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Member of the state Duma Commission on ethics, explained the justification of the Slutsky

a Member of the state Duma Commission on Deputy ethics of the Communist party Vladimir Pozdnyakov has explained the decision to justify the MP Leonid Slutsky’s charges of sexual harassment. He told about it in interview “to the” (read the full version here).

According to him, the question was considered at the meeting — is ambiguous, as the words of the affected journalists, it is impossible to prove. On the one hand, said Pozdnyakov, if the Slutsky guilty, should be punished according to the law, on the other — representatives of the media have themselves to blame for the incident, either to slander parliamentarians.

“Just see for yourself: available or unavailable. It is possible to show the rotation of the head, raising of hair, tilt that helps to consider… I notice and hairstyle, jewelry, and clothing — as she tried to look. There are things that can be seen. We men can feel it,” he said.

the Editors”.ru” in solidarity with the journalists Farida Rustamova (“Russian service Bi-bi-si”), Darya Zhuk (“Rain”) and Ekaterine Kotrikadze (RTVI) removed site, the materials, statements and references to the Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky. An exception is made only for publications that have a direct relation to the accusations of MP in the harassment.

Considered as the main ecological problem of Russia

the Most neglected environmental problem in Russia is the garbage disposal. This was stated by the special representative of the President on environmental issues, environmental policy and transport, Sergei Ivanov, said RIA Novosti.

during the all-Russian ecological action “the Blue ribbon”, which took place on the Entrance area of the Park of Victory, Ivanov noted that the issue of utilization of solid domestic waste is very acute in Russia.

Previously, the residents of the Moscow region Volokolamsk demanded from local authorities to eliminate landfill “Sound”. In several weeks there have been protests. At the meeting of 21 March, the protesters beat the head of the Volokolamsk district Eugene Gavrilov.

Journalist gay revealed the details of the harassment Zhirinovsky

the journalist of the edition “Now” Renat Davletgildeev who publicly spoke about the harassment of the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, opened “the” the details of the incident.

According to him, he took the policy interview in 2006 at Gostiny Dvor, which hosted the contest “Miss Russia”. “I, as a young boy, a journalist, sucker, take the review Zhirinovsky, just catching it in the foyer, he touches me with his hands, rather obsessive,” — said the journalist.

“Then come to me the assistants [of the leader of LDPR], and, picking up a hand, offer to go with them to the sauna. I’m pretty frightened mumble something and run to the gym to people,” he continued. The young man in the end did not go anywhere. “[I] even before the machine has not carried” — he said.

Davletgildeev explained why nothing was done after this incident. “Because then the public debate about harassment was not, plus [I experienced a] time of awareness of their own homosexuality and trying to hide it,” said the reporter.

“the” tried to contact the press Secretary for Zhirinovsky, however, at the time of publication of news his phone was unavailable.

Earlier Davletgildeev, openly gay, publicly stated about the harassment by Zhirinovsky in his Facebook. He also hinted at other similar incidents involving members of LDPR and “dozens of deputies”, who “prefer to take on spazboy it boys.”

The Russian woman with the severed hands of her husband returned from Germany with two prostheses

the Inhabitant of Serpukhov near Moscow Margarita Gracheva, where a husband chopped off with an ax hands, returned from Germany with dentures. She wrote about this on his page in the Vkontakte.

“In Germany, I made two prosthesis (one more functional, the second is easier, for the rough work). A huge thank you to everyone who helped me to adapt to a new life! Although, this is just the beginning, the dentures need to adjust and learn to manage them!” — said the girl.

Money for the trip and prostheses, the family gathered through crowdfunding. German doctors helped to develop Gracheva left hand with the help of electrical stimulation. In St. Petersburg, a girl will go full rehabilitation to restore functions of the hand. Earlier, Russian doctors were able to sew the brush, gathering the pieces, but the sensitivity returns slowly, and Gracheva have to relearn how to use it.

Husband cut off hands 25-year-old girl in December 2017 after she filed for divorce. He took her to the forest where he cut her brush part, and then brought his wife to the hospital. Managed to sew only the left hand after police found a severed fragment of the scene of the incident. From the right surgeons formed a stump.

Explained the delay with the issuance of the remains of those killed in the crash of An-148

relatives of the victims in the crash of An-148 aircraft that crashed in Moscow over a month ago, still have not given the body. The delay was explained thus: fragments for identification and the power laboratory of the Russian center of judicial medical expertise is limited. Reports radio station “Moscow speaking” with reference to a source close to the investigation. Since the disaster has passed 40 days.

According to him, all the victims have been identified, but genetic examination continues. “Well, for example, identified 71 fragments as 71 dead. And what to do with the other 50 thousand? Therefore, all these fragments must be examined in the genetic laboratory, which is located in RCSME”, he explained.

“to Relatives to take something once before. When they identified all the pieces, they will placed in the boxes, and then you can these body, if you can call a lot of small fragments, to give to relatives for burial,” said the source station. He stressed that the experts try to finish the job as quickly as possible, but there are processes to accelerate which is impossible.

the Plane An-148 of “Saratov airlines”, EN route from Moscow to Orsk, crashed day 11 February in Ramenskoe district of Moscow region. On Board were 65 passengers and six crew members, they all died. After analyzing the data of the black boxes, experts have linked the crash with the icing of speed sensors. In fact the incident a criminal case.