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Took the ice cream

Cristiano Ronaldo there is a real chance not just to miss the world Cup in Russia. Before five-time winner of the Golden ball looms the prospect to receive information about the events at the world Cup behind bars. “the” — accumulated tax problems for the Portuguese.

it is Hard to imagine a world championship without Ronaldo, who is perceived not just as a virtuoso trick, a ruthless goalscorer and a very indiscreet in the assessment of their virtues the player. Cristiano is one of the coolest brands in world football, not only its current version, but more than a century the history of the most popular on the planet of ball game.

Without his brand of stubbornness, the captain would not have reached, perhaps, a quarter of those tops that included them in the list of conquered. But sometimes this same stubbornness puts the leader of the Madrid real Madrid on the edge of the abyss.

and now Cristiano is preparing for the world Cup, at the risk of being not a party to it, and the audience, and contemplating the main football event of four years on TV not in his comfortable dwelling, and in a prison cell. Head over Cristiano entered the sword of Damocles Spanish tax service, which, as it turns out, neither a big name nor powerful patrons, nor the world glory.

Only money can save the “giant football thoughts” — the money it owes to the Spanish budget and does not want to give.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not like the others and have always tried to emphasize the difference. Mostly game and goals, but if someone does not catch up to such occasionally had to voice: “I am handsome, rich and a great player. All the others are jealous of me!”

Gradually, the confidence turned into overconfidence, resulting in the above catch phrase was added to the word “smart” on a subconscious level into a “most intelligent”. Smarter state fiscal service, which seems to count other people’s money knows better than anyone else, but from time to time is not shining on its outstanding capabilities.

Cristiano in Spain was not the first who decided to “sell face” — that is, to obtain remuneration for the use of their image in advertising, promotions and other things. And not the first one who was inclined to believe that the store earned offshore is not only safer but also far more rewarding. But until recently, Portuguese was the only one of those who contacted the “tax haven” — paraíso fiscal (as in the Iberian Kingdom call site with a minimized level of taxation — ed. “Of the”) and not suffered from any problems.

Against the Spanish tax authorities by offshore companies is twofold. On the one hand they never tire of repeating that “to move funds through paraíso fiscal means significantly nedogruza the state budget mandatory deductions”. On the other — acknowledge that the registration of companies in offshore zones does not go (at least for now) beyond the boundaries of the law of the Kingdom.

With all this by departing from taxation firms approach the Spanish sneaks are still different. Companies, really leading of business (manufacturing, trading or banking), spoke in the wheel pose. It is because the whole of Spain is well-known that 33 of the 35 largest firms in the country, are the founders and main figures of the stock exchange of the Kingdom, have an extensive network of offshore company. Accept perfectly legal “daughters”. Leader in terms of offshore “children” is the largest private Bank Santander (72 firms). Second place is a powerful construction Corporation ACS (71). Included in the three of leaders Bank BBVA far behind the competition (43) and reaching the fourth oil company REPSOL (42). “The rating of the offshore company,” is almost identical with the list in which Spanish companies can be positioned according to the degree of impact on the economy of the country.

Enterprises that have recorded overseas athletes are recognized as structures of the Spanish Finance “instrumental,” that is, servants of the one purpose — the concealment of income from taxation. Naturally, to deal with such firms is the bounden duty of sneaks.

Hunting for stars money unfolded slowly: it was necessary to give the “hog” to save up Zhirkov, and even upon reaching the “commodity weight” and to knock it off. The first “shots” produced by the Spanish tax authorities by the stars of a relatively small scale, was the sighting. Under the hot hand of the fighters for filling the budget have got players from which you can make an entire decent team: Iker Casillas, Alexis Sanchez, Radamel Falcao, Luka Modric, Xabi Alonso, Marcelo Vieira, Ricardo Carvalho. And coach them to identify the infamous Jose Mourinho. All members of this “football club of delinquent taxes” owed to the Spanish Treasury of up to two million euros each. Which were reimbursed, virtually without controversy with minfinovskih structure. And rightly so — a more expensive conflict with tax authorities.

has Not been configured was long butting, arguing that “not turning aside, not checked and not brought abroad”, and the star of “Barcelona” Lionel Messi, but it just didn’t. First, because the amount of Argentine was the more serious — more than 4 million. And secondly (this, however, is convinced the Catalan press is stronger than the media the rest of Spain), there has not been without behind-the-scenes game guide enemies of the people of Barcelona from real Madrid.

When it Messi seemed to be headed down a familiar path to a peaceful finale with the payment of a striker underpaid (plus a fine), in stepped the Mar Silva Lapuerta involved in litigation as a lawyer with the state. Paradoxically, the fact: the Prosecutor has requested that case Messi from the criminal field to the administrative and punish the player “money” (in the sense that the Euro, of course). And the defendant demanded a verdict with the penalty of imprisonment.

the Catalan media instantly sought out photos Lapuerta communicating with the real Madrid President Florentino Perez, and remembered that March in the first coming of Florentino in the office of the “cream” served at the club one of the Directors. The nature of malignancy other attorney, thus, were journalists installed, and the image of Perez a few spoiled. Although this episode he survived without any alarms.

Finally came the turn and up to the largest production — Ronaldo, which tax specialists have counted illegal in the offshore company (according to the press) EUR 150 million. Evidence, however, the keepers of financial discipline managed to collect a much smaller amount, but it proves the size of arrears was impressive — 14.7 million. And if for Xabi Alonso, whose shortfall was $ 3 million, the Prosecutor requests five years in prison, one can imagine what will happen to Ronaldo.

the Portuguese among athletes accused of Spanish tax authorities in compliance with financial laws, was the only one who decided to go to the end, proving his innocence.

