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Die today!

recently it became known that former Armenian thief in law Andranik Sogoyan (Zap Leninakan) accused in the killings of three criminal authorities. Moreover, according to some, Zap received “order” in the Azeri kingpin Nadir Salifov (Guli), the heir of the thieves of the throne of Russia. What motivates Ahoana remains a mystery, but it is possible that the attacks on the “lawyers” are personal insults, and attempts to win the favor of the leader of the criminal world of Russia Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young). In the complicated history of the hunter of thieves heads to understand”.ru” in cooperation with portal about the underworld of the country Prime Crime.

Nine years ago — in August 2009 — a group of influential thieves in law, headed by Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponchik) and Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) signed the “run” (statement), according to which the criminal authority of Tariel Oniani (Taro) was not recognized by the kingpin. Among other signature under “run” put the thief in the law David Osmanov (Dato Krasnodar) — the nephew of Zakhary Kalashov.

Taro do not forget a grudge, and in 2011 three of his supporters — thieves Roin Uglava (Malevich), Heraclius Kalichava (Hutu) and Gia Gurchiani (Svan) is attacked Osmanova in Belgium. In the massacre participated and David Alkhanashvili (Dato Pankisi). Osmanov survived, but suffered multiple stab wounds, including face and head.

After that, the torturers Osmanova in absentia were sentenced to death, and he has not since ceased to “pin” for something that is not even with the offenders in person, though, and could easily establish their whereabouts.

Revenge was accomplished only at the end of last year. In Istanbul, the Turkish was shot the 36-year-old Dato Pankisi. However, in fairness, worth noting: among those who perpetrated the massacre at Osmanbey, Pankisi was the most unimportant figure, so his elimination was more of a reminder to others that has not forgotten about them.

Shortly after the murder in Istanbul Dato Pankisi Turkish police came out on the trail of liquidators. According to the Turkish security forces, the killers were citizens of Armenia, and the alleged organizer, former Armenian thief in law Andranik Soghoyan (Zap Leninakan), who probably acted on the order of David Osmanova.

45-year-old Zap has been crowned in “thieves in law” in 1994 in the Armenian city of Gyumri (in the years 1924-1990 — Leninakan), when he was 25 years old. Surprisingly, the young owner of the thieves of the title is not found, what to do in his native Armenia, and went to Russia. In 1998, the REC was on large-scale thieves ‘ meeting in Odessa, where criminal authorities were trying to divide spheres of influence in the former Soviet Union. However, the negotiations were interrupted by the security services of Ukraine, who carefully documented all of the participants in the gathering. So Zap for the first time flashed among elite thieves.

In the late 1990s — early 2000s. often can be found in the low places of Sochi. There, on the shore of the Black sea, in 2000 to not trample the area authority has received 1,5 years conditionally for hooliganism. Not had time to end up like Zap got another year and a half suspended sentence, and again not serious for the world of thieves the article: in his pockets and found marijuana, but in such a modest amount that real time is not enough. And although nothing more serious for criminal authority was not, his two previous convictions were sufficient for deprivation of the right of stay on the territory of Russia.

without thinking, Zap moved to the Czech Republic with its strong Armenian Diaspora — and soon decided to assert themselves, forcing one of the local businessmen of Armenian descent to deduct half of the profit in “obshchak”. Accustomed to live according to European laws, the owner refused and was stabbed several times but survived. Then improvised. tried again to remove the recalcitrant businessman, but by mistake killed the driver, the citizen of the Czech Republic. Local law enforcement officers responded immediately. As a result of operation “Tungsten” Zap accomplices were behind bars.

Lawyers. has made every effort to make their client was released, and in 2009, the crime boss acquitted and released in a court hall. However, his two henchmen still went to serve time for illegal possession of firearms. But the Czech security forces did not want to admit defeat: proceedings. recurred several times. Eventually in 2013, he was still convicted of murder and attempted murder and was sentenced in absentia to 22 years in prison.

Zap donkey in the historic homeland, occasionally escaping to Moscow and Israel. Czech law enforcement agencies do not tired again and again to demand from the Armenian authorities to send the convict for his release. But here in destiny. there was an interesting twist: mysterious ways of a thief in law began to develop good relations with the authorities and the interior Ministry of Armenia has not become an issue. the Czech Republic. In the criminal community quickly realized that the authority probably was controlled by the officials and something needs them.

