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In the Federation Council responded to the call of the state Department to impose sanctions for a trip to the Crimea

Member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Tsekov commented on the appeal of the special envoy of the US State Department in Ukraine, Kurt Volker, to impose sanctions for a trip to the Crimea. His words on Thursday, March 8, RT reports.

“statement of the Volcker talking about the fact that he teamed up with the Ukrainian radical political leaders. In this situation, he can not play the role of mediator, because actually sided with Ukraine,” — said Tsekov.

According to him, Walker “decided to take over the Crimea”, although still not succeeded in resolving the conflict in the Donbass. Tsekov added that the us diplomat “was not able to give an adequate assessment of what happened in 2014”.

“He did not understand that Crimeans have gone from a serious conflict on its territory, from the war, which threatened the Ukrainian nationalist forces. Walker knows that the referendum in Crimea was absolutely legitimate, and our reunification with Russia complies with international standards,” — said the MP. He noted that “nothing good should be expected from its activities”.

The plane Yavlinsky depressurized on the way from Grozny

the plane in which the candidate in presidents of Russia from party “the Apple” Grigory Yavlinsky came back from Grozny to Moscow, depressurization. About it reported a press-the Secretary of party Igor Jakovlev, reports “Interfax” on Wednesday, March 7.

“They flew from Grozny to Moscow, and when it circled toward the airport, the pilot announced depressurization of the cabin. Although they didn’t feel it, but the problem was that the plane began to decline sharply, in just a few minutes from a height of 10 thousand meters up to 4-5 thousand,” — said Yakovlev.

According to him, it caused discomfort among passengers, “people just clutched his head, someone was bleeding from the ears, met the plane three soon.” Press Secretary of Yabloko said that Yavlinsky’s ears, but “in General, all right.”

a Source in the emergency services also told the Agency that “the incident occurred yesterday evening around 17:00 GMT”. “The crew of the aircraft “Boeing-737″ going from Grozny to Moscow, reported about the emergency situation on Board —a depressurization of the aircraft and requested emergency descent from a height of 8 thousand meters to a level of about 3 thousand meters”, — said the source. The pilots managed at a low level to get to the airport Vnukovo in Moscow. After planting experts began a comprehensive assessment of the transport.

Putin has expressed doubts about the usefulness of a world without Russia

President Vladimir Putin in an interview for the film “the 2018 world Order” recognized that a retaliatory nuclear strike from Russia, in case of an attack on it will bring the world to disaster. The documentary posted on the social network Vkontakte on Wednesday, March 7.

“Yes, for mankind it will be global, for peace is a global catastrophe. But I as a citizen of Russia and the Russian President want to ask the question: why do we need such a world, if there will not be Russian?” — Putin said.

the Russian leader a few times said that Moscow could use nuclear weapons only if the system of missile warning will record the launch of enemy missiles, calculate their trajectory and fall head parts on the territory of Russia. “This is called retaliatory strike. If the decision to destroy Russia, then we have the legal right to answer”, — Putin said.

Putin also drew attention that the issue of the use of the nuclear button incorrectly set in relation to Russia, which has never used such weapons. “First, we did not start. Let me remind you that nuclear bomb, the atomic bomb first appeared, not here, but in the United States. This is the first. Second, we never used nuclear weapons — the United States used against Japan,” Putin said.

Putin in conversation with the women called the men’s world

Russia will have to be done to the rights of women and men disappeared the distinction, said President Vladimir Putin. His words on Wednesday, March 7, reports RIA Novosti.

“We talk all the time about the need to equalize rights of men and women in all areas. Here again there sounded that women are more difficult. Indeed, there is such an approach and understanding that today’s world and the world of men,” Putin said at a meeting with women entrepreneurs in Samara.

the head of state noted that because of the values that exist in the cultural code of the Russians, “we have a woman remains a woman, a man is a man.” “Thank God, we have no such confusions in the mind and soul,” he said.

According to Putin, women have many benefits, including charm, beauty and sincerity. “That’s what men cherish, cherish and will cherish forever,” said the President.

the boundary between male and female professions is erased, Putin said. “Because in order to be either a major shareholder or even a minority shareholder, the head of production, this requires special skills, especially leadership skills,” he said. In his opinion, for women it is quite typical of such qualities.

Putin spoke about the role of “main villain”

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that it does not touch the label the world’s main villain, which to him are trying to hang in the West. It is reported RIA Novosti on Wednesday, March 7.

In an interview for the documentary “the world Order 2018” the head of state was asked what it was like to be the world’s main villain. “Ask the villains. It is the opinion of Western sources, and that is not all,” said Putin.

He also answered negatively to the question, hurt him emotionally whether such statements.

“No, I have long been accustomed to. There is a very good orientation, very good beacons. This lighthouse — the interests of the Russian Federation and its people. If I feel that I’m not turned, go right, all the rest don’t really interest me. Just me it does not distract from the tasks that I considered paramount for the country”, — said the President.