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Chichvarkin performed a prayer in front of a Rolls-Royce in London

Russian businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin published in your account in Instagram a video in which he performs the Muslim prayer namaz in front of the salon Rolls-Royce in London.

“forgive Him. We lost sons to forgive and always give a chance. And he was in London bad — his soul is not in place. That market gradually,” wrote in the comments of a post.

Other users of the social network has approved the action: “As always point and clearly not for everyone, and comments confirmation”.

Prince Harry and his bride got closer to the homeless

Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle planned release of Souvenirs to raise funds for the homeless of Windsor. Reported by the Daily Mail.

non-commercial brand For Richer, For Poorer has developed an exclusive mugs, t-shirts and plates for the day of the Royal wedding.

the Action was decided to hold after a row over the proposal of the police to remove all homeless people from the streets of Windsor before the ceremony.

Souvenirs will be sold at a price of 13 to $ 55.

moreover, a special gift plate cost about seven thousand dollars. It is planned that the proceeds from its sale will cover all expenses related to the annual rental housing for one homeless man.

“Our form is compared with the prison garb”

New form of the Russian Olympians criticized by many people, from high officials to the grandmothers at the entrance. Not satisfied with the design, didn’t like the color, irritated an unknown name of the new official outfitter of the national team. Country United against designer Anastasia Zadorina and her company Zasport, which first made the athletes clothes with the flag, and then quickly did a neutral outfit. “” has collected the main claims briefly formulated the essence of each and gave Zadorinki, asking in detail to answer them. The conversation turned to serious relationships, prison uniforms and unkempt athletes.

All actively writing, saying what could do this young, inexperienced girl, where she climbs. And here she is climbing, and then — bingo! — all done. I then realized that Russia is experiencing. But for some reason no one asks how this girl managed. That’s what I hurt. Why is everyone criticizing, but do not appreciate how much my team and mastered.

Most people don’t know how to look in depth. They take the information on the surface and not study it. Where that came, when it was our company, as the tender has been held, how long we work. Bad not the detective, who looks bad, but the one who does not reach the essence. People need to be able to share information. I have said many times, commented on this. If my word isn’t enough, you can no longer speak. Show will results. And the result is — that’s all.

we took the flag, took the emblem, and something else selected. Many strong athletes will not be allowed. The delegation was divided. Of course, I knew that may something to happen to our clothes. I remember going to the office, read the news and see that everywhere write that the form now makes Nike. Then I started to call: “Anastasia, what you don’t know?”. And I have no information — neither the IOC nor OCD. Then in the office I was given a letter from IOC: everything you need to remodel, here’s the rules, you have one week to design coordination.

And on 29 December we adopted a neutral variant forms. In General, I was prepared for what we will become to change anything. Neither I nor my team are not particularly surprised. I was worried most of all for our athletes, I was already in the atmosphere.

we Have our own production, but there aren’t screwed. They say: “You are in China ever made.” So give me a production in Russia, where you can make and shoes, bags, and jackets! We have not sold fabric in this volume, and we have to buy them in Turkey, China, and France. What’s more — it’s just easier to order the same Turkey and to bring the finished product than to spend time and money to buy fabric and logistics, customs, inspection and other procedures here.

Order a pad for shoes we are in Italy, but develop ourselves. Unfortunately, in Russia is very hard to make the shoes. And, God forbid, that the designers also did not only dresses and coats. We have now almost all want to be designers, they just give direction to the youth or someone else will pay attention.

of course Everyone cares who is whose daughter and who is whose lover, and the fact that our country is now a big problem with the Swiss nobody is interested in. When they say: “Why do you sew in Europe or in China,” I want to draw attention that in our country, almost no colleges, no College — nothing which could be taught to sew.

the Problem we have not only seamstresses, but also with the tailors. Where I can get a tailor to make the jacket? No Russian seamstress so will not do it, because it’s a completely different direction. I have designers, but even they I can’t trust the creation of the costume. Just like I can’t say the cutter or the technician’s clothing: make me Zasport casual lifestyle. There are other fabrics other patterns. Everything else.

we Have no zippers, no hooks, no padding, no fluff, nothing. There are no factories for the production of lightning. Everything is done overseas and is imported here because it’s just cheaper.

Russians Have the mentality laid down that seamstress is somehow not really, it’s disgraceful. And the fact that this work covers one of the basic life necessities, no one thought! This is very serious. People will never give up clothing and the opportunity to look neat. As if in a country neither was bad — we will still need something to wear and somewhere to get a haircut. So the work of a seamstress is very important.

Clothes, bread, water, Barber, something we will always need. For some reason many don’t remember. About the apartment, car, dacha, mortgages remember, and about the base no.

