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Wedding ring found a replacement

the newlyweds, a new trend: they began to replace the traditional wedding ring of the same tattoos on his fingers. About it reports The Independent.

Users Instagram publish their wedding tattoos with the hashtag #weddingtattoos.

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Some people get one or more thin lines in the form of rings.

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Others prefer Roman numerals denoting the date of marriage, or your partner’s name.

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Many people choose memorable images that have no relation to the wedding symbolism.

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Villalobos. Villa: village. Lobos: wolf. Together we have our pack. We are stronger together than we are apart. I love you @jonyb36ood. #husbandandwife #weddingtattoo #iloveyou

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Women came up with a way of protection from harassment

the head of the organization Model Alliance Sara Ziff protecting the rights of women in the fashion industry, has launched a project called Respect Program (the”Program”). It is reported Hypebae.

Model Alliance calls for models and other employees of the fashion sector not to be afraid to speak openly about harassment by male colleagues. In addition, Ziff hopes that major companies and fashion houses, in turn, will begin to support affected women and will make every effort to eradicate harassment, bringing criminals to justice.

“Together we will create a working environment where they will thrive creative interaction and self-expression, where everyone will be able to work without threats of violence, humiliation, discrimination or cruelty,” said in an official open letter published by the organization on Wednesday, may 16.

these words signed by more than 100 models, including Doutzen Croesus and Edie Campbell.

The Japanese have shown to Muscovites multimedia art

In a Moscow gallery at Solianke opened an exhibition “New Japan”, which is a work of multimedia art. About it the correspondent “”.

“New Japan” — Russia’s first group exhibition the new Japanese art artists young and middle generation, working with modern media: Haruyuki Ishii, Takashi Makino, Shoichiro Mihara, YUKO Mohri, Re Orikasa, Sasamoto Aki, Akihiko Taniguchi, Sayaka Shimada, Lita Yagi, Junichi Yamaoka, Yasuaki Onishi, Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi, exonemo and SHI-MURAbros.

All of the work — sculpture, audiovisual installation, video — there are several semantic spaces and connect the material and ephemeral elements. The exhibition is held with the support of the company Shiseido, who also presented his exhibit — installation Shinto, created with the participation of artists Ani moss and Playtronica. All installations have their own color, aroma and sound, allowing viewers to experience the particular synesthetic experience.

the Exhibition “New Japan” is open until 21 June 2018.

New York repainted blue

Jewelry company Tiffany & Co. launched in new York campaign Believe In Dreams (“Believe in dreams”). About it “” has informed the representative a press-services of the company.

the Brand has offered the residents and guests of coffee stands brand bluish-turquoise color with coffee and croissants. Also in a shade of Tiffany Blue painted city taxi (usually yellow), in the form of a signature shade are the BMX bikers and skateboarders. The famous watch on the shoulders of the Titan Atlas on the facade of the flagship store Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue were transformed into a digital screen showing video from the shooting of the advertising campaign Believe In Dreams.

“We wanted to make a fresh approach to campaigns, combining in one picture something visually unusual with the song, which is a nostalgic nod to the past, and combined with something totally unexpected and relevant,” commented campaign Reid Krakoff, creative Director of Tiffany & Co.

In the promotional video, which created the Director of “the hunger games” Francis Lawrence, starred American actress Elle fanning. At first she Audrey Hepburn black-and-white 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is coming to the window of the flagship store on Fifth Avenue. Then the image becomes coloured and sounds like the band’s cover of Moon River with the participation of the actress and hip-hop artist A$AP Ferg.

Kim Kardashian found a dirty surprise in the bag Prada

mother’s Day Khloe Kardashian I gave her Kim Kardashian designer handbag-the purse, in which lay a vibrator together with colorful candy jelly beans in the shape of penises. Video with a little nylon Prada bag and its contents, Kim Kardashian has published stories in my profile Instagram may 14.

in addition to candy and sex toys in a black bag with a cost of $ 1420 was a note. “Sometimes mothers need to take everything into their hands,” joked Chloe Kardashian.

“Okay, with a slight delay opening a gift from Chloe for mother’s Day. I thought it was just a cute little Prada bag, but… Thank you, Chloe,” — commented on the surprise of Kim Kardashian.