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“If you can’t protect the logo, then create it”

the Arbitration court of Moscow on 11 may ruled to collect from the publishing house “Ventana-Graf”, which is included in the group “Eksmo-AST”, hitherto unknown in cases of this kind the amount of 3.7 billion rubles in the claim of publishing house “Prosveschenie”. The lawyer of the publishing house, partner at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) Llp Elena Trusova told “the” about the paradoxes, perhaps the most notable cases of intellectual property protection in the country.

“”: how it all began and how the situation developed around the trademark of “Enlightenment”?

Elena Trusova: it All started with the fact that the publishing house “Ventana-Graf” when you print their literature began to use the designation similar to the point of confusion with the trademarks of the publishing house “Enlightenment” in the form of a stylized colored globe. “Enlightenment” went to court and won the argument by proving admitted “Ventanas-Count” violations and sought compensation for violation of trademark rights in the amount of 3.7 billion rubles. In an effort to avoid paying compensation, the opponent appealed in patent office a statement contesting the legal protection of trademarks “Enlightenment” and filed a lawsuit in the court for intellectual property rights on the recognition of the trademark “Education” act of unfair competition.

What, in your opinion, you want to gain opponents?

Obviously, they want to avoid prosecution and payment of compensation in accordance with the established judicial decision. In my opinion, all their claims are not aimed at the real protection of rights, and to justify their violations. “Ventana-the Count” has long used the trademark “Education” in their literature. The reason for such action, “a’m sure Ventana-Graf” is easily explained: “the Enlightenment” have invested heavily in promoting their trademarks, in particular produced about four million books with logo of a stylized globe. This made the logo recognizable, and the reputation of the publishing house “Enlightenment” has led to high degree of consumer confidence, did not fail to take advantage of competitors.

Based on a public interview, the “Enlightenment” absolutely confident in its position in this litigation. From the point of view of an expert, than this position is backed up?

If we talk about the position of the publishing house “Ventana-Graf”, it is quite simple. Trademarks of “Enlightenment” are the official logos of educational standards that were supposedly developed by “Education” for the state in the framework of the state contract. However, the state itself in the person Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation confirmed that in principle there is no official logo educational standards and that each market participant indicates to the satisfaction of its literature standards in their own way, using their own notation. Separately, the Ministry pointed out that the trademark of “Enlightenment” is not the logo of the state educational standards.

the Agency has completely ignored the state’s position and concluded, contrary to the position of the Ministry of education and science that the trademarks of “Enlightenment” is the logo of educational standards. This approach is paradoxical. Signs are deprived of protection in the interests of the state, but the state itself declared that his interests are not violated. However, the Agency apparently believes that he knows better what we need the Ministry of education, what would it say.

Even more interesting situation happened with the state contract, according to which the alleged “Enlightenment” has developed a logo for the state in the face of Russian Academy of education. The fact that the contract expressly provide that it does not involve the creation of intellectual property. A contract for technical support of the website. Moreover, the Russian Academy of education submitted a letter stating that the state contract with “Education” for her no logos have been developed.

But in this case, the Rospatent has ignored the words of a state body (essentially the state), the interests of which he supposedly fought, depriving the marks of legal protection.

in addition, during the hearing we have provided dozens of examples of how different publishers indicate the compliance of their products to educational standards as evidence that a unified logo simply does not exist. Other publishers do not bother to develop their own visual element, but the “Ventana-the Count” was easier to get ready and promoted the logo of “Education”.

There is one feature that clearly illustrates the entire artificiality of the position of Rospatent and “‘m sure Ventana-Graf”. The designation is used “Ventanas-Count” on his books, similar to the point of confusion with the trademarks of “Enlightenment”, but not identical. Why would you change the logo of “Education”, if the argument of our opponents, they used the official logo of the educational standard? For example, if you use the coat of arms of the Russian state in the form of the eagle, then it makes no sense to modify, pririsovyvat new parts — you use the same for all and known to all designation. “Ventana-the Count” tries to sit on two chairs: on the one hand, to prove that a trademark is “Enlightenment” — the official symbol of educational standards that is universal and known to all, on the other hand, to justify the lawfulness of the use of modified, reworked designation. In my opinion, the logical defect of this position quite clear, sorry, that is not the Rospatent.

“Ventana-the Count” also refers to the fact that the alleged designation in the form of a stylized globe was used as the logo of the Federal educational standards by different individuals both before and after the priority of the trademark of the publishing house “Enlightenment”. As evidence of “Ventana-Graf” results in the presentation of different faces posted on the Internet. Most of these evidence are irrelevant, because to challenge the registration of a trademark is possible only by reference to the evidence relating to the period before the priority date of the trademark. “Ventana-Graf” was presented by a single presentation that meets this criterion, where the logo of the publishing house “Enlightenment” is placed next to the copyright symbol of the publishing house “Enlightenment” (in a circle) that indicates whether the logo is “Education”. However “Ventana-the Count” continues to insist that the logo of the publishing house “Enlightenment” on the website of state standards automatically means that the logo belongs to the state.

the Final touch that accentuates the defects of the position “a’m sure Ventana-Graf” and demonstrating how she is far from the truth, is that the first educational standards were approved only in 2009, and the logo of “Enlightenment” was used by the publisher for one and a half years earlier. It turns out that the first “Enlightenment” was to use its trademark for his books, and then, the logic “a’m sure Ventana-Graf”, he in some mysterious way suddenly turned into a logo of the state standards after their adoption. This position is unusual and original from the point of view of the neglect of the chronological regularities and common sense.

