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The meeting of Putin and trump dedicated to the legendary Nokia keypad

a Russian brand of luxury phones and smartphones, Caviar has dedicated the new hull design of the legendary Nokia 3310 upcoming meeting Vladimir Putin and Donald trump in Finland. This is stated in the press release received by the editors “the” on Thursday, July 12.

Exclusive push button model called the Peacemakers (“Peacekeepers”). On the rear panel of its titanium case engraved portraits of the leaders of both countries on a globe, framed by a wreath of olive branches. The miniature is decorated with a dove of peace, a sign with the names of the heads of state and the date of their meeting in Helsinki — July 16.

“We hope that the meeting of the presidents will take a place in history as a significant event that will have a positive impact on the future of all countries and will open a new, long-awaited this the page of Russian-American friendship,” — commented the representatives of the brand.

the Nokia 3310 “Peacekeepers” are available at a price of 162 thousand rubles.

Filename Akinfeev suggested the name rare diamond

world’s Largest Russian diamond mining company “ALROSA” reported the discovery of a diamond shape and colouring similar to a soccer ball. This is stated in the press release received by the editors “the”.

“Despite its small size, it is a unique find. Nature creates different shapes, but a diamond in the form of a soccer ball in the practice, we met for the first time. I hope that’s a good sign in advance of the performance of the national team of Russia in the quarterfinals,” — said General Director of “ALROSA” Sergei Ivanov.

Unique gemstone weight of 0.5 carats and a size of 3.5 x 3.2 mm found in the Arkhangelsk region on the pipe Karpinskogo-1 Wednesday, July 4.

the head of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov proposed to call a stone “Igor Akinfeev” in honor of goalkeeper of the national team of Russia on football. “It is remarkable that a diamond was discovered on the eve of the quarter-finals of the world Cup, where our team made it in many respects thanks to brilliant game of goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev. I think it would be cool to call the discovery in his honor,” wrote the Governor post in “Vkontakte”.

Released beach accessory for girls with big Breasts

Brand underwear larger sizes Bravissimo presented unusual swimming mattress. About it reports the Mirror.

Under the pillow made a special space to girls with large Breasts was comfortable to lie on your stomach while swimming on the mattress.

According to representatives of Bravissimo, they made a publication with a supposedly new product in social networks for fun. But users have accepted the new product with so much enthusiasm that the company decided to start mass production of the beach accessory.

At the moment, bright pink swimming mattress Sire holders, Bravissimo style is sold on the official website of the brand for $ 33.

In honor of the victory of the Russian team made a new iPhone

Russian brand-the manufacturer of luxury phones and smartphones, Caviar has developed a new design of the iPhone X in honor of the victory of Russian national team over Egypt. About it reported in a press release received by the editors “the” Wednesday, June 20.

On the rear panel of the iPhone X Caviar National Teams Russia Heroes engraved grid of hexagons symbolizing a soccer ball, and the names of the members of the Russian team, led by coach Stanislav Cherchesov. The smartphone is also decorated rooms of the players and gilded coat of arms of Russia.

the Smartphone is released in limited edition — only available for purchase are 24 instance, the number of players in the team together with Cherchesov. The cost of exclusive iPhone X 237 thousand rubles.

Found a way to go to the toilet in a wedding dress

the Woman found a convenient way to go to the bathroom in a magnificent wedding gown, reports the Mirror.

life Hack shared a Facebookaccount Djsweeby. One of the brides told how to use the blue bag for shopping IKEA the toilet instead of helping a few friends.

the Woman made a hole in the bag and wore it as a skirt, placing inside the long hem of her dress. “My wedding assistant is a cost of 0.8 euros, and I did it right the day before the ceremony. It only took three minutes. Bag significantly eased my life on the wedding day, but it’s worth a penny” — she wrote in a post that gathered 20 thousand likes and over 8 thousand posts.

In June inside the shoes Kate Middleton noticed transparent pads-stickers pasted on the soles of her feet. According to Royal insider Victoria Arbiter, glued to the tights shoes is a part of Royal etiquette. To walk shoes with high heels are not slipping with the feet, women have to attach it to the legs in this way.