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Employees of “Mail of Russia” suspected in a major theft

a Moscow Resident suspected employees of “Mail of Russia” in the theft of smartphones, ordered from abroad. Pictures of the results of the alleged crimes posted on the portal Pikabu.

a Man reported that while walking with the baby in the Metropolitan area Chertanovo Central, he stumbled to the dump, located near the post office. There he saw about a hundred packages from packages from China and Singapore and suggested that the employees of “Mail of Russia” has appropriated someone else’s property and packages thrown away.

“at First I thought, who are so many orders, but in fact it packages in different regions, mainly cell phones. Naturally, all is revealed and steal”, he said.

User put photos of the track numbers of the packages: it turned out that some of the parcels according were in the way.

the Post has gained over 600 reviews. Some users suggested that the recipients opened the package yourself at the post office, but the comments showed people who identified their package for photos. He wrote that he ordered a smartphone cost $ 88, and the parcel has not yet reached.

Earlier in the woods in the suburbs found hundreds of packages of boxes from an online parts store with addresses of recipients, but without attachments. It turned out that it was unclaimed packages, who arrogated to themselves the employees of the transport of the store.

In July it was reported about detection in the Rostov region dumps of packages from mail — parcels stolen employee sorting center.

Vine told of dogs killed by relative

Russian singer Yuri Loza told on the page in Facebook killed by dogs in the suburbs, a young man who was his relative.

“to have the bold guy is my niece, comfort, which we try as a family,” he wrote.

According to Vines, the young man died saving the life of a strange girl. “I want to believe that this wild event will not be launched on the brakes, that someone would be justly punished, and nothing like this will happen,” — said the musician.

on Sunday, March 11, 19-year-old resident of the village Kursakovo city district Istra Oleg Sosunov with a stick in his hand pushed the girl from a pack of stray dogs that they’ve already knocked to the ground, writes “MK”.The guy single-handedly fought the dogs before they threw him down and not bitten to death. Ran a pack of five ran to the scene of adult men. The victim was taken to the hospital.

The defense Ministry told about the recycling of ballistic missiles “Satan”

the Russian defense Ministry will soon begin utilization of Intercontinental ballistic missiles R-36M “Voevoda” (SS-18 Satan according to NATO classification), they will be replaced by a complex “Sarmat”. About it the newspaper “Red star” said the Deputy Minister of defense Minister Yuri Borisov.

“the Russian army is a liquid heavy missile that has energy and allows you to display large amount of stress. About this strategic rocket all well heard, and we have it nicknamed “the Governor”, and in the West it is called “Satan”. It was developed in the mid 1980-ies, and is on alert, but the time passes, the system becomes obsolete. She’s already at the finish of its life cycle, and we will soon begin to dispose of this missile,” — he said.

“We have developed a new product, “Sarmat” with increased energy capabilities, which allow you to practically apply this missile from any direction. She can fly and through the North and through the South pole due to the fact that it significantly improves range relative to the “leader”. And the ability to take a serious payload allows us to apply the various combat blocks, which together with false targets effectively overcomes various elements of missile defense,” — said Borisov.

March 11, the commander of the strategic missile forces Sergei Karakayev revealed some of the details of the latest “Sarmatians”. According to him, the rocket will be able to accommodate in the existing silo launchers. He added that by 2025, the troops should receive more than 40 complexes.

American evil

the Earth revolves around the Sun, seasons change, but the provincial American Steven Avery for more than a decade trying to clear his name. Almost all youth 18 years he spent in prison for sexual assault he did not commit while his innocence is not proven through DNA testing. The case flaunts the imperfection of the legal system of the United States, attracted everyone’s attention, instantly making a man a hero and a victim of justice. But just as quickly he became a pariah, a liar and a monster: just two years later, Avery was accused of the brutal murder. However, he is adamant: he was framed. Second time in my life — and again big. “” has studied the history of the hero of the acclaimed series “Creating a killer” (Making a Murderer) and tried to make sense of ambiguous facts.

He lured a defenseless girl into the house, tied to a bed, cut her throat. She was still alive when he dragged her into the garage and shot her in the head. Then her corpse was burned in the backyard of the house. That is, according to us authorities, made an ordinary resident of Wisconsin, Steven Avery. However, nothing in his life such passions were no signs.

Stephen was the son of Allan and Dolores Avery in July 1962, in Manitowoc to the North of the United States. Most of the local population is engaged in agriculture, and his parents became owners of huge junkyards outside of the city. On its outskirts they lived.

Stephen attended public schools and was elementary for children with delayed development. He had bad grades, and the average IQ, according to tests, did not exceed 70. In addition, the family had three children: older brother Chuck, Earl Jr. and sister Barbara (barb).

