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Epic explosion of the tower in Yekaterinburg took video

Nearly 220-foot unfinished Yekaterinburg TV tower dismantled. Technology twice notified the people, then blew up the building, formerly the tallest in the city, reports RIA Novosti. The witnesses of the event posted a video on social networks and YouTube.

Many of the citizens protested against the demolition of the tower, calling her a town legend. In February there was a petition, in which activists asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to influence that decision. March 22, in the Ural capital has passed the action “let’s Embrace our tower” for saving the tower. The event was attended by mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman. The next day, three people climbed to the design and demanded to hold a referendum about its demolition.

the site of the tower plan to build an ice rink for the club CHL “Motorist”.

Russian student survived on a scholarship

a Student at St. Petersburg state University Alexey Zyryanov could live a month on a scholarship, spending on food 1472 rubles, reports “Rosbalt”.

the idea of the experiment was prompted by classmates Zyryanov in the student cafeteria, where he brought home buckwheat with eggs in the container. His friends calculated that such food takes about 50 rubles a day.

Money student is enough for three meals a day. The diet consisted of oatmeal, dark chocolate, banana, buckwheat with eggs and carrots with cabbage. A day Zyryanov spent from 13 to 53 rubles.

“this month I ate about 3 pounds of oats and buckwheat, 1 kg of peas, 150 eggs and 5 cabbages, 3 chocolates, 10 bananas and 3 packs kozinaki. On my balance there was 1 ruble,” he said.

In the end, the St. Petersburg student lost five pounds.

Cover severely beat the student with a disability

In Pokrov (Vladimir region) opened a criminal case on the fact of beating 13-year-old schoolboy with disabilities said on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

According to investigators, the crime occurred on the evening of March 20. The police asked the grandmother of the victim reported on the beating of his 13-year-old grandson. It turned out that the child is enrolled in school according to the individual program from-for problems with health, was beaten by five teenagers aged 13 to 15 years old, and an 18-year-old boy. He received a brain concussion, cranial-a brain trauma, several broken bones, numerous bruises of the face and body, bruises. According to preliminary expert estimates, the damage is related to moderate severity of harm.

Previously, appeared beating video. The footage four teenagers kicked lying on the ground boy. He begs them to stop but they don’t pay attention to it. The massacre was recorded on the phone the girl who later joined the company and bashing the teen feet. Later, the teenagers admitted that he is not worried that they are arrested, because they themselves “kids.”

The Russians staged a RAID on “Magnet”

Customers staged a stampede in the store network “Magnit” in Krasnodar. Video published the official community of the Krasnodar territory in “Vkontakte”.

the footage, shot apparently by one of the store employees captured, as the crowd rushes into the store room and pounces on the pile of goods. People ran the race, pushing each other and cursing. In the end, the product was disassembled in about 20 seconds.

The Dean of Moscow state University was supported by Slutsky in his right “to put a hand on my knee and any place”

the background of the scandal with the prosecution of the Deputy of the state Duma Leonid Slutsky in the harassment, the Dean of the graduate school of television MSU Vitaly Tretyakov in his lecture at the Novosibirsk state University (NSU) told the students about the right of Parliament to flirt with girls. The video of his speech published by the TV channel RTVI.

“Slutsky as a normal man in certain circumstances could put his hand on the bare knee of the woman or if she’s in the pants was, in some other place. I do not see anything wrong,” said the teacher, responding to a question about his attitude to the behavior of the Deputy.

One of the students noted that at the end of his answer Tretyakov said: “Solicited and will solicit. And not only to journalists”. The channel said that after this, many students demonstratively left the lecture. Some students interpreted the words of the lecturer as a personal insult and intend to demand from the leadership of the University an apology.

Earlier, three journalists accused bosses of harassment and inappropriate behavior. The Duma Commission on ethics on March 21 here to the conclusion that in his actions there was nothing unacceptable. The members of the Commission ignored the arguments of the girls and not familiar with transcription of audio recordings where you can hear Slutsky offers correspondent “the Russian service Bi-bi-si” Farida Rustamova to leave her boyfriend and become his mistress.