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American sailors looked at women and wanted to wear a beard

men in the naval forces of the United States, asked to allow them to wear beards. Reported by the New York Post.

According to the publication, previously serving in the ranks of the naval forces, women were allowed to wear a hairstyle “ponytail” and the tresses, despite the fact that for a long time the Charter was forbidden to dissolve the hair.

Immediately after that the male soldiers in social networks asked the leadership to allow them to grow a beard. The hashtag #WeWantBeards in Facebook reposted thousands of times. Beards in the U.S. Navy banned since 1984 for security reasons: they can interfere with the right to wear breathing apparatus and protective mask during a fire.

the leadership of the naval forces notes that these norms are still valid and will not change, since their observation is important for the safety and maintenance of professional appearance.

As noted by officer Travis rider, permission to wear a beard will increase the morale of the men, just as it happened with a pony-tail and women. He noted that the beard and the shoes are of higher quality — those are the things that can make men soldiers happier.

Now the sailors are allowed to wear beards for religious reasons or assuming that the skin condition does not allow them to shave.

Revealed the meaning of the poses the girls in Instagram

One of the leading experts on body language Tracy brown said, what are some popular poses the girls in the pictures in Instagram. It is reported by The Sun.

for Example, “planned and spontaneous” images, like the Olivia Buckland, suggests that girls want to look sexier. “They elongate the neck and legs to increase the attraction of men,” explained brown.

a Photo posted by @oliviadbuck

Pose of “Bambi”, in which a girl sit on my lap, legs spread and leaning back with a straight back is indicative of their desire to look cute. “Combining this pose with the pouty lips, the model looks innocent and sexy. They know they look good, but I don’t want you to think that they were trying too hard,” — said the expert.

Photo published by @ @ kimkardashian

she Also noted a pose “t-Rex” when girls bend hand and pushing the fingers against my face, and explained that this expression of confidence.

a Photo posted by @zendaya

in Addition, brown drew attention to the models that pose on his knees with her legs spread in bathing suits. “So the girls want to emphasize their sexuality. This pose says “look how good I am”,” explained brown.

a Photo posted by @amb_d

finally, she spoke about the inflated lips for a selfie. “A little pout with open or closed mouth talking about a strong sexual arousal,” — said the expert. “However, it also may indicate an attempt to hide insecurities”, she added.

Full women have thin privilege

clothing Manufacturer J Crew in collaboration with the American brand of inclusive Universal Standard has released a line of clothing with sizes from XXS to 5XL. About it reports the Mirror.

the collection includes MIDI dresses, plaid tops, slacks, skirts and jeans. Six days things were sold out before the last instance.

the aim of the founders of the Universal Standard of Alex Waldman and Polina Veksler was to provide all women the same range of clothes which are presented to clients in standard sizes. Waldman and Wexler always resented the limited choice for overweight people, and they decided to create a brand where things are plus-size will not differ from the main collection.

Girls with big Breasts has found a way to wear clothes with open back

Brand underwear manufacturer Bravissiomo presented controller camisole bra Maidenform allowing girls with big Breasts wear clothing with an open back, while remaining in their underwear. It is reported by The Sun.

an Additional band encircles the abdomen and is fastened to the cross-clasps, of any regular bra. Thus, no part of the bra will not be visible from under the top with a deep neckline on the back.

On the official website Bravissiomo said that the regulator is suitable for fasteners with one hook or two.

Maidenform available at a price of eight dollars.

The black model tricked banished from the casting

the Model was run with the casting for the show swimwear Miami Swim Week in Florida (USA) due to the dark color of the skin, reports the Independent.

Gioia Talbott was subjected to racial discrimination along with 15 colleagues. According to her, when the organizers of the show saw the turn the company of black girls, they immediately announced the end of casting. “They said that they do not want black models, so that these Africans — no, no,” — said the rejected model. However, as soon as the girls left turn, recruitment of the participants of the show resumed.

Talbott had shared the incident on social media and received the support of thousands of users.

“Girl, you are so beautiful, I can’t believe that discrimination still exists in our country,” wrote her followers on Instagram.

Publishing from JOIA TALBOTT 💋 (@joiajohn) 12 Jul 2018 11:36 PDT