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Pugacheva admitted his old age

the Pop singer Alla Pugacheva has declared to fans that is aging dramatically. The actress complained of a deterioration in the health of your Instagram, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“the Body fails. I find it hard to breathe, hard to walk, but I’m still alive and must live for the sake of small children”, — said Pugacheva.

according to the publication, the singer has responded to criticism of the Internet users ridiculed her appearance. “Send your venom and anger to fight the challenges in life more important than my ageing and infirmity,” said 68-year-old star. She also promised in the last days of his life to think about the children and his fans.

In January 2017 Pugachev showed sneakers in response to criticism of new year’s TV shows with her participation.

“Oh, can you imagine how much shit will kick your ass. And yet,”

group Leader “the time Machine” Andrei Makarevich again faced with a stream of hate because of his words — this time the public did not like phrase the musician about “vicious morons” from Russia. The situation could be called quite ordinary, given that this happens with the performer almost every month, but this time it drew the attention of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia and the Kremlin. “” recalls the scandalous remarks of the bard over the past year and finds out why everyone is so interested when Makarevich says something or writes on the Internet.

In March 2017 Makarevich took up arms after the interview “the”, in which he answered the question, whether he has preserved “the patriotism of the Muscovite”. The musician said that the word “patriotism” made him sick. “Yes, I feel one hundred percent Muscovite, I was born here and never left home. I now live outside the city, but still every day in Moscow. A sense of belonging to the city? I don’t think about it, to be honest. Moscow has changed greatly, favorite places, little has remained,” he said.

the Contractor said that he was happy to walk through the gentrified areas of the city: “Come in “Gogol-center”, looked around the corner: some sort of stunning grounds like “Winery”, but not “Winery”. And some galleries, and a pile of some of katuscak, and all very stylish, clean, always the young guys work.”

Readers is harmless conversation about the changes in Moscow saw it, as the leader of the “time Machine” sickened by the Russian patriots. Taken out of context the phrase was widely cited in the press, and outraged Internet users do not pay attention to what we were talking about something else. In the words of the musician responded Director and state Duma Deputy Vladimir Bortko — he advised Makarevich “to go to the bathroom, stick your finger in your mouth and have a good puke”.

Journalists demanded explanations from the bard, and this time he spoke about his feelings not to the patriotism of the Muscovite, and to what his critics thought. “Patriotism is love of country. I don’t believe people who shout about their love. Usually people who shout about their love, nobody don’t love anything. They just regard it as a trade item, for which they will receive a pie. It seems to me that such basic concepts which are related to love in General, including love of country, should be handled with great respect. Today’s word is trampled and debased. Some part of the population it is trying to assign itself. I do not feel it appropriate to shout about love at all,” — said musician.

Following the scandal involving Makarevich happened just a month. In April 2017 at the metro in St. Petersburg there was a terrorist attack, which killed 14 people and injured more than 40. On this day the contractor was scheduled the St. Petersburg Yiddish Jazz concert. According to the spokesman Makarevich Anton Chernin, the fans asked him not to cancel the event. But there were many who demanded from the contractor to abandon a speech — there is nothing to have fun during the tragedy. Critics, in particular, angered appeared in the media (again with no context) phrase Makarevich: “Today is not a day of mourning.”

the Leader of group “VA-Bank” Alexander Sklar called the question of the cancellation of the concert in the day of the attack “a matter of conscience” and put the frontman of “time Machine” condition: he had to transfer earned money to help the victims. Due fell to charges of hypocrisy Makarevich once again had to clarify its position. He emphasized that the musical program of Yiddish Jazz, in principle, no fun, not included, and the Russians should not go on about the terrorists.

“about today’s concert in St. Petersburg, the network had a lot of stink (did not read, I was told) We started the concert with a minute of silence, and no fun at all Yiddish Jazz program in itself does not carry. And most importantly: today, by and large, sadly, nobody can feel absolutely safe, because attacks are the places where people. You can cancel all concerts, close to railway stations, airports and supermarkets. Probably will be safer. But it will mean that they won. They want us all abolished. Here’s hell,” wrote Makarevich.

