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Hide and seek with death

the Recent arrest in Moscow thief in the law of Hajibaba Talabani, known in criminal circles as Haji Beylagan, made a lot of noise in the criminal world. And it is clear. According to investigators, in April 2012, he shot Ilgar Aliyev, the companion and friend of the leader of the criminal world of Russia Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan). This murder of Haji made a lot of enemies. In the criminal world his life is now inexpensive, and anyone who sends it to the light, you can count on respect from the lawyers. To the disgraced thief survived at least to the verdict, employees, law enforcement had to go on an unprecedented step and put it in the jail No. 6 — the only women’s prison in Moscow. However, according to experts, this can hardly be considered reliable protection from vendetta. In the loud story of Haji Beylagan “the” versed together with the portal about the criminal world of the country Prime Crime.

Their ascent to the criminal Olympus 36-year-old Haji Beylagan, born in the Azerbaijani city of Beylagan fully obligated to his boss, the now deceased thief in law Rovshan dzhaniyev (Lankaran). For a long time, Haji was a personal Mameluke (guard) Rovshan — and the boss thanked him for his loyalty: in 2012, thieves ‘ meeting in Dubai, Beylagan, the thieves got the crown.

In August 2016 Rovshan was shot in Istanbul; the customer of this crime many considered Nadir Salifov (Guli), Azerbaijan kingpin No. 1. After Zachary Kalash, the leader of the criminal world of Russia, went to court and received a ten-year prison term for extortion, that Guli is perhaps the main contender for the throne of thieves.

After the death of Rovshan he owned outlets in the largest wholesale and retail food the center of Moscow — located on the Kaluga highway Food city — went to Zaur Ahmadov, a cousin and brother-in-law of the deceased at the same time credibility. Akhmedov has vowed to accomplish in relation to ghouls vendetta and was the mastermind behind the thieves ‘ war.

as for the Haji, he after death of the boss actually was in the position of ronin — samurai without a master. For almost two years after the assassination of Rovshan lawman has been in the criminal Chronicles. Turkish security forces suspected in the murder of Haji kingpin of Alibali Hamidov (Goja), which occurred on August 18, 2013 in Istanbul. In addition, according to some, Hadji could assassinate his greatest enemy — Guli. Beylagan spent some time in a Turkish jail, but eventually was released and in April appeared in Moscow.

In the capital, Haji was already waiting. Zaur Akhmedov gave the lawyer a broad — prestigious penthouse and two armored vehicles, after which Haji began to act. He met with a major Metropolitan businessmen from among his countrymen, urging them to participate in the war against ghouls. It is unknown what progress has been able to achieve Hagi in this field, but may 31 at the restaurant “White house” it detained employees of Moscow criminal investigation Department.

what the detectives were accused Haji, was not immediately known. At first it was said only that he was accused of committing a serious crime, but the details of the charges kept secret. However, soon revealed: according to investigators, was arrested in April 2012 on Presnensky to the Shaft in Moscow shot from the gun crime boss Ilgar Aliyev (Ilgar Danabas) and shot his young companion. Ilgar was an associate and personal friend of the leader of Russian criminal world, thief in law Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan), who was killed in Moscow a year later, in January 2013.

— until his death Ilgar was in direct daily contact with Aslan Usoyan, says Victoria Gefter, the editor of the “Prime Crime”. — The fact that the Moscow office of Ded Hasan, where he spent much of the time, was in the restaurant complex Ilgar on Cook. Ilgar was so confidant of Hassan, which could even push for the coronation of their protégé.

Companion “”, notes: Haji Ilgar shot at the personal request of Rovshan. It was murder mafia-style, in front of dozens of witnesses; the killer left at the crime scene his DNA.

— the fact that the Azerbaijani business Ilgar (in other words, Ded Hasan) directly competed with the interests of the family Rovshan — continues Gefter. — However, the economic rationale for the murder was not the only one. At the time it happened a few days after the coronation of the new Azerbaijan kingpin under the patronage of Ilgar — in contrast to Rovshan. But the main thing — the murder of Ilgar was the signal to the Grandfather Hassan, rehearsal for murder him. Killing a person from the inner circle Hassan, Rovshan gave to understand that to get the Grandfather to him not working. Who really killed Hassan — today a mystery. If the murder of his Grandfather is who I think it is, then the crime would never be revealed.