What signals the market gives a controversial decision of Rospatent, which repealed the previously registered their marks? Which of the arguments presented in the decision of Rospatent, don’t you agree?

of Course, this is a negative signal to the market, because in this case violated the principle of stability of civil turnover. Despite the fact that during the first trial in violation of the rights to the trademark “Enlightenment” won the case, the decision of Rospatent questioned the ability to protect the copyright of their rights. If there is no real chance of defending their logo, why then do we spend so much effort and money on its creation and promotion?

Crazy Kush

Big win in the lottery is able to cool to turn the life of any person. However, not everyone understands what to do with suddenly descended on the head of wealth. There are many stories where yesterday’s lucky winner was without a single penny in his pocket, just to make ends meet. For estimates experts, about 70 percent of lottery winners lose everything within a few years. Why light ruining millions of lives and how to properly dispose of their capital at “the”.

the Man, hitting the jackpot, inevitably covers the euphoria, the emotion overflowing, it seems that life will never be the same that now will come true all the most secret dreams. Life and Ravda changing, but the most common scenario is that the happy owners of a multimillion-dollar winnings immediately quit my job, start buying luxury real estate, luxury cars, branded clothes, and the rest of the money handed out left and right or just let the wind. It all ends, as a rule, severe depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce and even suicide.

a Similar fate befell American, Billy Bob Harrell, Jr., in 1997 when he won $ 31 million Lotto Texas Lotto. Billy Bob quit his job, bought a ranch, several houses and cars for himself and members of his family. However, he made several large donations to the Church, and even handed out food to the poor. However, his generosity attracted unwanted attention, and he had several times to change the phone number after strangers called him with requests and even demands to donate money. A year from Harrell left his wife, and it became for it strong blow. May 22, 1999 son found him dead in his own home, with a gunshot wound in his chest. His family members could not believe that Harrell could commit suicide, but he was clearly not happy with his life. Shortly before his death, Harrell told his financial adviser: “Winning the lottery is the worst thing that ever happened to me”.

Another bleak example of canadian IBI Roncaioli from Ontario, won the lottery, five million dollars in 1991. She were killed from her husband, from whom you hid your winnings. The woman decided to give two million to his son from his first marriage, and the rest of the money to live happily. The result Roncaioli addicted to gambling and squandered not only won millions, but all the family savings. In 2003, it has accumulated so much debt that the family had to sell the house. Then Joseph Roncaioli accidentally found out about dissipated the winning couple was so mad that he poisoned the wife of a horse dose of painkillers and went to jail for murder.

But someone still manages to get back to normal even after several years of spree. In 2002, 19-year-old garbage collector Michael Carroll from the UK was very lucky — he won the lottery a fabulous 10 million pounds (slightly more than $ 13 million at current exchange rates), which in eight years left even a penny. Carroll squandered all the winnings, buying booze, drugs, expensive cars and elite prostitutes. He had divorced with his wife and twice to go behind bars.

the Last half a million pounds Carroll spent in 2008, and when there’s nothing left, sold cars and real estate worth about 400 thousand pounds and continued to go for a stroll. When this money ran out, he became depressed and began to think about suicide. Spending the night somewhere in the woods of Scotland, he realized that all is not lost and there is a chance to return to his former life. And though again to get the garbage collector failed, they took him to a candy factory packer cookies. Now Carroll gets just 204 pounds per week, commutes to work by bike, swims and finds the money the “root of evil”.

Among Russians such stories are not uncommon. In 2001, the winner of the edition of “Bingo show” became unemployed Ufa family Mukhamedzyanovich — they took a substantial prize in the amount of 29 million rubles. Loved to drink the couple decided to celebrate my good luck, but in the end went on a binge for a few years, littered with money, giving large amounts of debt, which, as a rule, no one has returned, extinguished the loans of friends and acquaintances, made expensive gifts to relatives. However, they managed to acquire property and cars before spent. The mother of the family of Nadezhda mukhametzyanova died five years after winning, she was 52 years old, and the last six months she lived in absolute poverty. Her husband and her sons, according to neighbors, have become shut-ins. Rustem Mukhametzyanov after the death of his wife continues to drink, and still contains cats, picked up on the street. Their sons are 25 and 27 years do not work and live on money from renting bought in better times in the apartments.

