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World Cup football hidden in the Deluxe carrying case

French fashion house Louis Vuitton have released a unique case for the world Cup FIFA 2018 in Russia. About it “” has informed the representative a press-services of the house on Thursday, may 17.

the Coffer upholstered signature material Monogram, designed for the safe transport and display of the world Cup. Also, the house has released an exclusive collector’s chest with balls, which houses a collection of 13 new editions of the official balls of the Championships of different years starting from 1970.

in addition, the house introduced a capsule collection to the world Cup. This exclusive handbag Keepall backpack and Apollo, as well as a selection of leather goods from the classic signature Epi leather embossed c innovation. Collection items are also decorated with a specially created logo Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup. Also the collection features a historical logo L. V, which first appeared on the personal chests of the head of the house of Gaston-Louis Vuitton (1883-1970) and posted on the products collection in the design team stripes.

Connoisseurs will offer Galapagos coffee

Nespresso presented in the collection of the collection of the Explorations of a new limited edition blend coffee Galapagos Santa Cruz. About it “” has informed the representative a press-services of the brand.

the Raw material for a new hood comes with a small coffee plantations of the exotic Galapagos Islands, part of Ecuador. Of the 19 Islands of the archipelago, only two are suitable for the cultivation of coffee berries, which grow there in a unique environment (climate, ocean winds, volcanic soil). Nespresso chose six farms on one of them is Santa Cruz. Coffee Galapagos Santa Cruz — hundred percent Arabica beans from hand-picked and carefully selected beans processed by the wet method.

the New blend has a balanced and crisp taste with a slight bitterness reminiscent of cocoa. It can be prepared not only as espresso or lungo, but also with milk: cappuccino brighter evident notes of roasted coffee, delicate aroma of biscuit and praline. The capsule is decorated with a pattern reminiscent of the ornamentation on traditional clothing of Ecuadorians.

Men can shave in the shower

Brand Braun submitted its first universal set for men’s styling. A series of models with the feature sets “6 in 1”, “7 in 1”, “8 in 1” and “9 in 1”. About it “” has informed the representative a press-services of the brand.

each pack includes six to nine additional attachments and accessories with different functions, designed to care for face and body. Their man can use independently at home. Some models are designed for use in the shower.

included with the models MGK 3080 “9 in 1” and MGK 3060 “8 in 1” is delivered also to the Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

The Russians have created a self-charging iPhone

Russian brand-the manufacturer of luxury phones and smartphones, Caviar has released a new iPhone model X Tesla, which does not need electric charge. This is stated in the press release received by the editors “the” Wednesday, may 16.

In the rear panel of the carbon fiber body of the smartphone includes a solar panel allowing it to charge from sunlight or light from a bright lamp. Engineers Caviar has conducted more than 100 tests to verify the effectiveness and security of the system.

Exclusive iPhone X dedicated to the launch of Tesla in space. When creating Caviar was inspired by three scientists: Steve jobs, Nikola Tesla and Elon Musk. The first instance of a smartphone with the words “Made on Earth by humans” was sent as a gift to Elon musk.

a self-charging iPhone X Tesla available at a price of 284 thousand rubles.

PornHub has released a “dirty” socks

One of the biggest porn sites in the world PornHub has announced the start of sales of its own line of socks Dirty Socks “dirty socks”. Socks is focused on athletes, fashionistas, and lovers of self-gratification. It is reported the video, released in support of the start of sales accessory. Video shot in the style of iconic commercials such as Adidas and Nike, tells about the difficult everyday life of athletes.

“long as I can remember, socks serves two purposes. Not only were they a part of our everyday outfit, but also used for self-satisfaction and follow-up care. Our new collection of Dirty Socks not only looks great thanks to the image of the famous porn stars on the toes, but can come in handy when you need it”, — commented on the launch of the collection, Vice President of PornHub Corey Price.

the Collection includes socks with the image of porn actress Madison ivy and Asa Akira, as well as the porn star johnny Sinn. Socks can already be ordered online at a price of $ 18.