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Putin revealed the secret of Russia’s success

the Implementation of projects of young professionals committed to the successful development of the country. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin, addressing the participants of the forum “Russia — country of opportunities”, reports TASS. The participation of young entrepreneurs, managers, volunteers and specialists in various sectors of the economy.

“the Country is interested in the success of each of you, because of the success of each will be the success of our country. Russia expects and wants that each of you could implement all your plans and initiatives, creative ideas,” asked Putin to the forum participants.

the President noted that “if it happens, it will evolve and the country, she will be looking to the future, will be successful, will be the country that we will all be proud of.”

Officials decided to leave “fecal stalagmite” alone

the city of Serov only in 2026 are going to settle the emergency hostel, where for the second consecutive year in winter, grows a stalagmite of frozen feces. About it the newspaper “Globus” reported the mayor of the town of Elena Berdnikova.

serovskogo district court found unreasonable the long term of settlement. “There is a real danger of the collapse of the house, in connection with than being in this house is dangerous for the citizens, violates the rights of plaintiffs to housing, favourable living conditions. Local government needs to be taken to the settlement house and its subsequent demolition in a reasonable period of time”, — was stated in the judgment.

Administration Serova ignored the court order.

Cost scattered in Yakutsk gold was estimated at 122 million dollars

the Total value of bullion, which fell out of the plane at the airport of Yakutsk, according to experts, is more than 122 million dollars. It is reported RIA Novosti.

Bullion owned by Kinross Gold. According to the representative of the company Stanislav Borodyuk, they consisted of Dore — it contains at least 70 percent of the gold and/or silver.

According to the Borodyuk, all the bars are already Packed, they are protected. “Conducted an internal review with the participation of the air carrier. I do not exclude that as a minimum, will be imposed higher requirements on transportation of cargoes”, — he said RBC.

Antonov an-12 of airline “nimbus” in Yakutsk March 15 at take-off lost the gunner’s hatch and spilled ingots of gold on the runway. The weight of the load was more than nine tons. After that, the crew of the aircraft decided to return to the airport. As a result, the aircraft landed safely in the village Magan in 12 kilometers from Yakutsk.

Accused of raping children teachers passed a polygraph test and went back to work

Teachers, which indicated seven victims of sexual abuse of pupils of a boarding school near Chelyabinsk, were tested on lie detector and went back to work, says “”.

“the Comments from the Investigative Committee (IC) to them, no absolutely not, — said the Agency Deputy Director, institution for educational work. — If you succeed, it will put at least some point.”

victims ‘ Families surprised at this decision of the investigation. “But I know that my child is not communicated with the affected children from other families, well, they could not their stories agree and say the same thing,” said one of the adoptive mothers.

She also resented the fact that teachers admitted back to children, although preliminary examination in respect of them will last until April. “Will check, if the children are prone to fantasizing and can objectively assess the situation. As far as I understand, if these experts write that children are prone to fantasizing, that is the question staff members will be completely closed”, — the woman told about the future plans of SC.

She emphasized that victims of violence the children described in detail the peculiarities of the genital organs of each of the defendants in the case.

Chatty Russians proved to be a boon for cyberhawks

the Russians, talking in social media about the theft of money from Bank cards, thereby helping the hackers to choose the most successful scheme of fraud. About this “Kommersant” said the Deputy head of the security Department of the Central Bank Artem Sychev.

According to him, the cyber fraudsters have focused on the middle class in the age of 25-40 years.

“This sample is not random. What is the logical action of a man who was robbed? To go to the police and to the Bank to report the theft. However, this category of victim prefers to report the theft in social networks — “Vkontakte” or Facebook, and in detail describing all the details,” — said Sychev, noting that the way the scammers get ready instructions.

Director of marketing of the company Solar Security Krokhina Valentine told the newspaper that obtained from social networks diagrams are published in “special communities of fraudsters”, and then finalized and disseminated. Usually, we are talking about simple types of fraud designed for gullible Russians.

“for Example, attackers call disguised as an employee of the credit institution or MFI potential victim with a message that she was approved a loan online and now only need card details to transfer money,” — said Sychev.