Local Avery considered marginal: they were poorly educated, right after school started, did not participate in public life, and engaged in business that does not require a great deal of mental work. In Manitowoc there was talk that the members of this large family who was not confined to Allan, Dolores and their children, sometimes sleeping with each other.

Steven, according to relatives, was absolutely harmless, happy and cheerful person, and it is known to all who dealt with him closely. “But I think people from the outside world considered him just one of Avery. Saw him as a troublemaker: “there’s another one Avery, from them nothing but trouble”,” said his cousin Kim.

Stephen really are repeatedly caught in violation of the law. In 1981, when he was 18 years old, they are friends and nothing better to do, climbed into the bar, brought out 14 dollars in change, 12 Beers and a few sandwiches. For that Avery was in prison for ten months and was released conditionally-ahead of schedule.

in a few years he was found guilty of animal cruelty. Steven told me that fooling around with friends, and at some point threw the cat over the fire, he caught fire and died. According to the official documents, especially the animal thrown into the fire, watering before this gasoline and oil. For what happened to Avery was again sent to jail until August of 1983.

Between Stephen met, and 20 years married single mother Lori Mathiesen. In the next three years on light there were four of their children. Avery was very sorry that he was in jail and missed the birth of her first daughter. After his release he intended to live a quiet life and raise children, but fate has prepared him another.

In 1985, Steven’s life has taken a turn. In the early years of his cousin Sandra Morris filed a complaint with the police, saying that he was in his car pushed her car off the road, and then threatened with a gun. Avery explained that in fact after a small collision, the car cousin just got carried away and she stopped. However, he admitted that he pushed Sandra out of the way and pointed her unloaded gun.

this act pushed him that a cousin was spreading about him obscene rumors. She told me that one day Steven ran across the road to her car and began to furiously masturbate standing in front of the hood. And he allegedly has sex with his wife right on the lawn near the house. Many years later, Morris admits that nothing was said about sex on the lawn, and to her hood Stephen did not come — just ran out half-naked on the roadway. But then the police took up the matter very zealously.

the Reason, however, lay on the surface: the husband of Sandra in 1985, was the assistant Sheriff of the County of Manitowoc, and the couple didn’t like Steven, not hiding it. To the guards he literally personified all his troubled family. In the end, he was accused of a security risk with the manifestation of depraved intent and illegal possession of firearms. Before the trial, Steven was released on bail; in July of the same year, had twins sons, and six days after he was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse.

a Victim of the criminal, which the police immediately found Avery, was penny Bernsen, which was considered an ideal resident of Manitowoc. She had a good education, she and her husband ran several local restaurants — the family was quite wealthy and influential.

on July 29, penny went for a jog on the shore of lake Michigan and noticed a strange man: in 30-degree heat, he was dressed in a black leather jacket. When the woman came back, the stranger blocked her way, grabbed her and dragged in the coastal forest. There he tried to rape her, but he nothing happened, then he began to beat her in the face and choking, and then left him for dead and fled. Penny managed to find and help her.

to Establish the circumstances of the incident came to the hospital, a police spokesman, who was a close friend “of the victim from the actions of Avery” Sandra Morris, worked in the police with her husband and lived literally across the street from Avery. It is also not felt sympathy for him — perhaps that is why during a conversation with penny, she noticed that the actions and description of the offender “is very similar to Stephen”.

At that time, patrolmen in the police was Arland Avery, the uncle of Stephen. According to him, in this case the Sheriff’s Deputy made a drawing of the offender is not with the testimony of the victim, and the old prison picture of his nephew. The resulting image showed Bernsen, and she recognized him as her assailant. Later she brought the original photo with the pictures of other people, and she chose the frame with Avery. In the end, and the lineup live the woman pointed at him.

However, Stephen none of the parameters did not fit to the original description of the offender. He had a different weight and height, blue and not brown eyes, hair even color matched the color of sand, but certainly was not long, distinguished and complexion. In addition, its appearance in July 1985 was clearly different from what was in the picture two years ago and “identikit”. Despite this Stephen was taken into custody.

“When I was arrested, the Sheriff said, “I got you Now”. All the other cops there was nothing I could do about it. Nobody could. All power was in his hands,” said Stephen. It has not made the list of detainees, so unlawfully deprived of the right to make a phone call and to communicate with counsel. “I think the thing Bernsen was a kind of continuation of the work of Morris,” said his lawyer.

the Surrounding, then, believed that Avery had committed the crime. They believed that he grew up in a dysfunctional family, and that means violence has become a part of his life, so he started to take it out on women.