According to the rules of the underworld, which operated for many years, a lawyer may not kill other thieves, except by order of a criminal gatherings. Killing Aliyev, Haji broke the thieves ‘ code; however, his objection may be the blood of many other casualties — according to some sources, about ten, including Goju. Moreover, Haji tried to encroach on Guli and his family members. In fact, Beylagan is not just a thief, ronin, seeking revenge for the death of the boss, but a full-fledged killer with thieves title.

— Before you become a thief in 2012, Haji is just the same and was a professional assassin — Victoria explains Gefter. — His coronation — is a sign of our times. If the killer could be a thief because of devotion to the rules of the underworld, today there are cases, when crown killers because of personal loyalty to “tones”. More than that, most likely, Haji was crowned for the murder of Ilgar Aliyev. That’s how important it was for Rovshan.

the Thief-the liquidator their killings predictably made many enemies, the most dangerous of which, of course, ghouls. The heir to the throne of thieves have proven that he is a thief gangster type, ready, if necessary, to eliminate each, if at stake is it honor among thieves. And it is not contrary to the rules of the underworld: there is the act of thieves, who decided to kill in order not devalued the title. And in the criminal world ghouls, on the one hand, fear for its rigidity, and on the other respect for the fact that it is not beyond the thieves of the law.

…Right after detention of Haji Bahamascope he was placed in a temporary detention facility (IVS) on Petrovka. However, law enforcement officers, apparently, quickly realized that with such enemies of Hajji has all the chances to live up to the court and decided to transfer him to a safe place. Unexpectedly in this position appeared detention center No. 6 on Shosseynaya street in Pechatniki is the only women’s prison in Moscow, where in addition to members of the fairer sex holding, and former security officials.

According to experts, try to save Hadji from the Avengers, hiding it in a safe place — the move is quite logical. However, the questions is the fact that the lawyer tried to hide it in the women’s jail No. 6.

the Practice of isolating the authority from the vengeance of the criminal world exists, says lawyer Ivan Mironov. — Criminal laws, any decent prisoner should ask the criminal where thieves blood, if he was in a cell with a man. Therefore, measures are being taken: normally these people are placed in a special chamber “of the Kremlin Central” (a special unit in the prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”) or in the detention center “Lefortovo” (under FSB).

According to the defender, while ensuring the safety of the kingpin, whose life is in danger, takes into account not only the possibility of the other prisoners to sing “the verdict”, but the degree of corruption of prison staff. That is why the decision to send Haji in a women’s prison raises questions.

I think that jail No. 6 — not the best place for this, assuming that about it speak and write, — says Mironov. Is quite boundless prison, and where there is chaos, there is always corruption. So this insulator is opaque, so any issues with the property can be resolved informally. If the investigation is concerned to save the life of a prisoner before the court, the better “Lefortovo” and “Kremlin Central” has no place.

the Lawyer said: half of the contingent of the two insulators — and they are at the Federal level — testify to the powerful and the criminal authorities. In these places, everyone understands the level of personal responsibility for the safety of every prisoner. In SIZO No. 6 far from it, but the gothamite Haji Bagaevskom it is unlikely that someone will provide.

— It can some time to mess with by a special escort, isolated from the total paddy wagons, but no more, — said Mironov. — What Haji was placed in a section of the former security forces on women’s Central, said that his security and life, no one special meaning attaches. Otherwise it would have taken more stringent measures. By the way, a certain lawyer won’t leave, because when the person is one under the weight of psychological problems, he can not cope with emotions and quietly commit suicide. Or he can “help” someone out corrupt employees. Therefore, no one will take the responsibility to put Haji alone — in any case he should be under the care of inmates who are in close contact.

With the fact that SIZO No. 6 — not the best place for such an authority as Haji, agrees and the lawyer Sergei Belyak. He States: as in a women’s prison holding both men are former law enforcement officers, there is an effect of the insulator in the insulator. That is why, not because sitting there is a woman, the possibility of shootouts in printers less.

— However, they cannot be excluded, and that women’s prison is highly conditional and temporary protection for the thief in the law, — says the Hare. — If you want to, people can get there, and sharpening in the hands of the former corrupt police officer or even female drug addicts are not less acute and dangerous than in the hands of a Gigue. We have no really effective system of witness protection and therefore have to did, coming up with similar tricks with the women’s prison.

whatever it was, before the trial or after Haji Beylagan will probably be kept in isolation from other prisoners: it will hide the whole time. However, these security measures in any case would be detrimental to his thieves ‘ status. Namely, it is concerned with its chief enemy.