Perhaps the relevant agencies and ministries should be saying we have a lot of import, let’s develop Russian production. I’m really amazed that we have not, do not reach all. I make and sell, and at the same time trying to convey to people some fashion trends. Although, of course, is not the limit, and even in regard to Olympic form, there are many “but”. I did not work out the way I’d like. Has its own regulations and limitations.

father, husband and whoever it was will not help you to become a designer for those who have no predisposition to it. And not enough stupid to come up with drawings. I can nocreativity a lot of things, but what I going to do with this? Therefore, I are professionals. PR I will say that about it nobody writes, marketer terrified to say what you do not understand the market, and the commercial Department will scream that we need to reduce the price! We can be designers as you like, but it must be a business: profit, profitability, demand. Should have an understanding of all processes.

Thank God, now we are in Russia, in Moscow, react faster, grasp the trend. Here in our country never had a national sports brand. Why am I in your 28 years, we realized that it needed? Why no one had not thought about it? But we all comment on professionally.

And if I were someone’s wife or mistress? Also would have condemned. What you need to be in order for everyone to please? Dad bad, bad mistress. If I were a man, he would say he is either the son, or loves men. Or married successfully.

When I told my family I wanted to be a designer, it did not take great. Dad said, “a Designer? What?”. He was not instead of me at the sewing machine. Of course, when it all began, I did not earn, I studied at MGIMO. But I had a husband, he helped me. Something to give the parents. And I saved money. And native just watched. I had a lot to learn, prove and show. I went to all sorts of courses, for all to see, as it’s important to me. I remember sitting with Auntie from regions in the classroom to work with steam, learned to use it.

My first Studio was in my house. But first I set one machine and was disappointed — it was impossible to make a dress completely. Apparently, not listening to some kind of course immediately realized that I needed another car. I think with me first of all deceived. I know all sorts of details, could build much cheaper. And so, perhaps, the first attachment I was around seven hundred thousand.

I will never say something bad about the person who does what I do not understand. Here the journalist wrote the text, I can tell: “abruptly”, “fun”, “you can laugh”. But I don’t understand well or badly he did his job, because it does not understand.

So with the form — can be assessed visually, and professionally. Only when authoritative publications said that our team is the most fashionable and beautiful, so the second half of our country has changed the opinion. I have many called and wrote.

What’s wrong with grey? You will see almost every team at the Olympics in Korea in the form of a present grey. France, for example, the jackets were just white. And take any man: if he didn’t like gray — why in the photos in social networks, he in a gray sweater, a gray jacket? Let then it. And color large criticize people who have advertisers, PR. So agree with them then your statements, your social networks. The funny thing is that many publicly criticize our form, and then write to me direct and ask where you can buy it. I marvel at the people.

(Ksenia Sobchak in an interview to “the “we Have a lot of talented people. But the system chooses not talented. Russia has many excellent designers, but the form for our Olympic team does Anastasia Zadorin”)I don’t know how to comment on it. I Ksenia are good. Maybe she was in a mood, on the contrary, was not in the mood. Ksenia in any case, well done, no matter what the people said. What can even muster the courage to reach such a huge audience and articulate my position? I would not come out. Not because I’m afraid of something, but because people in your area must be like a fish in water. Even if you just have water, it is better not to climb. Here I come, I will ask a question, and I don’t know the answer. Only unable to Express an opinion… But if you already said, this is not the case to say: “Sorry, this question is outside my area of expertise”.

In America and Europe, artists, designers and athletes is a national heritage literally. People are proud of them. There will not speak as we do: the game designer and the artist good job on it, and the actor somehow not played. In Russia, unfortunately, is no respecter of persons taken to respond to all of them. Designers we have no one at all, really.

I tried to instill in people a taste. And what did I get? Well, nothing, get used to it. I think whoever comes in my place, — some there a Dmitri or Ivan, he would have said the same thing. People may not immediately perceive new. This is the mentality of this culture. Need more to read, interested in history. If we think back to iconic historical characters — no one went to motley. Could be a bright detail like pen in the hat.

I can’t come to the factory of sweets and say that they are bad. We have in the mind always all bad, just a little, all ugly. A Russian person probably takes time to get used to the change.

I have enough love. Love in Russia. Love for Russia. I believe that our form was definitely created with love, with great warmth and respect. We are very anxious about this. If it were not love, then I would say: “you Know, I don’t have time to do the uniforms for our athletes.” Directly 29 Dec tell. Excuse me, we have the new year holidays.

