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Putin speculate about a successor

Russian President Vladimir Putin called nonsense the opinion of American experts about the fact that after the resignation of the head of state he is in danger. He stated this in an interview on NBC. The transcript of the interview published on website the Kremlin on Saturday, March 10.

“Why do you think that after me to the authorities in Russia must come to the people who will be ready to destroy all that I have done in recent years? Perhaps, on the contrary, it will be people who want to strengthen Russia, to create for her future is to create a development platform for the next generations”, — said the President.

He also expressed confidence that the U.S. is interested in stability and prosperity of Russia.

the question about a possible successor to the Russian leader responded that he thinks about it since 2000. “To think is not bad, but in the end the choice will still be for the Russian people. Still, I sympathize with someone or, on the contrary, I don’t like someone, candidates will come to the polls, and ultimately the final decision will be taken by citizens of the Russian Federation”, — Putin said.

Putin spoke about the benefits of service in the KGB

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview on NBC talked about how he was helped by the experience of service in the KGB. Transcript of the interview published on website the Kremlin on Saturday, March 10.

“It was useful for me when I moved into the civil sphere. In this sense, this positive experience helped me,” said he.

the Head of state stressed that in the service he received skills of work with people “ability to establish contacts, and to spark some action, to bring people together”. This experience helped him when he was appointed assistant rector of Saint Petersburg state University immediately after the departure of intelligence.

“Then I was Deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. Responsibility even greater, more wide. I was responsible for international relations of St. Petersburg, with five million inhabitants of the metropolis. First met while working in St. Petersburg, in this position, with Henry Kissinger. All this helped, of course, in the work then, and then additional experience helped to work in Moscow”, — said Putin.

the Russian President found it difficult to answer the question, does his experience in the KGB advantage over colleagues, but stressed that random people do not occupy these positions. “The only thing I know, my partners, the heads of state and government is exceptional, outstanding people (…). And each of them has its own advantages over the other”, — Putin said.

The wall of the building in Krasnodar collapsed after the explosion

Six people were injured when a gas explosion in a five-storey residential building in Krasnodar. This was announced TASS center for disaster medicine on Saturday, March 10.

a Source in the emergency services noted that severe injuries to victims. “One man with burns. Some refused hospitalization”, — he said.

the Explosion occurred on the top floor of the house. Another source in the emergency services reported that after the explosion partially collapsed wall, in the near future experts will clear away blockages and determine whether there is a risk of further destruction of the building. Fire after the explosion was not.

Putin commented on the photo riding a bear

Russian President Vladimir Putin jokingly complained that his photos in the workplace interested in less than pictures, in which he is depicted bare-chested. He said this during an interview with NBC News, reports TASS.

Answering the question how to take a picture of him on horseback shirtless, the Russian leader said that he relaxes in a similar way. “In many other pictures I captured during the operation, but no one is interested”, — he said with a smile.

“I saw a photo on which I’m riding, riding a bear, the President added. But I have never rode a bear. But these pictures are.”

In the Irkutsk region road strewn with TNT

In the Irkutsk region from carrying a TNT truck on the road fell out a few boxes of explosives. This was reported by “Moscow 24”.

the Incident occurred on 7 March on the winter road Ust-Kut — Lensk. According to preliminary information, the TNT carried on Verkhnechonskoye oil field, when the door body is opened and the dangerous cargo started to fall out.

Most of the missing were found on the road, but five boxes is still not found. The police assumes that TNT picked up drive-by truckers. The guards expect to calculate them according to GLONASS.

it was Later found that the transportation of explosives was engaged in a kind of LLC “GEOTECH” not licensed for this type of activities and the specially equipped vehicles.

In may 2017 in the apartment of long-dead pensioner in the Leningrad region work discovered about a hundred kilograms of TNT, hundreds of detonators and firecrackers, as well as tens of thousands of cartridges of different caliber.