Few of the anonymous experts, talking to newspaper correspondents, doubts that Ronaldo felt strong because I felt the shoulder of Peres. Functionary, as did the scorer “creamy”, was to take all the necessary measures behind the scenes to whitewash the image of your pet. Florentino, among other things, not just the head of the Spanish record-breakers. He is also a permanent member of the top ten Spanish billionaires, and also the President and main shareholder of the very ACS that was mentioned above. So the level of capability of the main “realistic” you can imagine.

But the trick is that the businessmen, Pets not happen. There are figures that bring them success and the planned income. Cristiano, who in the beginning of the proceedings against him, was the 33rd year, has ceased to be a Queen Perez. Aging stars of the first magnitude — the same material used as the stars of second and third order. And Ronaldo also offered to repay its debt to the Treasury at the expense of the club. That was, it seems, the straw that broke the patience of the leadership of real Madrid.

Cristiano, unexpectedly, was one on one with justice. Of course, with the support of a team of lawyers who offered him not to feel superior, smarter and smarter than other players who fell under the press of the tax. And repeat them the way of repentance and retribution money for the error.

With the September hearings, the Portuguese left bewildered, but not lost faith that “OK, let me lose money, but not spoil the biography of a criminal penalty”. However, the timing of financial decisions the issue had already passed: you can pay off only up to the time of the hearing. Under investigation.

But, no! In March this year, Cristiano has sent in the resignation of all its not coped with the task of lawyers. And after the meeting, on 23 March, all witnesses appearing at his side suddenly moved to the other side, hired for the position of negotiator Jose Antonio Chiclana, former master of the National court, known for his ability to bring disputing parties to a common denominator.

But then the miracle did not happen.

Perhaps, just yet. Cristiano Ronaldo is still not an ordinary citizen. Football brand. A considerable part of world football history. And face needed starting in June the world Cup. Prior to which the Portuguese blood from his nose wants to close the issue and forget it as a nightmare. The date of the final hearing has not yet been determined. According to some Newspapers (unofficial, of course), the last court hearing could take place in early June. That it had made a sentence with the words “to assign as punishment … years of imprisonment” Cristiano is ready for anything. This is the “everything” according to estimates of different experts may vary in the range of 30 to 35 million euros. Experts from El Mundo, “the tax authorities will be able to prove non-payment of a maximum of 12 million, and the penalty in this case will be 24”. I must say — godly. By law, the penalty can exceed the amount of the arrears four times. But the main thing here — not money. And not even their number. And the fact that the repayment of debt and payment of compensation can allow Cristiano to avoid imprisonment.

the Spanish newspaper, spreading in the beginning of this week’s the news, claimed that “the customer is ripe” and “ready to pay almost any amount.” Prior to the weekend it became clear that this is not so. Toad Cristiano still choking, and he, according to El Mundo, offers to pay into the Treasury only the amount he counted 14 million debt and to part with the tax authorities. However, the publication has no doubt that tax specialists do not agree with this proposal — why make the exception from which the other deviators will then try to make a rule? Moreover, in Spain the government constantly repeats the slogan “tax — is all of us”, referring to the country’s population. So the last sentence Ronaldo is very much like playing with fire.

of course There is the option of a change of venue for “after the world Cup”. In theory, Yes. But almost… To football for the captain of the Portuguese national team when in his mind will have a thought that in Spain he expects the sky in a large cage?

Spanish Fox

“the” continues the series of informative articles about the lives of dictators. Last week, we told on the Chilean Tirana Augusto Pinochet. The interest in them continued unabated during his reign, nor after he left office. The press was excited by reports of all new criminal cases that were instituted against Pinochet and closed with the same speed. This information is mixed with information about the state of his health. Most Chileans were interested in the question: whether it will live up to the court and answer for the deaths of thousands of people during his reign? Even now, after his death, Pinochet leaves local residents alone, causing some fierce hatred, and the other is a true delight. This time it will be the wife of a Spanish dictator Francisco Franco Carmen. She hasn’t been without pearl jewelry, was jealous of Eva Peron, fit in all the Affairs of her husband, trying to turn Spain into a Catholic Iran.

“Great wife of General Franco demonstrates his slender figure, scarcely discernible during hazy outfit of black gas, which gently caresses the expensive coat” — so poetically described by Doña Carmen, her biographer.

He was echoed by another historian, noting that the “sacrificial character” of the wife of Generalissimo hiding “steel determination and tenacity”. Both experts concurred that Doña Carmen was haughty, arrogant and proud. According to contemporaries, she very painfully react to criticism, was in this respect more vulnerable than her husband, the dictator.

Wife Franco always look flawless in public. “She was not a beauty, but she had an aristocratic profile, refined manners, she possessed a genuine vitality,” said close. She udelala its external appearance.

Increased interest in his own person time and again she was having trouble with. An unpleasant incident occurred in 1947, when into Spain came the wife of Argentine dictator Juan perón — Eva Peron. The famous Argentine, always dressed with taste, ordered a hat from their local designer (costumes from Chanel it will be just after this trip to Europe). Hat Evita was much extravagant and larger in size than that of Doña Carmen. His anger and chagrin knew no bounds.

First went to the Spanish designers of the first lady, afterwards Mrs. Carmen bought dozens of luxury and grandiose hats that henceforth no one was dressed more luxuriously than she is.

the Only thing that saved Carmen from despair — her jewels were larger and more expensive than Peron. For Antiques, jewelry, collecting jewelry and objects of art she had a special weakness. The Spaniards joked that their first lady as soon as there, immediately wears strands of pearls on the neck, and then deals with other matters. They called her Doña Collares (“Lady necklace”).