But I am pleased that even at the press conference, during which it was said that the form was not made with love, Olympic champion Alina Sagitova were sitting in our shirt with the Olympic rings. To the Olympics, I personally saw that the athletes went in our clothes. On the plane, at the airport, I met their parents who were also in Zasport — they bought these things, no one forced them. I can say that all is grey.

Our uniform is worn and will wear the hip youth learned how to dress and stop being afraid to mix different brands and styles. Fashion is one thing and style another. Fashion comes and goes, style is for everyone. The new generation is willing and able to speak. People have to look to the West. They want to move, start to work in 15 years, and not because they have no money, and because of the huge desire to go forward, to Express themselves.

I am 29 years old, I work with 19, I don’t want to sit at home. I wouldn’t want my son messing around, and I’d be happy if he was 16, wants to go to work for me. Or ask me to help him somehow to show themselves. Do, for example, the European children. I grew up in Europe, I was born there, maybe that’s why I have such a mentality.

#”Idea with Cyrillic copied Gosha Rybchinskogo”

goshi Rybchinskogo your style. I have been compared to him, saying that we are similar. I don’t understand why. Perhaps people see something. And inscriptions in the Cyrillic alphabet now in trend. As I designer, I’m willing to support a colleague. Things Rybchinskogo I would wear. And generally speaking, are things any designer wear. Sorry, we have designers with each other don’t get along. Although I am very nice to people — including to the Russian designers.

Yes, at some point I realized that athletes are uncomfortable to wear some things from the Olympic kit. Inexperience I didn’t realize how many guys are going and how long this go. Now everything is clear. Now we have a list of items that need to be done differently. And in General, at the opening ceremony, it would be better to split the delegation for coaches and athletes. Still, the adult is some way behind, he is not so smart and slim as the current athlete. So visually they should not be mixed.

Although, honestly, I would have young athletes transformed. Here we put them. Left brush. And how to explain that sometimes jewelry and jewelry — too much. Of course, we’re working on it, someone agrees with us. But someone refuses to listen.

We’re preparing to Buenos Aires (youth Olympic games will be held from 6 to 18 October in the capital of Argentina — ed. “Of the”). At the end of March — beginning of April will introduce in R the form for our athletes. With Aug run. I think that for it we can blame. Although I don’t know, and not say anything.

I heard that our form is compared with the prison garb. I don’t know what she looks like, but if there are similarities, there we go, very stylish guys.

I then wanted to see what “beautiful”. Let all the people merge the data in some “the Bank of love and beauty, trends and positive, joy of Russian traditions”. And say — that’s cool. It is desirable also to look these people in the eye.

Yes, my work helped communication Institute, friends, family, parents, son. I go with him to kindergarten, communicate with mothers of the other children. And he still goes to section: tennis, football, skiing…

the right connections? Looking for friends, put likes in Instagram. What else we all get acquainted, make friends, quarrel? That’s life, and it should be the desire to communicate. Why, then, need, excuse me, experts in public relations? In order to establish communication, to search for contacts.

Not all people want to think. However, there are many those who have parents do not like me, but they still achieved a lot. Well done. No matter who your father or mother, a businessman, economist or anyone else. There is nothing wrong that the parents will support you. I will help your son in particular? I really feel sorry for people who come from the Institute and say they want to be designers. Shortest way I can’t even advise. No money, no contacts, nothing.

Yes, this again. Here, I agree. For a man to such things is very kind and believes that they laugh at him, it really is awkward. We will do better. Right boys say: always something else came up with for you guys.

Pedestrians will be forced to “light up” on the road

Deputy of the state Duma Vyacheslav Lysakov has taken the initiative to oblige the Russian industrial enterprise is to place reflective elements for children, school and sportswear, reports FashionUnited.

Deputy prepares a formal appeal to the Russian government. If the case is accepted, will be developed new production standards for each product group. “We need to develop mandatory and not recommendatory standards for each group of products: school wear, children’s, sports and tourism. The profile of the enterprise must strictly comply with these azstandart,” — said Lysakov.

the Deputy also noted that the requirements will concern not only domestic producers but also foreign suppliers.

The homeless staged a fashion love story

the Photographer had a photo session in the style of a love story for a couple of homeless people in Nairobi, Kenya, dressed up in their models. This reports the Metro.

Muchiri Frams found Sammy and his girlfriend Virginia in the Park. A happy couple living in appalling conditions, inspired photographer, and he decided to make them a gift in the form of a series of photos.

“it’s Hard to believe that love can be combined with this environment. This is a blow to our ideas about things with which we usually identify. Indeed, beneath all the mud, ragged and slurred speeches hiding beautiful people, which may be the same as everyone else, if only we gave them such opportunity”, — commented on Frams.

For shooting, the photographer found the right clothes and did the makeup of Virginia.