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Jesus came to free lifetime care for a beard

the Man changed the name in the passport to become Jesus and get lifetime free service in the men’s store, to care for a beard. This reports the Metro.

the Brand manufactures products for the care of beard Mo Bro offered to the British customers to choose the 20 best beards in history. Voting was as real personalities and fictional characters. Ahead of heroes “Harry Potter” Rubeus Hagrid and Dumbledore, first place was taken by Jesus Christ.

After this, the team Mo Bro staged, for participation in which it was necessary to change the name in the passport and send the picture with a beard length of five centimeters.

“We Mo Bro, obviously, big fans of the bushy beard. The longer the better. How nice to see that this trend is still strong,” shared one of the founders of the company Kewal, Dattani. He also added that the firm is glad to finally know what a beard like the British most of all.

Lagerfeld paid for support rapists

representatives of the organization Model Alliance has expressed outrage at the rough statement of the creative Director fashion house Chanel Karl Lagerfeld in his latest interview for the magazine Numero. It is reported by Highsnobiety.

the Head of Model Alliance Sara Ziff, an advocate for the improvement of working conditions in the fashion industry, urged the public to take action against the designer. According to her, the model is too long suffered from sexual harassment, and now when they finally have a chance to tell the world about their problem, the people who encourage the harassment must answer for his words.

“the Model Alliance is not going to tolerate harassment or abuse in the industry — neither physical nor moral. The fashion world should be a place where flourish the creativity and self-expression, and where every employee is treated with respect,” said Ziff.

the Agency also published its comments to interview with Lagerfeld in Instagram.

“the most disgraceful comments by Karl Lagerfeld in an April 12th interview with Numéro Magazine underscore just how much work we still have to do. While not surprising (Lagerfeld is well known for offensive comments and body-shaming women for their weight and appearance), Lagerfeld”s assertion that models should “join a nunnery” if they don’t want their pants pulled down is, nonetheless, outrageous.” | Read our director @saraziff”s full response and thoughts on next steps (link in bio). Photo: Regis Berthier

Publication of Model Alliance (@modelallianceny) 18 APR 2018 7:01 PDT

Chinese veil saved the poor Afghan women

an Employee of the Afghan brand Zarif spoke about the struggle for market Muslim clothing and accessories with cheap Chinese counterparts. It is reported by the Fashion Network.

According to tradition, the Muslim veil should be made of silk or cotton with handmade embroideries. These products cost about $ 36, and they can only be afforded by wealthy women. Now the Afghan market is flooded with imported from China veil, made of nylon and decorated with national ornaments. The cost of these hats is 11 — $ 18, so most Afghans prefer them.

“In Afghanistan, there is only one master who knows his business. You need to teach others. But for what? People have no money. Need to find silk new application”, — said the founder of the brand Zarif’s Solici Sherzad.

According to her, the firm fell on hard times, and the only thing that helps her survive is cooperation with the French company Agnes b. and established client base in new York.

Kanye West will score the sketch goshi Rybchinskogo

American rapper Kanye West turned to the Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy with a request to draw him a sketch for a future tattoo on his neck. The musician wrote in his account Twitter.

Kanye West is also attached to the post the image of the future tattoos Saint West (“Holy West”).

Most members criticized the idea. One user wrote in the comments that the font already exists and is called a Dystopia. “Don’t get me wrong, I love Kanye and gosh but gosh lazy”, he said.

“I asked a friend to come up with my tattoo on her neck,” joked the other, attaching the screenshots with the well-known fonts.

However, some embraced the idea positively, wrote that love of the rapper and asked him to release a new album.

In cosmetics found animal waste

Police in Los Angeles impounded from shops fake cosmetics, which has been found biological waste of animals. It is reported by CNN.

Of the 21 outlets were seized cosmetics in the amount of 700 thousand dollars. “Feces mixed with products that were made in the garage or in the bathroom,” he told the police officer mark Rhine.

Examination began after numerous complaints of buyers in skin rashes that appeared after using cosmetics bought in the fashion district of Los Angeles.

One of the brands subjected to falsification, was Kyle Cosmetics — firm model Kylie Jenner. In Your Twitter sister models Kim Kardashian warned followers to beware of fakes.

Among the seized items were also fake products Urban Decay, MAC and NARS.

Owners of the six shops arrested, others got a court order to conduct trading activities.