By the way, love the pearls and other famous women. So, the groom Rainier III bought his future wife grace Kelly pearl set for the wedding. One of the most favorite jewelry Marilyn Monroe it was a pearl necklace. More of such jewelry has become the future first lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy.

pearl Jewelry most often on the daily official visits of the British Queen wears Elizabeth II. My first jewel from the stone she had received at nine years old from his grandfather, the Geographical V, celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of his reign. Another similar decoration gave her parents on her 18th birthday. The necklace, simple but classically elegant, the Queen of Britain is life.

In the previous cases it was about gifts. Wife Franco in most cases, I bought everything myself. In search of Antiques, the first lady did not hesitate to visit the Madrid flea market. Her passion for such things has generated a lot of gossip. It was rumoured that many owners of jewellery shops, forced to give up her goods for next to nothing, had hard times after her devastating visits.

outside Spain, many people hardly know about its existence. However, inside the country the name of this women did not descend from pages of Newspapers. The Spaniards feared, hated it, and strongly envied her.

the Wife of the last dictator in Western Europe, a friend of Adolf Hitler and Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, no one was left indifferent. Haters of the first lady for her active intervention in the Affairs of the state call her zorra — “the Fox, the crafty”.

Carmen Polo was born in an aristocratic family, whose ancestors made their fortune in America. Her father was the son of a Professor of literature, mother — hereditary noblewoman. Future husband and the girl met in the spring of 1917, when 24-year-old Franco was transferred from Spanish Morocco in Oviedo. The local elite is very cold took a young man, calling him El Comandantino (Maiorescu). Franco did not save even his aristocratic origin. The family of Carmen to the persistent courtship of a lover treated with dissatisfaction: the reason was its poor financial position, the girl’s father thought that the officer is going to cash in on the marriage of his daughter provided.

Meanwhile, boyfriend has managed to arouse the interest of the Carmen and a few years later the family still agreed to the marriage, no small role was played by the military successes of Franco.

Subsequently, the marriage across the country will be called solid, durable and perfect. However, according to contemporaries, Franco didn’t pay his wife enough attention, putting in the first place military and later political career.

over the years, the Union turned in more than a formality, the relationship lost romance. A large role was played by the misunderstandings between the spouses. In one joint interview Carmen described the shortcomings of her husband: “the reason for the disagreement is his excessive love of Africa and reading books, which I do not understand anything”.

Despite this, it has played an increasingly important role in the political life of Spain, is actively interfering in the Affairs of her husband. So, in the last years of the dictatorship, she made her elderly and already ailing husband to include in the composition of the government of her favorite Carlos arias Navarro. After a little hesitation, the dictator decided to make him the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. Policy falling out of favor with doña Carmen, quickly lost their Ministerial portfolios. So, for example, flew out of their seats the liberal-minded head of the Mead Gregorio lópez Bravo and head interior Ministry Thomas Garicano GoNU.

the Spaniards were whispering that Carmen is responsible for the serious religious imbalance in the country. In the country joked that Spain has become a kind of Iran, only Catholic. Laws the adoption of which it has made, heavy toll on women. So, Spanish was strictly forbidden to leave the family, in order to obtain a Bank loan, the woman had to obtain the signature of the father or husband. In addition, the Spaniards could not become University professors, and even act as witnesses at the trials.

20 November 1975 Francisco Franco died and his designated successor, Prince Juan Carlos de Bourbon came to the throne as king Juan Carlos I. the Monarch has left former first lady, having welcomed a General’s widow a lifetime pension and a title of grandessa and Signora de Mars.

Only two months after her husband’s death she had to leave beloved Royal Palace of El Pardo. Here’s how it described its close: “when he Came home from Church, she last visited his room. All that belonged to her, was already safely Packed. At noon was a modest lunch with her daughter and granddaughter. At 18:10 she walked down the stairs of the castle. The servants expected her latest orders. Franco’s widow still wore mourning: she was dressed in black from head to toe, the only thing that adorned her three strands pearl necklace and large pearl earrings. She was saddened, knowing that it will lose everything that had being first lady.”

in Recent years, Carmen Franco lived a recluse, in isolation from its relatives, rarely left the house, did not communicate with the press and was not interested in political life of the country. Her husband she is survived by 13 years and died in his Madrid apartment. The widow of the dictator was buried near her beloved.

In 1987, she was not able to attend the next March of supporters of Franco, held on the anniversary of the death of the dictator. Doña Carmen survived her husband thirteen years and died 6 Feb 1988 in his Madrid apartment. According to the doctor Vicente Pozuelo Escudero, the cause of death of an elderly woman became aggravated on 1 February of bronchial pneumonia. Besides these, the deceased also suffered from chronic arthritis. My condolences on behalf of the Royal family to the relatives of the deceased brought Queen Sofia, who visited the daughter of Mrs. Carmen and her spouse.

the Widow of Francisco Franco was buried near the Palace of El Pardo. Queen Sofia came to visit her daughter and personally expressed his condolences. Witnesses said that a doña Carmen walked more than five thousand people, many were holding red-and-yellow Spanish flags with the images on them are black eagle (they used during the dictatorship of Franco).

the family of the former dictator and now lives happily ever after, still one of the richest in the country: their fortune is estimated at 160 million euros, and this is not including property and luxury items that they possess, as well as multi-million dollar business centered in their hands. One of the main asset remains Villa la Valdefuentes, built on the territory that the dictator had acquired almost came to power. Franco’s biographers assert that the money to buy the luxurious mansion he has received from charitable organizations.

the Fact that the dictator has a cost of 2.5 million pesetas in 1940, is now estimated at over 2.5 billion euros. On land owned by the family, there is a huge shopping centre Xanadu, which houses a bowling alley, mini-Golf, go-karting, cinemas and even indoor ski slope.

