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The appearance of Kim Kardashian at a cost of half a million dollars

Brazilian model Jennifer Pamlona spent half a million dollars for surgical procedures in the pursuit of the appearance of the American star of the reality show “the Family Kardashian” Kim Kardashian, reports the Metro.

the Girl put implants in the Breasts and buttocks, made fat injection in the thigh was removed four ribs, increased lip, underwent liposuction, facelift and two nose correction.

Nine plastic surgeries in 24 hours brought Pallone popularity. “I spent a lot of money, but now feel more confident and know that you can earn much more with this new look. I don’t like too skinny body, so I’m happy with my results,” said the Brazilian.

When Pamlona rehabilitated after all, she had a photo session in the Nude in the style of Kim Kardashian on the beach. In addition, the model has released her own line of perfume and chocolate, to prove that sexy girls are able to do business.

In March, the American of Asian descent Ophelia Venita made plastic surgery on the eyes to look like your favorite Barbie doll. She spent four thousand dollars on blepharoplasty — surgery to change the shape of the eyelids and eye shape to become an exact copy of the doll with a European appearance.

Concerned photographer fascinated by rural adolescents and glorified them

the Brothers from the isolated village of Celbridge, Ireland, became stars of the fashion industry, reports the Metro.

Photographer and filmmaker Perry Ogden shot paddy and Liam Doran for several years of their lives in traditional ethnic Irish Traveller community and has released a book called Paddy & Liam devoted to the maturation of the brothers.

Paddy, Liam and I will be on #thelatelateshow on @rteone tonight. Tune in! If you are not in Ireland you should be able to watch on the #RTE player #Paddy&Liam published by available at @doverstreetmarketlondon and @gallery_of_photography_ireland in Dublin @tarasthill @garygillhair @michaelhardinghair

Publication of Perry Ogden (@perryogden) 16 Mar 2018 11:43 PDT

Earlier pictures of two red-haired teenagers repeatedly appeared in renowned publications around the world, including Italian Vogue. “The culture of Traveller communities have always been interesting to me. I started taking pictures many years ago and realized that later will be able to make a book about the period of turning boys into men with all the characteristic of this age of discoveries and passions” — told about their work the photographer.

Great to see #paddy on the cover of the @irishtimesmagazine on Saturday from #paddy&liam published by #the IDEA #paddydoran #liamdoran @paddy3043 @liamfboss55 @tarasthill @garygillhair @michaelhardinghair thank you @deirdremcquillan for the lovely piece #modelbrothers #paddysday

Publication of Perry Ogden (@perryogden) 19 Mar 2018 2:18 PDT

the photographs of Ogden brothers, who are now 16 and 17 years, has built a successful career in the modeling business. They are removed for the brands Fred Perry, Burberry and H&M.

In the book Paddy & Liam boys captured among the wild Irish landscapes, hunting with dogs and on horseback.

In March, photographer Muchiri Frame staged a Photocall for a couple of homeless people in Nairobi (Kenya), dressed up in their models. A happy couple living in appalling conditions, inspired photographer, and he decided to make them a gift in the form of a series of photos. For shooting Frame found suitable clothes and made Virginia a makeover.

Disney characters turned into Muslims

Makeup artist and self-taught from Malaysia Sarasvati (Saraswati) creates images based on the characters of animated films, using your hijab. For her this is an opportunity to dispel the stereotype that all Muslim women live in oppression, writes Daily Mail.

Saraswati was fascinated by Macapa during a struggle with depression in 2008. Her first work was the image of the Joker from “Batman: the Dark knight”. At the moment the portfolio Saraswati has several hundreds of images, including Cinderella, Princess Fiona, Jessica rabbit, Ariel, and many others. The creation of each of them have a make-up artist takes 2-2. 5 hours depending on the complexity of the makeup and design of the hijab.

In her Instagram account Queen of Lunа already more than 411 thousand subscribers. The growth of the popularity of the Sarasvati, began to use expensive cosmetics, more complex technology and made in a single copy accessories to create new looks.

“I Have over 30 brushes, mascara, four, five connections for the eyes, six powders for the face, two pallets with the Foundation, five sets of blush, 10 pallets with shadows, 30 tubes of lipstick, two sets of false eyelashes, two highlighter, and a lot of Shine and moisturizing lotions”, — said Saraswati.

The surfer refused to swimsuit in order to fight sexism

a Former champion in the UK for surfing 30-year-old Sophie Heller, which throughout his career he played in bikini, not swimsuit the benefit of a wetsuit. Surfer is outraged by the excessive sexualization of the sport, reports The Telegraph.

“due to the fact that I am now a year round wear five millimeter wetsuit, the attention from the media to me will definitely be less. I just want to achieve a more honest light surf community,” said Heller.

Before Sophie regularly participated in beach bikini photo shoots for various publications. Now she is ready to lose money for the fight against sexism.

The British inspired the Russian football

on the eve of the world Cup in Russia Umbro decided to dedicate a collection of clothes of the Russian sports history. It is reported by Hypebeast.

the Designers were inspired by the story of the failure of Soviet athletes to wear the uniform Umbro world Cup 1966 held in England. Then a British clothing manufacturer was to provide all national teams but the national team of the USSR chose to be brought from a kit.

as the basis for a collection called Unforgotten (“Unforgotten”) is selected, the colors of the Russian flag with the logo mark of the chosen font, inspired by the Cyrillic alphabet, and some items in the collection it is duplicated in Russian. It includes bags, t-shirts, bomber jackets, sports jackets and Jersey.

part of a garment devoted to the Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin, who still remains the only goalkeeper to be awarded the “Golden ball” awarded to the best player in Europe. T-shirt and jacket released in black with the inscription Lev on his chest, which are duplicated on the Cyrillic alphabet. Online sales of new clothing line will begin in the UK on 25 April at a price of 35 to 50 pounds (from 2825 to 4036 rubles), depending on the garment.

a Year ago, Umbro introduced a collaborative collection with the Dutch company Pratta — football uniforms in the style of the 1990s. the choice offered two models of t-shirts. One is made in blue-white-red with the number 14 on the back, and the other with dark blue stripes with yellow accents.