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Nurse stole drugs and cancer patients in jail

the Blagoveshchensk city court has sentenced to three years in prison nurse Amur oblast Oncology dispensary for stealing drugs for patients suffering from cancer, reported city Prosecutor’s office.

the court found 44-year-old woman, working as a procedural nurse, from August to October 2016 kidnapped medicines for cancer patients, and tried to send them to Moscow.

According to “the”, we are talking about drugs for injection: it is “Trastuzumab” — four packs with a total value of 276 462 of the ruble, 12 kopecks, “Bevacizumab” — one pack costs 13 794 rubles. Thus the hospital has suffered losses of more than 290 thousand rubles.

the Nurse was found guilty as regards 3 articles 160 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Assignment, that is plunder of another’s property entrusted guilty, in the large size”), ordered to pay more than 290 thousand rubles in favor of medical facilities and has appointed punishment in the form of three years of imprisonment in a colony.

In may, it was reported that Ministry of health prepared the draft law on decriminalization of doctors with drugs. The document introduces changes in article 228.2 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Infringement of rules of turnover of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances”) to stop the prosecution of medical and pharmaceutical workers, if they broke the rules of turnover of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, “not having a high degree of public danger.”

Omsk officials tried to drive on the street with disabled children

Employees of the mayoralty of Omsk wanted to evict from the apartment of the woman-the invalid of I group with his two sons, by not providing decent housing in return. About it reports the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

for 20 years the city stood on the account as needing improvement of living conditions. The city administration gave her a social welfare payment for the purchase of a new home. The money was only enough for a modest apartment, unsuitable for accommodation of the disabled family. For example, a woman could not navigate it in a wheelchair. She refused to move, and officials decided to sue to evict by force.

the Court sided disabled and refused to satisfy the claim. The municipality appealed, but the regional court left the decision unchanged.

In Russia, lives more than 12.2 million people with disabilities. Since 2011, the country implements the program “Accessible environment”, but even in Moscow it’s not perfect. Still, many disabled people have limited transportation options.

The Deputy rode to meeting on horseback and accompanied by riders

the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Kamchatka Michael Puchkovsky I arrived for the session, riding on a gelding, and accompanied by the rider. A video published by a local Agency “Kam 24”.

According to the Deputy, so he wants to draw attention to the problems of poor people, which with current petrol prices and products not easy to survive. The Deputy tried to tie the horse near the entrance to the government building, but it was prevented by the guard. The animals were left to look after companion Puchkovsky.

A passenger on the Moscow metro has fallen on the way and paid the price

the Man, fallen drunk from the platform on the way to the Moscow metro must pay compensation to the shipping company. This is the first time when the Moscow metro has filed a lawsuit in the court of the passenger, reports TASS.

the Incident occurred on April 1, 2017 at the station “Vykhino”. The drunk man fell under train coming, but the tragedy was avoided. The driver of an emergency halt and the offender was unharmed.

the Moscow metro has addressed in court with the requirement to reimburse the costs of rehabilitation of the driver and payment of average earnings during the time he was undergoing treatment — about 20 thousand rubles. The claim is satisfied in full. The press service of the metro told that when such incidents are suffering and those who are on the platform waiting for a train — they are experiencing a lot of stress.

“At the end of the looming figure of Hitler”

Barcodes, INN and other new technologies should lead humanity to “making the numbers”, followed by the arrival of the Antichrist. Talked about this some bright and crazy loners-hermits, armed with the prophecies of the Christian saints. Now Russia has formed a whole movement of resistance “to citrofolia”. To fight with common identifiers and other signs of the new world order joined the famous power support the construction of temples in Moscow the organization “Forty sorokov”. “the” talked about this with its leader Andrey Kormuhina.

“”: What did you progress, what you call it the new fascism?

Kornuhin: For our people survived the Great Patriotic war, the concept of fascism is associated with something totalitarian, where the looming figure of Hitler, who built a society, where he was privileged caste, and all others had to serve her. The analogy with today can be traced easily. If we listen to the adepts of “Tsifrovaya” in Russia, the same German Gref.

what of him?

He had not hesitate to say that the people of truth should not know. Never, they say, the people of the truth did not know, and when he does, he will fail to control it. These things he said in 2015 the St. Petersburg economic forum.

this is the ignorance of the people, processes, and goal setting of these processes that is now going on with great speed, not knowing who is at the end of the chain, who manages it — this is exactly what many common people compared with what happened with the German people in the 30-ies of the last century.