Spain still go serve about fabulous wealth and expensive things that got the family of the dictator during his reign. So, in 1978, the daughter of Franco, on their way to Switzerland, was caught in Madrid-Barajas airport. She had 38 precious medals that belonged to his father. The woman later forgave, forcing him to give artifacts to the Museum. According to the daughter of Franco, “they were lying around the house, driving her into depression”, so she wanted to melt them in a Swiss cuckoo clock.

the head of the clan was the grandson of Franco named Francisco. He owns a slaughterhouse that supplies meat for export, a network of restaurants La Coruña, laser medical center and shops of fashionable clothes Cortefield.

“Stoned beauty ate the genitals of lover”

Racketeering, corruption, criminal gatherings, shootout at a restaurant on Rodchelskaya the street, shooting in the Parking lot of Moscow-city with the participation of protection of the criminal authorities, the elimination of the thieves in the law of competitors, the planting leaders of criminal communities and an open discussion of who will head the Russian criminal world is not the 90s, a reconstruction of the events of the last 2.5 years according to the materials of the Russian media. There is a sense that Russia is once again plunged into the abyss of the 1990s, and maybe just never not floated. And if the average person the return of those powerless times alarming, happy publishers are rubbing their hands, knowing that the fears can earn good money. Reporter “the” leafed through the Russian edition of crime and decided to prepare for an imminent arrest.

In Russia, several magazines satisfy the demand of fans of thug passion. If you have traced the evolution of the struggle between good and evil from “Gangster Petersburg” and “Criminal” to the latest season of “COP wars” and you got bored from too vanilla image of the underworld — forward stand in for “Crime”, “World of crime” or “pulp fiction”. They are enough to tickle the nerves scary stories while you naturally do not feel on the lips the iron taste of blood.

Newspapers and magazines about the crime have a proud history, originating in the dashing 90’s. they happily report in announcements, like feeding a conventional sign to the reader: “Oh, we understand, about what write”.

the Mastodon in the criminal world of the press is the newspaper “the Crime”. It is inspired by lawlessness since 1997. The publication presents itself as the fount of “stunning journalistic investigations”, but, unfortunately, offhand, none of the brilliant investigations come to mind, and the Runet of the information on those are not stores.

But holds many advanced materials publications on topics of the day. Although it is actually in order to get an idea about the paper and make a decision about buying it, enough to read the cover: “a Bloody trip to the light”, “Invisible killer”, “Why do the Russians want a hard hand?”, “A million for the head of the murderer”, “Learn at school, learn at school. Sex with a teacher? Such stories are increasingly”… the “Crime” just does not stand a chance even accidentally slipped past the shop with the press to the reader.

15 strips of the newspaper is 15 pages the triumph of death over life and deception over justice. Fatal cases devoted to the entire band “Crime”. The magazine’s staff don’t need a special occasion to prepare the compilation of “the top 9 most ridiculous deaths of fans of extreme selfie”. Simply apply the favorite in Russia, the move is to sling mud at Americans. It would seem, at what here Barack Obama? “Barack Obama, after suddenly ended in Africa Ebola it is time to declare a new global threat — the craze of the so-called selfie, which “proreal” the population countries is not worse than any deadly epidemic” — ironically the author of the article “the moment before death.” Needless to say that neither Obama nor the United States have nothing to do with the newspaper with the typical collection. Among the nine cases, none occurred in the United States.

For those who are not satisfied with the abundance of deaths, close to a selection of emergency situations, which tells of the death of the baby climbed on the table and dead under the weight capsized the TV, or the death of children poisoned with carbon monoxide from-for connivance of drunk 27-year-old mother. All these stories happened in Russia.

However, the information the picture would be incomplete if it were not for the materials on the next page. In Komi two 35-year-old necrophiliac dug up the corpse of the deceased before girls and abused him. And in the Kemerovo region 25-summer Ivan, noticing that his cheating at the game of backgammon, beat up the offender with a fireplace poker, stabbed him with a knife, and then wanting to get rid of witnesses, killed his wife and a friend. “Also, the attacker was stabbed 13-year-old daughter of the owners, which before that was raped” — reports to “Crime”.

looking ahead to turns Criminal visibly represent the depth of Russian despair which not realize, sitting in the progressive capital, which considers the greatest public harm a Telegram lock. Those who continue in Moscow prefer not to go and not read the Russian news, “Crime” can cause an acute attack of xenophobia and reluctance to leave the house.

the”Crime” has mastered the trendy journalistic storytelling genre before it became mainstream. From time to time the authors of the newspaper from the trash-the news, thinking her, adding psychology — and display portraits of murderers and rapists claiming to be the attempt to understand the prerequisites of the crimes.

“the male was the fifth child of Barbara of Mishulin, which came to light at the evening fire at the city dump (of the previous four, none survived to one month, plus about nine abortions). At the time the alcoholic Cooking cut which became my hangout room in a communal apartment and moved to the trash. Here and gave his soul to God, for it is overly abused by some unidentified alcohol-based stuff. If she suffered before death or not is unknown. When thirteen-year-old male returned to the dugout once again, his mother lying in an indecent form spat on the floor, it was bent”.

So begins a terrible story that happened somewhere in Russia. Three teenagers living near the dump, decided to celebrate the birthday of one of them and to have sex with an attractive girl. They found on the street the victim — 17-year-old Faith, walking in the vicinity of the dog. The girl was overpowered and taken away in the dugout, where by turns outraged, and in the final was beaten and stabbed in the stomach. The girl was dumped and buried in garbage bags. Faith survived, crawled to the highway, lost consciousness, but it was discovered the driver of the garbage truck and was taken to the hospital. A day later, she died, and her boyfriend Marat decided on revenge. He and the axe went into the lair of teenagers and decided to do all.

