascinating journey to Africa, the Caribbean Islands, in Odessa early last century, and in Harlem the time of the childhood of the legendary Ella Fitzgerald”, — stated in a press release.

the festival guests will present the project “Art Freedom” — the platform of avant-garde and experimental music. Its Central event will be the theatrical project “the Forest” directed by Dmitry Malkina. In addition, the “Art of Freedom” will be held performances of the play “presence Effect” of the creative Association Fabrik Freak and musical performances, Animal Band from the author’s theatre “Sketches in space”.

“Also guests will always find a market, a food court and plenty of entertainment for the whole family. The festival will bring together a variety of bright and creative people: artists, poets, designers”, — underline organizers of the “festival”.

Moscow taxi driver tried to rape her “Miss breast of Belorussia”

Moscow taxi driver tried to rape the Belarusian singer Olga Zhukov. She told “Fifth channel” on Monday, may 14.

the Incident occurred after the performance artist in the Moscow club Dorffman, where he celebrated the birthday of a friend Zhukova. “My friend, the singer Dionne Warwick, took me to a taxi. Stopped the first taxi and paid the road, planted me and told me to drive safe and sound,” said the victim.

According to Zhukova, during the trip the taxi driver tried to have sex with her. “He started coming on to me, to covet. I gave back and in return got kicked in the face, he pulled me out of the car by the hair and began kicking him in the face, in the nose. I have gushed blood from the nose; I couldn’t calm down, I became hysterical. Then it turns out, I was thrown and left with my things, my bag and phone,” said the singer.

“He tried to rape me, in response I also gave him a little bit. I hung him too! I’m not a sucker of some sort, Yes? I also gave him back. In the end I arrived and everything in the world,” said Zhukov. She added that after the incident called the police.

Video falling from the stairs of the winner of “Eurovision” surfaced online

In a network there was video of the fall of the Israeli singer Netta Barzilai from the stairs at the international music competition “Eurovision-2018”. Clips published sharing YouTube.

according to the tabloid Daily Express, the incident occurred after a speech of the performer in the first semi-final of the competition, where the net took first place with 283 points. The singer did not suffer serious injuries and said that she was all right.

Pugacheva tried to dissuade Samoilov from “Eurovision”

singer Alla Pugacheva acting teacher Yulia Samoilova at “Eurovision-2018”, urged the singer not to go to the competition. About it radio station “Moscow speaking” on Saturday, may 12, reported stylist Samoilova Alisher master.

“I Tell you a secret: we even Alla Borisovna is discussed. She also tried to dissuade Julia. I think in the past year, Julia has already declared itself. The song was stronger, and at this stage had to leave. And Julia went on — personally I was not thrilled with the song,” said master.

According to stylist, Samoilova saved: the singer, in particular, did not change a wheelchair.

may 11 reported that trip Samoilova “Eurovision-2018” to Lisbon cost the First channel about 15 million rubles.

Samoilov has explained the failure on “Eurovision”

Singer Julia Samoylova, who represented Russia at the “Eurovision”, says a fair departure from the competition. She told about it on air of the program “Let them talk” on First channel.

“I saw [the statement] because I have not specifically listened as I sang. I know my schools, I see a lot of errors. And it’s not just like: I didn’t,” said the singer.

According to her, she does not see the outcome of the semifinals political overtones. Speaking about his disability, Samoilov called on to estimate its professional qualities. “This competition is not family values, in the end. Music competition, vocal”, — said the artist.