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Large Russian city was left without light

Barnaul from-for a Gale-force wind almost completely remained without power and partially reported RIA Novosti citing its correspondent in the city.

a Powerful storm began after 21:00 local time (17:00 Moscow). “In a few minutes in the Central part of the city power outage, there is no light in areas Osipenko,., in new buildings in the Baltic and in other regions”, — told the witnesses.

due to the hurricane were damaged dozens of cars were also fallen trees, fences and billboards. In addition, according to Interfax, a construction crane fell off the boom and fell onto power lines and a car, killing the crane operator.

Before the storm in the city stood 30-degree heat.

Kadyrov explained the reasons of crash of Mi-8 helicopter in Chechnya

in Chechnya Crashed helicopter Mi-8 fell off a cliff with a height of 150 meters due to a sharp gust of wind. About it announced in his Telegram the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

According to him, the Mi-8 belonged to border management and was based in the village Tuskharoi Itum-Kalinskiy district of Chechnya. The helicopter was carrying guards at the gate.

“the Helicopter has fallen to plant guards. When he hung two meters from the ground, there was a sharp gust of wind. The helicopter was shrouded, two of the guards managed to jump off. Seven people were left when it is already off the cliff with a height of 150 meters fell into the abyss,” — said Kadyrov.

The reason of accident of Mi-8 in Chechnya called the collision with the ground

Crashed in Chechnya Mi-8 collided with the ground when landing, reported on the website of the Investigative Committee.

IC opened a criminal case on violation of flight rules which have entailed heavy consequences.

Helicopter fell day the 7th of March in Changyou gorge in Itum-Kali district of the Republic near the border with Georgia. Killed, according to preliminary data, six people. “Interfax” citing working at the crash site of the headquarters reported one survivor.