However, not everyone was so unanimous: the police told the Sheriff that in this case arrested the wrong person, and you need to pay attention to a local resident named Gregory Allen. That is so often committed offences of a sexual nature that the clock was under the supervision of County police Department, his actions reported on 14 times a day. But in the second half of the day on July 29 officers, who followed him, called on other investigations, so that during the attack, the surveillance man was not conducted.

the district attorney’s Subordinates, who knew Allen, confirmed, and a description of the perp, and the handwriting of the crime points to him. However, neither he nor the Sheriff took note of their words, photos Allen didn’t even show the victim. During the trial also revealed an intimate detail: Bernsen said that her assailant was a white male underwear. Avery didn’t wear underwear at all.

Stephen was about two dozen witnesses confirming his alibi that day down to the minute. First he poured the concrete on the landfill together with your family, then my sister and I went to the quarry where their car got stuck. Later, Avery with his wife and children went to the car wash and shop (they even had a check) in green Bay in the next County, about 40 miles from Manitowoc. And in the evening he and his brother were repairing the house.

Bernsen during the proceedings several times and was not sure of the correctness of the data, however, the court stated that the offender was definitely Avery. In the end, the testimony of defence witnesses was not taken into account. Steven was sentenced to 32 years in prison for a violent sexual assault, attempted murder and false imprisonment.

Stephen went to prison for 23 years. The first six years, he simultaneously served two terms — he was also convicted of Sandra’s murder Morris. Avery was supported by the parents, the mother visited him in the prison where he was transferred, often brought his children.

At that time, his relationship with his wife in crisis. Lori told his wife that she is difficult to deal with sons and daughters that she does not want anything more. “One of these days I’ll kill your children. I’m serious. I hate them and you”, — was said in one of her letters. In response, Avery insulted her and even threatened to kill her if she doesn’t take care of the children. It lasted about three years, the couple divorced, he was deprived of parental rights and limited his right to see the children. To digress, in prison, he from time to time repaired cars.

he had no chance for parole, under the laws of Wisconsin it is necessary to admit guilt, and Stephen had insisted on his innocence. Until 1994, all his attempts to appeal against the verdict was rejected. The lawyers kept saying we need a new, previously unknown to the court the facts that the case was heard again.

During the parsing boxes with archival materials, the defenders drew attention to the samples of the scrapings from under the victim’s fingernails to a failed rape. In 1985, DNA analysis was not very common, but in ten years technology has allowed to divide the world population into several groups according to the alleles. Materials sent for examination, and found that alleles Avery and Bernsen are the same, but the scraping was attended by a material belonging to someone else.

These data provided the court, however, lawyers failed: the judge ruled that it is necessary to find out exactly whose DNA tests revealed. Indeed, under the fingernails of the victim could be skin particles husband, the doctor who discovered it. The statement was controversial: the woman announced that scratched anyone except the criminal.

Despite the fact that available to attorneys methods over, and appeals were rejected, Avery pleaded not guilty. In 2001, he took up the case of Wisconsin, the human rights organization “Innocence”. This time in the crime lab for retesting were sent and other material evidence. Among the materials turned out to be 13 pubic hair collected from the victim at the time of the first survey. They eventually became the key evidence.

11 the roots of the hairs was not, so they are not suited for tests. One was female, so the outcome depended on the latter. Detailed analysis showed that it belonged to Stephen. The experts just in case, ran it through the database received the DNA results. And then there was a match. It turned out that on the body Bernsen was a pubic hair Gregory Allen — the suspicious resident of Manitowoc, who was advised to draw the attention of the local police. Avery was acquitted.

As he told the district attorney’s office when this was announced by the former Minister, he responded coolly: asked only if worked out this version and is there any information about her on the case. Probably all these years, he suspected or knew that the perpetrator is another man.

Wrongful confinement has attracted wide attention of the society, Stephen became a celebrity, it began to shoot a series. Avery was released on 11 September 2003 after 18 years. By the time he was 41 years behind bars, he spent almost half his life. “When I came, the anger left. She remained there, behind prison gates came out with me. I was happy,” said Stephen.

After the incident, the state office of public Prosecutor of the state of Wisconsin began checking the Manitowoc County Prosecutor’s office and local police Department. Special agents interrogated all those involved in the Avery case. In the reports, in particular: actually, the investigation is practically not carried out, the Sheriff was an interested party.

it Seemed that someone will inevitably attract criminal liability, but the final statement of the public Prosecutor was absolutely toothless: “We have not found crime structure in actions of officials or signs of negligence during the investigation. Violations of legal ethics had been committed”. The most serious puncture considered ignoring information provided by the police about Allen. Guilty in the fact that Avery never served 18 years, has not suffered any punishment.

a Disappointed Steven decided to seek justice: he filed a civil lawsuit against the County and against the Manitowoc County Sheriff and Prosecutor — by then already former. He intended to sue the astronomical sum of $ 36 million: one million for each year in prison, the rest in damages.