“That’s how it is: born in the city dump and found their death there, did not live even up to 18 years. Others will say — fate. But rather blame your own tendency to lawlessness. Not mocked would — you see, would have been alive, has survived to 18, and 50. Live as other natives of garbage, stealing, begging, not particularly borzeyut. And all the way through” — in the final goes to the underworld and the tone of clue the author of the article Igor Baskaev, who wrote, “especially for the “Crime” of” in 2015.

worthy of special attention to the columns of the witch of Irina, who gives advice and at the same time advertise amulets on the next page. Irina has made a name for himself thanks to the “valuable advice” in the newspaper “Anomalous news”. Several years ago, it had succeeded in “Crime”, bragging about the editors column.

Irina is possible to ask for any advice. In one of the rooms of Metropolitan teacher Nikolai Mikhailovich, concerned that he was cursed, rejected them, a student, asks Irina assistance. The witch looked through the “astral plane” and determined that the damage really was, but not much: the aura of the intruder to break through failed, but attempts to do so caused damage to the health of the teacher. Irina advised Nikolai Mikhailovich to speak water and drink it before going to sleep.

Number of finishes the most original and useful “horoscope” security, where the Rams are warned against allegations of fraud during the game, chess with friends, and Weights suggest to ignore the neighbors.

“the Sorcerer-spidonosets raped 120 women”, “Orgy of necrophiliac”, “Sadistic cripple”, “the Bait of whores”, “blind Orgasm”, “cannibal Wedding,” “the Clown the sadist”, “the Vampire is a homosexual”… All these flashy headlines — the legacy of the magazine “World of crime” in the past after the facelift edition. But before the magazine shook the reader a complete stylistic rampant in the spirit of the newspaper “Megapolis”.

“25 informers strangled impotent SWAT”, “Stoned beauty ate the genitals of lover”, “Concubines were forced to copulate with dogs”, “Hoe required for human flesh dinner”, “Before the rape fetishist victims gouged out both eyes” — the imagination of the editors of the “World of crime” knew no bounds.

Until 2015 magazine, which is supposed to tell the reader about the problems of crime, was a criminal-erotic booklet, actively exploiting the topic of sex, hoping to attract more male audience. A kind of “AIDS-info” with a criminal hue.

In 2015, “World of crime” bought the publishing house “Press-courier”, which owns such publications as “Secrets of the XX century” women’s magazine “Daria”, “Stories of our readers”, “Magic and beauty”, “1,000 secrets” and dozens of other collections of interest. The new owner tried to Refine the “World of crime”: the publication began to be interested in history, declassified archives, cybercrime. However, from the basics to the end did not retreat: the shock of the content and the topic of sex still remains one of the main ways to attract the reader’s attention.

the Main article of the January issue of “World of crime” is about sex in a women’s prison. For a catchy name, obviously designed to play on the baser needs of readers, the hiding get a thorough insight into the history of women’s prison life. The author has studied how, for centuries, have formed same-sex relationships in women’s prisons where the concept of the male area didn’t stick. Here and about the brutal kobluk and limp coverall, who have come together solely because of the sex, and about true love, the rising of the inmates who are in jail and could not conceive of homosexual relationships.

“unlike kobluk, beloved muckraking has rarely been capable of strong actions. Dependent mistresses, they only fulfilled their desires, giving gentle caresses. And if kobliha were released early, the nose picker rarely kept her faithful. However, there were exceptions. Inmate Tamara Boguinskaia, the heiress of a noble family, is intelligent and insightful, in the Stalinist camp cohabited with a powerful and strong Estonian Wanda Peters. Being a woman, Boguinskaya admitted to reporters: “I was twice married, but really wanted a baby just from Wanda’s” “.

For those rare publications about the everyday life of the area is not enough, until recently, there was a separate prison the messengers, full of details of the life of prisoners. In them was much less romance than in the text “World of crime”. Under the gun magazine “In the zone”, aired until the fall of 2017, was rape and torture in prison, and escapes from prison. Here he saw the mission of the journal its editor in chief Evgeny Kolesnikov.

“of Course, “web” horror enough. From all sides. We are not red and not a departmental publication, but because of all the horrors of captivity will speak honestly and, importantly, calling for the perpetrators. Of course, in our newspaper is the most relevant to the prison topic: changes in legislation, loud and colorful events in places of deprivation of liberty, superobese, sexual incidents, legendary historical characters.”

no less Intriguing gossip columns, and the editor does not lie. In the first issue readers are told about the atrocities of a sadistic psychopath of the Novel Emelyantseva who have completed their sentences and are about preparing to be out. Then he told about wild torture by the employees of the prison administration, requiring monthly from prisoners hundreds of dollars. Refused to pay tribute, according to former prisoners, maimed or killed, and the corpses were hidden in the vicinity of the prison. Denunciations in Prosecutor turned a new injury.

was a category c and lifehacks for beginners cons. She was cooking editor on the letters supposedly sent to the editor.

“In jail you can accumulate up to 50 pounds (it’s the law, okay — maybe more) products from peredachek. Do not rush to eat them in the camera, very useful on stage. First, cigarettes and food to placate the guards, because sometimes they are just fierce. Vologda somehow recaptured the kidneys so that… well, I won’t scare you in advance. Second, useful to themselves, the food will be terrible.”

“In the zone” sold in kiosks as to imply that in places not so remote, may be every and, therefore, it is better to prepare ahead of time. Edition abruptly disappeared from the shelves in the fall of 2017, without becoming massive. However, this does not mean that the media about the crime obsolete. The demand for Newspapers on crime recorded in separate Russian regions. In early 2017 Chita journalists reported that surveys of residents in Zabaykalsky Krai showed that audience is not enough the criminal publications. As a result, local publishers are quickly launched a newspaper in the foreseeable future planned one. “” will continue to monitor the diamonds from the collection of crime fiction, appearing in the printed media market.

