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Prince Harry on the wedding day gave his wife a ring of his mother Diana

Prince Harry on the wedding day gave his wife Meghan Markle ring with sapphire and diamonds that belonged to his mother, Princess Diana. This writes the Daily Mail.

Coming out of doors of Windsor castle and sitting in the Jaguar, 1968, Megan demonstrated the decoration, in which the reporters recognized the ring of Lady Di.

After the death of Diana in a car crash in August 1997, the Princess’s sons, William and Harry, divided between the memorabilia. The choice fell on William’s watch Cartier Tank Francaise, Harry took the engagement ring, manufactured by jewelry house Garrard, and non-exclusive. Evil tongues would even call this ring “Sapphire black”, alluding to the ignoble origin of Diana.

The Russian made watch for affluent football fans

the Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin has released a new interpretation of his model to the best-selling “Joker”, “Joker Player”, dedicated to the world Cup in Russia. About this Konstantin Chaykin told “the”.

“creation hours “Joker Player” I was inspired by the remarkable “big-eyed” logo of the upcoming football world Cup, β€” said the watchmaker. Since the championship is held in the home of my heart, the cities, I could not pass up this bright event”.

“the Logo is designed in a striking combination of gold, blue, black and red colours, reminiscent of the traditions of Russian folk art. These colors I used in the design of the watch,” added Chaykin. The case is made of Golden bronze, red dial, bezel dial and moon phases β€” light blue.

the Model “Joker”, equipped with a mechanism caliber K07-0 on the automatic mechanism ETA 2824-2, has arrows, replace them with disc indicators of hours and minutes on the dial. These indicators, as well as the moon phases the new model looks like a stylized soccer ball. Stitching, resembling a soccer ball, made on a scarlet strap is made of alligator leather. The ball is also engraved on the back of the model. The series is limited to 11 copies, the price β€” 11 thousand euros.

Popular women shoes acknowledged dangerous for health

Popular transparent shoes from polyethylene recognized threat to health, according to Vogue.

Instagram account @larslala, which covers the Shoe curiosities on fashion shows, published a series of photographs of models in transparent shoes, with beads of perspiration on the inside.

When your shit don’t stink, but your feet do… #tgif

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When your BFF forces you to gym on Saturdays…

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The Russian baths πŸ›€ #TGIF

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According to Dr. Rock Positano, head of the new York clinic specializing in diseases of the feet, the thing can cause serious harm to health due to its low air permeability.

“In any Shoe, whether it is plastic or otherwise, creates a favorable environment for bacteria and fungi formation. It is wet, dark and warm, he explained. β€” Plastic shoes, in addition, very hard. By the end of the day stop naturally increase two sizes, and plastic shoes for her no place. Leather shoes can stretch”.

Positano noted that the tight shoes leads to deformation of the foot and can cause pain in the bones and joints.

Wedding ring found a replacement

the newlyweds, a new trend: they began to replace the traditional wedding ring of the same tattoos on his fingers. About it reports The Independent.

Users Instagram publish their wedding tattoos with the hashtag #weddingtattoos.

#weddingtattoos #datetattoo #coordinatestattoo

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Some people get one or more thin lines in the form of rings.

When it’s not materialistic and real πŸ–€ β€’ #touchup #tattoo #refresh #blackworktattoo #ringtattoo #weddingtattoo #simpletattoo #minimalisttattoo #minimalism #notmaterialistic #love #married #marriage #husband #wife #muchbetter #tattoos #handtattoo #fingertattoo

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Others prefer Roman numerals denoting the date of marriage, or your partner’s name.

More wedding finger tats ❀ #tattoos #tattoo #ink #inked #romannumerals #weddingtattoos #family #fingertattoos #fingertattoo #skylarrnovatattoos

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Many people choose memorable images that have no relation to the wedding symbolism.

Couples tattoos #couplestattoos #couple #couplegoals #couplesgoals #couples #couple #bee #bumblebee #beetattoo #bumblebeetattoo #flower #flowers #flowertattoo #fingertattoo #smalltattoo #minitattoo #ringfinger #weddingtattoo #nicolescustomtattoo #nicolestattoostudio #nicolestattoos

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Villalobos. Villa: village. Lobos: wolf. Together we have our pack. We are stronger together than we are apart. I love you @jonyb36ood. #husbandandwife #weddingtattoo #iloveyou

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Ugly shoes celebrities caused outrage fans

“Daddy’s shoes” became one of the best selling things the year, and celebrities have flooded their pages in social networks photos in these shoes, which users of social networks are considered ugly. About it reports The Independent.

In the 80-ies and 90-ies of the twentieth century these sneakers in demand mostly fathers of families, hence their name. Now they go popular TV stars and models, including Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber and Kim Kardashian.

I've fallen in love with you HangzhouπŸ’š

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“Daddy’s shoes” Triple-S fashion house Balenciaga became the most popular model 2017, and Runner Yeezy Kanye West and Archlight luxury brand Louis Vuitton have participated in shows at the fashion weeks. However, many fans criticized shoes social networks, calling them “ugly.”

“People will wear anything if it’s produced by well-known designer. Sneakers Balenciaga disgusting,” β€” wrote they are on Twitter.

“This is the year of ugly sneakers. I can feel it”, β€” added other.

“Okay, guys, stop buying “daddy’s” shoes of the 90s. They are awful”, support others.