At the same time in the legislative Assembly of Wisconsin decided to improve the justice system and to reduce the number of unjust convictions. The proposed amendments, in particular, concerned the storage of material evidence and guidelines for the interrogation of suspects and witnesses. Looking ahead: the project, named Avery, was adopted and signed in 2005.

Lawmakers also worked on the amount of compensation, on for illegal condemnation. Then the government could pay five thousand dollars for each year, parliamentarians wanted to increase this amount five-fold. In this situation Stephen was to receive 450 thousand, the money would allow him to maintain a civil action against the County as much as would be required. It seemed that the future was bright.

in the Fall of 2005 during investigatory actions it was found interesting fact. It turned out that in 1995 the police of Manitowoc from neighboring brown County called a police detective and told that one of the detainees admitted several years ago in Manitowoc he was attacked, and sitting behind it was somebody else.

Then the call took police officer Andrew Colborne. He reported this to the Sheriff, and he told the officer to mind his own business because the perpetrator is caught and convicted. As a result, no reports in connection with this call was not for eight years until 2003, when Colborne and his boss, Lieutenant James Lenk was asked about this new Sheriff.

Lawyers for Stephen called surfaced the facts, deliberate concealment of information. According to them, the County at that time already knew that the trial would not be in their favor. Then the insurance companies whose policies covered the losses the County Sheriff and Prosecutor, said that in this civil case the insurance does not apply to them. This meant that to bear the costs of reimbursing themselves the defendants.

the family of Avery believed that the authorities will not pay the huge compensation of 36 million and something will come up. Presentiment did not deceive them. The claim the result to be settled in 2006, but by that time Stephen was very much to do.

After his release Avery worked at the junkyard, almost all of his time spent with the family, wanted to stand on his feet. He met a woman, they began to live together. His friend had problems with alcohol, she was arrested several times for drunken driving. Steven even admitted that they fought over it. In General he believed that his life was okay, and was going to set a wedding date after his girlfriend is serving another sentence for drunken driving.

But everything changed in the fall of 2005. November 3, the police filed a missing 25-year-old female photographer car magazine Auto Trader Teresa Halbach. It turned out that she was last seen on October 31. That day the girl went to a few places and the last was a junkyard Avery. There she photographed the van the sister of Steven’s family put it up for sale.

Avery said Halbach took pictures and left, and when the police first came to him, checked his home, but nothing suspicious noticed. However, the dark green Toyota RAV4 Teresa, partly hidden by branches and planks, a few days later found near the pond at the scrap yard. After this the area began a search, Avery family was not allowed home for over a week.

Stephen argued that the police once again want to blame him for something he did not commit, so the authorities had to satisfy a civil claim and to pay $ 36 million. By the way, because of the ongoing litigation and the conflict of interest local authorities have transferred the case to Ken Crazu Prosecutor of a neighboring district, where lived Holbak. In the end the guards of Manitowoc was responsible for technical support colleagues to act alone they were forbidden. However, they continued to take part in the operational actions.

During a long search in the bedroom, Steven found the car keys from Holbach, and the fire pit in the backyard at home — it burned the remains. In addition, in a barrel nearby was it burned a phone and a camera. DNA analysis also showed that the blood stains which was found inside her car that belonged to Avery. The next time a search in its garage you will find a bullet that will be the girl’s DNA.

Alibi Stephen on the evening of October 31 was based on the testimony of his 16-year-old nephew. The young man was told that he had seen Teresa left, and in the evening along with uncle were collected in the area of the dump, which they then burned. However, later on the interrogation that took place without the presence of a lawyer or relatives, the teenager confirmed that he had helped uncle to rape the girl tied to the bed with handcuffs and shackles in the bedroom of the trailer, and then they slit her throat. According to his testimony, then in the garage of Stephen they shot her in the head, cut the body into pieces and burned in the backyard.

Avery was arrested and charged with first-degree murder (in the US called a pre-planned premeditated murder), kidnapping, sexual abuse and dismemberment of the body. Taken into custody and Steven, and his nephew. During the investigation, the lawyer of the teenager was removed. As it turned out, it allowed the investigators to interview the student in his absence, and insisted on the recognition of guilt. And it’s a given that the boy said that he had not committed a crime. By the way, the IQ of the young man were almost below his 70, it was recognized very suggestible.