In 2009, the 26-year-old resident of Leningrad region albert Begrakjan won the “Gosloto” 100 million rubles. He bought several apartments in the centre of Saint-Petersburg, car brand Lexus, land in the Krasnodar region, gave the relatives of about 12 million. As a result, a big win anything left in two years. Thus, Begrakjan still owed to the state of 4.5 million, as not fully paid the tax. To repay the debt, he had to sell one of their apartments in St. Petersburg. Begrakjan’m sure he spent the money quickly, it made up for it though with the mind, but the story of winning the lottery calls a “challenge for my family.”

There are, however, positive examples. Moscow locksmith Evgeny Sidorov, winning in the same year 2009, 35 million rubles, left to the village and engaged in agriculture: restored barns, set in order the road cleared of the local ponds and he made places for paid fishing. Now he is breeding carp and feels quite happy. And the residents of the Samara region Natalia and Oleg Hasay, winning in 2011, slightly more than four million rubles, donated most of the money to build a Church.

Often won in the lottery to give money to charity. So, canadian Thomas Crist received the prize in 2013, a record amount of 37 million canadian dollars (28 million U.S. dollars at current exchange rates). Every penny of the man donated for medical research aimed at treatment and prevention of cancer that took away his wife. A British pensioner Margaret Lauri suddenly rich at $ 27 million, though the limit of her dreams were only a million. So she decided to share her winnings and transferred to the accounts of various charities, a total of 26 million, leaving himself the one, about which dreamed.

whether it’s people on his heart or out of fear of being killed or looted — hard to say. Anyway, there was even the phenomenon of abandoned million when lottery winners just don’t show up, and not take the win. “Winning a large sum is certainly a great joy, but at the same time and test for the psyche. Man produces re-evaluate their own values, and it will take some time to getting used to the idea, because often people make rash actions without thinking about the consequences,” — believes psychologist Roman Suleymanov.

However mnogomillionnyj jackpot can provide you a comfortable old age, without becoming a burden or threat to your safety. When the first emotions of the winnings will be, you should soberly assess the situation and act cautiously. Many experts suggest to stay hidden and not to reveal their identity, not to discuss the winnings among his friends and acquaintances, not to mention the media. To hide the sudden wealth from family and loved ones is not recommended — it may have a negative impact on your relationship, as in the case of IBI Roncaioli.

the Second thing you need to understand: do you want to get the full amount of winnings in a lump sum or to break it into multiple payments. At this stage, better to get a financial Advisor and lawyer that will help you make that decision and dealing with taxes. Financial Advisor Scott Hanson recommends not choose advisors from among friends and relatives, and also advises to refrain from making major investment decisions — at least during the first six months. During this time, you need to clearly plan your budget: make a list of desired acquisitions, to determine how much money you wish to spend on themselves, many relatives and friends, what percentage to invest, and what to donate to charity.

At the first stage it is important to refrain from rash spending and to develop an investment plan — like it or not, this is the only way not only to maintain but also to increase capital. said Director of the Banking Institute HSE Vasily Solodkova, a model of savings in Russia in recent years has changed somewhat. Previously, a good option was considered foreign currency deposits, but now the interest rate on them is close to zero. Moreover, in the case of revocation of Bank licenses your money you will receive in rubles at the current exchange rate, so in this case it is easier to buy a Bank account and put money there. In ruble Bank deposits the economist also refers ambiguous — because the ruble is difficult to predict and depends on many factors. “The most reliable option is to transfer a large sum in currency and to put in Europe, where banks are insured for 200 thousand euros, or in the United States, where 250 thousand dollars”, — Solodkov advises, while noting that because of the very low Deposit interest rate in the West is first and foremost a tool for conservation.

as a more lucrative investment instrument expert calls securities — stocks and bonds. However, in this case we consider that the securities are not insured, and this means some degree of risk. If one or the other company suddenly declare that for some reason will not to pay the bonds or the shares of the company in which the investor invested in will fall, it will be his personal problems. In addition, when investing in securities economists suggest the use of fiduciary management if the level of their financial literacy is low.

do Not forget about the possibility of investing in real estate — this option is considered the most reliable and stable. But whatever you choose, the main tool is the principle of diversification: simply put, should not put all your eggs in one basket, it is better to create an investment portfolio using multiple tools. This strategy will minimize your risks, and capital, inherited by a lucky chance, do not evaporate as easily.

The circus has arrived

Summer in Russia is full of extremes. The sun is too hot, rains too much, the beaches are too crowded, hazelnut churchkhela in too hard. Prepare for beach season is almost impossible — the summer comes too sudden. But the rest is still desirable. And do it at home all the more pleasant, although someone has no choice as he was not the correspondent “the”, who drove the new Skoda Kodiak from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana, in the end acquiring not only luxurious driver’s tan, but the culture shock from a succession of encounters.

the Girl at the bar in the lobby of the five-star Sochi hotel was drunk, but fresh. Her friends at the table portrayed the tea party and waited, when it will be their turn to enter the arena. The men around were at a minimum, most of them were too keen on a football broadcast. Single girls on Russian resorts, persistent but patient and teachable. During the world Cup they have learned to determine offsides and learned the name of the film.Girls love to learn new things.

the Process of seducing strange men from fussy vulgarity with sticky compliments turned into plausible ceremony with deep conversations. Girls in the South girls South two polar world. The locals do not prey on immigrants, they are here and all is well. Meet demands of business with the tourists. It is not very expensive, but impressions will remain for a few weeks. The girls aren’t too exchanged.

