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The last flight Simeonov

Exactly 30 years ago, on March 8, 1988, large family Ovechkina, the mother and ten of her eleven children decided to escape from the Soviet Union, took a scheduled flight Irkutsk — Kurgan — Leningrad, and demanded to fly to England. But instead of Heathrow Tu-154 landed at a military airfield Glove near Vyborg. The talks ended in a shootout, in which the plane was completely destroyed, 11 people died, 35 were injured. Almost all air the terrorists during the assault had committed suicide. All these years the materials of the criminal case and the trial was kept in the Leningrad oblast state archive in Vyborg, and, according to the staff, none of the representatives of the media did not try to read them. In search of new details to the correspondent “” Igor Nadezhdin has studied the history of the last flight of the family Ovechkina.

on March 8, 1988 at 14:52 Moscow time the crew of the Tu-154, carrying out flight 85413 on the route Irkutsk — Kurgan — Leningrad, through the flight attendant one of the passengers passed a note along the following lines: “the Crew to follow in any capitalist country (England). Not fall, otherwise you’ll blow up the plane. The flight is under our control”. The notes in the case file there — it burned down along with the plane.

In the history of world aviation, this thing came under the title “Seven Simeonov” — so called family jazz band Ovechkina. From other similar stories it is distinguished by one feature: the mastermind of the operation was a woman, 54-year-old woman Ninel Ovechkin. The current generation doesn’t know what the name Ninel is one of the first of the Soviet neologisms, the resulting reshuffle of the backwards letters of the alias of the leader of world proletariat Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin).

Ovechkin was a simple Siberian family, and even somewhat ordinary. Many children living in Irkutsk conventional wood and stone building with “indoor plumbing”, as they said. They had a large farm, which had to work from morning till night. Father, Dmitry V., he worked as a mechanic — and then write in the indictment, “on the basis of alcohol abuse became disabled and in 1984 he died.”

the Mother was left alone with ten children: seven boys and three girls. She worked as a salesman in the wine and spirits Department. In the criminal case of the seizure of the plane are short, non-committal phrase, “characterizing”, as the lawyers say: “For a long time Ovechkin Ninel Sergeevna worked as a salesman of vodka and all this time was engaged in the speculation of alcohol, including at home in the presence of their children, for which he was prosecuted. Permanently, by any means striving for profit, a mother, having a strong and powerful character, brought up children in the spirit of acquisitiveness”.

In fact, the people who lived in the Soviet Union, remember: due to widespread shortages and starvation the majority of the population wages each cool as could: someone took “hack” someone with needlework, someone from spring to autumn plowed plots of land.

From this point of view Ovechkin is absolutely no different from the hundreds of millions of other families of the USSR. In villages and in small towns, children with early sowing and before the end of the harvest spent more time with adults: the problem of visiting the school stood in front of the majority of provincial schools are very acute. Hence — and long, not like the rest of the world, summer vacation.

But one and the same work on the plot in the characteristics could be reflected in different ways. To his favorite students wrote: “a Caring and hard-working student, always helping parents.” And for those who violate the same designated a different phrase: “Prone to skipping lessons under the pretext of helping the family, prone to greed”.characteristics Ovechkina collected by the operatives of the KGB, meet the two sentences: in particular, to travel abroad for the international festival of youth and students about all of the children stated: “Diligent, careful, take great interest in public life, the lessons actively discuss with the teachers; help the mother, including watching younger brothers and sisters.” A year later, those same people signed the very different characteristics: “Without good reason, missed the classes at school had a negative influence on younger brothers and sisters who had entered into disputes with the teachers”.

this duality was the criminal case against Ninel Ovechkina: employees of the KGB recovered it from the archive, and the investigator filed in the appropriate volume. This is typical of the mid 80-ies of the last century: first, the district under the Protocol polls a few local alcoholics, and they voluntarily and sincerely tell you that Ninel anytime you can buy vodka. Then the same readings these same people give to the investigator. After that, the house was searched, and find a couple of bottles of vodka.

In March 1984, kuibyshevskyi ROVD of Irkutsk city brings criminal case under article “Speculation”. The mistress of the house says that alcohol keeps for personal use. Six months in a criminal case you do not receive any new securities and, in January 1985 (formed when the composition of the delegations from Irkutsk at the international festival of youth and students), the investigator takes a decision to release Ninel Ovechkin from criminal liability, as it “mother-heroine”, and can be corrected with the help of the team.

it is Clear that this criminal case was just a form of pressure on workers or residents. You can, of course, to suggest that Ninel gave a bribe to the investigator… anyway, now the truth we’ll never know. The children saw the entire thing — and many knew her parents and friends. The duplicity of the authorities was projected on the duplicity of each full member of the progressive Soviet society.