In an inquest in January 2007, with Stephen was acquitted of charges of kidnapping and sexual violence, based on the testimony of the nephew: there were suspicions that he had given them under pressure. In the spring of that year, Avery was convicted of premeditated murder and illegal possession of firearms, but acquitted on charges in the dismemberment of the corpse. Few weeks he was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

the case of the nephew was considered separately. The teenager recanted his testimony and stated that he was forced to tell and to draw the desired investigators. He added that he had read the Gory details in the book. Despite this, he was convicted of murder, rape and dismemberment of a corpse and sentenced to life imprisonment with the right to parole in the year 2048.

it would Seem that the case is solved, found guilty criminals behind bars. However, in this story many inconsistencies and oddities: the emergence of evidence, blood evidence, witnesses, and even jury service.

During the investigation, Steven worked as lawyers Jerome Buting and Dean Strang, who he hired to received 400 thousand dollars compensation in a civil lawsuit. They insisted that their client was framed, and the main evidence of his guilt is the key to the victim’s car and the blood in her car, threw the police Colborne and Lenk, those who ten years ago ignored a phone call from a neighboring County.

it Was not clear for example why the key was found on the floor in the bedroom, Avery’s only when went in the house subordinate of the Sheriff of Manitowoc. The lawyers argued: he went into the house and almost immediately found the key, despite the fact that several searches before the results did not give — I’m sure the evidence was planted. The prosecution will explain that the key fell out from behind the wall of tables that the investigator moved the. The key is to find the DNA of Stephen.

After many years do not agree with this and advocate Kathleen Zellner that specializiruetsya the cases of wrongfully convicted people. She got down to business Avery and with the team and experts conducts numerous experiments. In particular, they tried to reproduce the loss of car keys from the bedside and agreed that it was impossible.

Lawyers also questioned the fact that the blood in the RAV4 were left Avery. Bathing and Strang found the opened box of evidence in the case about the attack on penny Bernsen, which kept the vial with the blood of Stephen, taken in 1996. His cap was pierced. The lawyers tried to prove that the blood left in the car to frame their client. However, the analysis did not reveal any trace of preservative, which is used to save the material in archival tubes. However, this examination has questioned.

Attorney Kathleen Zellner later decided to prove experimentally that the blood of Stephen in the car killed Halbach left not himself, but the fluid was not from the punctured bottle. Her arguments were based on Avery’s story: one day he was badly cut my finger and dripped blood in the sink, and then left, not wash it, but when I came back the sink was clean, and the relatives stated that they did not touch anything.

“Experiments have shown that the blood in the RAV4 planted. We are not saying that a COP did this, the killer did,” says the lawyer. Together with an expert on blood pattern analysis Zellner used the sink from the trailer and Avery’s car of the same year and the same Assembly, as was Theresa. During the test, they were helped by a volunteer who agreed to cut his finger. A drop of blood placed on the edges of the sink, parts are also made to drain inside. Then the examiner placed as still fresh, and the dried blood in those places RAV4, where it was actually found. For this purpose, a pipette and a cotton swab.

According to the expert, he was able to “throw” the blood in just three minutes. The test showed that a little bit of dried liquid soaked into the carpet of the car, it drops left on the surface — it was discovered in the car Holbak. It was also questioned the location of the spots near the ignition key: it was more like the trail from a cotton swab, smear real than on. The conclusion indicates that if Avery really was a fresh cut, the bloody fingerprints in the SUV would have been much more.

in addition, to bring the car at night on a junkyard could anyone — the area was not guarded and the entrances were several. Zellner found a witness who allegedly saw a parked car Holbak in another place the day before she was found on the territory of Avery. This nephew of Stephen during interrogation said that helped to drive the RAV4 on the dump, then his uncle opened the hood to disconnect the battery. The latch actually found the DNA of Stephen, and it was not blood. The lawyer says, for leaving the amount of biological material that is found on the lock, Stephen would have had to open it about 90 times that it would be somewhat illogical.

the Question of traces of blood Theresa in the back of an SUV. Judging by the shape on the wall, it trickled down the girl’s hair. However, if Halbach was killed in the dustbin immediately after the rape and there burned, the blood in her hair could be in the trunk? Quite important was the absence of traces of blood on the alleged scene of the murder.

So, neither in the bedroom, where Teresa allegedly slit her throat, or the garage, where she later fired, did not find the spray. According to lawyers, it would be impossible, given the clutter of the premises. And if Avery and his nephew washed the floors and walls with chlorine, in place should not be any biomaterials, however, DNA Stephen was present everywhere and in large numbers.

