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The apartment in the Urals found seven thousand residents

the Investigation began after verification of registrations in one of the apartments of Yekaterinburg, approximately seven thousand people. Workers migration service is suspected of negligence, according to the website the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee in the Sverdlovsk region.

According to the regional Central Board, earlier in mass media appeared information about the illegal registration in one apartment thousands of people. However, as noted by the investigators, “despite the excitation by the police in December 2016 criminal case on the illegal registration of citizens 57, during the period of investigation the number of registered in this apartment increased to 6844 man.”

To clarify all the circumstances will be requested as the landlord and immigration police Department, and will be reviewed by the appropriate documentation, specified in the Chapter.

In September 2017, the police in one of the apartments of St. Petersburg found 40 migrants. Thus, every third resident was on the territory of Russia illegally.

The suburbs the first in Russia has launched a payment by credit card

Moscow oblast became the first region in Russia, where he was running the fare collection system in buses credit card. About it reported to “” in the Ministry of transport and road infrastructure of the region.

“Since the beginning of March all buses in Moscow, gosperevorota of Mostransavto, which is more than 4.5 thousand vehicles, passengers can use a new service,” said regional head of the Ministry Igor Treskov.

Pay contactless card of any Bank or gadgets that support NFC technology. The cost of the trip will be the same as for the transport card “Arrow” (32.92 ruble), that is, 30 percent less than when paying with cash (48 rubles).

As noted by General Director of Mostransavto Vladislav Murashov, the service has helped to significantly reduce the boarding time and make the system of collecting fare more transparent for the transport companies. “Despite the fact that the service payment by Bank cards has been launched recently, already, daily register of the order of thousands of transactions,” he said.

A mobile theatre came to the polling station in Birobidzhan

Mobile theatre came to the polling station in the village, 10-km, which is part of the agglomeration of the city of Birobidzhan. This was reported in the Instagramaccount eaozaprezidenta2018.

it is Reported that the arrival of artists, the locals know in advance. Mobile theater is located next to the voting place on the street.

“In the village 10 km, we sent our best theater Kudesnik, because the locals are not so easy to get to cultural events in the city center”, — said the Deputy head of the city administration for social Affairs, education and culture Natalya Petrushkova.

March 18, across Russia held presidential elections. Polling stations are open across the country. In addition, voting is held in the embassies and consulates of Russia around the world. In Khabarovsk who came to the polling station suggested free to try the Breakfast of the President of Russia.

Rostov stadium for the 2018 world Cup put into operation

the Stadium “Rostov-arena” in Rostov-on-don commissioned, it will be the game of the world championship on football-2018. About it reported on the official website of the government of the Rostov region.

Documents on the readiness of the stadium was signed on March 16. The arena began to build in 2014 on the final stage of the construction of the stadium was released in February of 2017, in the middle of the same year began the laying of turf and installation of chairs.

the construction of the “Rostov-Arena” ended in December, and by March was ready for broad acceptance stadium documents.

The Dutch will deal with the degassing of landfill “Sound” in the suburbs

Degassing landfill “Sound” in Volokolamsk district of the Moscow region will be carried out using Dutch technology. The decision was taken on Wednesday, March 14, said “the” in the Ministry of ecology and nature management of the Moscow region.

the meeting discussed two almost identical technologies for collection and utilization of landfill gas, the proposed Austrian-German and Dutch experts. In the end, it was decided to use equipment of the Dutch company Multriwell, because its installation required 15 days shorter.

“We have agreed with the findings of scientists because it is important for us now to meet the deadline and until June 15 to fully start the system degassing. It is confirmed by Dutch developers,” — said Deputy Minister of environment and natural resources Michael Link.

The “Sound” will install a system of horizontal and vertical wells through which the gas will be sent to kondensatornii manifold and then into the recovery system. Multriwell technology was tested at the site “Preobrazhenka” in the Samara region, was used in the Netherlands, Poland, Argentina.