And, by the way, the family Ovechkina reigned the cult of men. Despite the fact that all worked on an equal footing, the best were always men. Daughter was preparing all my life to be on the sidelines. Although she Ninel Ovechkin, according to those same neighbors, was very powerful and determined woman. But the clerk’s wine and spirits division and can’t be a sissy… just because some “privileged” position, all the boys Ovechkina since childhood, studied music in clubs. According to mother, all her sons were talented, although questioned later, the teachers did not confirm that.

As if there was any, but in early 1982 Ovechkin created a jazz band “Seven Simeonov” in honor of the heroes of the Siberian tale about seven brothers of twins, attracted the local king of his prowess. It included seven brothers — girls not taken. The eldest, Basil, was 20 years old, the youngest, Sergei — three years.

Actually, it is external data and unusual for the Soviet Union, the repertoire is not too popular then jazz brought to the attention Ovechkin. In Irkutsk they were quite popular, but not all: in the airport of the passengers got to know them only three-four people, mostly by musical instruments. And all of the crew of the captured aircraft only, flight attendant Alexander Janitors knew who they were and told everyone else. As follows from the testimony of the crew of the “Seven Simeon” heard it all, but the person did not know and even with the work were not familiar.

However, a good questionnaire (children from a peasant family, who became at the young age of brilliant musicians), the similarity of the faces and the contrast of age, unusual repertoire and youthful enthusiasm, as well as reviews of public and Komsomol organizations which actively invited the ensemble with unusual repertoire, played a role — Ovechkina noticed. As they said, they “got into the stream,” which carried them upstairs.

In 1985, they entered the cultural delegation of Irkutsk at the international festival of youth and students in Moscow. About the delegates the event was filmed reports and Ovechkina noticed. In 1985 about them made a documentary film, the leitmotif of which were farm hands, vydelyayutsya amazing roulades. And, of course, interview Ninel Sergeyevna (with the order “Mother-heroine” on the chest) and sisters who are proud of the brothers and say a big thank you to the families of the party and the government, which managed to solve the talent in the simple tillers.

It was a facade. By many letters of complaint: the Director of the pioneer to take in the music section on concessional terms, in Support to help buy musical instruments at discounted prices in the Komsomol — to allocate funds for the sewing of concert suits… In the Irkutsk city hall with a request to allocate two apartments. Ovechkin, being an employee of Soviet trade, better than many others knew what it means to “go with the flow”. And how to do it.

Actually, the group “Seven Simeonov” stars in the sky are not enough, but it was profitable and convenient largely because he remained an Amateur and did not require funding. In the end, all were satisfied: and the musicians who became popular and in demand, and local authorities, who discovered gold nuggets and Ninel Ovechkin.

indictment: “Possessing the musical abilities, the brothers Ovechkin with city organizations in 1982 he created the family music ensemble “Seven Simeonov”, however, pursued only one goal — to get rid of unattractive in their opinion, work in his economy, earning money with an ensemble. (…) Soon the ensemble Ovechkina became known, but the wages did not suit the selfish aspirations of the family. And even when the brothers Vasily, Dmitry, Alexander and Oleg exceptionally accepted at the music school of Gnesin, and Igor and Michael provided the opportunity to study at the school named after Dunaevsky, they studied for one semester, left school and returned to Irkutsk, as the dream of high earnings was postponed indefinitely”.

In November 1987, the “Seven Simeonov” in the cultural delegation of Irkutsk went on tour to Japan. Unwritten, but strictly adhere to the Soviet rule, the whole family overseas travel was impossible, and in Tokyo flew just sons: the mother and sisters remained in Irkutsk.

the indictment States that in Japan the brothers Ovechkin intended to apply to the U.S. Embassy asking for asylum, but are unable to find an acceptable way and abandoned their intentions. From the testimony of the accused Olga and Igor Ovechkina, it follows that the older brothers really wanted to seek political asylum abroad, but not necessarily — the whole family, to leave her mother and younger sisters in the Soviet Union they did not want. Whatever it was, but “attempts during the stay in Japan in November 1987, contact the U.S. Embassy from Ovechkina competent authorities has not fixed”.