What happened?

Millions of people went to rallies in support of Hitler. He was their national leader. His theory of national superiority over all others was for them above all else. Now, years later, many, including the boy nick in Bundestag, we are told that the Germans in the mass simply did not know who and where they are going, and therefore they are not to blame.

right Now we do not understand, for whom and where are we going?

At some point, “Gref Lord” and others like them will build your “ciproflaxin”, and people do not understand or do not immediately understand that the country is ruled by a privileged class of people who have the right to call someone a decent life, and someone unworthy. Or someone worthy of socialization in the society, and someone-no.

“Ciproflaxin” occurs, and only the blind do not notice.

So, I am also blind.

Blind is now a lot. There is a large information space, and in this huge flow of information are very difficult to catch these punctures, which the Lord, building the “ciproflaxin”, sometimes allow themselves.

And the most is the concept of “ciproflaxin” what was formulated and put into circulation?

it is Difficult to say who exactly. We are, in principle, it is not borrowed. It so happened that we formulated it themselves, creating a group in “Vkontakte”.

an Analogy can be traced in the fact that the task of the new world order is to prepare people to the brutal, from the point of view of humanity, paradigms of the so-called digital society will prevail over a society of people — Christian civilization, modeled on Evangelical principles, precepts, values that humanity has brought Jesus Christ.

Hitler was also a representative of the new order?

In the German concentration camps people instead of a name a person receives at baptism, were assigned numbers. This was reflected in the outcome document of the Nuremberg Tribunal, condemning fascism.

And we have soon, when you will come for the document to any body, you say, “Introduce yourself”. You will call my name, and you answer: “No, I’m not interested, you say the room is yours.”

In fact, this is the fascist system of numbering, and if we take the believers adoption numbers in the same cabbalism is antagonistic paradigm of Christianity.

a resistance to “Tsifrovaya” is now one of the areas of work of the organization “forty times Forty”?

Yes. “Forty sorokov” is working in many areas related to the challenges of the anti-Christian world order, which many of his followers called post-Christian. They say: “the Christian project is dead”, “the Bible project is dead”. But if we look at all the important areas of our lives and exclude them from Christian principles, then our country will cease to be social.

Give an example of the preparation of the soil for the new world order.

was recently published survey “Levada-Center”, the results of which revealed that against a single identifier, as it is nicely called, and in fact this assignment digital name, the majority of people will not be resent. Only the Orthodox will be against or for some more radical — I do not remember the wording. That is, instead of having to sit down with opponents of such innovations at the negotiating table, they immediately marginalisiert.

what to talk with “ciprofloxacni”?

Let me explain what goal setting is, who is behind this ID who will manage this information system, who will control the security of personal data and so on.

We are not against technology, I do not object to our government developed, but, again, if we have a welfare state in which elite do not manipulate people, and adhere to the Constitution, which States that the only source of power is the people.

So they you will tell everything as well! But it looks like a persecution mania. How to prove to the madman that no one follows him?

the Possibility of the Superman, the possibility of eugenics, the desire to create something supernatural has always attracted young people, but she does not think about where this could lead. Now we also see young talented people in the IT field, and I don’t want them all to hurt, but just recently Yandex held a forum, and when they talked about the possibilities of new digital technologies, all eyes would light up and was explaining how cool it is, how convenient, if the person still does not understand what he wants, and he has Alice or Beatrice will offer the options of action. And when the man stood up with a question about what in this case will be security, there was a stupor. More precisely, began bellowing inarticulate because we are not agreed about the most important.

I want to be heard. It is important to understand who is the bearer and transmitter of values for which this new digital economy and the digital paradigm is built.

We know how to work the social networks and information resources. We know the scandalous history Donald trump, when the “Cambridge Analytics” on the basis of data, 50 million Americans, stolen from Facebook, and formed the opinions of voters and influenced their decision in the presidential election in the United States. Then it seems that all signs had to win Hillary Clinton, but a new electoral technology won the old and gave a tangible result.

which Means “cirofici” and you can recruit once you use social networks?

I Have already generated the world, I have the skeleton, values and spiritual frame, which allows me to separate the wheat from the chaff. But if the young man who holds in social networks for six hours a day and has no idea about the world, will begin to program? How do we know who is behind this and what does he want?

