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After the attack on the Church in Grozny initiated a criminal case

In fact, attacks Orthodox Church in Grozny initiated a criminal case. This is stated in a message posted on website Investigative Committee (SK).

a Criminal case was opened under article 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (an encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body). “According to preliminary data, the attack killed two police officers guarding the Church, and two police officers wounded, also killed one person from among civilians”, — stated in the message.

Investigators have confirmed that the attackers were killed, they had shotguns and knives. “Professional police officers guarding the Church, helped to prevent more serious consequences of an attack and avoid more casualties,” he added in SC.

As the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, the identity of one of the attackers set. “He lived in a suburb of Grozny in one of the villages. One corpse was identified as police officer or as a parishioner. None of the family members father Sergius, and he didn’t suffer”, — he wrote in his Telegramchannel.

Kadyrov stressed that the situation in the city has not changed. “The city lives a peaceful life, all institutions, organizations, shops, public transport, opened to traffic on all the streets,” he said.

that the militants tried to take hostage of the parishioners of the Orthodox Church Archangel Michael, it became known the day on may 19. As a result of the RAID was eliminated four militants killed two police officers and one member. “There is operational information that the order fighters received from one of the Western countries”, — said Kadyrov.

Two extensions of the arrest the chief thief of Russia has recognized illegal

the Bureau the Moscow city court invalidated the rulings of the lower courts on the extension of the term of arrest of a crime boss Zechariah Kalashov (Shakro Young), convicted nearly 10 years in prison for extortion. On Friday, may 18, according to “Interfax”.

“the Decision of the Tver court of capital on 15 June 2017 and the decision of Moscow city court from 30 June 2017 to cancel. To send materials on new consideration” — the determination of the Presidium of the Moscow city court.

cassation representation in the Moscow city court asked the Deputy Prosecutor Vladimir Vedernikov. Supervisory authority was established that the materials in respect of Shakra and the other defendants in his case are contained differences in the plot of the charges brought in the investigation and prosecution, caught up in the materials requests for the extension of his remand, directed to the courts.

the Prosecutor explained that, in considering the question of extension of a measure of restraint the court had to consider the essence of the charges, however, the differences in the descriptive part of the charges are substantial procedural violation. In this regard, prosecutors asked to cancel these decisions and forward the materials for review. The Prosecutor noted that the petition he does not interfere in the analysis of the pronounced sentence.

“the Legal consequences can be such that when considering a complaint against the verdict of the appellate court will cancel it and return the case to the Prosecutor for elimination of infringements”, — said the lawyer of one of defendants in the case Alexander Chernov.

March 29, Nikulinskiy district court of Moscow sentenced Shakro for extortion to 9 years and 10 months of imprisonment in a colony. Approximate kingpin, crime boss Andrew Kochunov (Italian) was sentenced to 8 years and 10 months in prison. Also various terms have been and the other 14 defendants in the case.

March 28, the court acknowledged Shakro guilty of extortion. Judge Konstantin Dubkov also confirmed the dominant role of Shakro in the criminal world of Russia, which he took after the death of mafia boss Aslan Usoyan (Grandfather Hasan) in 2013.

Former Deputy Minister of culture was treated and sent to jail

Moscow’s Basmanny court arrested the former Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Grigory Pirumov in the case of embezzlement of 450 million rubles in the reconstruction of Hermitage, reports RIA Novosti.

At the hearing, the accused became ill, he called an ambulance. After doctors helped him, the judge announced the decision.

“the petition of the investigator to meet, to elect against the accused Pirumova a measure of restraint in form of detention,” said judge Elena Lena.

According to the investigator, nor Pirumov, nor the other defendants in the case — businessman Nikita Kolesnikov and former Director of the Department of property management culture Boris Mazo — do not plead guilty.

Pirumov during the hearing stated that the contract for the reconstruction of the Hermitage was awarded through e-auction, therefore, to influence him was impossible.

the Defense sought to release him under house arrest or under the personal guarantee of academician wounds, physicist Evgeny Velikhov.

the Investigator also told the court that Pirumov had intended to get a UK visa.

October 9, 2017 Pirumov was recognized guilty of fraud in the “case of restorers”, sentenced to 1.5 years of imprisonment and released in the courtroom served their sentences for time spent in jail. Another nine defendants in the case, including Mazo and Kolesnikov, received either a small period of time and was released, or suspended sentence.

According to investigators, Pirumov and his accomplices at the conclusion of contracts on restoration of objects of cultural heritage have stolen at least 100 million rubles. It was about the restoration of the Pskov drama theater, Novodevichy convent, the monastery of St. John the Baptist in Moscow and the Museum of cosmonautics in Kaluga, Izborsk fortress, fortresses Friedrich the Great in the Kaliningrad region and of the estate of the manufacturer Aseev in the Tambov region.

The court refused to return the rights Mare Baghdasaryan

Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow dismissed the claim of stritreysery Mara Baghdasaryan to the Metropolitan police demanding the return of her driver’s license. On Friday, may 18, announced RAPE press Secretary of the court Anastasia Tatarola.

the Girl asked to invalidate the refusal to issue a driver’s license and oblige the Police to correct the violation of rights and freedoms.

In March 2017, the court for life stripped Baghdasaryan driver’s license due to discovered she has epilepsy. In addition, she was sentenced to a year of corrective works for a fake sick leave, which she provided at the beginning of 2017 to avoid compulsory work assigned to her by the court for tens of overdue fines.

After the deprivation of rights, three times he was arrested driving the car in Moscow. The first time it happened in the summer of 2017. Her attorney argued that speaker was just asked pit a car and by the time of her detention she has not yet managed to budge. The court fined stritreysery 15 thousand rubles. Then she was accused of driving without a license in November of the same year, and also punished fine. The last time the traffic police stopped Baghdasaryan on the night of 31 March 2018 at the Leningrad Avenue in the Mercedes.

Former Governor White left in jail without orthopedic mattress

the Former Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh for several months can not get to his cell detention center “Lefortovo” he needed things. On Friday, may 18, announced RIA Novosti Executive Secretary of the public oversight Commission (POC) of Moscow Ivan Melnikov.

“In principle, now he almost complains of nothing. Waiting to be transported to the colony. However, he still did not put the camera on the TV and, despite our requests, did not provide mattress. Given his disease he needed,” he said.

According to Melnikov, in April, the leadership jail promised soon to resolve the situation, but all remained in their places.

may 10 the Moscow city court rejected appeal against the verdict of the Whites in the eight years for taking bribes. It was removed with additional penalty of deprivation of the right to occupy posts in state and municipal educational institutions for a period of three years. The rest of the sentence unchanged.

February 1, Presnensky court of Moscow found the White guilty of accepting bribes totaling 400 thousand euros from a businessman Yuri Sudheimer in the years 2014-2016. The court acquitted White of the charge in extortion of a bribe in 200 thousand Euro from the businessman albert Urickogo in 2012. In addition to imprisonment, the court fined the official on 48 million rubles.