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Manager of DJ Groove confessed to the murder of mother-in-law

Concert Director DJ Groove Denis Kalinin is accused of killing Tiffany. On Wednesday, March 7, according to TASS.

“during the interrogation, the detainee admitted his guilt. Today, the investigation seeks the election of the defendant the measure of restraint in form of detention,” — said senior assistant head investigation Department of the investigative Committee in Moscow Julia Ivanova.

“the” reported in the UK that the suspect arrested.

According to investigators, the morning of March 6 in the apartment on Starosadsky lane 34-year-old Kalinin beat 77-year-old woman during the conflict, and then strangled cousin.

a Criminal case was opened under part 4 of article 111 of the criminal code (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim”).

Dude got the best answer to the question about Putin

the Frontman of the Ukrainian rock band “Molly Vulgar” Kirill Pale gave great Yuri Dude an interview published on YouTubechannel “wdwd”. To a journalist’s question “facing Putin, what do you tell him?” the musician paused for a moment.

the authors of the roller pointed out in the comments to the video, that is probably the “best response to a question about Putin”.

Dude asked a Pale, participated in the group sex. “I didn’t have a gang-Bang. I didn’t have a three-way,” said the musician.

The star of “the vampire Diaries” lost the baby and took a selfie

Australian actress Claire Holt, who starred in the TV series “the vampire Diaries” and “H2O: Just add water”, told fans about their miscarriage. She has published in Instagram a selfie from his hospital bed.

“I took this photo ten days ago, waiting for surgery after my baby stopped beating heart. I sent the picture to his groom, who was waiting outside the door to show that I’m fine. But it’s not. I had never felt so broken. I have long argued with myself whether to talk about it, and I’m still scared to make public his personal fight, but I still do it, because it’s important,” wrote Holt.

shared A post by Claire Holt (@claireholt) on Mar 4, 2018 at 3:52pm PST

the Actress complained that after the incident for a long time could not find anyone who has experienced such as she, and was ready to talk about it openly. “What breaks my heart is that we feel like miscarriage is something that shouldn’t be told. Why is this different from the death of a loved one?” — she was indignant.

Holt Later published another post in which he thanked followers for their support and kindness. She noted that she would send the same stories about the loss and she no longer feels alone.

Ukrainian radicals burst into the theatre and forced the singer to criticize Russia

Ukrainian nationalists-radicals blocked the entrance to the Theatre of Opera and ballet Lviv before the concert of singer Irina Bilyk. From the artist demanded to recognize Russia as an aggressor country, writes portal

“the Policy of Russia and its political elite is aggressive towards Ukraine”, — said Bilyk at the camera sitting in the dressing room with the protesters.

the Singer stressed that her husband is a Russian citizen and she would not call him an aggressor, as “millions of Russians”, including her family. “What one word you want to sign all the artists under a single template, it’s wrong,” she said, turning to block the theater.

Before the concert, about a hundred activists of nationalist organizations, in particular, the “Volunteer movement of the OUN” (banned in Russia), gathered in front of the theatre where a concert Bilyk. The reason for their discontent was the performance artist in the Crimea in 2015 and a visit to the anniversary of Philip Kirkorov in the Kremlin Palace in 2017.

Desperate Housewives blew up the clown and stop the meteorite in the video for “Leningrad”

the Group “Leningrad” has released a music video for the track “Not Paris”, dedicated to Russian Housewives. Clip published on the YouTube channel of the band on March 7.

In the video, the girl combines cleaning and cooking with the work of special agent: it destroys a squad of soldiers, involved in a car chase with the clowns, a car which blows up and stops falling to the Ground a meteorite.

“good point, Marisha,Our ass is not Paris.Clap your wings, don’t slam, —shish over the ass ravished.” — sung in the song.