However, after returning from the land of the rising sun in the family Ovechkina thinking about emigration. Moreover, “Seven Simeonov” not only freely acquired there a very scarce and reference-quality radios and cassette recorders, but also brought them in the USSR, where it is very profitable to sell. At first the dreams were abstract, “it would be nice to live there…” Then they began to acquire specific details.

indictment: “Initially, the mother and sister of Olga, did not support this decision, but then under the influence of persuasion of other family members agreed, and in mid-February, the family Council it was decided to capture the aircraft in flight and force the crew to land outside the Soviet Union. From that moment began the active preparation of Ovechkina for implementation of the plan: family members, including Igor, began to sell various household items, furniture, radios, rugs, personal belongings, etc., and Olga on March 2, 1988, closed his personal account in a savings Bank in the city of Irkutsk”.

the Result of painstakingly restored last months of his life Ovechkina and the slightest signs that they began to prepare for the seizure of the aircraft, actually appeared only in February 1988, less than a month before the March 8.

Even by giving testimony, survivors, family members Ovechkina protected the mother: judging about everything, they loved her. Therefore, the main “engines” of seizure, as follows from the indictment, were brothers Vasily, Dmitry, Oleg and Igor. Three of them had already passed military service in the Soviet army, and, in spite of tradition to serve away from home, they served in Irkutsk, in the Red barracks, which was occupied by the aircraft division. They had combat training — but in General the Siberians and so from early childhood, know that such weapons and what the end of his charge.

In mid-February, Vasily and Dmitry came to the neighbor, the famous hunter, and asked him for the gun. The interest they explained that on the eighth of March they were invited to hunt with the big Irkutsk chiefs. The neighbor gave the gun.From the weapons of the brothers, immediately made a spare — but then the unexpected happened: the owner of the gun, afraid of something, demanded to return the guns back. And then Dmitri and Vasili mimicked the rupture of the barrels of weapons, allegedly occurred when a random shot. So they managed, even after a fight, but not to attract attention.

Two new guns they took under the same pretext from another neighbor, and the officer’s part where the older brothers were serving. He bought his hunting license and gave the brothers the primers, powder, casings… Officer gave the brothers devices for equipment of cartridges, and spending a fraction.

to Make improvised explosive devices (homemade bombs) older brothers helped Igor: he through former classmates found the approach to the master of inservice training of school UPK (training and production plant). Under the guise of some “glasses for musical instruments that are needed as counterweights” the teacher turned to them the three buildings for grenades. Judging by the fact that for each of the parts Basil paid by chervonets (ten rubles), the main condition for was speed: in normal times, such work for more than three rubles is not worth it.

three similar parts, “an acquaintance” it was made by the Turner garage Irkutsk oblpotrebsoyuza — also under the guise of musical balances. Shells, grenades, gunpowder, the brothers spent their trial: in the city garden blew up the tree. Birch resisted, but, apparently, Ovechkin remained happy with the effect.

In the early 70-ies in the USSR there have been several cases of seizure of aircraft and hijacking them abroad. About it then almost did not write, but talked a lot among the people. The most striking confirmation of the veracity of the tales introduced a screening system: all the airports of the Soviet Union for a short period, equipped with rentgenoterapii (Interscope) and hand-held metal detectors, and gates altered so that to pass without inspection became impossible. Ovechkina that a few times flew to a speech in Moscow, carrying with them musical instruments, knew and check and the procedure for oversized Luggage.

indictment: “Brothers Ovechkin weapons, ammunition and explosives decided to carry on Board the plane in the bass. Wanting to check whether the inspected double bass in airports, Dmitry and Alexander 17.02.1988 busted out the double bass in Moscow, the train traveled to Leningrad, where again the aircraft returned to Irkutsk. Making sure that the inspection of the bass can be introscop and detect weapons, Dmitry set bass guitar pickup, which increased its dimensions, but allowed to put bass in introscop, and placed and cemented on the inside of the bass arms, ammunition and explosive devices”.

at the same time Ovechkin hastily sold off all the property. When immediately after the capture of the operatives of the KGB came to search their home, they found literally a blank wall; there were no carpets, no radio, no clocks and values. The fate of the valuables and cash of unknown, most likely, they are burned together with the owners.

