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The appearance of Kim Kardashian at a cost of half a million dollars

Brazilian model Jennifer Pamlona spent half a million dollars for surgical procedures in the pursuit of the appearance of the American star of the reality show “the Family Kardashian” Kim Kardashian, reports the Metro.

the Girl put implants in the Breasts and buttocks, made fat injection in the thigh was removed four ribs, increased lip, underwent liposuction, facelift and two nose correction.

Nine plastic surgeries in 24 hours brought Pallone popularity. “I spent a lot of money, but now feel more confident and know that you can earn much more with this new look. I don’t like too skinny body, so I’m happy with my results,” said the Brazilian.

When Pamlona rehabilitated after all, she had a photo session in the Nude in the style of Kim Kardashian on the beach. In addition, the model has released her own line of perfume and chocolate, to prove that sexy girls are able to do business.

In March, the American of Asian descent Ophelia Venita made plastic surgery on the eyes to look like your favorite Barbie doll. She spent four thousand dollars on blepharoplasty — surgery to change the shape of the eyelids and eye shape to become an exact copy of the doll with a European appearance.

Disney characters turned into Muslims

Makeup artist and self-taught from Malaysia Sarasvati (Saraswati) creates images based on the characters of animated films, using your hijab. For her this is an opportunity to dispel the stereotype that all Muslim women live in oppression, writes Daily Mail.

Saraswati was fascinated by Macapa during a struggle with depression in 2008. Her first work was the image of the Joker from “Batman: the Dark knight”. At the moment the portfolio Saraswati has several hundreds of images, including Cinderella, Princess Fiona, Jessica rabbit, Ariel, and many others. The creation of each of them have a make-up artist takes 2-2. 5 hours depending on the complexity of the makeup and design of the hijab.

In her Instagram account Queen of Lunа already more than 411 thousand subscribers. The growth of the popularity of the Sarasvati, began to use expensive cosmetics, more complex technology and made in a single copy accessories to create new looks.

“I Have over 30 brushes, mascara, four, five connections for the eyes, six powders for the face, two pallets with the Foundation, five sets of blush, 10 pallets with shadows, 30 tubes of lipstick, two sets of false eyelashes, two highlighter, and a lot of Shine and moisturizing lotions”, — said Saraswati.

The teacher scolded the redhead by nature, the girl was forced to change color

Teacher at the school in Kearsley, United Kingdom, sent red from nature girl dyeing my hair, stating the fact that “the red color is unnatural”. Reported by the Daily Mail.

other Parents felt that the color of the hair of 12-year-old Paris lane violates the rules of the school, and demanded that the teacher took action.

“He called out to me in the hallway, and then came to me and said that I should repaint the hair, as red is not my natural color,” — said lane.

Classmates began to mock the girl, her mother, Nick had to buy her a chestnut paint. After that perturbed Nick wrote a complaint to the Office for standards in education (OFSTED).

the USO has promised to deal with the situation.

In March, teenage girls removed the video, which tells how classmates call them in school. At the same time on their faces they put all the offensive words that he heard in his address. Among other things, on the faces of 13-year-old Halley-Marie and her cousin Charley-Jai says: “fat”, “bitch”, “scum” and “anorexic”.

The Briton recovered from cancer and scored with tattoos all over the body and eyes

the Briton of Russian origin have covered 90 percent of his body with tattoos and said that it is not enough. Reported by the Daily Mail.

32-year-old Adam Curlykale (Adam Curlykale) did his first tattoo — a small inscription I am 12 years ago, after he was cured from cancer. Now his whole body, including the eyeballs, decorated with drawings. The remaining 10 percent (armpits, palms and soles of the feet), he plans to score in the near future.

“My favorite color has always been grey. So I use the graphite color for their tattoo. I’ll cover 99 percent of the body with tattoos, but some parts are still not hurt. Some will remain my little secret,” explained Curlykale.

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Curlykale told that he became a tattoo artist to achieve his goals, and he added, that people began to fear and condemn him when he painted over the face and eyes. However, he learned not to respond to someone else’s opinion.

In March, the French school teacher fully covered face tattoos and started a career as a model, posting pictures in Instagram.

Brutal fat man declared war on the anemic men

Model plus-size filmed a parody of an ad campaign for Calvin Klein, to challenge public stereotypes about the beauty of the male body. This reports the Metro.

In the official advertising video a new denim collection was shot by American hip-hop artist ASAP Rocky and his team — young people model parameters and attractive appearance.

Popular in Instagram plus-size model Darnell Gram decided with his colleagues to hold a rally in support bodypositive movement, repeating one of the photos from the shooting Calvin Klein.

“I invited a few plus-size models of different sizes and ethnicities. Thick, high or just not like everyone else — we are beautiful and valuable. Once the word plus will be omitted, and we will become the conventional models,” he told Darnell.

photo Shoot was made by photographer Tony Trott.

In February, a group of activists who pushed for bodypositive appeared at fashion week in London in her underwear to encourage designers to use models of all sizes and body types in their shows. Women marched through the city with posters “LFW: where are the shapes?” and “Love your shape”.