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Dior has copied the figure of the Indian

French fashion house Dior is completely copied print Indian designer Orieta Hay (Orijit Sen) and used it to dress actress Sonam Kapoor, in which she posed for the cover of the Indian Elle. About it reports The Fashion Law.

Red cloth with images of yogis in various poses were invented Hay 10 years ago and is available until now. According to the designer, he never worked with Dior or any other famous brand. He also noticed that Dior did not apply to him for permission to use this picture.

sen was shocked when I saw your print on the clothes, made luxurious by the manufacturer. “Our designs have repeatedly stolen by other companies. But to this major for the first time”, — he told.

sen has filed a lawsuit against Dior, accusing him of copyright infringement. The parties failed to reach consensus, but the terms of the contract were not disclosed. The designer called the issue “settled”.

Released t-shirts with “monstrous” grammatical error

In one of the stores of the British chain Asda customers found a grammatical error in the caption on the shirt. One of them wrote a complaint on the resource Mumsnet on the family relations and upbringing of children.

chetyrehpolozyj shirts pale green colour with the image of beer, which were sold as Souvenirs to the Day of his father, was printed: Dads don’t do things by halves (“Fathers never do anything by half”). However, in the word dads manufacturers have put an unnecessary apostrophe, which pissed off the buyers.

Many parents spoke under the post on Mumsnet, calling the error “monstrous.”

“I Think most parents would prefer that their children are not faced with such mistakes,” — noticed alone.

“I am convinced that large retailers are required to hire a person who would be responsible for spelling, punctuation and grammar”, — wrote other.

“Lost the apostrophe, the promotion of drinking, because all fathers be sure to drink, tasteless print, faux — worn,” criticized third thing.

Representatives of Asda admitted the mistake and called her his puncture.

The girl made fun of too little engagement ring

Fans have fun going to get married food bloggers too small for an engagement ring, reports the Daily Mail.

Jen Fanart (Jen Phanomrat) from new York has shared a photo with her fiance Leo Samanamud (Leo Samanamud) Instagram with the caption: “Nine years later, I said “Yes” to my best friend!”

Many members congratulated the couple, leaving best wishes in the comments. However, there were also those who expressed their dissatisfaction with the size given by Samanamud ring, calling it the most tiny of the world.

“I support minimalism, but the fact that someone buys the ring is beyond my comprehension,” — wrote alone.

“it seems that he came into the store and asked for the smallest ring that only they have that,” support other.

“And where’s the ring?” — outraged others.

Jen Fanart answered that were happy to receive this ring. According to the girl, neat gold jewelry from tiny jewel is what she would have chosen herself.

Jen Fanart and Leo Samanamud — food bloggers and co-founders of the popular channel Just Eat Life on YouTube.

Stefano Gabbana insulted Selena Gomez

an Italian designer and one of the founders of fashion house Dolce & Gabbana Stefano Gabbana insulted an American actress and singer Selena Gomez Instagram.

In the account of The Catwalk Italia publishes photos of the best outfits celebrities, there was a collage of five pictures Selena Gomez in red dresses. “È proprio brutta!!!” (“She’s so ugly!!!”) — posted by Gabbana in the comments. He then agreed with the user, who called the singer Pomeranian.

Publication from The Catwalk Italia – TCI (@thecatwalkitalia) 11 Jun 2018 at 3:22 PDT

Friends and fans of Selena Gomez rushed to her defense. “I hope this is a joke, because she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world! She is beautiful both externally and internally, and that’s what you’re missing,” — said the designer one commentator.

“When a grown man calls a young girl or even someone else, it shows his narrow-mindedness and immaturity. Shame” — another shame.

Selena Gomez has not reacted to the insult.

The founder of Guess, resigned because of allegations of harassment

Creative Director and co-founder of the brand Guess Paul Marciano has resigned after an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment to the model Kate Upton. It is reported TASS with reference to the notice of the company.

In Guess said that investigators interviewed more than 40 people and studied about 1.5 million pages of documents, e-mail messages, photos, videos, and audio recordings. “It is established that in some cases, Marciano demonstrated poor judgment when dealing with models and photographers putting themselves in a position where allegations of impropriety could arise and has arisen in fact”, — stated in the message.