the Route to Leningrad was not chosen by chance: in contrast to the flights to Moscow, flights to city on the Neva river fly regularly and often, but half-empty. To capture it was important: the whole family could get together in a convenient location of the salon, surrounded himself with hostages.

on March 8, 1988 at 06:05 local time Ovechkin arrived at the airport of Irkutsk.

the Flight from Irkutsk to Leningrad was making an intermediate landing in Kurgan. An hour after departure from this city Ovechkin gave the flight attendant a note written on torn from a school notebook in the box the leaflet: “the Crew to follow in any capitalist country (England). Not fall, otherwise you’ll blow up the plane. The flight is under our control”. Immediately after that, someone from the girls Ovechkina some reason stuck on the wall in the cabin the two lines of adhesive tape so that they formed a white cross. Why this was done, to find out and failed, but this white cross better than the rest remember all the participants of the tragedy: the passengers and crew.

At 14:52 Moscow time the note was transferred to the aircraft commander Vasili Kupriyanov. After reading it, he immediately pressed a special button “disaster”, and later reported on the radio in the Vologda centre of air traffic management: in his area of responsibility at an altitude of 11 600 meters in that time was the plane.

From Protocol of interrogation of the commander of the aircraft Kupriyanova: “Immediately after receiving the note I kicked the crew out of the cockpit, locked the door, then the crew loaded service pistol and read the instruction about actions in case of capture. After that, I asked the flight attendant to report the situation in the cabin. Vasilyeva reported that the invaders are a group of 11 people, including three children aged 9-10-11 years. They are armed with two sawn-off shotguns, on the left pane are pasted cross. We with the crew arranged to simulate the flight abroad.”

15:11 the crew were invited to follow to Tallinn, but after 20 minutes came a new team — a choice of either a Siverska airport or airport Glove. The change in route required a significant reversal. And although the ground was obscured by clouds, but this turn the terrorists could not fail to notice by shining in the Windows of the sun.

At 15:19 on negotiating with terrorists went to flight engineer Ilya Stupakov — he was the oldest of the crew and the representative. “When I entered the salon, I immediately pulled two of the shotgun and banned. I said that we’re going to refuel, as fuel, even to the border of the USSR is not enough. In response I have been instructed to refuel in any country outside the Soviet bloc, except Finland. I said that we don’t have kerosene anywhere, and then the criminals agreed in Finland,” in his written record of his interrogation.

At 15:24 in the North-Western military district of the USSR the plan was declared “Alarm”. The details are in the materials of the criminal case is not reflected. 15:25 the alarm was given the “alpha” group. At 15:30 the alarm began to collect officers of the Vyborg police Department and the KGB.

At this time, the aircraft to simulate the long flight to Finland, extremely slowed down.

Around 15:45 the Board began to decline. Only this time, the cabin crew announced to passengers that the plane was hijacked and on-demand offenders are flying abroad. But by this time many already have guessed — something strange is happening: those who tried to go to the toilet, I saw two young men, armed with rifles, and on the chest of one of them hung a strange cylindrical object.

the Airport Glove at that time was the military part. Her commander, after receiving the alarm, ordered the staff to cordon off the runway. No one told him that this can not be done (then the newspaper wrote that the soldiers for a few minutes turned the Soviet military facility into a kind of Finnish small town — but that’s not true).

From Protocol of interrogation of a stewardess Vasilyeva: “Before boarding Ninel Ovechkin, then Ovechkin and Olga demanded from men-criminals that they were convinced that the plane lands in Finland. However, under the pretext of lack of fuel the crew immediately went to the landing. Watching out the window Olga Ovechkin saw soldiers and shouted that a plane lands on a Soviet airfield.”

the Plane landed at 16:05. Ovechkin immediately demanded that the passengers did not get up and was not moving. Igor immediately after landing moved to the cockpit and demanded to open the door. Then he covered the peephole in the door chewing gum. After 15 minutes it came to the flight engineer, who explained that the need to refuel. In response to this Ovechkin took hostage flight attendant instructor Tamara is Hot… They got her to sit in that row, which was occupied by themselves, and forbidden to move.

“Igor behaved: he is a formidable voice shouted in the cabin that passengers did not move, and then turned to me and completely different, calm tone, telling about his life. Then a terrible voice said to the cabin crew that in 10 minutes they’ll start killing hostages, but then again quietly continued the conversation with me. I was under the impression that he only imitated the threat,” — said during the interrogation on 9 March, the flight attendant Irina Vasilyeva.

