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Engagement rings have started to sew in the fingers

a Piercing parlor offered customers puncturing the fingers. The video, which demonstrates the procedure posted on the page Cultura Colectiva + Facebook.

the authors of the video suggest “to wear a new type of rings in any other way”. In particular, the footage one of the clients of the salon pierces the ring finger in place of a wedding ring.

the views of users in the social network was divided. “Oh no! My engagement lasted only one month.” — wrote in the comments. The other woman approved of the trend: “I like that. To each his own. I am 50, and sometimes I think that old people think wider”.

it is Noted that the recovery period of the skin of fingers after such a puncture is more than a year.

Nicole Kidman shocked fans old face

50-year-old Nicole Kidman shocked fans aged face, reports the Mirror.

Hollywood star was photographed in Manhattan, new York, uggs and a blue Park Canada Goose. On images with Kidman gray hair and overly wrinkled face.

it Turned out, the appearance of the old woman is a part of makeup for filming the dramatic film “the Goldfinch”, where Kidman plays the role of Mrs. Barbour. Viewers of the TV show the Graham Norton reacted negatively to the changes in appearance of the actress. “Nicole Kidman tries to show emotions, but the mask just did not give her to do,” said they.

the Movie is loosely based on the novel of Donna Tartt, which received the Pulitzer prize in 2013. The premiere will take place in October 2019.

In January, Kidman admitted that likes to eat insects, calling it his “secret talent.” She showed it to the camera, the video posted on YouTube channel Vanity Fair.

Hairy beauty

For centuries, the welfare of women depended on its attractiveness in the eyes of men (and views on this latest appeal). Having been in the mid-twentieth century independence and partly succeeded in the struggle for their rights, Western ladies realized that their well-being dependent again, this time from the dictates of social norms, largely imposed on manufacturers of cosmetics. In the past the material on the conventionality of beauty “” told about past views on nakedness. New article on the history of women’s battle for the return to naturalness.

In fact, the history of female nudity (and its conventionality) in the second half of the last century can easily be traced: it is well documented in the photos in women’s magazines, adult films and many candid photos of beaches and resorts. If Playboy and his ilk and movies XXX else be suspected of “fan service” — distorting the objective picture of the world in favor of the erotic impulses of men (and they are ready for the gusts to pay), then the usual household and genre scenes captured by photographers-Amateurs, nobody, of course, not directed.

What is there? One of the Internet for community organizers somehow gathered a whole collection of men’s magazines from different years, illustrating the epilating trends. In General, the evolution in this case was moving definitely in the direction of a growing diminishing hairline: figuratively speaking, the beard thick beard through Dostoevsky and Chekhov goatee to clean-shaven chin Mayakovsky. In 1950-e years the girls photos in Playboy naked body on the bottom was adorned with a lush triangle (in contrast to the diamond-shaped “body hair of male type”) Bush, who in 1980 turned into a narrow stripe, in the 1990s, has become a whimsical “intimate haircut”, and the zero is completely gone. And razor became no longer enough: hair is removed at zero in the best case sugaring in the worst — carpeted laser hair removal.

Its role in love of modern men (and then women) to smooth shaved bodies was played by the popular Japanese anime for adults called hentai. In fact, the concept of “fan service” one of my sources has these pornololitasc. Genetically Japanese women are usually very “malavolti” (which in some periods of history have resulted in relatively abundant hair in intimate places were built them in the Canon of rare beauty). The characters in hentai are also often very young, literally school age: the joy of a latent pedophile. Hollobone (and unnaturally buxom for such a tender age) the heroine of provocative cartoons in the 1980-1990s years have been the subject of fantasies of Europeans and Americans. These girls by the end of the last century, printed and men’s magazines.

the Advancement of this standard was (and still is) very profitable for those who produce cosmetics for hair removal, razors & blades, depilatories of all kinds and, of course, the manufacturers of the hardware equipment for hair removal and they are equipped salons. Depilatory creams and ointments are thousands of years old, but any hypoallergenic (and still not all are suitable) they have only in the last twenty years.

“Specifically female” safety razor, with replaceable cartridges, Venus is the leader of this direction Gillette launched only in 2001, despite the fact that the first prototype of the “machine” for men (which, if desired, shaved and women) appeared in 1900 (in the series, he went in 1920 — are not the same speed of progress). A marketing decision dictated by giant were apparently two main factors: female demand has exceeded the critical point, and market share had to “beat off” the competition with their wax strips, depilatory and creams. In commercials of all this beauty featured mostly as the legs, so to speak, obvious and therefore innocent place hair removal machine and epilator can be used in a much more intimate areas such as the armpits.

Shave and do hair removal armpits in a sense was the peak point not only aesthetic but also ethical discussions and, in particular, neofeminism discourse. Did provozvestnika feminism of the early twentieth century, who pointedly went to town in our bathing suits and sat them at a cafe that their granddaughter will fight for the right to not shave their armpits? Unlikely. If grandparents took in parcels for insulting public morals kind of a very, very modest bathing suits, covering legs almost to the knees, the great-granddaughters for showing unshaven armpits in civilized countries are not threatened by anything — except the outraged cries of Patriarchal men, and “Vedic” women into silent curses, manufacturers of depilatory devices and cosmetics.

