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iPhone X was cast in the liquid gold

a Russian brand of luxury smartphones, Caviar has introduced a new design of iPhone X, which is returned to the popular shade of yellow gold. About it “” has told the representative a press-services of the brand on Tuesday, March 13.

On the surface a thin layer of gold of 999 tests. The model is available in two versions: Caviar with Classic Gold embossed Classic Caviar and Liquid Gold (with simulated “fluid” surface, like a changing shape in the hands of the owner). On the back cover for the first time in the history of the Caviar played the Apple — logo Apple, the Creator of the iPhone.

“In a new way the smartphone has gained character and charisma, glitz and luxury, while maintaining a modern and uncluttered look, — commented on the new representative of the brand. — Working on the design of the “Caviar Classic Liquid Gold”, we are reminded of the collaboration of Vertu and Boucheron brands in 2008. Ten years have passed, technology has made a huge step forward, but gold remains unchanged value”.

the Cost of new devices — from 257 thousand rubles.

Counterfeiting, has announced cryptofauna

a Company Group Project created a method of anti-counterfeiting products of famous brands using the technology of the blockchain. The developers told the publication IRISH TECH NEWS.

the company offered garment manufacturers to attach a specially crafted cryptotech (Crypto-Tag™). Thus, buyers will be able to verify the authenticity of the product, skanirovat tag using a mobile app on the smartphone.

According to the website the company, Crypto-Tag™ can be applied to any material, making the technology applicable for different kinds of products.

Also on the company’s website published the statistics, according to which the fashion industry annually loses more than $ 500 billion because of the sold fakes. In 2007, the amount of damages of the market amounted to 250 billion dollars, six years later, the number reached 461 billion.

In February, the founder of the Italian manufacturer of fashion clothing, shoes and accessories Diesel, Renzo Rosso opened official store selling counterfeit versions of its products.

Cruise missile Putin portrayed on your smartphone

After the story of President Vladimir Putin for developing innovation nuclear weapons of the Russian brand of luxury smartphones Caviar suggested names for new cruise missiles and provided the design of the iPhone X Ultimatum Putin with a portrait of the President and the image of a flying cruise missiles. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

In the list of names offered Caviar, was the following options: “Alaska” (as an allusion to the fact that the area can be returned following the Crimea), Perun (old Russian God of thunder), “bones” (traditional symbol of the threat in the Slavic culture), “Bagration” (the name of the Russian commander), the “Great depression” (a reminder of the crisis in the United States 1920-1930-ies), “Ultimatum” (a statement involving power action in case of non-performance). Anyone can also publish their versions of the names for cruise missiles on the website of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

in addition, Caviar designed design iPhone X Ultimatum Putin in honor of Vladimir Putin and Russian achievements in the defense industry. The casing is made of composite stone “Space”, hardened titanium and gold plated items, the portrait of the President and the firmament, through which the rocket flies, leaving a Golden trail behind it.