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Jennifer Lopez has been abused in his youth because of the chest

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez announced that they were sexually abused when they were minors. Her words quoted by the magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

According to the artist, it happened at the beginning of her career in film. During one of the auditions to her with indecent proposals molested by the Director. The filmmaker asked her to remove the shirt and show his chest. Lopez stressed that he did not have to be naked in front of a man.

“When I refused, horrified at her act. I remember my heart jumped, I thought, “What have I done? This man wanted to give me the role!” It was one of my first films,” she said.

Lopez did not disclose the name of the Director, the name of the movie when the incident occurred. The actress made her film debut at the age of 16, playing a cameo role in the drama “My little girl” 1986.

Animal welfare activists outraged by the brutal kidnapping of the dog alien

the Animal rights organization PETA criticized the creators of the movie “the Crazy stranger” for cruelty to a dog. Making of is published to the portal TMZ.

while working on one of the episodes picture the German shepherd was hung in a cage over the river, whirled and threw into the water. In the story, the dog was abducted by aliens. It is noted that the scene was re-shot many times before, as long as the Director of “a Crazy alien” NIN Hao was not satisfied.

the Shooting took place in China in November. Sources of the portal said that the dog didn’t get hurt, but was excited because of repeated falls.

The artist set fire to live chickens and caused a scandal

Museum of contemporary art MAC Lyon in France removed from display video Algerian artist Adel of Abdessemed. On Thursday, March 15, according to the portal, artnet.

a Piece called “Spring” was a record on which the dangling legs of live chickens burned alive. The curators emphasized that the video was created with special pyrotechnic effects and with its creation, no bird was hurt. The chickens were in the “safe fire” for three seconds, the record was set on repeat. Previously, the artist in the same way was set fire to himself.

the Work, which was shown in a separate room and only after a warning about “sensitive content”, caused a scandal in social networks. Activists have accused the Museum is that it “promotes torture of animals.”

representatives of the gallery said that the artist in many of his works and interviews condemns cruelty to animals, and “Spring” is a metaphor for violence and its negative consequences.

Fans of horror movies will help “to poop in my pants”

the Publication Vice have compiled a list of the best horror movies of Netflix, from which you can “craps his pants from fear”. In a rating published on Thursday, March 15, includes 17 paintings.

the list includes mostly classic horror, the rights to which were bought out by Netflix. Among them — “children of the corn” in 1984, “the Human centipede” in 2009, “Hellraiser”, 1987, “Dreamcatcher”, 2003, “the exorcism of Emily rose” in 2005 and “the Sixth sense” 1999.

in addition, the authors included in the rating “the Descent” (2005), “It” (2004, original title — It Follows, not to be confused with It — “approx.“), “the Babadook” (2014), “30 days of night” (2007), “ABCs of death” (2012), “Hungry Z” (2017), “the Good son” (1993), “the Conjuring” (2013) and the animated film “Coraline in Country Nightmares” (2013) and the Comedy “scary movie” (2000).

in Addition, the rating included Spanish band “Ouija: the Curse of Veronica,” which earlier in March announced the worst horror movie in history.