Young man, I have this situation… My mom is already sleeping in the room and I don’t want to Wake her. I didn’t take the money, and I don’t remember to burn on — never even a request to buy a drink didn’t sound so multifaceted and sophisticated. With a background and a drawstring.

How can you refuse? Don’t Wake your mom, even non-existent. The lady ordered a whiskey. No ice, not a drop of Cola. Even in matters of alcohol girls are pumped to be closer to a potential victim. To vigilance did not even think to Wake up. The girls got a taste of something other than sparkling.

Besides football and spirits ladies in search of steel still understand the machines — and frighteningly good. The whiskey was going fine and suddenly it turned out that the car is not so important in itself. Of course, to ride along the coast is better on it than on the tram, but the car has long been not solve. Man is characterized by others: confidence, sense of humour and — there classic good shoes.

In Sochi the problem with this is almost there. Equally comfortable feel and the guys at Bentley crocodile shoes, and the guys on “Lada” with flip-flops. This company is a stranger in a conditional Kodiaq can be a character very mysterious and enigmatic. Who knows what to expect from him. It seems the money is there, and like just in a t-shirt and sneakers. Girls became simpler, but deeper.

— in General, you are in this hotel live, or are we wasting our time? — killed all faith in the human ox-eyed companion, ordered another Scotch, not asking permission. On the other hand was glad that the rules of the game, though slightly adjusted, but overall remained the same. It’s like the video replays in football — there is a feeling that you’re in control, but decide in the end for you. It was time to move to my hotel. There will be more chances.

In love as in war, all hotels are good.

Guy, and you love Russia? the last thing you expect to hear when entering the hotel of the international network. And not because the network is international, and because to discuss the issues of patriotism offers a huge blond man with tattoos, which in varying degrees of despair interwoven with the letters “DNR”. — We came from the war. Rest a while and continue to fight for the Motherland go.

“We” sounded scary. It was something to be afraid of. From the Elevator came out two and, apparently, with the same question. All were dressed as Kanye West, Egor Krid and Timothy in the best years. T-shirt Gucci, Prada sneakers, sweat pants Philipp Plein, Armani sunglasses on his forehead. In the hands of all iPhone X cases Ferrari.

you’re all right, — astutely ones from coming up. And it’s all thanks to the fact that you are protected. Are fighting for you. For the world. For Russia. Here you are fighting.

it Sounded not as a rebuke, not as bravado, but just in case the answer is a timid “thank you” had to respond to. Because it was clear, whether they are at the same time to protect everything around it from themselves.

Three burly guys covered with fashionable brands, began to tell as they do not have enough peace and love. The intensity of sleep. And I remembered the girl from next door. Stories about life in the trenches, about wounded companions, Pro-criminal policies of other States, about the genius of the Russian leadership about the greatness of Russia, about ambitious plans to join other States. In the luxury hotel it sounded particularly colorful.

We need heroes. We like to think in terms of universal scale. And it’s a very touching look at the contrast with the desire to show off the label. War is war, and Tom Ford on the schedule. Well, Balenciaga, at worst. From the discussion of the fate of Russia to talk about the new collection goshi Rybchinskogo two minutes of dialogue. Perhaps these men really willing to give their lives for their country. But it’s good that the vivacity they have not yet lost. Although, maybe it was just some posers.

On the second day in the Olympic Park attended the meeting with the giant insects. The city came to the circus. In Sochi has always had the clowning, so it was not just any circus, “Circus of the Sun” (or, simply put, Cirque du Soleil). The program was called OVO (“It”). The artists were disguised in insects. And it was a Grand feast of megalomania — a phenomenon familiar in Sochi.

Since doing the Olympics, every part of the city was transformed stunning in broad strokes. The multi-billion dollar stroke of the brush and the Olympic Park with a bunch of stadiums. Even the bar and from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana leads the best track in the country, and it is possible that in the world. Well, and a few strokes — and in the Krasnodar region there is a new world. Old, however, emerges in places through the paint, but is heartier. When everything is too perfect — too bad.

Although perhaps there is one thing not to mess with perfection — it is just Cirque du Soleil. There’s all that scary. Music, artists from twelve countries, the costumes, the drama — all at the cosmic level. There is nothing worse than to retell the story of films, books and plays. So the verdict is only one: we have to go and watch. Look at how people are the same as everyone, with two legs and arms — performing inhuman stunts. To hear live music, which is contrary to the laws of theatrical adapts to the artists and not Vice versa. To cry, to laugh, to breathe out during the intermission and again to relive the feelings worsen with each number. And did not understand what was in the giant egg, around which is twisted the whole story.

