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The Kremlin has responded to accusations of involvement in the poisoning of the former officer of the GRU

the Kremlin is not surprised that overseas saw a Russian trace in the case of the poisoning of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal, said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. His words leads “Interfax” on Tuesday, March 6.

“Actually, what is called “long a wait made” speaking in Russian”, — said Peskov, commenting on the views about the involvement of Russian citizens to the incident with Skripal.

a spokesman said that the Kremlin has no information about what can be linked to the incident involving the ex-Colonel of the GRU. “You know how he ended up in the West, as a result of any action, I’m not going to repeat it. Now we see that there was a similar tragic situation, but nonetheless we do not have information that could be the reason and what was this man, what it can be connected” — said Peskov.

March 5, Sergei Skripal, earlier convicted in Moscow for treason, was taken to the hospital in the British city of Salisbury with suspected poisoning. Along with him were also hospitalized woman. According to the local newspaper Devon Online, Skripal and his companion, presumably poisoned by fentanyl (used as an analgesic in anesthesiology).

In Swiss banks found gold Grudinina

the Candidate in presidents of Russia from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin did not inform the CEC about 11 accounts in a Swiss Bank. This was reported by a member of the CEC Alexander Kinev Monday, March 5, reports TASS.

“Swiss colleagues told us that Pavel Grudinina, in addition to the two accounts, which we have already mentioned, including on the election poster, as at 31 December 2017 in accordance with the information given to the tax service of Switzerland, had 11 accounts. Thus, the Pavel Grudinina as at 31 December 13 accounts in Swiss Bank,” he said.

Kinev also said that, according to information from the Swiss side, Grudinin kept in foreign banks is not only money, but also gold. The CEC representative noted that the candidate has not submitted the supporting documents about the lack of funds in foreign accounts.

Online marathon “election Night” on March 18

in Parallel with the presidential elections to be held online-marathon “election Night — 2018”, with the participation of politically active citizens, said the political analyst Dmitry Gusev Monday, March 5. His words convey TASS.

Dmitry Gusev said that the event will invite “the entire political class, irrespective of views.” Speech, in particular, bloggers, sociologists, journalists, candidates, political consultants, politicians. “We will give the floor to anyone regardless of his political position. All political points of view, opinions to be voiced there live. No tie, open, honest,” confirmed by the Agency, the organizer of the marathon.

According to Gusev, the format of the event provides “the battles, debates guests in the Studio, direct interventions with the regions, broadcasts from abroad, where the Russians vote”. The marathon will be held at “Izvestia Hall”, its stream will be carried out in all social networks.

the Analyst also noted the success of the marathon “election Night — 2017”, which was held on 10 September and has collected more than two hundred people. “We did a great event where we could live without ties, be honest to talk about the election, and received over one million views on the Internet,” he concluded.

Zhirinovsky was scared for the fate of mankind because of offended men

“Epidemic” of accusations of harassment can destroy humanity, finds the candidate in presidents of Russia from LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. About it the politician wrote in his Telegramchannel on Monday, March 5.

“you Have to understand that if an epidemic of accusations against men will not stop — this will cause the normal relations of the sexes generally can end. Instead of love men and women will hate each other!”, — said Zhirinovsky. The politician urged to imagine the possible consequences: “Anyone understands that it means just the death of us as a species”.

the LDPR Leader also expressed confidence that men and women confront the same forces that in his time “played off the Communists and fascists, the Western and Eastern worlds”. “The goal of the manipulators is to stop the healthy development of humanity, to subordinate people to himself, to make a hostage of stereotypes and to profit from it”, — said Zhirinovsky.

now we discussed the legal definition of assault and harassment in the workplace. This initiative was made by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on family Affairs Oksana Pushkina. For such violations, proposed to introduce administrative liability in the form of fines.

In February, several Russian journalists told about the harassment by the Deputy from LDPR Leonid Slutsky. The politician rejected the accusations. In the press the situation was compared with the erupted in the fall of 2017 sex scandal in Hollywood, where many stars of show business, spoke about harassment by producer Harvey Weinstein. Then in January 2018 kicked off the movement Time’s Up (Time’s up), aimed at protecting against sexual harassment and discrimination.

Putin decided to provide mentors with a special sign

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin by his decree established the award “For mentoring”. The document, published on the official Internet portal of legal information on Monday, March 5, approves the regulations of the sign, its description and the drawing.

a New sign is given to the best mentors from among the highly qualified workers of industry, agriculture, transport, engineering-technical workers, state and municipal officials, teachers, doctors, cultural workers and art workers “for personal services for not less than five years,” the document says.

the new sign should be worn on the right side of the chest, and his miniature is in the buttonhole of the left lapel of civilian suit.

With a proposal to establish a sign to the head of state in mid-February, asked the commander of the training of the flight crew “Aeroflot” Nikolay Izosimov, writes TASS. He, along with other members of the forum “Mentor” that day met with Putin in Novo-Ogarevo. The Russian leader praised the initiative.