Controversial evidence lawyers have called a bullet with DNA Holbak found in the garage. Ballistic examination found that she was really fired from shotguns Steven. Thus the police have refuted the theory about the set up: the weapons were taken and stored in a locked evidence locker, so too late to throw shot a bullet they could not. At the same time, lawyers Bating and Strang noted that the fragments of bullets were found in many places in the territory of a salvage yard, and the presence of DNA of the deceased on one of them does not prove anything, especially that the bullet was and traces of materials carried out a test expert. Zellner also later claimed that the examination revealed no traces of her collision with the skull bone, but it was attended by the pieces of wood.

At the same time, Avery burned the big fire only the night of the disappearance of Theresa. And according to dealt with the case of the Prosecutor Craze found in the pit bones women had to be mixed with the steel belts from the tires. This pointed to the fact that the body burned in this place. Also, the Prosecutor noted that the human bones found in other places, did not belong to Holbach that did not confirm the theory of the defence to move the remains. In six metres from the front door of Stephen found the burned part of the phone, camera and PDA girls.

moreover, three weeks before the incident, Avery bought handcuffs and shackles similar to those described by his nephew for questioning. According to the young person, Teresa had tied them to the bed. Stephen said that this was not, and the accessories he was going to try with my girlfriend Jody.

to help the investigation came and former cellmate Avery. The prisoner stated that Steven after his release, planned to build a torture room in which wanted to rape the young girls, mock them and kill them. “He even drew it. And another inmate heard from Avery that to get rid of the bodies need to burning them, because fire destroys DNA,” said Prosecutor Kratz.

According to him, Steven by sending a request to the arrival of a photographer from Auto Trader, has asked “the same girl that was in the last time”, and signed the name of his sister for the sake of disguise. Witnesses confirmed that Avery really wanted to work with the same person, but the name of the cousin probably chose because it was her car.

And on the day of the disappearance of Halbach Steven called her three times, and in the first two cases, he used a special code *67 to disable the caller identification number. The third time he had just called her number, not hiding. Krats pointed out that this behavior the prosecution considered one of the proofs of guilt of Stephen: “at first It was believed he could just say that she did not come, so he tried to give himself an alibi when he bound her.”

by the Way, once in the magazine Halbach said that he was afraid to return to the territory of Avery due to the fact that Stephen had once met her in one towel only. This certificate is not made before the trial, as neither set the date of the incident, nor details was not possible. At the same time, network appeared supposedly complete transcript of one of the conversations of the arrested nephew Avery’s mother. As noted, in the series about Stephen Making a Murderer used its fragments. One of them was the feeling that the boy was forced to say what he wants. In the full version of the teenager told his mother that his uncle molested him and touched, but also behaved in a similar way and with Holbach.

At the same time, the lawyers questioned the innocence in the murder of former young man Teresa, who after her disappearance had organized a search party. So, Ryan Hillegas sent one of the volunteers and her daughter straight to the junkyard Avery, although at that time no reason to look for a car there was not. And only this woman, then found the RAV4, he gave with a video camera. In addition, the young person for the period of missing girl was not alibi. And in 2017, a lawyer Zellner pointed out that the diary of Teresa after her death was Hillegas, which also links him to the murder.

the Lawyer cited and evidence of possible involvement in the murder of one of the brothers nephew Steven Bobby. During the trial, the young man said that the last time you saw Holbak going to the Avery trailer. However, this contradicts the testimony of another brother, Brian. “I distinctly remember what Bobby said to me, “Steven couldn’t have killed her because I saw her leave on 31 October”,” the said it.

in addition, on a home computer family Dassi discovered pictures of Teresa as well as many violent podnosnikow in which girls were raped and tortured. Among the images were the bloodied bodies, severed heads and more. They were removed before the computer was handed over to police. The boy’s mother claimed that the Internet access with the device was not, however, the experts came to the conclusion that it used to get these photos. And this happened at a time when the house was only Bobby.

it is Worth noting that the evidence in the course of the proceedings changed many, especially the young witnesses. For example, at trial, one of the cousins nephew Avery said that just heard about the murder on TV and told during interrogation, the facts of the story. Yes, and the nephew under oath said that he had not committed a crime and forced to confess because police convinced him: it would be better.

by the Way, suspended for family reasons, the jury is told that the jury in the case of Avery were two members, related with the police and the district administration. One was the father of Deputy Sheriff, and another’s wife worked for the local authorities — that is, it was a clear conflict of interest. Male surprised that in the end all the jurors unanimously found guilty of Stephen. According to him, at the outset, this opinion is shared by only three people, two are undecided, and seven believed that he was framed, and it is necessary to reconsider not in Wisconsin.