In July 2016 the Armenian society in the course of internal political conflict split into two camps: the opposition is trying to overthrow the current government, seized a police station in the Erebuni district on the outskirts of Yerevan. Thieves the world has not remained aloof from these events. Criminal authorities, following their unwritten laws, refused to cooperate with the interior Ministry of Armenia in the confrontation with the rebels, who quickly found himself in prison. But Zap predictably supported the government. Using his authority, he urged citizens not to succumb to the propaganda of the opposition.

at First, the move West brought him dividends: in the official “table of ranks” of the security forces, he became the first person of the criminal world of Armenia. However, leaning on the “shoulder” of the Republican government, the West was rapidly alienated from the other “lawyers”. Those, in turn, was not going to forgive him for treason. And thieves, the retribution came. September 10, 2016 on the streets of ler Kamsar in Yerevan.

that day he was in company with his assistant Suren Avetisyan (Pasha tha Suro Leninakan) and nephew Artyom Ghazaryan (Strict Egan Artem Leninakan). All three of the ritual was beaten by six Armenian acting “lawyers”: Gevorg Melikyan (Gevorik in Oshakan), Andranik Harutyunyan (Ando Lame), Samvel Haroutiunian (Manati tha Itself), Rafael Khoyetsyan (AFO), Norayr Piloyan (Concho) and Artem Mikaelyan (Artem Goris).

following the massacre of the Trinity were deprived of thieves title, however, the Armenian law enforcers not to drop credibility. at least in the eyes of the public, expelled his attackers. Due to this, in Turkey there was a strong group of thieves soon find themselves under the influence of the “Sukhumi” clan thief in law Merab Jangveladze (Merab Sukhumi), to which belonged the victim and the offender Osmanova — Dato Pankisi.

Deprived of the title of the West had a grudge against the offenders — to be a kingpin in the avenger and of the liquidator. His first victim last summer was a former thief-in-law Hayk Nikoghosian (Aiko Karabakh). He joined the “family” of Armenian thieves in exile, who had a grudge against.. Aiko began to call it “behind the eyes” not a thief — and soon paid for it: people. did Nikoghosyan disabled, shot his legs in his home. Interestingly, as in the case of Dato pankisskom, Zap punished the most innocuous of authority, do not personally involved in his life. Perhaps affected by the fact that the loud statements in the address. he forgave “lawyers” sounded too insulting in the mouth of Aiko, which was deprived of thieves title 15 years ago, the powerful Grandpa Hassan.

Following a crime, the organizer of which is called Elixir, it was done at the end of last year. Then the Turkey shot Kutaisi thief of the clan of Tariel Oniani — Goku, Alpaidze (Alfasan). He survived only by a miracle. The only person at Alphason shortly before the assassination there was a conflict, is representative of the nearest environment Shakro Young, Nodari Asan (Nodar Rustavi). The reason for the disagreement between Nodar and Alpazolam become their diametrically opposed interests in the Rostov region, which for many years single-handedly controlled Nodar.

Following the assassination of Alphason after a few days in Istanbul was killed by Dato Pankisi again, and Zap was the alleged organizer of the crime. But if in the case of Aiko, you can still talk about protecting Sapom his honor, that two of the December crime definitely look services clan Shakro. Despite the fact that in Yerevan. deprived of thieves title, supporters of Zakhary Kalashov still recognize the avenger as a thief; in addition, the closeness with the clan Shakro he gets power and money. All this allows us today ZAPU to be in the rank of “looking” for the underworld of Armenia and the Republican control the “common Fund”.

meanwhile, it is possible that Zap intends to continue his “career” of a liquidator. Shortly after the murder of Dato Pankisi David Osmanov assist in the negotiations. and Zaur Akhmedov, a cousin of the Azerbaijani criminal authority Rovshan Dzhanieva named Lankaran, shot in Istanbul in August 2016.

After the death of Lankaran he owned outlets at Food city, the largest food market in Moscow, located on the Kaluga highway, have moved to Zaur Ahmadov. Who exactly was the customer of murder of Lankaran, has still not been established; however, one of his main enemies was the Azeri kingpin’s number one Nadir Salifov (Guli). He, by the way, is considered the main contender for thieves “throne” after arrested Shakro.

Ahmedov has vowed to accomplish in relation to ghouls vendetta — and it is possible that the successful elimination of Dato Pankisi allowed ZAPU to order thieves heir to the throne of Russia.

meanwhile, the Passivation behavior can not be called unconventional for a representative of the criminal world — albeit deprived of the title. The thieves in the law under various pretexts to kill each other throughout their history. Today one can hardly remember the thief, whose hands would the blood of another thief, most of whose names at the hearing, her elbow. My Grandfather Hassan, the supporters of which were treated and Zap, there was always one or more thieves who were responsible for military actions. Those, in turn, had their own brigade of killers-professionals. They proved to be essential in those moments, when Ded Hasan was active actions against their opponents.

