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Unidentified persons fired at a patrol of traffic police in Dagestan killed two policemen

Two policemen died during a fire patrol DPS in Dagestan. Another was injured and was taken to the hospital. About it RIA Novosti said on Friday, July 20, in the interior Ministry.

Unidentified men attacked a squad of inspectors Friday night, in the Kizilyurt district. They opened fire on the car in which there were three employees of DPS. The attackers fled.

Entire staff interior Ministry Dagestan raised the alarm. The attackers are looking for, the district introduced a plan “Siren”. It is known that they were in a Lada car.

“This place is called new Gulag”

In the last two weeks from the colonies of the Krasnoyarsk territory for five escaped inmates. The jailers made a real hunt for fugitives: three have been caught, two still on the run. Surprising about this story is that the prisoners sentenced for theft, theft and robbery, escaped from the colonies-settlements that are relatively soft regime. Staff penitentiary say that everything that happens — no better than chance; however, according to human rights activists, inmates go on the run because of the violence of the administration. “the” figured, why not sit Krasnoyarsk prisoners.

June 30 from the penal colony IK-16 in the village Minderla (Krasnoyarsk Krai) ran three prisoner: the 23-year-old Vyacheslav Stetsik, a 29-year-old Valery Boyko and 43-year-old Sergey Zhilin. Stetsik and Boyko was sentenced to five years of imprisonment each for stealing cars, Zhilin — to four years for theft. However, the last of the trio was perhaps the most dangerous: he had previously been convicted of serious crimes, including murder and rape.

the incident was immediately brought criminal case under article 313 of the criminal code (“Escape from places of confinement, from under arrest or from-under guards”) that each of the fugitives additionally shines till five years of imprisonment. In addition, each of them will have to return state money spent on their search.

two weeks later, on July 11, two fugitives caught: Stetsik has appeared in Krasnoyarsk, smartly — in Chelyabinsk. What to Zilina, then his search is still ongoing, and for information on the whereabouts declared a reward of 30 thousand rubles. To his detention focused operatives in all regions of Russia, including Kaliningrad.

while the guards lost their legs in search of the Trinity of Manderly, 314 miles away in the town of Minusinsk (Krasnoyarsk region) from the penal colony IK-38 escaped the 30-year-old prisoner Maksim Borodulin. For robbery and robbery he was sentenced to six years imprisonment. His absence was discovered during the daily inspection on the territory of a penal colony.

For information about the whereabouts of Borodulin at the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) has promised a reward. As it turned out, the guards hurried: the convict escaped on July 5 and on July 6 he surrendered authorities.

“Convicted Borodulin, willfully left the KP-33 DEC-38, arrested. In Minusinsk he near one of the shops walked up to officer LIU-32 OIC-38 and asked to tell the colony about his whereabouts,” — said the press service of the regional Department of the Federal penitentiary service.

the place of there arrived the staff of investigative management group of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia in Krasnoyarsk Krai, who brought the offender in a correctional facility. The story of the escape Borodulina was completed.

Less than a week after the events in Minusinsk local IR-38 was again in my ears: July 13, it was gone convicted Eduard Kozlov: in 3.5 years, he served under article 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”). Prison staff found no Kozlov during the daily check, and distributed the signs of the fugitive.

“Growth 170 cm, average body type, a face type European, the forehead high, eyebrows bow-shaped, curved nose, a mouth average, lips averages, a chin oval, brown eyes, dark brown hair. Postoperative abdominal scar 25 centimeters. Chest and back tattoos with image Celtic patterns on his right shoulder — the girl left shoulder — the icon, on the left forearm — the ship on his right knee — an eight-pointed star.”

For information about the whereabouts of the goats, declared a reward of 30 thousand rubles. So now the guards are hunting him and Sergey Zhilin; given the recent trend of shoots, there is no guarantee that the work them in the near future will not increase. However, according to the acting chief of regional management FSIN Vitaly Vasiliev, in fact no trends there, and everything that happens is just coincidence.

“the Majority of prisoners decided to escape, do not pose a serious danger. The fact that it happened over a short period, a coincidence. We have no increase of the shoots and there is no increase in problems,” said July 16 Vitaly Vasiliev.

