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Model Kendall Jenner wished to explore her vagina

the Rapper Lil Dicky has released a music video for the song Freaky Friday, which was attended by the singer Chris brown and model Kendall Jenner. Music videos published on YouTube-the artist channel.

In the video, brown, and Lil Dicky switching bodies, what unspeakably happy last. He sings about how good life rap celebrity with “penis dreams”. After that he finds himself in the bodies of musician ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled and model Kendall Jenner. 22-year-old American sang that she has a vagina and she is going to investigate further. Part in the recording of Freaky Friday was the debut of Jenner in the music industry.

Snapchat has offered to spank Rihanna and lost a billion dollars

the Singer Rihanna brought down the share price of the company Snap Inc for the humorous ads in the app Snapchat, offering to spank artist. About it writes The Guardian.

the Company lost about a billion dollars after Rihanna criticized in Instagram is a game for smartphones Would You Rather. In it, users were asked what they would prefer: to spank Rihanna or hit the singer Chris brown.

“Snapchat, I know that you already know your app I do not like. But I’m just trying to figure out what the meaning of this mess! I would like to call it ignorance, just know that you are so stupid! You spent money on something that deliberately makes fun of victims of domestic violence!” — wrote the artist in the Stories Instagram.

it is Noted that after the criticism, Snapchat has removed the ad and apologized for his actions.

There were photos from the scene of a serious accident musicians “Picnic”

the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for Vladimir oblast has published photos from the scene of the accident group “picnic”. Snapshots are available at website Department.

“on March 16 in operational duty shift of control Center in crisis situations the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for Vladimir oblast received a report about the accident to the address: Vladimir region, Gus-Crystal district, Vladimir road — tum, 50-th km. Into place immediately I left the MOE units, patrol, traffic police and the ambulance”, — is spoken in the message.

In the accident suffered members of group “picnic”. They were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Members of the group “picnic” was in the hospital with serious injuries

Members of the Soviet and Russian rock group “picnic” was hospitalized as a result of an accident in the Vladimir region. About it TASS said Elena Bonacina, Director of the Ryazan regional Philharmonic society, which was to be held a concert of musicians.

“They had an accident. As far as we know, three members of the group with the leader was hospitalized. The concert for tonight is cancelled”, — told Bonacina.

representative of the “Picnic” Viktor Dombrovsky has declared that the musicians received serious injuries. “An accident, severe accident, the causes are not yet known. The bus with the musicians involved in an accident, now they have, according to my information, quite heavy injuries”, — he stressed.

Dombrowski added that all upcoming gigs are cancelled.

Cords forced the former soloist of “Leningrad” to undress in front of a crowd

the Former soloist of group “Leningrad” Alisa VOX said that the leader of collective Sergey Shnurov forced her “to perform humiliating verbatim performances” live. She spoke about it in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

According to the singer, her most terrible memory is associated with 2014, when the Cords supposedly wanted to undress VOX on stage during a performance. “To force me to do this, a thorough psychological work. Sergey is an experienced manipulator. To me, the 25-year-old girl who unconditionally trusted his supervisor, nothing remained but to obey,” said she.

“Since then my life divided into “before” and “after”. All night after the concert I cried for two weeks lost voice nervous. Still I can’t wash away this humiliation, I was the only victim,” complained the VOKS.

a Video from one of the concerts of the “Leningrad”, which VOX undresses during a performance of the song “Loves our people”, published on YouTube.

In may, the singer released clip dedicated to the rallies. It is called “kids” not to meddle in politics. Cords criticized creativity Vaux, calling it rhymes preschool and uninteresting.