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All new series “Buttermilk” will devote to Oleg Tabakov

the film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” will dedicate all of the new series “Buttermilk” actor Oleg Tabakov, who voiced the cat Matroskin in old episodes of the cartoon. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Chairman of the Board of the Studio Julian Slasheva.

He noted that the death of the actor — an irreparable loss for the Studio, and at the beginning of each episode of the cartoon will receive a commemorative inscription.

people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov died on 83-m to year of life. The actor died surrounded by family at the hospital. A few months he was in the hospital, and did not recognize loved ones. In January Tabakov hooked up to a ventilator.

Serebrennikov spoke about “teacher and father” Oleg Tabakova

under house arrest on charges of fraud, the Director Kirill Serebrennikov has told the lawyer of condolences in connection with death of actor Oleg Tabakov. The text of the letter published on the website of the “Gogol-center”.

“For me personally, and for many of the actors of the Gogol center, who graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theater, he was a real Teacher, a guru, a Father. He always was the one to whom you can turn for help, and he will help, who to come to for advice, and this advice will be the case, he was the one whose presence in our lives gave me strength, confidence and inspiration,” shared pieces of silver.

people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov has died on 83-m to year of life. The actor died surrounded by family at the hospital. A few months he was in the hospital, and did not recognize loved ones. In January Tabakov hooked up to a ventilator.

The star of “Game of thrones” wanted to skip the casting in the series for the pig

British actress Maisie Williams talked about how he almost missed the audition for the role of Arya stark in the TV series “Game of thrones”. An interview with her published in InStyle.

According to Williams, the day of the audition she was going on a trip to a pig farm. Details she said.

the Actress received one of the main roles in the project before she turned 14 years old. To take part in listening to Williams persuaded the agent who noticed her at the talent show in Bristol. Prior to that, she was going to be a ballerina.

The matter tobacco

It is not very fond of the extreme avant-garde: fu, he turned the Mat into a commercial theater. It could not bear a cloth “patriots” — about the same: above all else (even the translation of “scrapie”), he appreciated the theatrical success. Loved it all the huge, colorful, in different religious and different voting country. For Schellenberg, Oblomov, the cat Matroskin, and dozens of other roles.

In the light of Oleg Tabakov was born in Saratov, a town so proud of it that not only elected him an honorary citizen, but during his life (three years ago) put the actor in the monument. Year of birth 1935 much to say to any of our person: this kit includes wartime childhood and hungry Libertines. The family lived in a communal apartment, or rather in communal apartments: a room mother belonged to one apartment, the room of my father — another, and they were at different entrances, but are separated only by a wall, in which the residents knocked a hole in it. During the war, the parents and the doctors almost never appeared on the horizon: the father went to work for the military-sanitary train, mother of the day disappeared in the station hospital. When the war ended, it became clear that my father’s moved on, he left the family — and this so struck the boy, decades later, a grown man was hesitant to leave his family for another love. Until the kids grow up. The company to which the guy came after the war, in our time would call a teenage gang. And went to Oleg to prison corridor, if not the mother, whatever became decided to pull out, to protect from evil influence. Salvation was the drama club. It also led to the idea to do the “acting” in Moscow.

the School-Studio of MKHAT, where the young actor first saw the “positive hero”, and then recognized comedic talent (really helped the Film). The fifties, the early beginning of the “thaw”, the overall feeling of free impulse. Tobacco was among the young actors that have created a Studio turned into “Contemporary”. This theatre is not going to have the aesthetic revolution — the main idea was the removal of the dull petrifaction of the forties with the living tradition of the Art theatre. And in ideological terms — no dissidence: young actors (along with their peers sitting in the audience) believed that the problem is not in Communist ideas as such, but bad implementation. When the young hero Tabakova in the film “Noisy day” on the play by Victor Rozov sword late father cuts the hard-won mother of Czech furniture — this is a call to return to the ideals of the revolution, rejecting the values of middle-class life. At this point Oleg wholly coincides with the country, and the country speaks through the actor.

