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Drew Barrymore called terrible and asked to wash

American actress drew Barrymore shamed for excessive amounts of makeup, reports the Daily Mail.

the 43-year-old Barrymore published in social networks, selfi, which it advertises the products of its line of cosmetics, Flower. The actress was wearing a bright lipstick and put some shades on the eyelids. Fans felt that Barrymore hides your natural beauty, and has criticized her in the comments.

TGIF I NEED A BOLD LIP this is “Poison Plum” metallic matte lip only @ultabeauty @flowerbeauty I am obsessed with this formula. It reflects light and has a magical effect on your lips. Cannot stop staring! P. S. All #FLOWERBeauty lippies are 30% Off now until tomorrow only @ultabeauty!!! Don t wait.

Publication of Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore) 20 APR 2018 6:24 PDT

“This makeup is not suitable for women over 40. You look 10 years older. You’re beautiful by nature,” said one.

“Wash your face,” said the other.

“You’re the worst” — were rude to others.

The designer has used the services of prostitutes

Austrian designer Helmut lang has released a capsule collection of clothing Artist Series collaboration with photographer Lee Ledar, the creation of which was attended by prostitutes. It is reported by Hypebeast.

In 2008 Ledar made a series of works called Personal Commissions. He paid the women they took pictures of him, choosing his / her own artistic style and location shooting.

“I called the ad in the section Women seeking men (“Women seeking men”), which were published by those who were looking for romantic encounters with men for a fee. I asked these women to use me as they wish. All photos remained anonymous, like ads in the newspaper,” he told Ledar.

Lange used photographs and ads of prostitutes as prints on white sweatshirts and t-shirts from their new collection. T-shirts are available on the official website of the designer at a price of $ 105, sweatshirts — $ 125. In addition to clothing, the series includes posters cost $ 45.

Helmut lang regularly releases collections of pret-a-porter in 1984. He founded his own brand Helmut Lang, which is currently owned Uniqlo.

Undergarment fell because of rapists

Sales of the brand of lingerie Victoria’s Secret began to fall due to the growing popularity of the movement #MeToo aimed at protecting the rights of victims of harassment of women. Reported Retail Dive.

According to research company YouGov, in 2017 the number of goods sold Victoria’s Secret declined by three percent and reached the lowest level in the last five years.

in addition, the staff of YouGov developed quantitative index Buzz score — the index of the brand, which allows to determine the degree of positive information about the company received by customers of news and advertising. In 2016, the Buzz score for the brand Victoria’s Secret was 31, but now it dropped to 23.

Analysts believe that history activists #MeToo about the harassment caused the decline in sales of the brand of underwear.

Kim Kardashian started to steal her sister

Contestant of the reality show “the Family Kardashian” Kim Kardashian accused of copying from the line of decorative cosmetics her younger sister Kylie Jenner. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Some fans decided that eyeshadow palette from the new own brand KKW Beauty Kim Kardashian faithfully replicate the colors of shadows, released Kylie Jenner in 2017.

In collaboration with makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic Kardashian have developed a range KKWxMario of 10 shiny and matte shadows in neutral shades with names such as Miami, Armenian, and Bronzy. The list of flowers plus bright blue Libra and purple sequined Vegas.

Palette Kylie Jenner Royal Peach also consisted of shades of nude, among which was one purple and blue colors.

“Why palette Kim and Mario is absolutely the same as Royal Peach Palette Kylie, just a little less?” — noticed one of her fans on Twitter. Other users of the social network support her posts on their pages.

Emily Ratajkowski stripped down naked in the glory of new York

American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has published in his Instagram the photo completely naked. Reported by the Daily Mail.

black-and-white shot 26-year-old supermodel is sitting naked on a chair, turning his left side and covering her breast with hand, looking at the camera. Ratajkowski was signed by the publication in capital letters NY, indicating the name of the city of new York in the United States.


Publication of Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) 23 APR 2018 11:00 PDT

Most fans admired the model’s body. “Perhaps the most beautiful woman in the world,” they commented.

However, some users have expressed their bewilderment. “I have no idea why Mrs. Rutkowski publishes such photos online. What are her motives? Any suggestions?” — wrote one.

“You, of course, impeccable, but maybe it’s time to use his fame to do something really meaningful? Wake up already,” urged the others.