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Opened the secret of perfect appearance of Megan Markle

the Personal stylist of the bride Prince Harry Nicola Davies said that Meghan Markle takes into account the law of the Golden section when choosing outfits. It is reported by The Sun.

“Megan uses the rule of thirds to achieve eye-pleasing image and show your figure in the most favorable light. In the end, Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is architecture. It all depends on the proportions”,” explained Davis.

According to the law of the Golden section, the most successful manner can be achieved, if conditionally to divide the body into three equal parts: the top should be equal to one third and the lower two-thirds.

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in addition, according to stylist, Markle takes for the calculations of the proportions of his image of an inverted isosceles triangle, the base of which are arranged around her hips and the top stops. Not only is it visually narrows the shoulders of the future wife of the Prince, but also highlights her slim legs.

In April Prince Harry called the most beautiful young man in the Royal family due to the symmetry of his face. Head of the center for cosmetic and plastic surgery in London Dr. Julian De Silva correlated their faces to rule of the Golden section. Facial features Prince Harry scored 81.4 per cent.

Ripped jeans were harmful to the skin

Lovers torn jeans talked about the dangers of wearing them in Sunny weather. Newspaper the Sun has published a compilation of social media posts in which girls share their pictures with sunburn.

“don’t sit in the sun for more than two hours in ripped jeans. Today I learned a lesson,” shared the lady Twitter.

“the Best advice β€” do not roll ripped jeans and then spend under the sun for two hours, as did my sister,” said another.

“don’t wear ripped jeans in the sun. Oh my God,” advised the third.

“Note to self: don’t wear ripped jeans, when the sun shines,” joined by another victim.

People began to implant pieces of metal in the eye for beauty

new York surgeon Emile Chinn spoke about the new eye surgery that has become popular among young people. About it reports the Mirror.

the Patients began to go to the clinic, Park Avenue Lasek Surgery asking them to implant in the eyeball pieces of metal of different shapes. According to undergoing the procedure, the process is painless and takes five minutes, and the rehabilitation period lasts for three days.

“This is a purely cosmetic surgery. All jewelry was developed in Holland about ten years ago. Hundreds of Europeans have moved the implants without any problems,” said the surgeon.

the area of the platinum stars, hearts and other decorations is three to four millimeters, a thickness of less than one millimeter. Dr. Chinn States that the metal will almost never cause allergic reactions and can be removed from the eye at any time.

In April, model from Argentina made surgical procedure to change eye color and almost lost his sight. 32-year-old Nadine Bruna changed the brown eye color into blue, by inserting silicone implants.

The girls began to decorate unexpected places

Fans of festivals and beach parties came up with a new way of decorating your body: they began to sprinkle the buttocks multicolored sequins. It is reported by The Sun.

the Trend originated on the California music festival Coachella 2018, when participants in the carnival began to paint themselves brilliant images of fruit. The photos of girls was published in the well-known Instagram account of @gogetglitter dedicated to body art with the use of sequins, and the idea quickly spread among the other wearer of the social network.


Publication of ✨GO GET GLITTER✨ (@gogetglitter) 28 APR 2018 5:31 PDT

Now, the glitter began to be applied not only on the chest, as it was popular at the beginning of the festival season, but also on the buttocks.

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Glitter ✨ Booty Art By @makeupbymarycarletti πŸ‘ πŸ’œβœ¨πŸ’›πŸ’œβœ¨πŸ’›

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πŸ’™Glitter BootayπŸ’™ Who’s trying out this trend?

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In may girl invented new way of sunbathing Topless: they decided to use body art to put on the upper part of the swimsuit. The idea became a trend in Instagram after the same account @gogetglitter has published photos of models whose bodies were covered with a layer of paint and sparkles in the form of continuous bathing suits and bikinis.

The girls found a new way to tan without clothes

on the eve of the beach season, the girls have invented a new way of sunbathing Topless: they will use body art to put on the upper part of the swimsuit. It is reported by The Sun.

the Idea has become a trend in Instagram after a popular account @gogetglitter has published pictures of models whose bodies were covered with a layer of paint and sparkles in the form of continuous bathing suits and bikinis.

Got that Friday feeling like…πŸŒˆπŸ’•

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#Coachella maybe over but just wait until we tell you what we’ve got planned for the summer… πŸ’•πŸ”₯ you won’t be disappointed!πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’š

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Some of the subscribers account support “brilliant swimwear,” calling them “bright” and “cool.” Others resented the frankness of the outfit: “How can you just walk around naked,” the commented they one of the posts.