But if no one is hiding, just the development is on the touch, the problems are formulated in the course of action?

the same Gref reason, brought on the economic forum of the sorcerer from India, which is a sort of temple where they pray the granite phallic symbol. And he says that you need to erase all borders between States and religions that need to build new, it is not clear what kind of person. If Mr. Gref, the beneficiary of these processes, I do not want to affect the value paradigm of my children.

Opponents “Tsifrovaya” discuss in social networks membership since July 1 because of some law, indicating the transition to the new order and, apparently, the imminent end of the world. What is this law.

On the registration of biometric data of Bank customers. The person should have a choice, and it is the right choice to explain: either you give us consent to collect your data — and get the opportunity to use new technologies or not — and then live peacefully in the old way.

And what exactly is wrong with the new technology, if we are not talking about microchips that turns people into zombies?

Well, you Wake up and before you on the table there is no tea you like to drink in the morning, and coffee with milk you conventionally prescribed doctors trained in your vitals. Your bed will come and will know who you sleep with and so on. There are people who like it, but I’m not.

Back to the law. There is expected therapy?

I Honestly don’t know. I have a legal education, but I never with a degree not working due to various life reasons, so I have not read this law and say all of its nuances. Would it be required now or do it later.

Wanted in 2015 to introduce a universal electronic card (UEC), which will be opened the entire document. But then the public opposed this, and the project of the UEC came to naught. Now moving subject the unique identification number, say that in 2019 all will get it. What does everyone get? If I don’t want something I still have to get?

You mentioned the public, and who in our country is in the resistance, as it is the mass?

subject of the conversation that we have going on, people get to know about the dark side of digital progress and happy to join in this resistance.

Star wars?

I’m serious. The practice of our communication with people shows that they are starting to Wake up and realize what it is.

I would say that we have even in the national security strategy, signed by Vladimir Putin says that the main priority of the state policy in the long run — traditional spiritual and moral values. And that in Russia is such values as not Orthodox?

You say about freedom of choice for each person, but is this the value of traditional for Russia? Who and where we asked earlier? All operated in the form of an order. The peasants were all in the slave position, was something like things. Was it due to the very baptism of Russia with a free choice for everyone?

But Novgorod was?

what have they done to our Orthodox rulers?

the Romanov democratic way called to the throne.

what are you talking about the exception rather the rule.

Your views are based on erroneous data.

In General, here we have different views. Well. But what is the position Russian Orthodox Church on the issue of new technologies?

we Have about it is the Patriarch speaks openly. In our public fixed its recent statement. In January 2018, speaking Federation Council traditional Christmas parliamentary readings, he said that we stand on the threshold of total electronic control… Now what are these “cirofici”? To cancel cash to a man in General can be controlled. Let a person, even an unbeliever, look to the Apocalypse, book of Revelation, which clearly says how it will happen.

That is a radical position of your movement “forty times Forty” fully corresponds with the official position of the Church?

we Have no concept of the radical, we have a public organization that operates within the law. Never we nothing radical has taken place. Trying to drag us into this radical — painfully, we are uncomfortable for many because we are a large social force that says about the “second side.”

the Church, as an institution common to the whole society, — she speaks of these things in more diplomatic language, that is, it is somewhere very sharp corners trying to round.

You are engaged in this business at the request of Church leadership?

I guess the final straw was our trip to Athos in the days of the Passover. On returning we thought about it and formed this group. Athos elders with reference to St. paisija Athos, whose books I read now many say that you need to resist.


We’re not going to take up arms, to go into the forest, as many of us think. We have rule of law and we are under the law will be brought to the people the truth, make movies, conduct round tables.

who, in addition to Gref, we have in the ranks of the “zimovaliste”?

gentlemen, the bankers, the owners of world money. The entire financial-economic bloc of our government is actually under the adherents of this new world order.

But there is also a purely Russian idea, created by the will of the state and specifically to protect the interests of our citizens. For example, the card “the World”. In social networks spread entire instructions on how to refuse them pensioners and state employees. Why do the “resisters”?

“Forty sorokov” this has nothing to do. We are opposed to people imposing some cards. A person should keep the right to receive money in cash or savings accounts.

But, let’s hold a popular vote, and 86 percent would vote “for”. Then what? After that nobody will not ask — will be fined.

In legal terms, we will resist. To complain to the constitutional court, to hold meetings and so on.

please Explain why people who care about the preservation in the world of Christian values, do not go ahead of the rest, ahead of progress, guiding him in the right direction? And now it seems that one invents a thing and another and he does nothing, and the other does not. Or it looks like an attempt to get in the way of a moving locomotive.

