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A gang of member of the CID and kidnapped six unemployed man in Moscow

the police and the FSB detained in the capital, a gang of seven, suspected of kidnapping a man and extorting from him 20 million rubles. On Friday, March 23, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

According to the source Agency, the gang consisted of the operative of criminal investigation Department OVD “Western Degunino”, and six were unemployed. In November last year, the confederates, threatening with a firearm, seated man in the car and rolled two days in Moscow and suburbs, demanding money. After he agreed to give millions, he was released.

the suspects prosecuted on kidnapping, false imprisonment and extortion. The fact of participation in the crime police in the Ministry of interior carried out an official inspection.

Informants sent under arrest for undermining the security forces in the laptop-the trap

Volga district court of Saratov arrested four suspects in the assassination of a police officer and employee of Regardie hospitalized after the explosion of the laptop. On Friday, March 23, reports the press service of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

the Four defendants will remain in custody for two months — until may 21.

the Incident happened the evening of March 21 during carrying out quickly-search actions. The police and Regardie agreed to meet with people who have information on one of criminal cases under investigation.

But he came to the place, instead of informants, the security forces saw the laptop. When they came to the computer, there was an explosion.

the fact of crime initiated a criminal case under part 3 of article 30 and paragraphs “a”, “W” and “z” parts 2 articles 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Attempt at murder of two and more persons”) and parts 2 of article 222.1. The criminal code of Russian Federation (“Illegal acquisition, possession of explosives or explosive devices”).

Fought in the Donbass unemployed people received sentences for the bombings in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg sentenced the unemployed Nikolai Motovilov Anton Golovatcheva, staged to undermine the traffic police post in 2015. On Friday, March 23, announced the press-service of regional management SK.

the Defendants were convicted of endangering the life of law enforcement officers, intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm and illegal trafficking in explosives and explosive devices. Motovilov the court gave 19 years in a strict regime colony, Golovatcheva — 19.5 years. Also, they have to pay 2.4 million rubles in civil suits.

They set off an explosive device on the step of the stationary post of traffic police located at the intersection of Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt and the embankment of the river Malaya Nevka river. The bomb was discovered on March 5, 2015 a traffic police officer.

“Going to the post, I saw standing on the top step box of juice. As it was necessary to open the door, threw her leg. The box fell to the ground, opened, and I saw a flashing light bulb inside the box. I immediately reported this to the duty of the unit, because I thought it was an explosive device”, — told the court senior inspector of traffic police Sergey Moseenkov, it quotes “the St. Petersburg diary”. According to experts, the charge was in working condition and only by a miracle did not explode.

a Second explosive device was laid in October of the same year, at a traffic police post at the intersection of Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Prospekt and Kantemirovskaya street, work, and in the explosion suffered by the pensioner, which foot pushed a package with a bomb.

According to “Fontanka”, both accused are unemployed. They fought in self-proclaimed DNR, and after returning home decided to hold a series of explosions to attract media attention “to the situation in the country,” said “the St. Petersburg diary”.

According to the newspaper, the investigators found that the defendants committed crimes “motivated by hatred of the institutions of state power” based on their correspondence and negotiations.

She has cut her own face with scissors for an alibi

the 20-year-old resident of Volgograd have stolen from a friend of 40 thousand rubles and slash their face with a pair of scissors to divert suspicion of theft. On Friday, March 23, announced press service of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

on March 22, the police asked the girl and reported that she found an unknown man in the apartment rented with two friends. According to her, the attacker, inflicting wounds with a knife, stole from the bag belonging to the neighbor of 40 thousand rubles and disappeared.

Arrived on the scene, the police found that the robbery was not. They found that the applicant herself committed a theft of money from a roommate, cut her face and hands with nail scissors, inventing the story of the robber, and called the police.