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She has said a victory over Egypt’s race back in St. Petersburg

Football fan decided to celebrate the victory of Russia over the command of Egypt swimming in the canal. Video of the rescue operation put the witnesses in the community “accident and emergency | Saint-Petersburg” in Vkontakte.

“On the canal riot police pulled the drunk fan out of the water. The fan is a little sobered up,” — said in comments to the video.

According to “Fontanka”, the girl at first tried to save the locals, but they could come to the aid employees of Regardie. The girl was in no hurry to leave the water, quietly floating on the back.

The top Manager of the Russian energy accused of spying for a NATO country

Board Member PJSC “inter RAO” Karina Tsurkan detained by field investigators FSB and arrested in Moscow on charges of espionage. On Tuesday, June 19, reports “Kommersant”.

June 15, the top-Manager was taken to the investigation Department of the FSB, where she was charged with committing a crime under article 276 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Espionage”). The maximum punishment under this article — up to 20 years in prison. The Lefortovo district court at the request of the FSB arrested Turcan until August 13.

protection of the top-Manager of “inter RAO” contested elected the measure of restraint, but the date of appeal in the Moscow city court yet to be appointed.

according to the publication, the FSB for a long time quietly watching the contact Turcan; she is charged with cooperation with the businessmen allegedly linked to foreign intelligence of Romania (countries of the NATO). PJSC “inter RAO” she is in charge of block trading, that is in charge of the export and import of electricity. In addition, the top Manager responsible for the business “inter RAO UES” in Moldova Moldavskaya GRES in Transnistria and the supply of electricity from the station to Chisinau.

Sobyanin replaced the cops on electric motorcycles

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin transferred the capital management traffic police 30 electric motorcycles “IZH pulsar” and four electric cars, “ovum.” On Wednesday, June 13, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“Moscow will be the first European city in which service will carry the battalion of the traffic police, a fully equipped electric vehicle,” said the mayor when visiting the training ground in Aparinki.

According to the mayor, the police will start using electric motorcycles during the world Cup.

“I think they’ll survive. It is important to work for them in the competition area, parks in the city centre. Try it, if it fits, let them buy and beyond,” Sobyanin promised to the traffic police.

electric motorcycles “IZH pulsar” is mainly produced from domestic components the concern “Kalashnikov”, said TASS. They are 100% organic, they are completely absent in the exhaust emissions into the atmosphere.

in addition, they have low noise, convenient for operation in residential neighborhoods. Moreover, electric motorcycles low maintenance costs: the cost of 100 kilometers is from 13 to 36 rubles, and diesel motorcycle — 236 rubles.

In Siberia burned about fifty coats

bailiffs sent for the destruction of 53 furs, which the police seized in Tomsk and Kemerovo. On Wednesday, June 13, reported Interfax in a press-service of management of Federal bailiff service in the Tomsk region.

“fur Products domestic production did not have the correct labelling, so the goods were deemed illegal. Among the seized — coats, coats, vests using sheepskin, Mouton, mink and rabbit. Estimated value of the products amounted to more than 1.3 million rubles,” — said in a press release.

All the goods burned on the site of Tomsk utilizing the company.