In September, the leader of the “time Machine” is still included in a Muscovite patriot, expressing their opinion about installing a monument to the armorer Mikhail Kalashnikov. Makarevich has called into question the ethics of the glorification of the man who created the weapon from which killed millions of people across the planet, stressing that the special role in protecting Russia’s Kalashnikov not played. “That’s what’s interesting — the war with the Nazis AKM not surprised, appeared after. So where he defended the borders of our Motherland? In Afghanistan? In Georgia? In Ukraine? In Africa?” he wanted to know.

However, most Makarevich was outraged by the appearance of the monument: “Okay. Let Kalashnikov. BUT WHY SUCH A TALENTLESS, UGLY SCULPTURE? Even in Soviet times, this idol would not pass the Council. Well we are so disfiguring your city, shame before the whole world?”

the Post attacked by a swarm of aggressive commentators, the stream of insults and accusations did not stop a few days. Makarevich, in turn, called the Facebook page “awesome people”: “the First ten comments still somehow relate to what I had in mind, then the theme spreads, and starting with the twentieth chaos finally wins — everyone shouts about her, and everyone forgot about it”.

a Similar situation happened outside of social networks. Against Makarevich made, in particular, Anatoly Wasserman, who pointed out that the musician lived to be my age and can afford any statements due to Kalashnikov and his gun. And yet — Lavrenty Beria “, and many other good people.” After Makarevich Kalashnikov hastened to stand up and composer Yuri Loza. He gave the sculpture his assessment: “Why is he ugly monument? What should it be? Make it small, sick, old, hunchbacked? Or that maybe a recumbent monument to do when he was sick in recent years? A good, strong man with a gun, what should it be else? What is there to criticize, I don’t really understand.”

Said the frontman of “time Machine” is also the author of the monument sculptor Salavat Shcherbakov. He said that Kalashnikov created a weapon to defend the country from enemies, the monument itself is like many, and Makarevich just different tastes. In addition, Shcherbakov suggested that the musician not to meddle in his profession. “No dancer or singer will not listen to the opinion of the sculptor, as he danced or sang. It is a profession, and not have to climb into it. Even we, the professionals themselves modestly and are not absolyutizirovat all the truth in the last instance”, — he stressed.

the Sculptor, however, did not realize that Andrei Makarevich was born in the family of architect Vadim Makarevich, graduated from the Moscow architectural Institute and worked as an architect in the Public Institute of design of theaters and entertainment facilities.

By October 2017 Makarevich, seems to have realized what response you get his social media posts. Because advance predicted that “fuck shit” over the note, which has compared Joseph Stalin with Adolf Hitler. His arguments he published against the background of public debate, unfolding after the installation of the bust of Stalin in Moscow.

“the Patriots are coming into a frenzy when the names of Hitler and Stalin put together. The liberals are saying that the Germans were able to renounce the heritage of Hitler — and here revived. Russia has not renounced Stalin — that disentangle. One small detail: Stalin won the war, Hitler blew it. Well, purely hypothetically, imagine for a moment what would have happened Vice versa. That would sound? It seems that history, like nature, has nothing to do with morality,” wrote Makarevich. Visitors to his Facebook willingly began to argue in the comments below.

“Oh, can you imagine how much shit will kick your ass. And yet”

none of the above-mentioned scandals by the number of spitting on the musician’s aggression and the number of people who choose to Express an opinion, surpassed the latter when the media in March of 2018 said that Makarevich called the Russians the “evil morons”. And he did not at the press conference and not even in a separate post in Facebook, and in comments.

the Poet spoke about his impressions of Americans: “as far As they are calmer, happier and kinder than us. It is not they are better — they didn’t get better. It happens to us something terrible.” In the commentary to his text, he said to one of the subscribers: “by God, I think they revealed a twenty-fifth frame, which actually turns people into vicious morons”. The next day the media announced that Makarevich called the Russians the evil morons.

