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The Governor of the Moscow region participated in the action “Night of museums”

the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov visited the Museum and exhibition complex “New Jerusalem” Istra, in the framework of the action “Night of museums”. About it reports channel 360.

He examined exhibit unique German engravings of the 15th-century “dürer” and a number of permanent exhibitions including the history of the “New Jerusalem”.

“the Age of dürer” last time in Moscow was shown over 40 years ago. The unique collection will be in Istria for only three months, then a year to return to the store from the rest.

According to Vorobyov, every year the event “Night of museums” in Moscow region is becoming more popular. He expressed the hope that the suburban museums are happy to receive visitors and tell a lot.

The results of the test mass poisoning in the Volokolamsk district

In the Volokolamsk district conducted preliminary examination on the fact of information in the media about the admission of minors with the signs of poisoning with hydrogen sulfide from the landfill, “Sound”. This was reported on the website Investigative Committee in the Moscow region on Friday, may 18.

“as a result of the findings of all expert opinions that in the blood and urine of the examined traces of hydrogen sulfide, methane, propane and other gas substances that are toxic value is not detected. Thus, based on the conclusion of the chemical forensic examinations and expert opinions of forensic experts should be that the harm sought medical help minors not suffered”, — is spoken in the message.

however, the audit obtained data from the landfill really there was an emission of landfill gas. The materials are transferred to law enforcement to give a legal assessment under article of the Criminal code of Russian Federation “atmosphere pollution”.

In Moscow suburbs have counted 15 thousand volunteers

more than 15 thousand residents of the Moscow region to volunteer, Chairman of the Committee of the Moscow region Duma on issues of health, labour and social policy Andrey Golubev. His words are on website the regional government on Thursday, 17 may.

“According to the General Directorate of social communications of the Moscow region, in Moscow suburbs there are 110 voluntary organizations and groups,” — said Golubev.

He noted that the Ministry of social development will enter its own rating of volunteers, which includes more than eight thousand people. “The direction of the volunteer activities are diverse — it is an event, social, medical, inclusive, environmental, preventive, cultural, as well as volunteering in emergencies, legal advice,” — said Golubev.

the Minister the Moscow region government social communication Irina Plesea announced that the Governor formed the Coordinating Council in the sphere of volunteering. He will become an expert platform for discussion of development issues volunteer activities.

The government of Moscow region reported on the start of the sowing campaign

About 40 percent of the area planted to date in the suburbs, said the Minister of agriculture and food of the region Andrei Razin. His words are on website the regional government on Wednesday, may 16.

“this year, we later found out in the field due to weather conditions, it’s 25-26 April, almost 10 days we lost. At the moment the temp dialed all the farms provided the necessary materials, seeds,” said Razin.

He added that the pace has recruited and compared with a sowing last year. “We still have a couple of weeks, I think that the plans this year will be performed, plus 40 thousand hectares of total cultivated area in our region, we must add,” said the Minister.

Earlier Wednesday, the Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov with a working visit, visited Zaraysk, where he checked the progress of sowing campaign and met with farmers. He noted that agriculture is a priority direction in the development of the economy of the region.

The government of Moscow region has supported the new direction of social entrepreneurship

In the suburbs this year to 100 million rubles increased funding allocated to subsidies social entrepreneurship. On Wednesday, may 16, according to the website the regional government.

“we had four consecutive years of 60 million, starting this year we have 100 million (allocated to grants — ed. “the”). We have such companies can participate in competitive procedures for grants,” said Deputy Minister of investments and innovations of Moscow region Hope Krasilov.

She noted that in the suburbs to subsidize the costs for social entrepreneurs can reach up to three million rubles. “A new direction, we supported the ideology of creation of kindergartens and nurseries, and if small private business creates nurseries, the amount of subsidies will be of up to three million rubles, because we understand that the nursery more to create it” — said Krasilov.