To known thieves liquidators, for example, in the Stavropol region, took Lawrence Tsolakidis (Loew Marneuli) and Vladimir Zhurakovsky (Vova Chubby). Kuban example of the thief liquidator is Armen Harutyunyan (Armen Chubby Kanev). This list is long: the number of existing thieves came out of the killers who kill, not to protect her honor, and fulfilling orders. And some of them have left this occupation and after getting high status.

a Recent example of “thieves” killings (not counting crimes.) — the shooting in February of 2015, the kingpin Oleg Pirogov (Circus), his friend, “the lawyer” Vadim Ivanenko (Vadik Krasnodar). The latest in what has become an unnecessary link in the Kuban schemes nephew Shakro David Osmanova.

According to the “official” version of the Circus led to the execution of the decision of the gathering of thieves — truth present “legalists” nothing about it knew… whatever it was, the murder of Krasnodar he not only went to the Circus with it, but strengthen its credibility with the support of a powerful clan Shakro.

Today, the thieves of the war are mainly in Turkey and there was demanded the perpetrators of the killings with the experience, especially the Armenian militants. They are very knowledgeable about the region freely cross the border in both directions and not stand out in the crowd. Investigating the December murder of Dato Pankisi, the Turkish police were able to track one of these teams, which led to ZAPU.

“At all times on the other side of the law the best way to prove his devotion was murder, someone will point — sums up the editor of the “Prime Crime” Victoria Gefter. — In the criminal environment is encouraged. Nothing binds like blood, which in all respects is generously paid. As for the dark Affairs., the retribution for such things is something nobody can avoid. But most thieves live by the principle: “you Die today, I tomorrow”…”

Skripal was convicted of drug

the Former head of Department of FSB across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region Konstantin Lapin, who was sitting in the same colony together with Sergei Skripal, spoke about the harmful habits of the past. About it report “Vesti”.

“there were rumors that before prison, he used drugs, in particular cocaine and heroin,” says Lapin.

Earlier, the inmate Skripal told that in the colony he worked the first shift in the clothing industry, cutting the thread, and kept to herself. “Skripal was dirty, he went unwashed. Yes, he was competent. He walked like a hermit,” — said Lapin, who headed one of the prison units.

For their actions Skripal in 2006 was convicted and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. In 2010, as President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev pardoned him, after which the former Colonel GRU in the number of Russian citizens convicted of spying for the US and the UK, were exchanged for 10 agents of the Russian special services detained in the United States.

Cellmate Skripal spoke about his prison life

the Former head of the fourth management UFSB across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region Konstantin Lapin, serving a sentence in a penal colony, along with ex-GRU officer Sergey Skripal, told about their prison life. His words on Tuesday, March 20, leads to “360”.

Kripalu, according to Lapin, brought a good transfer with sausage and candy. “Not the food that we ate in the dining room,” recalls a former KGB officer.

In the colony Skripal worked the first shift in the clothing industry, cutting the thread, and kept to herself. “Skripal was dirty, he went unwashed. Yes, he was competent. He walked like a hermit,” added Lapin.

Comparing the former scout with the other prisoners, he noted that most of them were convicted of crimes against persons and only two of the men in the colony, including Skripal, — for treason. “In our country people want to live, do some offense, but the Home do not change”, — said the former FSB officer.

For what crime was he convicted Lapin, not reported, but States that in the colony he led one of the detachments. This means that it had to do with the so-called asset. So in the prison called the inmates who agreed to cooperate with the prison authorities. The other prisoners usually refer to them as traitors and consider them as “goats”.

For their actions Skripal in 2006 was convicted and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. In 2010, as President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev pardoned him, after which former Colonel in the number of Russian citizens convicted of spying for the US and the UK, were exchanged for 10 agents of the Russian special services detained in the United States.

The criminal world has declared a thief-the liquidator

Armenian thief in law Andranik Sogoyan (Zap Leninakan) linked to three attempts on crime bosses. It is reported by the information Agency (IA) “Prime Crime”.

According to the Agency, . called the organizer of the execution of Kutaisi kingpin in gochi, Alpaidze (Alfasan) committed in Turkey at the end of last year, supposedly on the “order” crime boss Nodar Asoyan (Nodar Rustavi).

“in addition, (…) is not hidden. the leading role in the massacre of a former thief-in-law Hayk Nikoghosyan, aka Aiko Karabakh, which people Soghoian made invalid, shot his legs in his own house” — said the “Prime Crime”.

February 27 reported what Turkish police got on the trail of the killers kingpin David, Alkhanashvili (Dato Pankisi), shot in Istanbul on 22 December last year.

According to the Turkish security forces, the killers were citizens of Armenia, and the alleged organizer — Zap Leninakan.