Squeezed to the last drop

the Blood that gave Australian railwayman James Harrison has helped save millions of lives. Dedication brought him a state award and a mention in the Guinness Book of records. Recently, Harrison had to retire, and no one to replace him. “the” studied the history of his life.

Australian James Harrison became a blood donor in 1957 and since then have donated every two weeks and sometimes more often. 11 may 81-year-old man donated blood for the last time. To continue to prohibit rules, and doctors are against — I think that at this age he should think about their own health.

On this occasion, a blood donation facility was decorated with inflatable figures that compose the number 1173 — so many donations in my life did Harrison. In 1999 his achievements with the order of Australia and in 2003 the Guinness Book of records recognized him as the most active donor in the world. Over the 15 years since, no one has managed to take the title.

it’s not just the number of donated blood. The body of Harrison produces rare antibodies that help to combat hemolytic disease of the newborn — one of the main causes of child mortality in the past. In the Australian Red Cross calculated that his blood has helped save 2.4 million lives. “You can consider me the cause of overpopulation,” he jokes.

Harrison since childhood suffered from chronic respiratory disease — bronhoektasia. At the age of 14 he removed three quarters of his left lung. His life was saved by a transfusion of 13 liters of blood. “I don’t know how many people donated blood to save my life,’ he says. I never met them, didn’t know who they are.”

the Teenager was confined to a hospital bed for three months. He had time to think about what happened: the 14-year-old Harrison swore that he too will become a donor. When he turned 18, he remembered his promise and two days later visited for the first time in the donation center.

then Harrison started to visit there at every opportunity. He couldn’t stand the sight of blood and was terrified of pain, so I try not to look at the needle in the vein, and looked at the ceiling or staring at the nurses. “Some call me a hero, says Harrison. But what’s wrong with that. I give blood in the safe room. Bring me a Cup of coffee and something to eat. And then I go home. No problems, no hardships”.

Harrison became a donor in the late 1950s, when anti hemolytic disease of the newborn did not exist. It has led to miscarriages, death of infants, can cause the child brain damage, deafness, movement disorders, and other abnormalities. In Australia, where Harrison lived, each year has recorded tens of thousands of similar cases.

the Cause of hemolytic disease of the newborn — rhesus-the conflict that arises when the RH factor of the mother and fetus differ. As a result, the woman’s body accepts the blood cells of the child for pathogens and produces protective antibodies which start to destroy them.

As a rule, they do not have time to hurt the first child, but with each pregnancy the risk is increasing. “The second child has been exposed to disease in small or moderate degree. The third child was killed, recalls Robin Barlow, who worked with the Australian Red Cross in the 1960-ies. — There were many, many mothers who have lost one child after another. I remember one woman who lost 10 children.”

Rhesus-conflict threatens Caucasian women during pregnancy about 10 percent of cases (other races negative RH factor is found significantly less often, so they are less likely). Because the fetus inherits the positive RH factor from his father, some U.S. States have proposed to ban marriage between men and women with different RH factors.

At the turn of the 1960-ies the solution to this problem was looking for researchers in several countries. Australian John Gorman, who worked in new York with Vincent Freda and William Pollock, believed that to win rhesus-conflict can be using those same antibodies that cause this. If you enter their RH-negative woman, they eliminate RH + fetal cells that might remain in her blood after the first pregnancy. In this case, her body will not produce these antibodies on their own.

At the National institutes of health, USA the idea was considered nonsense. Studies no one wanted to Finance, but Gorman and Fred got out. The proposed method of treatment of two years tested on volunteers from among the prisoners, serving a sentence in the famous prison sing sing. Its effectiveness exceeded expectations, and side effects was completely absent.

In January 1964, a relative of Gorman became the first pregnant woman who consented to an injection of the experimental tool. Followed by clinical trials, the success of which in two years was announced at the International Congress of blood transfusion in Sydney. Soon Australian Red Cross began a search for blood donors that contains antibodies to prevent RH-conflict. The program was headed by Robin Barlow.

the Researchers drew attention to blood Harrison in 1967. The analysis showed that it contains extremely high concentration of antibodies required, and they are unusually strong and sustainable. Apparently, the body of Harrison learned to develop when, after removal of light he poured the blood with the wrong RH factor.

He immediately offered to become the Guinea pig. Harrison, without hesitation, agreed to participate in the research. “They insured me for a million dollars, so I knew if anything about my wife, Barbara will take care of that. — I was not afraid and was glad to help.”

In the 61 years since then, pregnant women in Australia have done over three million injections of money, which contains his antibodies. “James is in each vial interessnogo immunoglobulin made in Australia, says Barlow. Is staggering in scale. He saved millions of babies.”

For the manufacture of tools is not required the very blood, sufficient plasma. It can take more but the process takes several hours. The plasma is separated from blood donated by a donor, with the help of a centrifuge. Remain blood cells that are transfused back to avoid anemia.

for Many years Harrison every Friday handed over from 500 to 800 milliliters of plasma. Once a year they injected him with a small amount of blood cells with a positive rhesus factor — it spurred development of the required antibodies. Hiking in the donor point is always delayed for half a day, but Harrison wasn’t complaining. “Perhaps my only talent is that I can be a donor,” he explains.

In Australia, only a few dozen donors who can replace him, but none of them can boast the same strengths antibodies. In addition, none of them donate blood as regularly as Harrison. “I don’t think anyone is able to repeat what he did,” says Gemma Falkenmark from the Australian red cross.

Harrison argues that he is not averse to continue if he is allowed. “For me it’s a sad day — he admitted to the journalist The Times when he donated blood for the last time. — The end of a long road.”

Closer to the body

Closet of the leaders of major world powers dull and monotonous: the timeless suits and white shirts. Quite another matter — the heads of third world countries. “the” versed in who replaces sweater jacket, what is Barong and why Nigeria is a real trendsetter presidential style.