At the heart of the struggle for postmillenialism hairy armpits lies so disliked the above-mentioned patriarchally and their friends Vedic ideology of bodypositive. Most often, the layman associates bodypositive with the struggle against the so-called patchamama — humiliation of overweight people and the relevant fault. In fact, however, the object of bodypositive wider: they are against all attacks on people with unconventional looks. According to them, can not all be beautiful people — if you take the already — women, without exception, young and old with acne (inflammation of the skin) and vitiligo (pigmentation disorders), full and thin, with stretch marks and scars and so on.

Beautiful, according to the canons of bodypositive and hairy women: if you are by nature hairy somewhere, except the head, bodypositive welcomes it. Hairy legs, pubes and armpits — not the ugly unkempt and not lazy women (and often quite vicious argument of traditionalists), but simply an alternative form of beauty. Hygienic attacks of Patriarchal protector hairy armpits easily (and rightly) retort that the contemporary availability of water treatments and deodorants-antiperspirants in developed countries to prevent any odor in unshaven places not worse than the shaved areas.

the New Western feminism is fighting not only for basic women’s rights (at the very least, by the middle of the third quarter of the twentieth century suffrage and the right to abortion has got almost all the Europeans and severoamerikanskih), but for the right woman to share with man the burdens of life, to receive equal wages with him and not bother to appearance it more than him. And that is true: makeup and skin care, manicure-pedicure and hair removal services of all kinds and various, often uncomfortable, but “sexy” clothes and shoes (like stilettos and tight short skirts) hit a bit of a hole in the women’s budget, and not too rich because of the still unequal pay for equal work.

this Is in General practical struggle under the high the slogan “be yourself, you’re beautiful any”: I don’t want to shave their pits and manicurist — don’t shave and don’t manicurist, you’re good. Especially advanced stamps (usually small, independent and loudly declaring their feministically) produce an unexpected beauty products like paint for axillary and pubic hair and pubic wigs-capacity faux fur spread colors.

of Course, perfume and cosmetics giants are sort of not with your hands. They are forced to change the tone of commercials from glamorous to casual and sports, Express their support for the “inclusive” approach to beauty and freedom of choice for their audience. But even if this movie starred the girl with the freckles, she still is tightened, and where necessary, and ochotorena. And although it seems to be shaving remains “her choice,” unshaven girl in the video machines the viewer will not show.

But in bodypositive subject willingly joined the fashion house: from the creative Dior headmistress Maria Grazia chiuri, which produced the show entrusted to her house models in t-shirts with removesthe on the chest, to the fashion brand & Other Stories and the maiden-youth brand Monki, owned by Swedish giant H&M. the latest in promotional shots and videos appear Bolshie, freckled, with mole and, of course, with unshaven armpits ladies. Sweden and even the European Bastion of feminism, but her example, though with caution, begin to follow in other countries. A Italian, for example, the brands launch a line of plus-size. Everything is logical: women earn themselves, and with the youth in buying their own clothes — they need to like the same fashion as such will not be full.

bodypositive-agenda decided to ride. If in the 1990s unshaven armpits was punk’s Manifesto in the spirit of Patti Smith, Riot Grrrls, then in the 2000s to show off the hair in the notorious place he ventured feministyczne minded stars like Julia Roberts, Jemima kirk and Madonna (however, many still only occasionally). The social network adds popularity and good PR any other than an obituary.

At the end of the 2010s without bodypositive as an integral part of neofeminism the Western world himself no longer thinks. Yet, to be honest, Patriarchal, even in the face of the most liberal representatives Russia collectively frowns on social networks at the sight of pubic hair feminists Bella Rapoport, sticking out from under the panties (by the way, FEM-friendly Russian brands), the West progressive audience applauds unshaven armpits supermodel Gigi Hadid at Love magazine and post your own social networks under the tag hairypitsclub. A laureate of “Oscar” this year, McDormand appeared the statue without makeup and without styling, and everyone clapped. Not women now cater to men, and brands cater to women. Times like these: Girl Power, well done.

Women are invited to smell of myrrh and cardamom

French fashion house Hermès has expanded its niche perfume collection Hermessense five new flavors created exclusively by perfumer of the house Christine Nagel, the correspondent “reports”.

Among the new products — three toilet and two water perfume essences. Toilet water Myrrhe Églantine built on the notes of myrrh and rose, ‘ébène Agar — agar and notes of fir, Cèdre Sambac is based on the accord of cedar and Jasmine Sambac.

Perfume essences Cardamusc and Musc Pallida based on the dominant East notes: the first in a duet of cardamom and musk, the second is the chord of musk and iris.

All new fragrances niche line Hermessense addressed to both men and women. Bottles enclosed in cases calfskin or Swift Sikkim in skin color on the lid of the bottle.

The Olympic champion will tell the women about style

In the Moscow shopping centre “Kuntsevo Plaza” will be the second on account of the beauty forum #BBDAY (Beauty Bazar Day). About it “” has informed the representative of the press service of the event.

Beauty Bazar Day will run from 7 to 11 March and will bring together on one platform various cosmetic brands and beauty salons, including salon wax and laser hair removal Wax&Go British barbarski brand Johnnys”s Chop, brand dry shampoos Batiste, Russian organic brand Berezka Lab, beauty salon Riccioli, an Italian brand Piroche Cosmétiques, perfume art project “Eternal values”.

the Main guest of the forum — Olympic champion and 11-time world champion in synchronised swimming, Angelica Timonina, March 8 will hold a publc talk for participants #BBDAY. Will also be a public talk with Instagram blogger Anastasia Orlova, tattoo artist Nora Inc. and the founder of the brand of temporary tattoos Miami Tattoos Rita Queen.