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Blind disabled accused of “standing lookout” during the robbery

Charged with robbery of a disabled child on sight Peter Smith had spent four months in jail, where his health deteriorated and the invalid of the second group, he became a disabled person of the first. About it reports “Radio Freedom”.

According to investigators, Petrov, along with another defendant in the case Rustam Magomedkerimov beaten and robbed on the street. Svetlana Vasilyev, took her thousand roubles and two mobile phone for 500 rubles each. The indictment says that the disabled person “was standing in close proximity to the victim, observing the surroundings and exerting a moral influence Vasilyev, thereby facilitating its unimpeded accomplice in the seizure of property”.

Petrov’s own version of what happened. He told “Radio Liberty” that day went by Magomedsalam to meet his friend who wanted to rent an apartment. “I heard the cars driving, heard were people we were close to the metro station where lots of shops, and then Rustam came up to me and pulled my sleeve like a dog, dragged to the road, to my question, said the hostess, he didn’t answer,” recalled the man.

Arrived on a call police detained them at the nearest traffic light. Petrov once said that he was disabled and showed the certificate. The victim Vasiliev said during interrogation that he did not know Petrov and he did not beat her. After that, the operatives put him in the car, somewhere, brought out of the salon and was told to sit down and pull the arm — as in the case of a Protocol inspection of the scene of the incident with Petrov’s testimony, which he allegedly personally read and signed, although he did not go to school and cannot read and write.

the Court sent them both into custody, where Petrov did not have access to necessary eye care and treatment. Before the arrest, he was able to navigate in a familiar space such as an apartment, but in four months the man has almost completely lost the remnants of view.

Russia made the gap of air links with the United States

Flights between Russia and the United States was under the threat of termination because of the visa policy of Washington. About it said in comments to the Russian foreign Minister.

“we Cannot exclude that our country will be left without air service. Aeroflot, which only operates regular flights between Russia and the United States may be forced to stop them because the crews are experiencing increasing difficulties in obtaining U.S. visas,” — say the diplomats, noting that the duty in advance to grant visas to staff of aircraft recorded in the U.S.-Russia air transport Agreement of 1994.

On Smolensk-Sennaya square added that “the situation with the issuance of U.S. visas in Russia is very depressing. The official waiting period for the visa interview, which in August 2017 was increased by Washington to 85 days, recently extended at all up to 250 days, that is is now eight months. In other words, to apply for visas becomes meaningless.”

Aeroflot Agency TASS confirmed the problem with obtaining crew visas USA.

Earlier, on 19 April it became known. The United States denied to enter the Russian ballerina Olga Smirnova. The organizers of the performance believe that such a decision could be taken on political grounds — “there are no other guesses, except that she is from Russia. But it doesn’t make any sense.”

Investigators sided with the accused of the torture the FSB

Investigative Committee did not initiate a case against the employee FSB Konstantin Bondarev and other investigators, which anti-fascist Victor Filinkov accused of torture. This “bi-Bi-si” said the activist lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov, with reference to the notification of refusal to initiate proceedings.

“Bondarev, K. A. made an informed decision on the use of a Taser and the limits of their powers are not exceeded,” the document says.

during the inspection the complaint Filinkova the FSB officers told investigators about the use of Taser against Filinkova. Their evidence shows that after the detention the activist allegedly attempted to escape from a van in which he was traveling together with employees of special services. To prevent escape, one of the security officers “in terms of the transience of what is happening” double-struck young man with a Taser once in the thigh, once in the torso. Then the driver braked sharply, and Filinkov fell, receiving a graze on the face and possibly other “minor damage”. According to estimates of the anti-fascist, which he recorded in his letter to the members of the PMC, after the arrest on his leg was 33 trace from a Taser.

Previously, became known that the FSB operative captain Konstantin Bondarev, Filinkov which was accused of torture for the sake of appreciate orders, in November of 2017 received the official gratitude from the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg “for exemplary performance of duty”. For what he was awarded, the parliamentarians said.

Russian students won the world championship on programming ICPC

the Russian students won the world Cup and four medals out of 13 on the prestigious world championship on programming, ICPC, the final of which was held in Beijing. About it reported on the website of MIPT, whose team took second place in the contest. The first pupils MSU.

“the First place Champions Cup was won by MSU. “Gold”, in addition to MSU, MIPT received, Peking University and Tokyo University. “Silver” went to Seoul University, the University of South Wales, University of Xinhua the Shanghai University Jiao-Tong. “Bronze” won the ITMO University, the University of Central Florida Massachusetts University of technology, Vilnius University and the Ural Federal University”, — is spoken in the message.

Russian team won more medals than the rest of the participating countries. For example, the Chinese and the Americans received three awards, and the teams of Japan, South Korea and Lithuania — one.

More than a dozen “Leaders of Russia” has received high posts

12 participants of the contest “Russia’s Leaders” were given positions in the Federal and regional Executive authorities, as well as state institutions and development institutions. On Thursday, April 19, according to website project.

“Age range 12 contestants who have received new appointments from 27 to 44 years. This confirms the effectiveness of the competition “Leaders of Russia” for the promotion of young managers of new generation with high personal and professional potential”, — stressed in the press service of the project.

So, the nine participants were invited for the posts of heads of regional Executive authorities. In particular, the winner of the competition Alexey Alekhin from Nizhny Novgorod headed the development Department of tourism and folk-art crafts of the Nizhny Novgorod region, and Anna Kozitsyna from the city of Perm — the project “Youth allowance” in the Department of civil service of administration of the Governor of the Perm territory.

Another winner of “Leaders of Russia”, Ilnar Girfanov from Kazan, became the head of the software and the ideological school of political management CEC United Russia.

As explained in a press-service of the project, this is the third wave of appointments of participants. Now the total number of personnel shifts has reached 57. It is noted that the new appointments “Leaders of Russia” will be announced in may.

on March 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that many “Leaders of Russia” are ready to invite to work in government, regional institutions and large companies. According to him, it will help the country to create not politized and transparent system of social mobility for the formation of personnel reserve.