Clothing at all times was a marker that defined a person belonging to a particular class, social group and people. Most of the developing countries in its history was someone else’s colonies, so the European suit is often perceived as a legacy of the colonialists. Accordingly, the rejection of the European costume has been used by many government officials as a political statement.

Then all went charismatic dictator of the Republic of the Congo Mobutu Sese Seko. In the early 70-ies he announced the exchange rate in the country for authenticity, during which the country was renamed Zaire, foreign names were put under the ban, and classic European costume has been replaced by abacast — a personal invention of Mobutu. The name “abacast” comes from the French phrase à bas le costume “down with the suit”.

the Basis for abacast was the French Mao Zedong, which Sese Seko modified in their own way. Abacast long French Mao, he has a bigger collar, and wear it was recommended with a scarf. The dictator complement your image unchanged leopard cap-pie. Wearing anacosta was nominally compulsory until 1990, when in Zaire began the liberalization.

After the overthrow of Mobutu in 1997, abacast was a real divide between supporters and opponents of the heritage Sese Seko. Apologists leader continued to wear abacast as a sign of loyalty to his memory, and the rest of the Congolese, the country was again renamed to Congo in 1997 — I prefer to maximally distance itself from the dictator, and from his inventions.

But the successor Mobutu was beyond the borders of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte invariably appears in public in the Barong — the Philippine national shirt. Barong Tagalog — the full name of the shirt is sewn from a lightweight canvas fabric and wearing trousers. In solemn cases, barongi embroider patterns. Its popularity among Filipino politicians Barong is bound to the fifth President Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay: he first refused the suit on the Islands called Americanos, in favor of the national shirt.

However, Duterte prefers the Barong not because of nationalism. “You know, I do not dress to please anyone. I dress the way I like. That’s why you rarely see me in American. It just doesn’t fit Filipinos, it’s too hot,” the President revealed the reason for his love for the Barong at the meeting with farmers in the Davao region.

In 2006, newly elected Bolivian President Evo Morales shocked the diplomats of the countries of Europe and Asia complete disregard for traditional dress code. During official visits to France, Spain and China Morales wore the same striped sweater. Moreover, at the meeting with Hu Jintao the leader of Bolivia sweater complements the black leather jacket. Such bold behavior of the elected President was inspired by Bolivians and replica sweaters started a sewing Studio in the country.

it Turned out that Evo almost never wore suits and tie and is wearing only one time in life — graduation. Especially for the inauguration of the new President of the Bolivian designer Beatriz canedo patiño, has developed sweater-jacket with ethnic patterns. He was so pleased with Morales, which was his everyday clothes. The only thing that Evo is ready to exchange the sweater-jacket is a shirt with short sleeves. During trips to the country the President in the cold season often wears a poncho and a woolly hat, Luca.

Another fan of the national dress — the former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai. The first leader of the country after the overthrow of the regime Taliban once described as one of the most stylish men in the world. With such a high evaluation received from Tom Ford. Karzai not only performed the duties of the President, but was a leader briniskigo tribal Alliance and tribe popalzai. And dressed Hamid according to their status of a noble Pashtun.

the So-called pirhan-tunbon, or Pashtun dress is the local version of shalwar-kameez — consisting of trousers and a tunic suit. In as outerwear even in the hottest time of the year the President wore bright cloaks with stripes on the edge. High profile Karzai stressed Karakul hat that they wore Afghan monarchs.

summer official events the President regularly appeared in his shirt-pirahana or put on her jacket. With the end of Karzai’s term of office is gone and the whole era of the Afghan chic. The successor to Karzai in the post Ghani at all international meetings appears in the banal costume, and a maximum of exotics for internal use — a jacket Nehru.

In history and many people gave his name to the garments. The first Prime Minister of independent India Jawaharlal Nehru. Adjacent single-breasted jacket with stand-up collar fastened with numerous buttons, became part of the mandatory dress code of Indian officials in the first years of independence. As Nehru was the face of the new India, the jacket soon began to be named after a politician.

for years, the Nehru jacket has remained a favourite formal suit how dictators and democratically elected presidents in third world countries. Now it goes to the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. The main competitor jacket Nehru in Asia after the war was not a single-breasted jacket, tailcoat or tuxedo jacket and a Mao. French appeared in China after the 1912 revolution, which overthrew the Manchu Qing dynasty.

Manchuria imposed Han Chinese the majority of their national dress as a formal and, therefore, overthrowing the last Emperor PU Yi, the revolutionary government first thought about changing the official style of clothing in the country. As traditional Han Chinese clothing no longer looked appropriate against the background of rapid penetration into China of Europeans, the new government introduced a new suit — a blend of Japanese cadet forms and local traditions.

In the development of the new French took the most direct part of revolutionary leader sun Yat-sen. The suit quickly became known as a garment Zhongshan, or sun Yat-sen jacket. In General, clothing Zhongshan is similar to the Nehru jacket, but differs from it having only five buttons and four outer pockets, which provide Chinese ideas about balance and symmetry. In the 1920-ies clothing Zhongshan has become a favorite with all Chinese leaders, and during the civil war it was worn by both warring sides: and Chiang Kai-shek, and Mao Zedong.

the Latest and made suit known and popular in the West as the “Mao tunic”. For Chinese policymakers clothing Ngoma — a tribute to the revolutionary traditions, a symbol of continuity of government and a Chinese identity. For Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin Mao jacket was a favorite form of clothing, and Hu Jintao XI Jinping though preferring European suits, but for military parades and solemn ceremony, wearing a Mao jacket.

I Love French and in neighbouring North Korea. Although in Korea there are changes. If Kim Il sung and Kim Jong Il never changed the Zhongshan suit, the young leader Kim Jong UN made a real fashion revolution, appearing in a number of official events in the European striped suit. Rumor has it that the thanks for this is the first lady of North Korea Lee Sol-Ju, known for his love of Western fashion.

