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American sailors looked at women and wanted to wear a beard

men in the naval forces of the United States, asked to allow them to wear beards. Reported by the New York Post.

According to the publication, previously serving in the ranks of the naval forces, women were allowed to wear a hairstyle “ponytail” and the tresses, despite the fact that for a long time the Charter was forbidden to dissolve the hair.

Immediately after that the male soldiers in social networks asked the leadership to allow them to grow a beard. The hashtag #WeWantBeards in Facebook reposted thousands of times. Beards in the U.S. Navy banned since 1984 for security reasons: they can interfere with the right to wear breathing apparatus and protective mask during a fire.

the leadership of the naval forces notes that these norms are still valid and will not change, since their observation is important for the safety and maintenance of professional appearance.

As noted by officer Travis rider, permission to wear a beard will increase the morale of the men, just as it happened with a pony-tail and women. He noted that the beard and the shoes are of higher quality — those are the things that can make men soldiers happier.

Now the sailors are allowed to wear beards for religious reasons or assuming that the skin condition does not allow them to shave.

Men began to wear a broken watch for the sake of style

the Men began to buy expensive broken clock, reports the Independent. According to experts, it is dictated by fashion trends.

According to fashion editor Jacob Gallagher (Jacob Gallagher), the desire to neglect functionality for style could appear under the influence of the American artist Andy Warhol. “I wear a Tank watch not to see the time. To be honest, I don’t even start. I wear a Tank, because they are made to wore them!” — said the artist.

the Publication also quotes the comments of two lovers watches.

Writer Stephen Viscusi (Stephen Viscusi) has advised young people to unsubscribe from electronic watches in favor of mechanical ones. “Believe me, it will instantly distinguish you from the competition when interviewing for the same position,” says the author of a book On the job: how to make it in the real world of work (“At work: how to survive in the real world of work”).

real estate Agent Gelernter Shlomo (Shlomo Gelernter) from Manhattan said that never leaves home without a watch. “It’s the same as having an expensive car or house. Attitudes change drastically, even if you didn’t say a word. It is enough to see the luxury watch” — he said and added that he often takes different branded watches are available for rent.

Shoes Meghan Markle became an example for women of the Royal family

the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York Princess Eugene noticed in exactly the same shoes as Megan Markle. Reported by the Daily Mail.

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of the South African leader Nelson Mandela 28-year-old Eugenia of York came to nadovich pumps drawstring Italian luxury brand Aquazzura.

in Exactly the same shoes the Duchess of Sussex came to my engagement with Prince Harry in January.

This is not the first time the women of the Royal family copy style of the wife of Prince Harry. In July, the daughter of the British Queen, the Countess of Wessex Sophie came to the celebration of the centenary of the Royal air force in a headdress like Meghan Markle.

Popular ugly sneakers found a replacement

the American edition of Vogue offered women a popular alternative to ugly sneakers.

According to fashion experts, the trend of the summer of 2018 steel sandals neutral colors with flat soles and minimal straps and buckles. By analogy with your favorite sneakers sandals can be combined with jeans in a vintage style, and with a cocktail dress.

Also, the publication offers an even more minimalistic version of the sleepers. These shoes creates the feeling of walking barefoot and suitable for the hot weather in the city.

In may, “daddy’s shoes” called one of the best selling things the year, and celebrities have flooded social pages of photographs in this Shoe. Of their subscribers in Instagram and Twitter called ugly shoes. In the 80-ies and 90-ies of the twentieth century, these shoes were in demand mainly among the fathers of families, hence their name.

The most popular clothing brand

the world search platform Lyst has tracked consumer behavior in the fashion industry and made a list of the most popular brands in the second quarter of 2018. The result of research published on the website Lyst.

employees of the company analyzed monthly online orders five million buyers in the online stores of 12 thousand brands of clothing for three months. The result is the most popular Italian fashion house Gucci.

the Second place was taken by Off-White — private brand creative Director Louis Vuitton Virgil, Able. The third was Balenciaga, whose “ugly” sneakers named one of the best selling products of 2018.

Fourth place in the ranking took the brand Givenchy. According to Lyst, this could contribute Meghan Markle, who came out married in a dress by this fashion house. Fifth place went to Dolce & Gabbana, sixth — Vetements. They gave Versace and Fendi, who took seventh and eighth places respectively.

the Penultimate in the list was the manufacturer of sports clothes and shoes Nike, and completed a rating of the Italian luxury brand Prada.