Behind the scenes, it looks not so elegant and even too usually: training area, directorial control, huge screens, fitness equipment, washing machines, costumes, computers, wires. All this brought about twenty trucks. All this serve hundreds of people. They constantly shout at the radio in English and somewhere to run. By the way, the scene they put together in twelve hours and three hours apart.

Cirque du Soleil has nineteen companies worldwide. It’s like a group of “Tender may”, which at the same time acted in a dozen cities. Only these guys can do a little more and a little more flexible. All in all, the brand operates more than four thousand people from fifty countries. Of them artists — about a thousand. Some of those who played in Sochi, right after the show climbed on the equipment. Look at them — and even a bit awkward for what you are going on in the restaurant, not the bar.

People came out of rooms with different feelings. And, of course, the most popular comment was this: “Well, well, of course. But we here at the circus guys right under the dome freaks do. Without insurance! And here…” the Russian audience will never please everyone. And here, unfortunately, it poured rain the Sochi.

Yes, now flooded all to hell. Here all the time drowning. The entire Olympic Park always in the water. Now begin, I say! — no one understands the engineering, Geology and construction, as local taxi drivers. And no one so often meets with the Russian President, like these guys.

— So, in the “Baikal” is going? If not for the rain, it would be possible for the bridge to move and all. Putin with Shoigu after the hockey go. Constantly see them. They have the same “Night League” here. But now the rain, yeah. All flood — lamenting the chauffeur narrative in six minutes and a half thousand rubles.

the Sochi catering compound. He is either outrageously fashionable, simple or outrageous. Moreover, the level of pathos of place is absolutely not an indicator of something good in nature. Restaurant “Baikal” could be the usual place a claim to elitism, if not a reputation as a place “where she eats Putin.”

And if not for the huge canvas, which takes up an entire wall in one of the halls. With him smiling Olympic Champions of different years — from the Anton Sikharulidze Alina Kabaeva. Despite the fact that the artist tried to make as far as possible from the original, the characters are quite recognizable. But not all, alas. Especially gentlemen who, judging by laxity smear, was written as a residual. Right “the appearance of Christ to the people”. But no.

There is in a solemn atmosphere, very responsible and prestigious. Soup scoop with the most correct posture, and your voice becomes a little quieter. Well, so as not to disturb his Moscow accent. Feel part of something big, but it is not quite clear what. You’re not a champion you don’t play hockey (especially the President), you’re not a circus performer and don’t even live in this city. But do not feel like a stranger.

Sochi became friendlier, kinder and more adequate than two or four years ago. Delicate southern service, which previously was the almost complete absence of it, became more cheerful. The roads became even something as boring that almost no one cuts it abruptly and nothing out. Even the music in the “a priori” became more melodic. We went to the other extreme.the Most daring in the city, perhaps, was gray Kodiaq.

well, Well. Has gone water. Tomorrow flood — lamented another taxi driver on the way back.

And the water went. Adler flooded most of “Puck”. Not everything is perfect in Sochi.Well, the circus just left.

Alisson in Wonderland

Liverpool FC uploaded for the goalkeeper of Brazil’s 75 million euros. And now Alisson Becker is officially the most expensive first room in the history of world football. “the” — the reasons for the waste bosses “Liverpool” and on the guard gate of the Brazilian national team.

Mistakes is part of football. And the errors of goalkeepers — the real headache for the head coach of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp. The Germans have already sent polishing shop of the Belgian Simone Mignolet — the person next to whose name suspiciously often in the English-speaking media appeared the word “mistake”. And replaced him in the frame of Loris Karius, was discharged from the German “Mainz”… only I, continued more famous colleagues.

Kiev In the Champions League final real Madrid, perhaps, outnumbered the British, but it “outstanding” game Carius on the last turn helped creamy to win the third European Cup in a row.

German on the evening of may gathered real goalie combo: made a mistake in putting the ball in the game, missed the kick and missed the shot Gareth Bale at first sight safe distance. Carius became an overnight meme. Him predictable pinned responsibility for the failure of the Merseysiders. Klopp stood up for the goalkeeper. Noted comforting love and adult film star MIA Khalifa.

a month after the game came medical papers confirming that the German missed a bag of balls in Kiev from-for problems with health. “All I can say in that game he [Carius] had a brain concussion”, — cut off coach “red”.

But even before the “medical Amnesty” Carius surfaced in the media notes, attributing the English club interest directly to the three goalkeepers. Fans read it as the discontent of Liverpool as its first number, as if it in public nor protected the faithful Klopp.

in early June, there was speculation about the interest in the Alisson. Among the competitors for the Brazilian goalkeeper’s post-Liverpool appeared capricious Italian Gianluigi Donnarumma and hope of Ukrainian football Andrey Lunin. Last, to the delight compatriots who are already enrolled in the location of real Madrid.

the Presence of a sore spot before the season has forced Liverpool to force a transfer of the goalkeeper. And Liverpool, closing up the hole, and decided not to save the seal and lured the same Alisson in their ranks. Employers are Brazilian with Italian “Roma”, as the amount of transfer, too, was not against it.