in Spite of that, Avery continues to appeal and to seek new evidence of his innocence. His former lawyer Jerome Buting also believes that he was framed. In February, he posted on his Twitter page mocking picture on the occasion of the retirement of Sergeant Colborne. It depicts a label of a tin can with the inscription “Sagelike. With new evidence” and photos Colborne and Lenka. In signing the defender noted that this diet is included in the standard monthly payment a COP. At the same time, Avery’s co-counsel Dean Strang — have admitted she did everything possible for the client and also inclined to believe that he is guilty.

by the Way, the personal life of Stephen not stood still. During the investigation he broke up with his drunk girlfriend. She was serving a sentence for drunken driving and was released after the arrest of her lover, and later talked about the pressure from the police and restrictions on Dating.

after the trial, Stephen began writing American sandy Greenman that did not believe in the guilt of Avery and wanted to let him know about it. Several times they talked on the phone and supported each other: the husband Grinman had dementia, then he died. After some time between sandy and Steven started Dating, she began to visit him. Avery planned to make a friend offer after you prove your innocence.

as for the nephew, Avery, in August 2016, the judge ruled that the confession was stretched out teen forced and not his own, but because the conclusion unconstitutional. The young man was supposed to be released, and in the summer of 2017, three judges of the court of Appeals seventh circuit, the United States supported the decision to release him, but the state requested reconsideration of the verdict by the whole jury of seven people. As a result, in December, by four votes to three supported the original conviction. Suggestible young man remained behind bars.

And you could commit a crime by someone other than those who already suspected? Former police detective John Cameron believes that, Yes: he calls the name of Edward Edwards, an American serial killer.

According to Cameron, the man repeatedly “committed the worst murders, which are constantly covered by the press and inspired fear”. “Throughout his life, he killed and then framed someone close to the victim and then watched as the system deals with it,” explained the former detective.

He also cited a number of facts pointing to the possible involvement of Edwards in the murder of Teresa Halbach. First, in 2005, he lived only an hour away from the Avery salvage yard. In addition, several of his victims were killed in the night of Halloween, and the photographer went missing on October 31. Cameron also pointed out that the serial killer reportedly called for hearings on cases falsely accused of his crimes. It is believed that it can be seen in the background of the footage from the courtroom in the sixth series of Making a Murderer.

the Involvement of Edwards in five murders committed in 1977 and 1996, proved. At the same time, he is suspected of committing approximately a dozen similar crimes, and in 2005 he was still at large: he was sentenced to life imprisonment only in 2010. to Know the Edwards, if he put his case Holbak, will not work: the offender has died in jail of natural causes in the spring of 2011, a month after he was sentenced to death. He was 77 years old.

In this story quite a lot contradictory facts. And while the defense and prosecution to prove their case, one can only hope that the true killer is ever recognized and reveal their motives. Unless of course he’s not dead yet.

“The conflict between Moscow and Russia disappears.”

Scientists of the Institute of sociology presented the book “Capital and the regions of modern Russia: myths and reality 15 years later.” The research is based on the microscopic model of Russia. This means that it involved respondents from all types of settlements of the country: capital cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg), regional centers, towns, villages and hamlets. Sociologists compare the modern data with the results of previous surveys. It turned out that in 15 years the opportunities of the regions closer to the capital, and Hicks often feel much more successful Muscovites and Petersburgers. Why is “the” said one of the authors of the books — leading researcher, Institute of sociology Svetlana Mareeva.

“”: What has changed in 15 years — began to live better or worse?

Mareeva: From the material point of view is better, there’s no question. If you look at the income, availability of housing, durable goods, spending on clothing and food, we can say that life has improved in all types of settlements and in the countryside and in the cities. Another trend: to live become more equal.


Quality of life in the province and in the capital cities which we in our study implied Moscow and St. Petersburg, is adjusted. Today no matter where you are in Samara or Moscow. Here and there people have the same set of durable goods, equipment, real estate, Internet, mobile communications. 15 years ago the differences were strong. That is, the gap between cities and the province remains, but it has started to decline.

do You want to say that today live in Rome are not less prestigious, than in Moscow?

Cities, of course, until out of competition at the feature level. But is convergence. We recorded changes in recent years not only on objective indicators like income, labour market, quality of life, but watched a subjective picture. First of all, the perception of the population. We were interested in how people see Russia as the perceived gap between major cities and the province. Because from the point of view of social tension personal feelings more important than objective indicators.

it is Important that in the eyes of the population the leveling of the opportunities that exist in the capitals and provinces. Before the question of where you can achieve your goals, the answer was clear: in the big cities. Today the proportion of those who said that in the province a number of tasks to achieve easier significant. And provincial positivity is due to the opinions of the population of cities and district centers. Evaluation of residents of regional centers has changed to a lesser degree.

what tasks give priority to the province?

