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The former inspector of traffic police was forced to run behind the machine a man with a sick spine

a Former inspector DPS and his friend arrested in Tatarstan on suspicion in kidnapping and extortion. Against them criminal case, according to the website the Republican Department of the TFR.

According to investigators, 27-year-old former policeman and his 38-year-old friend drank in one of entertaining institutions of the city and began to stick to locals who, in their opinion, “defiantly,” Chagall. 29-year-old man told them he recently had surgery on my spine.

the Drunk attackers beat the man and took him outside the city. There they demanded a 15 thousand rubles for the fact that trying to defend himself, he threw one of the attackers bottle. Then the friends put on a young man handcuffed, tied around his waist tow rope and forced to run for their car a few tens of meters. The victim has agreed to their requirements, after which they took him back to the city.

The Russians stabbed the police for trying to stop to cut my veins

Talitsky district Sverdlovsk region court has sentenced to four years colony a local resident Sergei Krokhaleva, who cut her hand on a police officer, trying to slit her wrists in the division. On Thursday, may 17, reports press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

According to investigators, in October 2017 drunk crealev in an office office of Department of regional AMIA “deliberately” tried to slit her wrists in front of three police officers. One of the officers attempted to stop a detainee, but he cut his hand.

According to the Agency, crealev caused the police serious cut wound, which experts have classified as health damage of medium gravity. The court found the man guilty of assault on a police officer (part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code). The defendant refused to plead guilty.

Muscovite with an awl snatched on the pensioner

In Moscow detained a 25-year-old man, unjustly lashed out with an awl 70-year-old woman. About it “” has informed the representative of the Moscow Department of insurance Julia Ivanova.

the incident occurred on the night of may 17. Attack video published in the Telegram-channel Investigative Committee.

“Near the residential houses on the street Borisov Ponds unjustly suspect began to beat a passing 70-year-old woman and then stabbed her at least two blows with an awl in the head and fled,” — said Ivanov.

the Assailant was a local resident.

the Woman was hospitalized in serious condition.

Top Manager found in Moscow shot in the head

a Man found dead in an apartment house in Bolshaya Nikitskaya street in the heart of the capital, was known a top-the Manager Yuri Kotler. On Wednesday, may 16, citing its own sources, said the REN TV.

According to TV channel, Kotler three days go to the link. The man began to look for his assistant, having failed to find the boss, he called the police to open the door of the apartment. Inside Kotler found with a gunshot wound to the head. The circumstances of the death are still unknown.

according to “Kommersant”, in 2015, Yury Kotler has been Deputy Director General-head of Moscow representative office OJSC “Novorossiysk commercial sea port”. Prior to that, he worked in VTB.

13 may 2013 became known that Cotler, who earlier headed a project United Russia called “Personnel reserve — professional team of the country”, he was appointed senior Vice President of VTB.

Yury Kotler graduated from the journalism faculty MSU. In the early 90-ies he worked in RIA Novosti, as well as a correspondent for Time and New York Times. From 1994 to 2000, Kotler worked in the press services of state bodies and in the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin.

In parcels from Germany is children puzzles found 16 kilograms of methamphetamine

Intelligence agencies along with the postal workers found in parcels sent from Germany, it is forbidden for circulation in Russia drug methamphetamine. On Wednesday, may 16, announced Interfax in a press-service “Russian post”.

“According to the accompanying documents, in five international mail, addressed to Moscow and Ekaterinburg, was supposed to be a puzzle for kids from 3 to 6 years, and found 16 kilograms of methamphetamine,” — said in the message.

Drugs in boxes of children’s puzzles was discovered during the inspection of mail using x-ray equipment in one of the sorting centers in Moscow.

you can collect the package at the post office of Yekaterinburg, was detained 33-the summer citizen of Russia. When they searched the rented them the apartment, they found and seized mail with an attachment of drugs. A criminal case under the article on illegal production, sale or shipment of narcotic drugs in especially large size.