Immediately after landing, the commander of the crew were transferred to the center of the air traffic demand of the terrorists is to remove the soldiers. And they were removed — took beyond the runway and hid “in the folds of the terrain”.

at 16:30 on the airfield Glove has arrived operative group of Vyborg in the 16-member officers and sergeants of militia and the KGB out of the house and never trained. They immediately with the sides of the nose and tail so that they could not see out the window, ran to the plane. And one of them, the investigator of the Vyborg police Department senior Lieutenant Petrov on the ladder through the window climbed into the cockpit. In one hand he had a gun, the other with a spare magazine to him, and on top of the pea coat wearing a bulletproof vest.

“capturing Group with such a noise penetrated the cabin, the criminals immediately became clear that Board outsiders” — several times repeated in the interrogation of all crew members. In response, Dmitry Ovechkin shot in the head shot Tamara Hot. Her body was left lying in the aisle.

At 16:55 and 17:16 from Pulkovo airport flew two helicopters — they are lucky the operational staff at the scene: the head of the border district of the KGB of the USSR, commander of United flight Pulkovo, his Deputy for the regime, five officers of the apparatus of the Leningrad management of KGB of the USSR and three police officers operational police regiment (these three Sergeant was special forces, trained to disperse the crowd and prevent a riot, and do not know how storm is not something that is captured by the plane — even apartments.). Helicopters with the headquarters landed in the Glove at 17:22 and 17:45 respectively.

To 18:00 in the cockpit other than the pilots, were two police officers, armed with Makarov pistols and bulletproof shields. At 18:30 the staff said on the Board that signal the beginning of the assault will be the beginning of the movement of the aircraft on the runway. And forbidden to move without a team.

Negotiations of varying intensity continued until 18:32. During this time, the plane three times, drove tankers, and under their cover were approached by policemen and KGB officers. They were just going in the blind spot. Using conventional pliers, they were able to open the hatch of the Luggage compartment, to penetrate it, to discover technological hatches leading into the passenger compartment. But, unfortunately, it is good to hear Ovechkin. the Team “to start off” arrived at 18:42 — and the plane began to move.

Located in the cockpit, the police opened the door to the salon and opened fire along the passage. While they were in sitting in the first rows of passengers and was wounded in the leg by Igor Ovechkin, who was standing near the door. Vasily and Dmitry in response to the shots fired from shotguns, and wounded both police officers. Both sides ran out of ammunition, and the cabin door was closed.

From Protocol of interrogation of Igor Ovechkin: “At that time my elder brother Dmitry shouted that the cabin had penetrated the soldiers, and then showed us all on the carpet, which was trying to lift from the bottom, near the kitchen. Started shooting who the shooter was, I didn’t see it because I hid in the kitchen.

From Protocol of interrogation of the minor witness Mikhail Ovechkin: “as a result of this shooting wounded him, he along with his mother and the Hive was sitting in a chair in the third row from the tail of the aircraft. Dima is also a one-time shot in response. I remember that the first shots rang out from below, from under the raised carpet, and then said Dima. At this time, the shooting in the first cabin ceased.

the Brothers realized that they were surrounded, and decided to blow himself up. Dmitry at that time said that will not sit in a Soviet prison [and suicide]. Vasily and Oleg walked over to Sasha, who all this time sat in the chair in the last row on the port side of the aircraft, stood tightly around the explosive device, and he set it on fire. They were invited and Igor that he too was blown up with them, but he didn’t answer, and the guys thought that he was killed. When there was an explosion, no one was hurt, only Sasha lit up the pants. In addition, the explosion lit up the upholstery and knocked out the glass window. The fire started, and then Sasha [committed suicide]. Then Oleg [committed suicide]. When Oleg fell, the mother asked Basil, that he shot her. Basil took from the hands of Dima single-barreled shotgun and shot her mother in the head. After mom fell, Bob told us that we all ran away. All this happened at the very tail of the aircraft. I was sitting in the chair in the last row on the right side of the plane and saw the guys [committed suicide]”.

Only when the fire started, the other passengers jumped up and ran to the exits. Flight attendants were able to deploy two emergency ladder, but some of the passengers in the back jumped on the wing and fell down.