English Premier League is a special place. Her clubs rarely shoot in the international arena, but the Premier League insist on calling football analogue of the National hockey League. What makes this tournament special is its popularity. The Premier League matches broadcast around the world (really appreciate British football in the middle East and Asia, the most promising markets), and some of cream with a fat mediacontacts goes to the participants of a football show. The amount of prize money in the EPL (2.4 billion pounds), which includes income from the sale of television rights, is comparable with a prize Fund of Champions League (almost 1.3 billion euros): even off from the championship club can earn millions, comparable with the reward for the triumph on the European stage.

the Speed with which they are dealing, the clubs in the Premier League, partly explain the increased prices of players. Clubs eliminated in the competition, consistently wasting tens of millions of pounds to gain. For comparison, the Englishman Jordan Pickford, the existence of which many have learned solely due to his performances for England at the last world championship in Russia, at a cost in 2017, “Everton” 30 million euros. Yeah, Pickford the most expensive British goalkeeper in football history.

in addition, salaries in England are not hurt. The same of Pickford on his return from Russia bought a house almost 3 million euros, according to British The Sun.

in addition, the Albion is very strict to foreigners. One of the filters, the limiting shaft of football immigrants are the requirements for obtaining a work permit. To move to the Premier League can only active players with a certain number of matches for the national team. For this reason, in the Premier League go to only the top foreigners, which, of course, cost the League clubs a pretty penny.

the Last time a goalkeeper was given an obscene money in 2001. nominally more expensive was another Brazilian Ederson, who joined from Benfica in supervised in-law, an Emirati Sheikh Manchester city for 40 million euros. But considering the inflation, pay attention to transfer 17-year-old.

Yes, this unique became a Gianluigi Buffon, which became for many years the symbol of Juventus, but in the end chose between retirement and further performances in the “old lady” fat contract “Paris St Germain”. The young Buffon has cost the then leaders Juventus approximately 54 million euros. In the same 2001, the “Bianconeri” have helped out with sales Zinedine Zidane real Madrid’s record at the time of 75 million euros.

Buffon have since reached the status as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Eleven times Gigi won the scudetto (Italian championship), and in 2006 won the world Cup. That is the cost of his transfer paid off. Whether to wait for a similar game from Alisson? Given the cost of the beginner, Klopp will not keep him on the bench. Therefore, the exact response we get soon enough.

the 25-year-old Brazilian from the beginning of his football career went up 500 times, according to the portal But the real star of Alisson made a season-2017/2018. Ultra-reliable goalkeeper, time to entertain the Roman fans feints (in one of the games, even performing “sombrero”), has allowed “rum” to stake out third place in the standings. And a direct ticket to the Champions League.

Style Alisson often describe by the phrase “sweeper-keeper” — as the German Manuel Neuer in his best years, the Brazilian did not hesitate to leave the box regularly “tidying” for partners. Despite the riskiness of such attacks, Alisson rarely misses. In the last season of the championship of Italy he spent at the gate “Roma”, 37 games out of 38 possible. With less Romans (28 goals) has missed only Juventus (24).

“This guy is a real phenomenon. He is number one among first issues. Messi of the goalkeepers, and they have similar mentality. Alisson — the shot that defines the era. His style of play reminds me of the legendary Dino dzoffa (Italian goalkeeper, third in the list of the best goalkeepers of the century, according to the International Federation of football history and statistics (MFIES) — ed. “Of the”)”, assesses the Brazilian’s former goalkeeping coach of Roma Roberto Negrisolo.

Almost 80 percent of the balls flying in a shot of the Romans, or otherwise met with Brazilian. Last season he played 17 matches, “zero”. For comparison, the Carius ten. Have Mignolet “crackers” in the bins even fewer — seven. In addition, as befits a successor of the traditions Noyer, Alisson good starts to his team’s attack. He has a 79 percent passing accuracy rate, similar to that demonstrated by field players.

Statistics and testimonies of professionals assure: Alisson — goalkeeper top-level. In the season of 2018/2019 to Liverpool again have a cabin in the Champions League (fourth place in the Premier League guarantees the participation in the group stage). And Klopp is clearly hoping to take the height at the second attempt.

After reading to kill

Internet and smartphones built by the Indians in an almost religious cult. Cheap gadgets and fantastically cheap Internet gave the poor the opportunity to feel involved in the world wide web, but that’s what was the cause of virus spreading mass murder across the country. As regular messages WhatsApp become terrible weapons, and why universal love of smartphones can put India on the brink of civil war — in the material “the”.

According to statistics, every fifth Indian has smartphone, and the number of holders of the gadgets is growing rapidly. If in 2016, at 1.3 billion citizens had more than 300 million devices (about the same amount now have normal mobile phone), then by 2022 the number will exceed 500 million. For the country in which the lives of a sixth of all people on the planet, is a huge indicator. According to a survey conducted at the end of 2017, 433 million Indians, in 2018, plan to get a new smartphone.