— the Main thing for now Guli — not the elimination of Haji, and the fact that he was sitting not as a thief in law — explains Victoria Gefter. If the ghouls want to reach Hagi in jail, there are dozens of people wishing to attract the attention of influential authority. For the honorary right to perform the ghouls will be competition. But it is in the spirit of the lawyer to give Haji to live as he would sit, then when he comes, savor the dish quite so cold.

the Main killer of the world of thieves would be difficult to retain their title. To help him against the ghouls of today only a clan of lawman Merab Jangveladze (Merab Sukhumi) and Haji’s excited about it. It is the clan Jangveladze was behind the initiation of Beylagan in thieves in Dubai in 2012. In addition, Haji closed your ex killed Rovshan, part of which is claimed by Sukhumi.

— Being about a month in Moscow, Haji met many thieves and is perceived as a thief, says the editor of the “Prime Crime”. — However, his status will put the prison (SIZO) where he is should be declared as a thief and get feedback, that is, it should take in this status. The only place where these rules do not apply, — women’s prison. In fact, this is a temporary ploy of the administration, so as not to aggravate the situation.

Get whether the Haji some support in the criminal world — the big question today. Thieves who recognize Haji will automatically become the enemies of the ghouls, and to quarrel with him I’m afraid even seasoned authorities. Victoria Gefter notes: ultimately a chance to survive Beylagan almost there, sooner or later, a powerful enemy to get to him. And while the thief-the liquidator hiding in a women’s prison, the purpose of ghouls are those who are fully devoted to Haji brothers of the deceased Rovshan — Namik and Zaur. Therefore, in the “Game of thrones” the world of thieves to the finals is still very far away.

among the thieves began a large-scale purge over the last two weeks titles lost three crime bosses. On Wednesday, June 13, according to the information Agency (IA) “Prime Crime”.

Titles also lost the 36-year-old Mindia Goradze the (Lavishly Batumi) and 38-year-old lekso Logua (lekso Gali).

Kingpin was sent to women’s prison for the murder of a friend of father Hassan

the Thief in the law Hajibaba Talabani, known in criminal circles as Haji Beylagan, placed in the only women’s prison in Moscow. About it reports information Agency “Prime Crime”.

“on 9 June Haji Beylagan was transferred from the temporary detention facility (IVS) on Petrovka street in the women’s prison №6”, — stated in the message.

detention center No. 6 on the Road the street (Pechatniki district, southeastern administrative area), the only female detention centre of Moscow. In 2016, “Moskovsky Komsomolets” reported that the insulator in the environment of the arrested is often called the “prison 666” because of the harsh conditions.

June 1 became known that 36-year-old Haji Beylagan was detained in restaurant “the White house” by employees of Moscow criminal investigation Department. The detention was held on may 31.

The youngest thief in law was beaten and was deprived of the title of a seasoned authority

among the thieves began a large-scale purge over the last two weeks titles lost three crime bosses. On Wednesday, June 13, according to the information Agency (IA) “Prime Crime”.

As noted, from excess in their ranks lawyers get without any external intervention. Of title, in particular, have lost 25-year-old Revaz of Ubilava (Resiko The) — one of the young thieves, crowned at the age of 21. It was rasarnava with the phrase “random passenger” 44-year-old Koba Akhvlediani (Koba Sukhumi).

Titles also lost the 36-year-old Mindia Goradze the (Lavishly Batumi) and 38-year-old lekso Logua (lekso Gali).

The killer of a friend of Ded Hasan hid in a women’s prison from the Avengers

kingpin Haribabu Talabani, known in criminal circles as Haji Beylagan, was placed in the only women’s prison of Moscow, to protect from possible attacks. On Wednesday, June 13, “the” said the editor of the information Agency (IA) Prime Crime Vic Gefter.

“on the one hand, this is done in order not to aggravate the operational situation — contradictions in the prisoners’ environment regarding the status of Haji Beylagan necessarily arise in any jail, in addition to women. On the other is a measure of his personal safety. The threat to life and health right now is extremely high,” said Gefter.

the fact that the criminal authority was in jail No. 6 is the only female prison of Moscow on Highway street (Pechatniki district, southeastern administrative area) — it became known earlier, on 13 June. In 2016, it was reported that the insulator in the environment of the arrested is often called the “prison 666” because of the harsh conditions.

June 1 became known that 36-year-old Haji Beylagan was detained in restaurant “the White house” by employees of Moscow criminal investigation Department. The detention was held on may 31.