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Fans have bought up cheap dress Kate Middleton for a matter of hours

Blue dress by Spanish brand Zara, where the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton came to racing Houghton Horse Trials, it was completely sold out from the official website of the brand for a matter of hours. It is reported by The Sun.

Sunday, may 27, Kate Middleton photographed with his son George and daughter Charlotte at an event in Norfolk, UK. She had on a light summer dress knee length with a boat neckline and waistband. Sky-blue cloth was decorated with dark blue floral print.

This dress was sold in the online store of the brand at the price of 69,9 USD. At the moment on the website there is not one instance.

Muslim was angered by the proposal to paint the night in Ramadan

American brand-the manufacturer of MAC cosmetics has released a video tutorial for Muslim women, which explained how to apply cosmetics during suhoor. This reports the Metro.

the Suhoor — the meal before sunrise during Ramadan. In the video under Nathaniel Get Ready For Suhoor (“Prepare for the Sahur”), the makeup artist puts eyeshadow on the model’s face, brings her eyes out with a pencil and paints eyelashes with mascara, and then a girl in a turban is going to eat.

Fasting was angered by the ignorance of the company because the makeup has nothing to do with the suhoor. “This could be perfect for the “iftar party” or Eid. It’s great that MAC wants to diversify your marketing, but first should have consulted with Muslim women”, wrote they are on Twitter.

“Um, MAC, you mean iftar? After suhoor half past three in the night. And no one painted that,” added other.

“Hey, you can stop make money in Ramadan? Do you even know what is suhoor? Thank you,” called others.

After a wave of disturbances in the social networks MAC Middle East (middle East) has removed the video from its official YouTube page.

Women were forced to overpay for a white t-shirt

fashion industry Experts have found that women are overpaid to 45 percent compared to men for similar items of basic clothing same brands and manufacturers, reports the Daily Mail.

this is the conclusion they came, after analyzing the cost of basic white t-shirts have different mass-markety brands in stores in the UK. The experts analyzed a range of brands such as Gap, River Island and H&M.

it is Noted that not only the color but also the material, style and fit of the absolute majority of t-shirts (10 of 16) for men and women in this sample were identical. In this men’s t-shirt-like items of larger size takes more fabric. Marketers call this phenomenon the pink tax (literally “pink tax” — a hidden margin on women’s clothing).

Women undressed and went outside in underwear

a Group of women in their underwear took to the streets of Central London, showing the imperfections of their body under bodypositive campaign on Wednesday, may 23. This reports the Metro.

the rally organized by writer Natasha Devon and co-founder of the exhibition about beauty of the female body Portrait, Positive Stefan bell, attended the bloggers, the stars of British television and activists. Their goal was to prove to women that they should feel confident regardless of their size and weight. Participants of the flash mob carried placards with slogans on this topic.

Today I did something that scared me but *LOOK* what it created. Thank you SO much @FaceEquality #PortraitPositive @cherryhealey @stylemesunday @Georgia_Dods @ellen__jones & everyone who stripped off for our #bodypositive flash mob in Soho. Look out for pics in the press…

Publication of Natasha Devon (@_natashadevon) 23 May 2018 at 5:24 PDT

“the goal of the movement of bodypositive often has the wrong interpretation. People think that we are all called to be full, but it’s not. We just want to eliminate the stereotypes of the perfect body to people with different body types finally allowed myself to enjoy your body,” explained Natasha Devon, who is not afraid to show a 30-inch postoperative scar on her stomach.

In a wedding dress Meghan Markle found the catch

London luxury designer dresses Caroline Arthur (Caroline Arthur) commented on the wedding dress of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, which was created by French fashion house Givenchy. Her words leads edition the Independent.

Arthur considered the choice of a wife Prince Harry quite unusual. “It was a very hot day, and this dress is too warm,” she said.

Also, find out why Meghan Markle gave preference Givenchy. Clare waight Keller (Clare Waight Keller) is the author of the dress, the feminist and ardent defender of gender equality. Markle decided to support the waight Keller and hereby publicly Express its respect for female designers.

Earlier in may reported that bride is planning to order a dress from British brand Ralph & Russo and it will cost her a hundred thousand pounds. However, the allegation was not substantiated and for your outfit Givenchy Meghan Markle paid about $ 550 thousand.