In the world known painful love of the people of India for purchase of technological innovations. It covers not only the wealthy but also the poor, who barely make ends meet. And they all crave to obtain the most advanced models, but to fork out for them in a hurry.

they, as a rule, carefully analyze the features and performance of the gadget trying to get the most for less cost. “They want to get 1.5 thousand dollars, spending 150”, — says popular Indian gamer Shayan Haider.

the Indian market is full of various models of smartphones at a variety of prices, and locals like being cheap marketing tricks. “There are even those who believe that their phone from Xiaomi is more powerful than a gaming computer”, says Halder.

due to rampant poverty, the smartphone has become the main and only subject, who is willing to purchase every Indian regardless of how much money he has. Active involvement and contribute to local operators: the cost of communication in the country is considered one of the lowest in the world, and the packets of the Internet traffic is simply enormous.

In 2016, the richest man in India Mukesh Ambani unleashed the economic war in this market, offering newly connected users six months of free access to the network, Reliance 4G Jip. As a result, the price of high-speed connections in the country rapidly collapsed.

this explosion was the introduction of regional languages in the interface gadgets. Earlier media dozen Indian dialects could not cope with the English menus. Local developers (e.g. Micromax) went to meet customers, adding smartphones several common languages. With this, India has overtaken China for the number of users of mobile and settled for second place in the world. For 2017, the population has downloaded the 12.1 billion applications for smart phones (three times more than in 2015). For comparison, U.S. residents have installed 11.3 billion applications per year.

the country has a literally religious about the Internet. Therefore, when the head of government of Tripura announced that the network was given to the world by the ancient Indians, the locals were not surprised. The official assured that the authorship of the technology is attributed to Europeans and Americans is erroneous, because even in the ancient epics, some of the Indian kings received some combat updates in real time.

“Communication was possible because our technology was complex and developed in those days. We had Internet and satellite communication system. It’s not like the Internet and mass communication was not available in the era of the Mahabharata,” the leads the words of the Minister Biplab Kumar DeBa edition of The Hindu. This work is dated, according to various estimates, the IV or the II Millennium BC. Despite the ridicule of English language Newspapers and ordinary users, among the Indians found the followers of this idea.

last year, researchers Google wondered why the memory of the huge number of smartphone users in India abnormally quickly overwhelmed. If in the United States every day this situation happens with one gadget out of ten, the Asian country with one of the three. The search for clues to the difficult situation has led to WhatsApp. Appeared that millions of people every day literally raped their phones and the network, sending each other pictures and graphic video wish good morning. Especially those fond of the older generation that came online.

it Seems that this problem may not be massive, but studies suggest otherwise. Google Analytics reported that in recent years the frequency of the search query “good morning pictures” have increased ten-fold. A few hours after sunrise on the messenger service to millions of images, reaching a peak at eight in the morning.

At the beginning of the 2018 edition of the Wall Street Journal found a typical fan of these morning rituals — 71-year-old dash of Rage Sharma, who every day from six in the morning looking and send via WhatsApp images wishes good morning 50 friends and relatives. Among his finds is Krishna telling the addressee that silent prayer is not constrained by the weight of words, and therefore reach higher powers faster and a picture of a child that says I should be always happy in the heart. “These WhatsApp messages — my thoughts exactly expressed in the words,” said Sharma.

the 31-year-old Indian Kanwarjit Singh has even developed a special website, which received nationwide popularity. In different categories you can find special messages for brothers or sisters, friends or even bosses. Sam Singh spends every morning 45 minutes to answer sent to him wishes, and then sends out. The New year in India was sent 20 billion messages — more than in any other country.

it is Known that a big fan of morning newsletters is the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi. At the end of 2017 at a meeting with legislators he complained “no One has ever wished me a good morning”. It turned out that a high civil servant gets up every morning early (around five in the morning) and distributes to a number of colleagues positive images with good wishes, however, he meets only 5-6 members. Modi even noticed that it was often accompanied by greeting important messages, but they were also missed or deliberately ignored.

Support for friendship or family relationships with a huge number of people have always been important to Indians — it is enough to remember famous films Eastern celebration with hundreds or thousands of “closest” people. The emergence in their lives of the Internet has given local residents the opportunity to communicate with loved ones all the time: they constantly send various videos, pictures and viral messages personally or in different special groups.

It loads as a network, and the memory gadgets. Google has developed specifically for local residents, the Files application, Go seeking on the device like image type, size, and depicted objects, and removes them. For this purpose artificial intelligence was long trained on examples of “dobrotina” messages. In a few weeks the program was downloaded over 10 million times. It turned out that each user on average there were about gigabytes of unnecessary data.

in the Spring of 2018 at the streets of Indian cities began a terrible massacre, which continues to this day. People are cruel and reckless lynched strangers that seem suspicious to them. The reason for this behavior became WhatsApp messages with “interference”. Free app for a few months has evolved from a means of communication in a terrible means of manipulating the masses.

rumors of a certain gang of criminals who allegedly are operating in various States, spread quickly among the Indian users. In the fake message he is charged with multiple rape and abduction, the sale of human organs, and theft. Often the text is accompanied by audio or video “evidence”. Among them, for example, there are production videos of the abduction of children, photos of children in Syria or the horrors in the refugee camps of Rohingya Muslims.