He recalled that during the serving of punishment in colonies-settlements move freely on the territory of the municipality where the institution is located. In addition, these prisoners are not protected by the convoy and wear civilian clothes.

“Most of the escapes from prisons is made mainly for family reasons. The reason that drives the prisoners in the Commission of the unauthorized withdrawal, you can call “homesick”,” — said Vasilyev.

the facts five shoots 18 employees in the Department were disciplined, some are deprived of the prize. In search of the last of the fugitive, Edward Kozlov, involved 344 people and 26 cars — and that’s not counting the help of local residents.

“People call to seek help, one of the last shoots I can say that reliable information about the whereabouts of one of the escapees was said by one of the residents of the region, which will be awarded compensation in the amount of 30 thousand rubles,” — explained Vitaly Vasiliev. According to him, in the Krasnoyarsk region there was not a single case where an escaped convict was not arrested.

meanwhile, human rights activists do not agree with what a few shoots in a row in the Krasnoyarsk region of chance. According to the head of the portal Vladimir Osechkina, up to 2015 the main Directorate of the FSIN of Russia for the Krasnoyarsk territory was headed by Vladimir Saechnikov. According to private sources, it was during this period of time in correctional institutions of the Krasnoyarsk region was organized by “press-hut” (that represents that phenomenon “” spoke in detail in a separate material).

“In these “press-hut” delivered all objectionable persons from all regions of Russia, including from Moscow. By beating, torture, moral and psychological pressure, has made them the necessary evidence, confessions and, of course, multi-valued amounts. It could be “thieving authorities,” and large businesses. It becomes clear why this place is called new Gulag of Russia”, — explains the Seckin, in an interview with “”.

According to the interlocutor “of the” in Krasnoyarsk region has organised criminal community (OPS), which includes dishonest employees of the regional Department of the Federal penitentiary service and Main industrial construction administration of the prison service

Seckin says: OPS Krasnoyarsk with the support of influential patrons from Moscow annually attracts hundreds of millions of rubles, exploiting the prisoners as slaves, and also impresses any checks and Commission. In correctional institutions to prisoners is often used violence, many of them are in serious conditions, and therefore sometimes go on shoots. And while prison officials claim that they run in the Krasnoyarsk region are exclusively from homesickness, human rights defenders in the near future are going to prove that this trend of hiding much more serious things.

In Kemerovo residents stole the withdrawn slot machines and opened their own casino

Kemerovo six locals stole the withdrawn slot machines and opened an illegal casino. About it reported on the website of the regional SK.

According to investigators, in July 2017, the suspects staged gambling hall in the basement in the Central district of Kemerovo, the “disguise” it under the enterprise engaged in the trade of promissory notes. After the Scam was uncovered, investigators seized at least 30 arcade machines and computer equipment.

Also, the investigation revealed that persons from among suspects stole 15 gaming machines, previously seized by the police in another criminal case. Thereby they caused damage in the amount of 225 thousand rubles.

the criminal Investigation is ongoing.

8 Feb source “the” law enforcement agencies announced that the police unearthed a large underground casino in Moscow, which was located in an apartment owned by Viktor bout, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence in the United States. The organizer of the casino was detained and gives grateful evidences. It was clarified that his relationship with booth will be installed.

In Moscow, armed criminals robbed a Bank

Two unknown persons raided the office b & n in the North of Moscow. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the credit institution.

Armed with a pistol, the criminals in masks stole money from the cash office at the address: Leningradsky prospect, 75Б, then disappeared. Victims among customers and employees.

the Bank declined to name the amount of damages, noting that its own security service jointly with the police finds out all the details of the incident.

As told to the Agency “Moscow” a source in law enforcement bodies, one of the criminals was in the helmet.

Armed men attacked the house of a famous investigator in Moscow and killed dogs

Three unknown persons broke into the house of the former head of PGO in the investigation of particularly important cases of the General Vladimir Lyseiko. They stole from the safe of his home in the village Postnikovo (New Moscow) 30 thousand dollars (1.9 million rubles). It is reported Telegramchannel “112”.

it is Noted that the attackers neutralized the assistant on the farm of Alex, sprayed him in the face from a gas spray, and then tied the General. In addition, in the yard, they shot two dogs — a German shepherd and a husky.

the Robbers haven’t been caught yet, declared the plan “Interception”.