If you believe that the world capital of fashion is Paris, then this statement is correct not for the entire planet. For the leaders of the countries of Black Africa itself is Abuja the capital of Nigeria. After all, the presidential Palace of this country has long been a legislator of the new fashion trends, and each new Chapter of Nigeria is not afraid to completely change the presidential style. So, who ruled in the early 2000s, Matthew Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo has gone down in history as the main Amateur Grand Bubu.

This is reminiscent of a Roman toga gown was invented by a Muslim Senegalese tribe tukuler in the Middle ages, but has quickly spread across West Africa. Each nation has its own name for the mantle: babban Riga, bubb, K CA, gandora, Darre a, and m Bubu. The name of the Grand Bubu is universal in African countries Francophones. Grand Bubu is a tunic with long sleeves, narrowing to the ankle-length pants šokota and the actual robe, gathered pleats at shoulders. All three parts of the suit must be the same color, but color choice is not limited.

If Obasanjo is unique in the fact that the politician was a Baptist, while Bubu — traditionally Muslim clothing. Thanks to the efforts of the President, who appeared in public only in Bubu, this garment has become popular among Christians of Nigeria, in the Nigerian Diaspora outside the country, but also began to appear in Eastern and southern Africa inhabited by professing Christianity by the bantus.

to replace Olusegun Obasanjo and his Grand Bubu came goodluck Jonathan, loves, Atiba-Waco. If Obasanjo were Yoruba people, Jonathan is the representative of the nation, ijo living in the Niger Delta. National clothing, India is the long tunic usually worn with a spacious trousers. And the tunic and pants are an ensemble and should be the same color. Actually, Atiba is the informal version of the tunic without buttons, and Waka — official with three buttons and aiguillette. The popularity of Atiba among the ruling elite of Nigeria led to the emergence of a new costume named “the Senator”, which is currently almost completely supplanted the original name.

goodluck has become a true style icon who inspired many people in Delta Nigeria wearing Atiba-Waco. In 2014, Nigerian designer Kate Henshaw presented her collection in the style of Atiba-Waco. It included senators for women, dresses and skirts in distinctive colors. Now the love of Atiba went far beyond the Niger Delta and the Christian part of Nigeria. However, Muslims often sewn on your senators Crescent and star, to emphasize their belonging to the Northern people of the country.

Traditionally, the Nigerians wore, Atiba-Waco gray, black and dark blue colors, but the goodluck Jonathan introduced the fashion for Burgundy and white, Waco, and Senator in contrasting stripes. Your President has consistently complemented the black hat, which did not change and on those rare days when I prefer Senator banal European suit. In 2015, Jonathan has lost the election and was not re-elected, but his name is forever entered the history of African fashion.

New and incumbent President of the country Muhammad Buhari hails from the Muslim North of Nigeria and is representative of the ethnic Fulani. In his wardrobe the Senator has no place, but Grand Bubu once again become relevant — the President puts it in special occasions. In everyday life prefers Buhari Nigerian Kaftan beige, gray or white. Often the coat of the President richly embroidered ethnic patterns. Waiting for a new trend in African fashion?

the Desire to emphasize their own national or political identity sometimes leads to quite unexpected results. So, after events on the Maidan in 2014 in fashion among Ukrainian politicians became embroidery. Even in the era of former President Viktor Yushchenko they wore in exceptional cases, usually during national holidays. But the current head of state Petro Poroshenko went further than his predecessors — came to the embroidery with her put on a jacket for a formal meeting with politicians EU Riga.

the shirt without the jacket the President of Ukraine has received the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott. Given Poroshenko the trend was picked up by other Ukrainian politicians, who began to wear embroidered shirts to the meeting Verkhovna Rada and the government. The love of the leader of Ukraine to the embroidery even became the cause for a scandal. At a press conference during the international economic forum in Davos, the correspondent channel “Russia 24” Nailya Asker-Zade asked Petro Poroshenko, the question about the so-called law of war. Instead of answering, the President demanded to ask a question in Ukrainian, and also invited the journalist to remove the shirt, for which he took the dress with flowers.

National dress love and world leaders are female. The President of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari almost always appears in a Sari. Prefers national dress and one of the leaders of the party “Indian national Congress” Sonia Gandhi. Loyalty to the ideals of the revolutionary struggle of the brothers Fidel and Raul Castro emphasized military uniforms, and Hugo Chavez red shirt.

But perhaps the most striking example of the exploitation of fashion for political purposes is the new Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. When he was Deputy Pashinyan looked like a real elitist. Expensive Italian suits, polished shoes, clean-shaven face and are Caucasian strong scent of Cologne. Becoming the leader of the opposition, he grew a beard, began to appear in public in jeans, black and camouflage t-shirts, and perhaps not the main feature of his image — a black baseball cap with political slogans.

Enterprising Armenian apparel manufacturers then began to produce t-shirts with the image of politics and baseball caps as noted. One of the most popular black cap with the inscription “Perfume!” (“Don’t lose spirit!”). The press Secretary noted Tigran Avanyan explained the newspaper “Vzglyad” the sharp changing of image of the boss: “31 March marching walk throughout Armenia. Started from Gyumri and passed 215 kilometers from Yerevan. That is, this image has been created naturally”.

When the previous leader of the Armenian Serzh Sargsyan resigned and the struggle moved from the streets to the courtroom of the country’s Parliament, Pashinyan is still wearing a suit. But baseball never took off. However, after becoming Prime Minister, he seems to be calmed down: during a visit to Sochi on may 14 2018 Pashinyan was dressed in an expensive blue suit, white shirt with gold cufflinks and a red tie. From the image of a revolutionary was only a beard.