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Fired for a bikini teacher called back

the history Teacher Victoria Popova, who had been dismissed from school No. 7 for violation of the Charter, were allowed to continue working as a teacher. This was announced RIA Novosti in a press-service of the government of Omsk region.

“In a regional Ministry of education there was a meeting of Minister Tatyana turf Victoria Popova and school officials about the incident of history, grounded by the indignation of parents. During the meeting the parties discussed possible settlement of the conflict and the issue was resolved with the further employment of Victoria,” — said in comments.

Dismissed the teacher offered to return to work as a teacher in the same or another school. Popov said that it would consider the offer.

Earlier on Saturday, June 9, reported dismissal Omsk teacher after her Nude photos from the model Agency found the parents of the students. Popov worked at a modeling Agency for girls with magnificent forms, where a form of advertising for a clothing store plus-size, starring in retrochallenge.

The Director of the camp sent children to hide in the woods from prosecutors

In the Leningrad region stopped the illegal work of the camp in the village Soviet of the Vyborg district, reported on the website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

In child care were 62 children. They were taken to the “water walk” on the Gulf of Finland, without notifying the division of MOE.

“These violations created a danger to life and health of children in camp”, — stated in the message Prosecutor.

According to the Interfax, during the inspection, the Director of the camp, “sent the children into the woods to walk, trying to hide the traces of their stay in the institution.” As the portal the man “ordered the counselor to get the kids, forbidding to use any means of communication”, so all day parents could not find them. The Director locked himself in his office and refused to talk about the whereabouts of pupils. The man was a member of one of the councils of St. Petersburg.

SK suspected of meatballs “Health” in the poisoning of children in the Urals

beef Burgers “Health” or curd-rice casserole could be the cause of poisoning 64 children in children’s camp “Pine forest” in the city of Kushva Sverdlovsk region. About the Agency TASS according to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

“the state of Health has deteriorated from 64 children aged 7 to 12 years of age and two counselors at the age of 18 years. On the eve of the lunch, the children and counselors ate: lunch — potato soup, beef cutlet “Health”, stewed cabbage, compote and bread in the afternoon as they were feeding curd-rice casserole. Now investigator interviewed representatives of the camp administration”, — stated in the message.

Upon the outbreak of intestinal infection Investigative Committee region and the Prosecutor of the city of Kushva started checking.

The Russians have separated the patriotism of love of country and set a record

consider themselves Patriots of Russia 92 percent of respondents polls, which is a record figure since the beginning of the century (84% in 2000), reported RIA Novosti at the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

However, significantly fewer people said that it means to love your country: 72 percent in 2014, 59 percent in 2018.

More than a third of respondents (39 percent) have linked high feelings for the Motherland with a desire to change the status quo and work for the good of the country (38 percent).

to Protect the homeland from any attacks and accusations deem necessary 29 percent of respondents, but 97 people out of every hundred said that the silence of the shortcomings of the country is about patriotism.

to Talk about Russia in bitter truth I believe trait of patriotism only a fifth of respondents.

In polls, analyzing the results of a survey talking about the transition from “regular feelings” to “informed participation”

“Such sentiments gradually growing due to the position of those whom we might call modern citizens, are the people most involved in economic and social life, — explained the Director of Department of research of the center.Stepan Lviv such are especially numerous among the inhabitants of capitals and big cities. — As a rule, citizens are aged 25 to 60 years with higher education who are actively using the Internet, but different levels of income and political affiliation”.

the lowest level of patriotism was recorded in 2011 and 2016 to 80 percent.

Conscripts get a few days of service

defense Ministry prepared to change the rules of conscription for military service. This writes the Izvestia.

the Agency proposed to amend the law “On military duty and military service” and regulations on the call for which the start of service will be counted from the day the order of the Commissar on the direction of the military unit. Currently, several nights stay at the Assembly point do not count for service.

Another change will be the right of re-examination for those who have been recognized by the medical Commission partially fit and enlisted in the reserve with the rank “private”. This will allow the “rejected” applicants to enroll in military universities. In regions it will also be the opportunity to recheck the diagnosis.

March 30, before the spring conscription 2018, General staff said that about three thousand people who were unable to undergo military service for health reasons will be called this spring. We are talking about the Russians, exempt from conscription, but later improve your physical condition and who wished to serve in the army.