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The President headed the vertical of the fight against corruption

a Loud anti-corruption cases in recent years are part of a single RAID, which is directly managed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. On Tuesday, March 6, said the experts of the Center for political information (TSPI) in the framework of the report “the Global experience of fight against corruption and Russian realities.”

the Russian tradition of the fight against corruption is rooted in the days of the “Russian truth” of Yaroslav the Wise, said the head of NURC, Alexei Mukhin, as the basis for modern special operations single technique of the KGB, are close to the leader, as came from this intelligence.

currently, the anti-corruption system in Russia is a pretty effective model, has taken the best practices of different countries, the expert said. “Today, the fight against corruption in Russia is a hierarchy, which is headed by the President. It plays a leading role, showing the political will to fight corruption, and as a key figure,” — said the head of TSPI Alexei Mukhin.

“We acknowledge that the Russian anti-corruption system works and works quite effectively. Her “run”, or rather, his attempts have fallen more in 2009-2010, but it earned only since 2012 came out, so to speak, on “industrial level” in 2014-2015″, — stated in the report of the TSPI.

the Result of the successful operation of the system, said the experts, was a series of resignations of governors, the “cleansing” of the banking sector, as well as a special operation in Dagestan, during which the country has revealed numerous cases of corruption at all levels of government.

the most Important task of anti-corruption measures is the creation of a situation in which every official at any level — top, middle or lower – understands that the punishment for abuse will be inevitable. It’s part of the concept of Vladimir Putin, which he outlined in his address to the Federal Assembly. Catches the eye and the similarity of the approaches and the preparation of the message, and the anti-corruption measures are not allowed to leak to the media.

Putin urged to prepare for displacement machines

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the danger of displacement of factory workers by automated machines. The corresponding statement he made during a visit to “Uralvagonzavod” on Tuesday, March 6, reports Federal news Agency.

One of the employees of the company shared with the President their concerns relative to the fact that once the workplace is a machine. “Is there any danger?”, he asked Putin. “The threat exists that nothing of the sort happened, it is necessary in advance to prepare for this,” — said the Russian leader.

At the same time, Putin stressed that “creativity in humans will always be higher than artificial intelligence”.

on 21 September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during visit the Moscow office of “Yandex” talked with the new development — voice assistant “Alice”. In particular, the President asked hurt whether “Alice” in the company. The virtual assistant did not give a direct answer.

The Kremlin has responded to accusations of involvement in the poisoning of the former officer of the GRU

the Kremlin is not surprised that overseas saw a Russian trace in the case of the poisoning of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal, said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. His words leads “Interfax” on Tuesday, March 6.

“Actually, what is called “long a wait made” speaking in Russian”, — said Peskov, commenting on the views about the involvement of Russian citizens to the incident with Skripal.

a spokesman said that the Kremlin has no information about what can be linked to the incident involving the ex-Colonel of the GRU. “You know how he ended up in the West, as a result of any action, I’m not going to repeat it. Now we see that there was a similar tragic situation, but nonetheless we do not have information that could be the reason and what was this man, what it can be connected” — said Peskov.

March 5, Sergei Skripal, earlier convicted in Moscow for treason, was taken to the hospital in the British city of Salisbury with suspected poisoning. Along with him were also hospitalized woman. According to the local newspaper Devon Online, Skripal and his companion, presumably poisoned by fentanyl (used as an analgesic in anesthesiology).

In Swiss banks found gold Grudinina

the Candidate in presidents of Russia from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin did not inform the CEC about 11 accounts in a Swiss Bank. This was reported by a member of the CEC Alexander Kinev Monday, March 5, reports TASS.

“Swiss colleagues told us that Pavel Grudinina, in addition to the two accounts, which we have already mentioned, including on the election poster, as at 31 December 2017 in accordance with the information given to the tax service of Switzerland, had 11 accounts. Thus, the Pavel Grudinina as at 31 December 13 accounts in Swiss Bank,” he said.

Kinev also said that, according to information from the Swiss side, Grudinin kept in foreign banks is not only money, but also gold. The CEC representative noted that the candidate has not submitted the supporting documents about the lack of funds in foreign accounts.

Online marathon “election Night” on March 18

in Parallel with the presidential elections to be held online-marathon “election Night — 2018”, with the participation of politically active citizens, said the political analyst Dmitry Gusev Monday, March 5. His words convey TASS.

Dmitry Gusev said that the event will invite “the entire political class, irrespective of views.” Speech, in particular, bloggers, sociologists, journalists, candidates, political consultants, politicians. “We will give the floor to anyone regardless of his political position. All political points of view, opinions to be voiced there live. No tie, open, honest,” confirmed by the Agency, the organizer of the marathon.

According to Gusev, the format of the event provides “the battles, debates guests in the Studio, direct interventions with the regions, broadcasts from abroad, where the Russians vote”. The marathon will be held at “Izvestia Hall”, its stream will be carried out in all social networks.

the Analyst also noted the success of the marathon “election Night — 2017”, which was held on 10 September and has collected more than two hundred people. “We did a great event where we could live without ties, be honest to talk about the election, and received over one million views on the Internet,” he concluded.