As an Orthodox Christian and understand many processes around us, I will answer this question: challenge the devil over the last two thousand years — to squeeze Christ out of our daily lives and to make people believe that without God he lives in real life. This new digital reality is prepared by many centuries of the situation in which man is led to the conclusion that he lives in the real world.

what is the real world?

We live in a world that you and I created myself for convenience. The real world is much more complex, richer and more demanding person. It is not three-dimensional. Christ people say: “Wake up, real world is another. I came to you to talk about it to give you the opportunity to be connected with the real world.” And people can easily understand what reality is, when instead of getting a prestigious job, beautiful girls and the opportunity to relax on a tropical island is going to prison, accidentally knocking the man to death. To see reality through exercises in prayer, of approaching the Holy. So people any new technology is not required.

I honestly don’t remember that in the gospel were the words which you cite. Jesus often spoke to everyone personally and in relation to a particular situation, which in his words is possible to find contradictions.

And whom Christ drove from the temple? Bankers and lenders.

And in another place he said: give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

Caesar is a God — given story, and the bankers and moneylenders — a sinful history.

But he drove them from the temple. And then there was the parable of the talents, when Christ was cited as a positive example to earnings percentages.

there was No such. He was referring to the investment — you invest the money in some business and get into business some share. You give money and jointly take the risk. Unless he mentions usury, talking about to give money in growth? Find the parable of the talents. And in General, to interpret the Bible can Holy fathers, but not you and me.

I just don’t find in the New Testament indications of the resistance to those things about which we speak. On the contrary, the doctrine of Christ was the first most successful multinational and a global project, not implying a return to a kind of national and traditional for the time values. This appeal to the future.

Now I’ll read it. “He came and received the one talent and said, “Sir, I know you, that you were a hard man: you reap where I sowed not, and gather where I have not scattered. Here I am, scared of this, and went and hid thy talent in the earth. Here’s yours.” The master said to him in reply: “thou Wicked, slothful servant! Your own mouth will judge thee (…), so you had to give up my silver with the bankers, and I returned and would have received back my own with interest…” It is not usury, a hundred per cent.

do Not agree. Then the question about total surveillance. What to be afraid of good Christians — even in the context of possible persecution. Here the Copts, living side by side with Muslims and constantly risk their lives, even in the hand a cross, stuffed for all to see who they are in the faith.

in Addition to individual salvation, there is public space. Live in it your children. And you know the story, you know what value the code we lived, what spiritual paradigm was. Then you begin to act not as an Orthodox Christian who is involved in his own salvation, and you have to take the position of a responsible citizen and a father, head of his family. Then you don’t don’t care what your child is taught and how it is influenced. After Prince Vladimir had not only chosen the path of his salvation.

And when “ciproflaxin” gain strength, then it is possible that I was from a family will withdraw, children will be put in the gay of the family and will bring up any transgender people.

Then look on the other side. There is resistance “Tsifrovaya”, and there is resistance to the construction of churches in Moscow. There we are talking about a small group of people with whom you agree. They will endlessly to organize protests. Indeed, in the “forty times Forty” know this firsthand? Is it a construction of temple in the capital is not transformed into “guard”?

no longer. No one wants to mess with us (laughs).

which Means you can not negotiate with those who are against a single ID? After all, the state is not possible for each person a separate lead document is like a sewer: it is one for all. If you don’t like something go to pot.

Before the construction of the temple there are public hearings, there come the people. There were cases when the majority of residents were opposed, and the construction was not conducted. But in most cases it was used as technology. There were people who were later found. They were envelopes with money. They received the money for protests. Of course, the same Gref, probably annoyed that the Moscow temples are built. He wants to live not the Third Rome and the New Babylon.

After the emergence of the movement “forty times Forty” is the resistance abruptly disappeared. We not a single person is not touched, whatever is said.

But still your actions, say, “soft power” is quite similar to the Intrusive actions of the “zimovaliste”.

No. Already gave an example of a sewer pipe. It held and pushing me, and I say that it violates my rights. I’ll decide what’s best for me.

But it was you have?

once I arrived to the tax for one document, and I say: “you Have the INN?”. I answer: “No.” — “And we are you without was to issue a document can’t.” “What do you mean? I am a citizen of Russia”. — “You still INN will assign”. “What do you do there is your problem, but statements to write, no I won’t.”

If the state is to drive me into the woods, I’ll have to go. Have to be Morpheus, although Morpheus I do not want to be. But the red pill I have long accepted.