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Nizhny Novgorod police began searching for three UFOs

In Nizhny Novgorod, police check information about unidentified flying objects being sighted in the vicinity of the airport. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the management of the Affairs of Nizhny Novgorod region.

the police asked a local resident who claimed that he saw three flying saucers in the sky over the airport Strigino. “A statement received on March 20. Currently being tested on this statement,” — said the interior Ministry. Other details were not disclosed. Also not known whether women have any video or photo evidence.

Have criticized the mayor of Magadan citizens seized phones

police seized the phones from two residents of Magadan in the criminal case about the insult of representative of authority (article 319 of the criminal code). Both the citizen was in the group of movement “For the return of direct elections of the mayor” in WhatsApp, writes the portal “Very.”

One of figurants of business named Natalia told the newspaper that on March 21 evening came to her home by two police officers, one of which was presented by the employee of Department on fight against terrorism, and took away her mobile SIM card. The next day the woman came to the investigator and learned that in connection with the investigation actions, the phone she is not yet returned, and she became a witness in the case.

the Investigative Committee, Natalia asked about the message in the WhatsApp group, which I swore at the mayor of Magadan Yuri Grishanov. “As I understand it, it was a repost of a message that in the group commented. And showed me a list of other contacts from this group. I explained that personal animosity to the mayor have not, are not an active member of the group, not an activist, not a terrorist. But as any driver on a low car, I was indignant unpeeled roads and yards, expressing their views, but without “offensive”. Actually, I don’t really understand what’s going on. Do we have the 37th year has come?” — said the interlocutor of the portal.

“OVD-info” reported on March 21 to withdraw the phone from megadance Basil konyahina. Police refused to acquaint him with the case, in which he took the technique.

According to the “Very”, the applicant may be the mayor of Magadan. Publication failed to obtain his comment.

Earlier, one of the members of the movement “For the return of direct elections of the mayor” Ragnar Rhine went on hunger strike after 19 March, the court sentenced him to ten days of administrative arrest for “organizing” rally, to which he had no direct relationship.

Slutsky said the lack of shame in front of journalists

Deputy of the State Duma Leonid Slutsky in his post on Facebook apologized before accusing him of harassment by journalists, but simply congratulated all women on March 8 and, “take the opportunity”, apologized to “those who have ever willingly or unwillingly caused any distress.” He said this during a meeting of the parliamentary Committee for ethics, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the statement of the head of the Commission of the Otari Arshba.

the Publication notes that after a closed meeting with members of the Commission Slutsky stressed that he had nothing to be ashamed of. “The man whose closest friends are his family, destined for success in the most difficult situation,” — said the MP.

Yesterday, March 21 was held the meeting of the parliamentary Committee on ethics, in which members talked with two journalists, accusing bosses of sexual harassment, — the correspondent of “Russian service Bi-bi-si” Farida Rustamova and producer of “Rain” by Darya Zhuk. The third complained to Deputy the girl — the Deputy editor-in-chief of RTVI Ekaterina Kotrikadze — at the hearing did not attend because the Commission is not addressed. Also in the proceedings of the Commission held a closed meeting with Slutsky, the contents of which virtually nothing is known.

Peskov told about the relationship of Putin with a relative in “Gazprom”

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the possible occurrence of the great-nephew of the President in the composition of the Board of “Gazprom”. The words of the representative of the Kremlin is quoted by the correspondent of”.ru” on Thursday, March 22.

“as far As I know, he really is a distant relative of the President. I do not know that they have some communication. That is in fact, they do not communicate, but some distant relationship really is,” Peskov said.

Earlier Thursday, in the media appeared information that the Board of Directors of the energy Corporation will consider the inclusion in the composition of the Board of the company Mikhail Putin. It is expected that he will be engaged in the field of logistics.

“” supported the boycott of the Deputy Slutsky

In solidarity with the journalists who reported harassment in the state Duma, and also due to the lack of response from the parliamentary Committee on ethics, editors”.ru” removes from the site materials, statements and references to the Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky.

in addition, our editors will not publish news connected with professional activity of the Deputy Slutsky. The only exception we will make is only for publications that are directly related to the charges of Slutsk in the harassment.

In February, the correspondent of “Russian service Bi-bi-si” Farid Rustamov, producer of “Rain” Darya Zhuk and Deputy editor-in-chief of RTVI Ekaterina Kotrikadze told about the harassment by the Deputy from LDPR Leonid Slutsky. Two of them appealed to the ethics Commission. The meeting was held behind closed doors last Wednesday. According to the results, the Commission found no “behavioral disorders” at the head of the international Affairs Committee.

Parliamentarians did not consider the audio recording of conversations Slutsky with one of the applicants and encouraged the journalists to contact the police.