From the testimony of the flight attendants Vasilyeva: “Surround airplane military began to require some passengers to lie on the ground, and fettered their hands. One soldier, whose identify I can’t, shot in the back lying on the runway man. I especially want to mention that the military behaved very rudely with the passengers, even when everyone was evacuated”.

as a result of the incident was destroyed five criminals, two more were wounded; killed three passengers and one crew member, injuries of varying severity received 14 passengers. The plane burned completely. The first and only official statement came only a day later, in the afternoon of 9 March.

Source: ITAR-TASS NEWSrelease date: 09.03.1988Title: Theft failed to preventCategory: СОЮ1the Theft was averted.

According to the Ministry of civil aviation of the USSR, 8 March a group of armed criminals made an attempt of capture of the passenger plane Tu-154, carrying out flight Irkutsk — Kurgan — Leningrad hijacking abroad.

the Taken measures, the criminals are neutralized. As a result of terrorist action victims. On the spot passengers are given the necessary assistance, take all measures to ensure their security.

over the offense being investigated. –0–

System information: SOCIETY-HIJACKING БЕ772 /GLV VV Macs/

17-year-old Igor Ovechkin was sentenced to eight years in prison, his sister to four years. During the investigation it became clear that Olga Ovechkin took part in the capture of the aircraft being pregnant. The girl called Larissa, was born in prison. Military that shot lying on the ground passenger and seriously injured the result set failed.

So ended the inglorious attempt to “Seven Simeonov” escape from the USSR to a better life.

the Editors”.ru” thanks for the help in material preparation all employees of the Leningrad regional state archive in Vyborg (LOGAV). Special thanks to Director Svetlana Krasnotsvetov and head of the reading hall of the Isabella FR.

Died, the organizer of the persecution of Berezovsky

Died former head of the Department of economic counterintelligence of FSB Alexey Pushkarenko. On Wednesday, March 7, announced in Twitter, Advisor to the Director of Regardie Alexander Khinshtein.

“Reported the sad news: died, the former head of the economic counterintelligence of FSB Alexey Pushkarenko. Knew him well. It was a real chekist,” — said Khinshtein.

According to him, Pushkarenko was the initiator of a number of high-profile criminal cases in the 1990-ies, including against oligarch Boris Berezovsky. “Eternal memory of Alexei Illarionovich”, — said the Advisor to the Director of Regardie.

FSB detained militants and prevent terrorist attacks in the North Caucasus

the FSB together with police officers detained in Dagestan, five supporters of the Islamic state (the terrorist organization “Islamic state” banned in Russia), which recruited volunteers and sent them to Syria. On Tuesday, March 6, according to RIA Novosti.

According to the public relations Center of the FSB, the detainees persuaded to leave Russia for at least four inhabitants of the Republic. They all received training in field camps of the “Islamic state”, and then become active participants in the terrorist group.

Dagestan recruiters seized a large quantity of explosives, weapons and ammunition, which was intended for a series of attacks in the North Caucasus.

In the Kuban region, the debtor brought down the police officer for trying to arrest his car

the Kuban, the debtor was hit by a bailiff who came to arrest his car. On Tuesday, March 6, reported on the website UFSSP for the Krasnodar territory.

the Incident occurred when the bailiff Yuri Sereda came to the defaulter to make the act of inventory and seizure of his property. The man owed more than a million rubles on loans, and in addition, not underpaid to the state of 300 thousand rubles of rubles of taxes.

“Seeing the bailiff, which is an act of inventory and seizure of the car of Hyundai brand, the debtor showed the whole gamut of negative emotions. First, he insulted him with obscene language. Then got behind the wheel of the described vehicle and made arrival on the employee of the service”, — told in the press service of the Ministry.

the police officer did not suffer serious injuries, but the violent the debtor still has opened a criminal case. For the use of violence against a representative of authorities, he faces up to 200 thousand fine or up to five years in prison.

The Ukrainian came on foot to the Crimea, and brought full of coins package

Eight kilograms of coins of the national Bank of Ukraine found Russian customs at the citizen of Ukraine, who came on foot to the Crimea through the checkpoint “Armyansk”. On Monday, March 5, said Interfax in a press-service of the Crimean customs.

“the Man was visibly nervous, carrying a heavy black plastic bag. Customs officers decided to check the contents, the package turned out to be more than 450 undeclared memorabilia, commemorative coins, souvenir coin from the National Bank of Ukraine”, — told the Agency.

When crossing the border the man in the passenger customs Declaration is not filled. The documents confirming cost of the goods was absent. Coins sent for examination.