Less than three months fake messages in WhatsApp steel cause the murders of nearly three dozen people, hundreds more were brutally beaten.

According to local media, the explosion of aggression occurs about 10-15 days after a mass mailing. Widespread lynching began in the end of April 2018. The impetus for it was the false reports about certain people who supposedly pose a threat to young children.

the First victim of panic became the state of Tamil Nadu. The crowd of locals beat seemed to them suspicious young man and gave it to the police. Their aggression has been fueled social media posts and WhatsApp on operating nearby the baby broker. Local authorities conducted an inspection and found out that the caught Indian is innocent, let him go. Later a group of young people caught him on the street and beaten to death.

a month Later, there were several other violent attacks. The authors of the fake message announced to local residents through a messenger about five hundred criminals who kill people for organ sales. It was stipulated that criminals can pretend to be poor. Unsuspecting recipients forwarded the warning to loved ones. In the Central state of Madhya Pradesh an angry crowd of villagers were beaten by several poor people. A few days in the city Khairatabad (state of Telangana) victims of lynching was a group begging beggars: they were attacked by two dozen people, while a crowd of 200 bystanders shouted, causing them and supporting the violence. As a result, were killed the woman is transgender, but three people were seriously injured.

In the first case on the spread of viral fake communications had been arrested three people, the second — 12. It turned out that the second group of criminals believed in a conspiracy of transgender people in the mass abduction of children.

In June, hysteria has become alarming, and the cases of ill-lynching frequent. In the early summer of frenzied crowd literally broke two people, when he received the “orientation” on a couple of the men in the SUV allegedly carrying a child-captive. When on the scene of the conflict the police arrived, the victim was already dead. Later, the network spread a brutal video where one of the victims begging the aggressor to keep him alive.

27 Jun viral message about a certain group of foreigners who allegedly came to Gujarat for the kidnapping and sale of children, pushed local residents to five murders. Among the dead were a 45-year-old poor woman from a nomadic tribe. The next day the victims of false messages were two more persons.

the Last murder was the mass lynching of five nomads on 1 July. The tribe went through one of the villages in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Suspecting strangers in a kidnapping, the locals decided to question them. An aggravating circumstance was the communication one of the nomads with a young villager. Wanderers thought the latter-day “investigators” too suspicious, so they collectively beat him to death with stones and sticks. Police arrived on the scene also were attacked by an angry mob. To appease local, police imposed a curfew and tightened additional forces.

In most cases, local police were able to arrest the attackers on the materials video and photography maintained by some vigilantes. They imputed the murder and participation in mass riots. However, the actual organizers, that is, the forger-the instigators, find problematic. Police said that in most regions the behavior of the inhabitants is out of control. The maximum that can make power — to expose the viral fakes through newspaper ads. But the aggressive-minded Indians, in fact, do not care about evidence. As a rule, the society takes up arms against those perceived as “outsiders” — migrants who do not speak the language of the state, or tourists.

In India mobile messenger service WhatsApp uses more than 200 million people (the global app audience is estimated at more than one billion users). This is one of the most popular services in the country. The availability and low cost communications allow the local to consume and distribute information.

Administrators groups, which are a hotbed of “fatal” messages, to punish the impossible: end-to-end encryption does not understand where these messages originate and how are distributed.

July 4 the Indian government addressed who owns WhatsApp, the company Facebook, claiming to take “immediate action” against the abuse of the platform. Despite the clarifications of the Ministry of communications and information technology, users have continued to send each other “orientations”. Officials said that the widespread murder call “deep pain and regret” and added that the service may not evade in this situation.

application Administration promised a reward of 50 thousand dollars to those who offer the best way out of this situation. July 11, messenger appeared a new feature that needs to stop spreading fake information. In the updated version of WhatsApp, the algorithm will automatically warn if a message was copied or forwarded, using the label “Forwarded” (Forwarded). “This additional feature will help to simplify the handling of individual and group chats. Also it will allow you to determine whether the written message sent your a friend or relative, or it came from someone else,” — said the representative of the service.

if this will Help innovation to somehow stop the mass murder is unclear.

the Manic attitude to smartphones and Internet, combined with irresponsible consumption transform the Indian mobile market into chaos. Locals, in contrast to developed countries, not going to pay for any content (including apps), and time on the network are spending more and more. According to statistics, half of the 71 billion hours spent by residents of Asian countries online accounts only on WhatsApp. That is why it has become an ideal platform for the dissemination of fakes and waging a senseless war against the strangers.

in this situation, when the Indians are close to a civil war and ready to tear any stranger without trial, the authorities just don’t understand how to deal with it. The responsibility was passed on to the American company, and whether it will be to deal with a billion people without any understanding of how to work the Internet — the big question.