And then — such coincidences continues. That’s just what was an idealist Makar in “property of the Republic” (1971), but already Schellenberg, genius in the service of the Reich (the idea that the authorities can and can collaborate with, there’s nothing about it that is already fully distributed in 1973). Here calving in 1979, when clearly heard in the country the tune of “inner emigration,” and one of its variants — emigration to the classics, and the wonderful comic characters (and Louis XIII in “the Three Musketeers”, and Akaki ushytsia “Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville”, and, of course, brilliant Eufemia miss Andrew in “Mary Poppins”). Escapism is everything. When the country began to change dramatically, and the cinema at the same time began to crumble, tobacco played and the President of Russia and mayor of new York, and a lot of other people — but life rushed forward so rapidly that the movies in her time and reality do not coincide. That’s why among the best roles of the actor in the film, no work of these years. His best role was to play in life.

in 1978 in the basement on ulitsa Chaplygina was played the first performance of the theatre Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov, which is then transformed into one of the most fashionable theaters of Moscow. But officially the establishment of the new theatre is permitted only in 1986 — and then begins the era Tabakov-Manager. Yes, from 1970 to 1976 (after the departure of Oleg Efremov at the Art theatre), tobacco directorsthe in the “contemporary”. But the chief Director there is a friend and colleague Galina Volchek, and the repertoire is, of course, determines it. In “Snuff” on Chaplygin Oleg Tabakov responsible for everything: for the poster, for the development of actors, strategy and tactics, repairs and fire safety. With its filing, the public learns of such actors as Sergey Bezrukov, and Vladimir Mashkov, Yevgeny Mironov — artistic Director are quite satisfied with their difference. The important thing is that all of them are loved by the public.

From that moment until the end of life strategy Tabakov-head — support those artists and Directors, whom the audience loved. And those who, as he sees it, they may love. In 2000, after the death of Oleg Yefremov, he becomes the Director of the Moscow Art Academic theatre named after Chekhov (Moscow art theatre when, in 1987, was divided into “male” and “female”, “Efremovsky” and doroninskoe, tobacco fully supported Ephraim). In 2004, the theater returns to its former name: now he’s just a Mat, no high-profile “academic”. And tobacco, taking theatre, where it sold less than half of the tickets for any performance, quickly bring sales up to ninety percent. Because he feels the theater like no other. And engage a very different — but always successful people.

he gets his chance Kirill Serebrennikov. Here releases the most ambitious plays Konstantin Bogomolov. Takes by storm the audience of the capital Yury Butusov. Grow the future leaders of the largest theatres in Moscow — Mindaugas Karbauskis (who now heads the theater. Mayakovsky), Evgeny Pisarev (artistic Director of the theater. Pushkin). And something Tabakov in their work may like it, some don’t (from the theater periodically hear rumors about a showdown), but tobacco is focused only on success. And she is not ashamed of the appearance in the poster of the Moscow art theatre performances innocently-commercial (like “Number thirteen” directed by Vladimir Mashkov; comicvine, you say? and 18 sold out).

tobacco maneuvering in politics, a friend of the Pro-government people, and seem to be completely cheerful cynic. But the cynics do not earn the first of a heart attack at the age of 29; not guarding so carefully students, even extremely distant beliefs; do not allow young filmmakers to put things which are “keepers of morality”. Yes, an idealist of the sixties in the new century was a tenacious Manager, who would not come to spoil the furniture. Again fully in line with the country.

Leaving many children and grandchildren (and the fate of each he has participated, every experienced), in the theater he left no formal successor. Was in a coma after a dental operation, that is, it was not Oleg Pavlovich’s time to think about what’s after it. Now we can expect the battle for power at the highest levels and the most outlandish statements claiming the seat of culture. A spectacle of this battle will become very sad — we are going to review the movie with Tabakov.

In Moscow will show, the musical “Anna Karenina”

At the Moscow operetta theatre will show the musical “Anna Karenina”. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

Performances will be held from 10 to 22 April and from 15 to 27 may. Tickets can be purchased at website.

“When we started to work on “Anna Karenina”, we were told that it is impossible to make this work a musical. But the performance was very successful and we are very pleased to get the theatre out of the theatre awards. We have repeatedly received the award “hit of the season”: the last time this award was given to our previous musical “Graf Orlov”. And we hope that this “Nail” will help us in the future anything else to put together,” said the producers of the production Vladimir Tartakovsky and Alexei Bolonin.