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Expensive leather briefcases painted up to look like camouflage

Manufacturer of watches, writing instruments and leather accessories Montblanc has released a new line in the Montblanc collection Sartorial. About it reported in a press release sent to the editor “the” on Wednesday, 6 may.

a Line of leather accessories new collection Montblanc Sartorial camouflage print includes a carrying bag for small sized documents with a removable adjustable shoulder strap and compartments for laptop, smartphones, documents, and other accessories and a small backpack with three compartments and an external zip pocket and plenty of space for portable equipment.

the line includes wallet with six card slots and two compartments for bills, wallet with four card slots with a clip for banknotes, wallet 12 cards zipper around the perimeter and wallet for travel with compartments for 16 cards and notes, loop for pen or pencil, and business card holder and a wallet with five card slots.

Fans of Wagner will offer the pen to write

manufacturer of watches and writing instruments Montblanc has released limited edition Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Ludwig II in the series “Patrons of art”. About it “” has informed the representative a press-services of the company.

the Line was named in honor of the Bavarian king-patron Ludwig II (1845-1886), under the auspices of the German composer Richard Wagner created some of his famous works: the Opera “Tristan and Isolde”, “die Meistersinger von nürnberg” and “Parsifal”.

the Main motive of the design Patron of Art Homage to Ludwig II 4810 Limited Edition — Swan, which is considered a symbol of Ludwig II. The cap of the pen is covered with translucent lacquer with a guilloche pattern in the form of white feathers, and the gold-plated clip with color “champagne” follows the curve of the neck and head of a Swan. The upper part of the body of gold is decorated with the engraved motif of the Royal seal of the Bavarian monarch, and the cap is crowned by stylized crown. Pen solid gold 750-carat engraved with the image erected by the king of the Neuschwanstein castle.

the collection Also contains pen Patron of Art Homage to Ludwig II Limited Edition 888 with images of birds and flowers in the spirit of the murals of the throne room of Neuschwanstein castle engraved on the surface of the body of solid gold, and writing instruments Patron of Art Homage to Ludwig II Limited Edition 40, released in 40 copies (at the age of 40 years of king Ludwig II died): their body is made from solid gold 750-th sample of the color “champagne”. The cap is decorated with the guilloche ornament under the laquer white color and gold inlay hand-engraved with the image of a lion, the symbol of Bavaria.

World Cup football hidden in the Deluxe carrying case

French fashion house Louis Vuitton have released a unique case for the world Cup FIFA 2018 in Russia. About it “” has informed the representative a press-services of the house on Thursday, may 17.

the Coffer upholstered signature material Monogram, designed for the safe transport and display of the world Cup. Also, the house has released an exclusive collector’s chest with balls, which houses a collection of 13 new editions of the official balls of the Championships of different years starting from 1970.

in addition, the house introduced a capsule collection to the world Cup. This exclusive handbag Keepall backpack and Apollo, as well as a selection of leather goods from the classic signature Epi leather embossed c innovation. Collection items are also decorated with a specially created logo Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup. Also the collection features a historical logo L. V, which first appeared on the personal chests of the head of the house of Gaston-Louis Vuitton (1883-1970) and posted on the products collection in the design team stripes.

Connoisseurs will offer Galapagos coffee

Nespresso presented in the collection of the collection of the Explorations of a new limited edition blend coffee Galapagos Santa Cruz. About it “” has informed the representative a press-services of the brand.

the Raw material for a new hood comes with a small coffee plantations of the exotic Galapagos Islands, part of Ecuador. Of the 19 Islands of the archipelago, only two are suitable for the cultivation of coffee berries, which grow there in a unique environment (climate, ocean winds, volcanic soil). Nespresso chose six farms on one of them is Santa Cruz. Coffee Galapagos Santa Cruz — hundred percent Arabica beans from hand-picked and carefully selected beans processed by the wet method.

the New blend has a balanced and crisp taste with a slight bitterness reminiscent of cocoa. It can be prepared not only as espresso or lungo, but also with milk: cappuccino brighter evident notes of roasted coffee, delicate aroma of biscuit and praline. The capsule is decorated with a pattern reminiscent of the ornamentation on traditional clothing of Ecuadorians.

Men can shave in the shower

Brand Braun submitted its first universal set for men’s styling. A series of models with the feature sets “6 in 1”, “7 in 1”, “8 in 1” and “9 in 1”. About it “” has informed the representative a press-services of the brand.

each pack includes six to nine additional attachments and accessories with different functions, designed to care for face and body. Their man can use independently at home. Some models are designed for use in the shower.

included with the models MGK 3080 “9 in 1” and MGK 3060 “8 in 1” is delivered also to the Gillette Fusion ProGlide.