Family, parenting, solving housing problems, measured way of life. But dostizheniye goal — paying job, quality education, health care — remain outside the capital cities.

Although compared to 2003 were more likely to talk about equality of opportunity in education (an increase from 9 percent to 27 percent) and getting a job with a degree (from 14 percent to 39 percent). Residents of large cities have noted the same opportunities compared to Metropolitan cities in gaining resources and influence (from 25 percent in 2003 to 33 percent in 2017).

Earlier in search of a better life people from all over the country went to Moscow and St. Petersburg. A new geographical point of attraction?

Directly the question not asked, but in our study, respondents clearly noted that the city is ahead of the village. So, some major regional centres may provide an alternative to the capitals. How feasible this will have an impact on migration flows — is another question. The alignment of the provinces and Metropolitan cities is that the process is not complete. The conflict that was 15 years ago between Moscow and the rest of Russia, disappears.

do You mean the grievances of the regions that Moscow zhiruet and “vacuums” money from all over the country?

Yes, in 2003, this opposition was sharp and was among the first most important trigger points. In our survey, many respondents noted that Moscow collects all financial. Accordingly, in the capital, people live well, they are all the conditions, but at the expense of other regions. Now this perception is smoothed. There are, of course, the proportion of people who continue to think so, but their number is not so critical as before.

what is the convergence of the capital and regions?

There are several factors. Objectively influenced by the crisis: the results of our previous research it more damage dealt to the capitals. We can say that one of the factors of rapprochement — is the deterioration of living standards in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But there’s another interesting thing: the level of realization of own vital plans for the residents of capitals is lower than the provincials. Residents of Metropolitan areas more critical to their achievements than the provincials.

This is from the series “in my village you’re the star, and in the capital — one”?

Probably, Yes. In big cities the queries above. When you see that in the metropolis the possibilities are many and all around to achieve something, then its achievements are assessed below. While more than half of the urban provincials satisfied as a whole with their own implementation, almost half of the population of the capital cities I believe that have achieved less than what was capable of. One in ten thinks that nothing meaningful and was not performed. This assessment of the areas of life related to money, food, wages, housing — among the capital’s residents above. The quality of life subjectively is higher, but personal success below.

What do Russians in the concept of success?

the Key elements are the same for all: family, children, interesting job, friends. But the details are different. For example, for residents of the capitals of the important freedom — that is “to be master of yourself”, thrills, variety. In a city of the province in the first place — the respect of others and honestly lived life. In rural areas often speak about the possibility to live not worse than others: this means to meet the standards of the environment.

About money, power, nobody is talking?

Only 15 percent of Russians associate success with wealth, and 11 percent with a prestigious property. In Metropolitan areas more often than in the province, attributed the success of his position. But then — it’s about 17 percent of the citizens. Only one percent of the capital’s residents associates success with having power. Among provincial urban population of these five percent, and among villagers — three percent.

the study notes that today the social composition capitals and provinces about the same. What does it mean?

the Nominal figures of income in Moscow and St. Petersburg has always been higher. They are now the same. But life here is much more expensive. Because we compare specific wallet with the median — that is, look, the average income for a particular type of settlement. And then the allocated group. Conditionally poor — those who have less than half the average of typical income. And the rich — the owners of more than two of such income. When building models, we see that in 2003 Moscow and St. Petersburg was much more polarization of the population. On the level of income in the middle there were fewer people, and the share of the poor and the rich is above. In the regions more or less evenly. Is then conceived the idea that the rift between rich and poor occurs geographically between the cities and the provinces.

But over the last 10-15 years, Moscow and St. Petersburg model closer to the province. On the one hand, this is good, because once again smooths the contradictions of Moscow and the region, reduced the proportion of the disadvantaged population, of which there were many in the capital cities. But often the alignment occurs due to the sliding in the middle, those who were upstairs.

What is egalitarianism?

Also in Metropolitan areas and city province, we register a decrease of the efforts of people to improve their human capital. That is, people cease to invest in their education and in the education of their children.


Probably, I see no need. There is dequalification of labor — that is, the proportion of intellectuals is shrinking, at the same time, a growing number of workers with medium and low qualifications. Must be a stimulus, results in higher levels of education. If you know that this place does not require any special skills, why try?

Maybe people just do not have extra money for this purpose?

We’re talking about the middle class, which is actively invested, and has now ceased. But they have become more durable goods, and new. That is, they simply re-direct available funds to update the environment of life.