this time the phrase of the bard responded not only to Sklar and Vine, but the head of the Duma Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev (suggested Makarevich to move abroad), state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (regretted Makarevich and his friends), the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova (asked to cease to offend the Russians because he has no right to it) and even the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov (said that journalists Makarevich misquoted). Journalists, meanwhile, tried to call wheels America and unsuspecting musician.

the Composer told in social networks as from the phone calls he started to break the phone: “On the tenth call thoughtful — what happened? I do not who died? The evening we arrived to the hotel, went online — that’s it! I happen to be “called the Russians the evil morons”! Blame me! The father of Russian democracy Milonov, the titans of rock Sklar and Vine! And other offended members of the Russian people.” Makarevich again led his phrase, which caused indignation of the audience, and demanded to look at it carefully. “There is a difference, no? Although judging by the rising wave of shit — does this twenty-fifth frame, working,” he complained.

the Scandal, which involved the Russian bard, always develop on the same scheme: Makarevich suggests, justifies it, and then the loudest phrase of his message is in the headers. Then, other musicians, public figures and politicians comment on this statement, the context is lost. Then the Internet users to remember the Jewish roots of the leader “time Machine” and angrily jokes about “deflections under the changing world”, figuring out how much fans he lost, and he prophesied the imminent collapse of a career. And then Makarevich writes one more post in which to chew their position. And thus the musician for a whole year trolls the press, commentators on the Internet and Yuri E. Vine.

Died a former presenter of Eurovision

Actress and former music presenter of the Eurovision song contest, Katie Boyle died in the UK. She was 91, reports The Daily Mail.

Born in Italy, the actress was known primarily for his appearances on TV in the 1960-70’s. It is four times acted as the leading “Eurovision”: 1960, 1963, 1968 and 1974.

the Daughter of an Italian Marquis and an English girl, Boyle in 1946, he moved to Britain, where she began a career as a model. Among other things, she worked for Vogue. In the 1950s she played in several films, including “the Truth about women” and “Intention to kill”.

Ringo Starr became a Knight of the British Empire

the Former drummer of The Beatles Ringo Starr knighted by the British Empire. On Tuesday, March 20, according to “Bi-bi-si”.

“This really means a lot to me. Recognition for everything we did. I was pleased to accept this honor,” shared his feelings in the artist.

53 years ago The Beatles were already awarded the Order of the British Empire. Starr admitted that this time he lacked the company of band mates: “I had to be nervous alone.” According to him, he hasn’t decided what appeal to your address prefer: sir Ringo or sir Richard, but promised to wear attached to the title of the order before coming down for Breakfast.

According to popular legend, in 1965, members of the “fab four” smoked a joint with marijuana in the Buckingham Palace. Starr has denied these rumors, saying that they are trying to cope with anxiety, only smoked cigarettes in the bathroom of the Palace.

the Second of the remaining members of The Beatles Paul McCartney was elevated to Knights of the British Empire in 1997.

Makarevich laughed at the “rising wave of shit” because of vicious morons

the leader of the group “time Machine” Andrey Makarevich spoke about the media coverage, which provoked his comment in social networks. He wrote in Facebook on Tuesday, March 20, that he was misunderstood, but the scandal only proves his words.

the Musician told how during a tour of North America on the way from Chicago to Toronto he of calls from journalists “started to break the phone” but he politely avoided conversation. “On the tenth call thoughtful — what happened? I do not who died? The evening we arrived to the hotel, went online — that’s it! I happen to be “called the Russians the evil morons”! Blame me! The father of Russian democracy Milonov, the titans of rock Sklar and Vine! Offended and other representatives of the Russian people”, — has told Makarevich.

the Artist said that she never said what is attributed to him, and again led his review: “it seems to Me that the state propaganda have invented a twenty-fifth frame, which actually turns people into vicious morons”.

“There is a difference, no? Although judging by the rising wave of shit — does this twenty-fifth frame”, he added.